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Stanka Gjurić (born January 20, 1956) is a Croatian poet, essayist, actress, filmmaker and ex model.


  • I don’t believe that women care all that much about male friendship, however, to be to a man, primarily and only a-friend-who-is-a-woman is a major gesture that she can make both for him and for herself, for the mere fact that she wins him over with a completely uncommon weapon that has very little contact with her very recognisable and primordial female seductiveness, at the same time catching him in a trap from which he can escape only as a proven and frequently disgraced coward. ~ from a book Unveiling Reality (2018.)
  • Everyone knows that they weren’t brought by the stork, and yet, where it is the actual sex act that is at issue, as far as it concerns their own parents, most people would rather that they had been. ~ from a book Unveiling Reality (2018.)
  • Nature sometimes plays a rough game with a human being who is the more unprotected in that he is the more exposed, from the point of view of strangeness, as individual. ~ from a book Unveiling Reality (2018.)
  • Human life is unconsciously in many things a masochistic session in which we discover a distorted image of ourselves through pleasures that are somewhat unreal and bizarre. ~ from a book Unveiling Reality (2018.)
  • The feeling of guilt is planted in a person not when life is first breathed into him because this is the moment when all is possible, but rather when he is conscious of having done something wrong and his action has a negative effect on someone. ~ from a book Unveiling Reality (2018.)
  • No moving picture like no photograph can portray us in the way the human eye does, and that’s not only because on film or in a photo we are portrayed flatly, but because the eye is able to record what no technological medium is able to replicate. ~ from a book Unveiling Reality (2018.)

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