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Squidbillies (2005-), created by Jim Fortier and Dave Willis, is an American animated televison series. The series revolves around the Cuyler family, an impoverished family of anthropomorphic hillbilly mud squids living in the Georgia region of the Appalachian Mountains.

Season 4[edit]

Lerm [4.1][edit]

Lerm: Death to America!

The Liar, the Bitch and the Bored Rube [4.2][edit]

Early: Listen here. Readings don't never not done nothing for not NOBODY!

Granny: I think you mean 'not nonebody'.

Early: Excuse me, not nonebody. Never not no one, didn't about no reason, not never, and by God they never not ain't gonna will!

The Fine Ol' Solution [4.3][edit]

Anabolic-holic [4.4][edit]

Confessions of a Gangrenous Mind [4.5][edit]

The Big Gay Throwdown [4.6][edit]

Sheriff: You're under arrest for entrapment...of my heart."
Earlie Cuyler: "You hate what you fear and, you fear what you don't understand.

Atone Deaf [4.7][edit]

God's Bro [4.8][edit]

Dan Halen: Do you think this is the only illegal thing I have to do today?

Dan Halen: Allow me to pose a hypothesis. Say, hypothetically, I... slayed a prostitute during an 8-Ball fuelled weekend of debauchery. I know, it sounds silly but bear with me. Would this hole in space-time be a good place for such a hypothetical and now very lifeless body?

Dan Halen: I've tailored your film to appeal to the local populous... as they drag their jaws through the street like common simians.

Dr, Horny: I'm Doctor Horny, and you know what that means; I love poon-tang... but enough about your Mom!

Reunited, And It Feels No Good [4.9][edit]

Not Without My Cash Cow! [4.10][edit]

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