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Strange World is a 2022 American computer animated science-fiction action-adventure film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures as well as the studio's 61st feature-length film. It follows the Clades, a legendary family of explorers who must set aside their differences as they embark on a journey to a mysterious planet named Avalonia, inhabited by surreal lifeforms.

Directed by Don Hall. Written by Qui Nguyen.
Journey to a place where nothing is as it appears!taglines

Searcher Clade[edit]

  • Where in the world are we?
  • I'm not my father. He was the explorer.
  • I'm not an explorer. I'm a farmer.
  • You gave me a machete for my birthday.
  • Are you okay? [Splat squeals a response] I'm talking to my son!
  • How are you my dad?

Jaeger Clade[edit]

  • The cliffs are alive, and the water will dissolve the flesh off your bones.
  • We're the Clades! We love danger.
  • Come on, Searcher, stop embarrassing me out here!
  • You ain't seen nothing yet, kid.

Ethan Clade[edit]

  • Do you mind if I call you Splat? You just kind of give me Splat vibes.
  • They're basically the same person.
  • He just wants to help.
  • It's just a nightmare tunnel. Just be brave!

Meridian Clade[edit]

  • What is the president doing in our front yard?
  • I don't know what you said, but I'm pretty sure it was inappropriate.
  • Everything down here is trying to kill us!

Callisto Mal[edit]

  • Our entire world is in grave danger. I want you to come with me on an expedition.
  • I know you were just a kid when he went missing, but now, you're all we got.
  • We are clearly in uncharted territory.
  • I'm loving this family reunion, but come on! We got a world to save!
  • If you want to back out, now is the time to do it. [Searcher: Really?] Nah! Messing with you. Come on, let's make history!



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