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A thousand generations live in you now. But this is your fight.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (also known as Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker) is a 2019 American epic space opera film directed by J. J. Abrams, and written by J.J. Abrams and Chris Terrio. It is the third and last film in the Star Wars sequel trilogy, following Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017).

Emperor Palpatine[edit]

  • Kill the girl! End the Jedi and become what your grandfather Vader could not. You will rule all the galaxy as the new emperor.
  • Strike me down. Take the throne. Reign over the new Empire and the fleet will be yours. Only you have the power to save them. Refuse, and your new family dies.
  • The ritual begins. She will strike me down and pledge herself as a Sith. She will draw her weapon. She will come to me. She will take her revenge. And with a stroke of her saber, the Sith are reborn! The Jedi are dead! Do it! Make the sacrifice!
  • Stand together, die together.
  • The lifeforce of your bond. A dyad in the Force. A power like life itself. Unseen for generations. And now...the power of two restores the one, true Emperor.
  • As once I fell, so falls the last Skywalker.
  • Nothing will stop the return of the Sith!
  • Let your death be the final word in the story of rebellion.

Poe Dameron[edit]

  • You're [Rey] the best fighter we have. We need you. Out there, not here.
  • [Seeing the Falcon] There she is. She's a survivor.
  • [After Rey used Force persuasion on the stormtroopers] [To Finn] Does she do that to us?
  • Welcome to Exegol.
  • Hit those underbelly cannons. Every one we knock out is a world saved.


  • Be with me.
  • I did want to take your hand. Ben's hand.

Kylo Ren[edit]

  • My mother was the daughter of Vader. Your father was the son of the Emperor. What Palpatine doesn't know is we're a dyad in the Force, Rey. Two that are one. We'll kill him together and take the throne.
  • Look at yourself. You wanted to prove to my mother that you were a Jedi, but you've proven something else. You can't go back to her now. Like I can't.
  • The dark side is in our nature. Surrender to it.

Luke Skywalker[edit]

  • A Jedi's weapon deserves more respect.
  • Rey, some things are stronger than blood. Confronting fear is the destiny of a Jedi. Your destiny.
  • A thousand generations live in you now. But this is your fight.


Leia Organa: Rey, never be afraid of who you are.
Lando Calarissian: Wookiees stand out in a crowd.
Lando: I got a bad feeling about this.
Maz Kanata: Goodbye, dear princess.

Opening crawl[edit]

  • The dead speak! The galaxy has heard a mysterious broadcast, a threat of REVENGE in the sinister voice of the late EMPEROR PALPATINE.
    GENERAL LEIA ORGANA dispatches secret agents to gather intelligence, while REY, the last hope of the Jedi, trains for battle against the diabolical FIRST ORDER.
    Meanwhile, Supreme Leader KYLO REN rages in search of the phantom Emperor, determined to destroy any threat to his power....


[First lines]
Palpatine: At last. Snoke trained you well.
Kylo Ren: I killed Snoke. I'll kill you.
Palpatine: My boy... I made Snoke. I have been every voice... [as Snoke] have ever heard... [as Darth Vader] ...inside your head. [breathes] The First Order was just the beginning. I will give you so much more.
Ren: You'll die first.
Palpatine: I have died before. The dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be... [lightning flashes, revealing Palpatine's decaying face] …unnatural.
Ren: [raises his lightsaber at Palpatine] What could you give me?
Palpatine: Everything. A new Empire. [raises his decaying hands, with electricity surging between his fingers. Suddenly, multiple Xyston-class Star Destroyers rise from the ground] The might of the Final Order will soon be ready. It will be yours if you do as I ask: Kill the girl, end the Jedi, and become what your grandfather, Vader, could not. You will rule all the galaxy as the new Emperor. But beware: She is not who you think she is.
Ren: [a bit confused yet intrigued] Who is she? [Palpatine smiles sinisterly]

[After intel about a spy in the First Order is downloaded into Artoo]
Finn: How do we thank you?
Boolio: Win the war!

[On the jungle world of Ajan Kloss, Rey is practicing using the Force with Leia training her]
Rey: Be with me. Be with me. Be with me. [opens her eyes] They're not with me.
General Leia Organa: Rey, be patient.
Rey: I'm starting to think it's impossible to hear the voices of the Jedi who came before.
Leia: Nothing is impossible.
Rey: "Nothing is impossible." I'm going to run the training course.

Rey: I will earn your brother's saber one day.
[BB-8 chirps at her]
Rey: [Smiles] No, you can't do it for me.
Leia: Never underestimate a droid [Walks away]
Rey: Yes, Master.

Poe: Really could have used your help out there.
Rey: How'd it go?
Poe: Really bad, actually. Really bad.
Rey: Han's ship...
Poe: What'd you do to the droid?
Rey: What'd you do to the Falcon?
Poe: The Falcon's in a lot better shape than he is.
Rey: BB-8's not on fire.
Poe: What's left of him isn't on fire.
Rey: Tell me what happened.
Poe: You tell me first.
Rey: You know what you are?
Poe: What?
Rey: You're difficult. Really difficult. You're a difficult man.

Rey: So, bad mood?
Finn: Me?
Rey: [thumbs at Poe] Him.
Finn: Always.

Rey: You lightspeed skipped?
Poe: Yeah, well, it got us back here, didn't it?
Rey: Poe, the compressor's down.
Poe: Oh, I know, I was there.
Finn: Every time-
Rey: You can't lightspeed skip the Falcon!
Poe: Actually, it turns out you can.

Rey: I need to finish what Luke started. Find Exegol. Find the Emperor.
Leia: No.
Rey: I don't want to go without your blessing, but I will. I will. It's what you would do.

Rey: I need to go alone.
Finn: Yeah. Alone with friends

Finn: Rose, last chance.
Rose Tico: The General asked me to study the specs of the old Destroyers. So we can stop the fleet if you find it.
Finn: 'If'?
Rose: [chuckles] When.
Finn: [Pats her shoulder] When.

Poe: What is this?
Threepio: The Acky Acky Festival of the Ancestors. This celebrations occurs only once every 42 years.
Finn: [sarcastically] Well, that's lucky.
Threepio: Lucky indeed. This festival is known for both its colorful kites and its delectable sweets-
[The group turn to Threepio, who, oblivious to the stares, also turns about]

Kylo: I offered you my hand once. You wanted to take it. Why didn't you?
Rey: You could've killed me. Why didn't you?
Kylo: You can't hide, Rey. Not from me.
Rey: I see through the cracks in your mask. You're haunted. You can't stop seeing what you did to your father.
Kylo: Do you still count the days since your parents left? Such pain in you, such anger. I don't want to have to kill you. I'm going to find you and I'm going to turn you to the dark side. When I offer you my hand again, you'll take it.
Rey: We'll see.

Rey: Leia needs pilots, General.
Lando: My flying days are long gone. But do me a favor. Give Leia my love.

[Upon seeing the new jet-pack Stormtroopers...]
Threepio: Oh, they fly now!
Finn: They fly now?
Poe: They fly now.

Threepio: The location of the wayfinder has been inscribed upon this dagger. It's the clue that Master Luke was looking for.
Poe: And?
Finn: Where's the wayfinder?
Threepio: I am afraid I cannot tell you.
Poe: 20.3 fazillion languages, you can't read that?
Threepio: Oh, I have read it, sir. I know exactly where the wayfinder is. Unfortunately, it is written in the runic language of the Sith.
Rey: So what?
Threepio: My programming forbids me from translating it.
Poe: So you're telling us the one time we need you to talk, you can't?
Threepio: Irony, sir.

Rey: That power came from me. Finn, there are things you don't know.
Finn: Then tell me.
Rey: I, uh, had a vision. Of the throne of the Sith. And who was on it.
Finn: Ren?
Rey: And me.

Zorii Bliss: Heard you were spotted at Monk's Gate. Thought, "He's not stupid enough to come back here."
Poe: Oh, you'd be surprised.
Rey: Who's this?
Finn: What's going on?
Poe: Guys, this is Zorii. Zorii, this is Rey and Finn-
Zorii: I could pull this trigger right now.
Poe: I've seen you do worse.
Zorii: For a lot less.

Poe: We're trying to find Babu Frik.
Zorii: Babu? Babu only works with the crew. That's not you anymore.
Rey: What crew?
Zorii: Oh, funny he never mentioned it. Your friend's old job was running spice.
Finn: You were a spice runner?
Poe: You were a stormtrooper?
Rey: Were you a spice runner?
Poe: Were you a scvenger? We could do this all night.

Rey: We could really use your help. Please
Zorii: Not that you care...but I think you're okay.
Rey: I care.

Zorii: He says he's found something in your droid's forbidden memory bank. Words, translated from Sith?
Rey: That's it.
Finn: Yeah, that's what we need.
Zorii: [Turning to Poe] Who are you hanging out with that speaks Sith?!

Rey: You know the odds better than any of us. Do we have a choice?
Threepio: If this mission was all for nothing. All we've done...all this time.
Poe: What are you doing there, Threepio?
Threepio: Taking one last look, my friends.

Zorii: Night raids are gonna start soon. I'll keep lookout.
Poe: I'm coming with you.
Zorii: You still don't trust me, huh?
Poe: Did you ever trust me?
Zorii: Nope

Poe: [to Zorii] How long's it been like this?
Zorii: First Order took most of the kids a long time ago. Can't stand the cries anymore. I've saved up enough to get out. I'm going to the Colonies.
Poe: How? All those hyperlanes are blocked. That's the First Order Captain's medallion. I've never seen a real one.
Zorii: Free passage through any blockade. Landing privileges, any vessel. [removes part of the helmet, revealing her eyes] Wanna come with me?
Poe: [sighs] I can't walk out on this war. Not till it's over. Maybe it is. We sent out a call for help at the Battle of Crait. Nobody came. Everyone's so afraid. They've given up.
Zorii: I don't believe you believe that. Hey... they win by making you think you're alone, remember? There's more of us.

Kylo: Wherever you are, you are hard to find.
Rey: You're hard to get rid of.

Kylo: Your parents were no one. They chose to be. To keep you safe.
Rey: Don't!
Kylo: You remember more than you say. I've been in your head.
Rey: I don't want this!
Kylo: Search your memories.
Rey: No!

Finn: Why are you helping us?
Hux: I don't care if you win. I need Kylo Ren to lose.

Rey: Why did the Emperor come for me? Why did he want to kill a child? Tell me.
Ren: Because he saw what you would become. You don't just have power. You have his power. You're his granddaughter. You... are a Palpatine. My mother was the daughter of Vader. Your father was the son of the Emperor. What Palpatine doesn't know is that we're a dyad in the Force, Rey. Two that are one. We'll kill him, together, and take the throne.

[Having ensured Finn and Poe got away with Chewie, General Hux shows up before Allegiant General Pryde walking on a cane and his leg wound]
General Hux: It was a coordinated incursion, Allegiant General. They overpowered the guards and forced me to take them to their ship.
Allegiant General Pryde: I see. [to female aide] Get me the Supreme Leader.
Aide: Yes, sir.
Pryde: [takes a Stormtrooper's blaster, kills Hux, and gives the Stormtrooper his weapon back; to aide] Tell him we found our spy.

Rey: He killed my mother. And my father. I'm going to find Palpatine...and destroy him.
Finn: Rey... that doesn't sound like you. Rey, I know you-
Rey: People keep telling me they know me. I'm afraid no one does.

Jannah: Rough landing.
Poe: I've seen worse.
Jannah: I've seen better.

Jannah: They told us to fire on civilians. We wouldn't do it. We laid our weapons down.
Finn: All of you?
Jannah: The whole company. I don't even know how it happened. It wasn't a decision, really, it was like...
Finn: An instinct. Feeling
Jannah: A feeling.
Finn: The Force. The Force brought me here. It brought me to Rey. And Poe.
Jannah: You say that like you're sure it's real.
Finn: It's real. I wasn't sure then...but I am now.

Poe: Look, she left us! What do you wanna do? Swim?
Finn: She's not herself. You have no idea what she's fighting.
Poe: And you do?
Finn: Yeah, I do. And so does Leia.
Poe: Well, I'm not Leia.
Finn: That's for damn sure.

Commander D'Acy: Poe, something's happened. Finn-
Finn: This can't wait.
Poe: We've go to see the General.
D'Acy: She's gone.
Finn: Chewie...
[Chewie groans and weeps in anguish]

[Kylo Ren is spent after fighting Rey, who just left]
Han: Hey, kid. [Ben turns to Han Solo as a memory] I miss you, son.
Ben: Your son is dead.
Han: No. Kylo Ren is dead. My son is alive.
Ben: You're just a memory.
Han: Your memory. Come home.
Ben: It's too late. She's gone.
Han: Your mother's gone. But what she stood for, what she fought for... that's not gone. Ben...
Ben: I know what I have to do, but I don't know if I have the strength to do it.
Han: You do.
Ben: Dad...?
Han: I know.
[Ben throws his lightsaber into the sea, then turns back around, only to see that Han has vanished.]

Palpatine: The Princess of Alderaan has disrupted my plan, but her foolish act will be in vain. Come to me on Exegol, General Pryde.
General Pryde: As I served you in the old wars, I serve you now.
Palpatine: Send a ship to a world they know. Let it burn. The Final Order begins.

[Poe Dameron grieves for the loss of General Leia Organa]
Poe: I gotta tell you, I don't really to do this. What you did. I'm not ready.
Lando Calrissian: [appears behind Poe] Neither were we. Luke, Han, Leia and me. Who's ever ready?
Poe: How did you do it? Defeat an Empire with almost... nothing?
Lando: We had each other. That's how we won.

[On Ahch-To, Rey throws away her lightsaber into the flaming wreckage of Kylo's TIE whisper, but a hand reaches out and grabs it. It turns out to be Luke Skywalker as a Force spirit, who steps casually forward]
Luke Skywalker: A Jedi's weapon deserves more respect.
Rey: [surprised] Master Skywalker!
Luke: What are you doing?
[The next scene shows Rey, who sits on the rock, and Luke's Force ghost in front of Kylo's TIE Whisper, talking]
Rey: I saw myself on the dark throne. I won't let it happen. I'm never leaving this place. I'm doing what you did.
Luke: I was wrong. It was fear that kept me here. What are you most afraid of?
Rey: [after a long pause] Myself.
Luke: Because you're a Palpatine? Leia knew it, too.
Rey: She didn't tell me. [Luke sits beside her] And she still trained me.
Luke: Because she saw your spirit. Your heart. Rey, some things are stronger than blood. Confronting fear is the destiny of a Jedi. Your destiny. If you don't face Palpatine, it will mean the end of the Jedi, and the war will be lost. There's something my sister would want you to have.
[Inside the hut, Rey found another lightsaber hidden inside the wall]
Rey: Leia's saber.
Luke: It was the last night of her training. [flashback of young Luke and Leia training with their own lightsabers is shown] Leia told me that she had sensed the death of her son at the end of her Jedi path. She surrendered her saber to me and said that one day, it would be picked up again by someone who would finish her journey. [flashback ends] A thousand generations live in you now. But this is your fight.

Poe: First Order wins by making us think we're alone. We're not alone. Good people will fight if we lead them.
Finn: Leia never gave up. And neither will we. We're gonna show them we're not afraid.
Poe: What our mothers and father fought for, we will not let die. Not today. Today, we make our last stand. For the galaxy. For Leia. For everyone we've lost.
Finn: They've taken enough of us. Now we take the war to them.

Resistance Pilot: You want to launch a ground invasion on a Star Destroyer?
Finn: I don't want to, but we can't take out that ship's nav system from the air. Give us cover. We got to keep that fleet there til help arrives.
Rose: We hope.
Finn: We hope.

Admiral Griss: They've landed a troop carrier.
Pryde: Jam the speeders.
Commander Trach: I can't, sir.
Pryde: Why not?
Trach: They're not using speeders.

Palpatine:Long have I waited. For my grandchild to come home. I never wanted you dead. I wanted you here, Empress Palpatine. You will take the throne. It is your birthright to rule here. It is in your blood. Our blood.
Rey: I haven't come to lead the Sith. I have come to end them.
Palpatine:As a Jedi?
Rey: Yes.
Palpatine:No. Your hatred, you anger. You want to kill me. That is what I want. Kill me and my spirit will pass into you. As all the Sith live in me, you will be Empress, we will be one.

Palpatine: The time has come! With your hatred, you will take my life, and you will ascend.
Rey: [through gritted teeth] All you want is for me to hate, but I won't. Not even you.
Palpatine: [annoyed] Weak, like your parents.
Rey: My parents were strong. They saved me from you.
Palpatine: Your master, Luke Skywalker, was saved by his father. The only family you have here... is me. [shows Rey the Resistance fighting with the Sith Eternal forces] They don't have long. No one is coming to help them. And you are the one who led them here. Strike me down. Take the throne. Reign over a new Empire, and the fleet will be yours! Only you have the power to save them. Refuse, and your new family dies. [an emotional Rey nods reluctantly] Good.

Poe: My friends... I'm sorry. I thought we had a shot. But there's just too many of them.
Lando: But there are more of us, Poe. There are more of us.

Pryde: Where did they get all these fighter craft? They have no navy.
Griss: It's not a navy, sir. It's just...people.

Rey: [harnesses the powers of the Force and the voices of the Jedi from the past] Be with me... be with me. Be with me.
Obi-Wan Kenobi: These are your final steps, Rey. Rise, and take them.
Anakin Skywalker: Rey.
Ahsoka Tano: Rey.
Kanan Jarrus: Rey.
Anakin: Bring back the balance, Rey, as I did.
Luminara Unduli: In the night, find the light, Rey.
Mace Windu: You're not alone, Rey.
Yoda: Alone, never have you been.
Qui-Gon Jinn: Every Jedi who ever lived, lives in you.
Anakin: The Force surrounds you, Rey.
Aayla Secura: Let it guide you.
Ahsoka: As it guided us.
Windu: Feel the Force flowing through you, Rey.
Anakin: Let it lift you.
Adi Gallia: Rise, Rey.
Qui-Gon: We stand behind you, Rey.
Obi-Wan: Rey.
Yoda: Rise in the Force.
Kanan: In the heart of the Jedi, lies her strength.
Obi-Wan: Rise.
Qui-Gon: Rise.
Luke: Rey, the Force will be with you. Always.
[Encouraged by their voices, Rey finally rises, stands before Palpatine and ignites Leia's lightsaber]
Palpatine: [finally fed up with her defiance] Let your death be the final word in the story of rebellion. [raises his hand, and unleashes a streak of Force lightning at Rey, who blocks it by using Leia's lightsaber; the scene cuts to Poe Dameron, who notices his controls coming back online]
Poe: I'm back on. This is our last chance! We have to hit those cannons now! [the scene cuts again to the battle between Rey and Palpatine on Exegol]
Palpatine: [angrily] You are nothing! A scavenger girl is no match for the power in me. I am all the Sith! [intensifies attack]
Rey: [straining] And I... [Anakin's lightsaber flies right into her other hand] all the Jedi. [uses both lightsabers to deflect the Force lightning back on Palpatine. Unable to take the strain of the immense energy reflected back at him, a horrified Palpatine screams in agony as he is vaporized, which decimates the Sith Eternal, finally killing him]

Resistance Pilot: General, you won't make it.
Poe: Trust me, I'm fast!
Lando: Not as fast as this ship. [The Falcon soar in to the rescue]

[Last lines]
[Rey visits the old Lars homestead on Tatooine]
Tatooine Elder: There's been no one for so long. Who are you?
Rey: I'm Rey.
Tatooine Elder: Rey who?
Rey: [looks to the horizon, where Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa's watching her; to woman] Rey Skywalker.


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