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Superboy-Prime is a fictional superhero turned supervillain in the DC Universe.


Infinite Crisis[edit]

  • Actually, you can call me Superboy... PRIME!
  • Are you going to let Lois die, Power Girl?
  • You fooled everyone into thinking you're actually Superboy. You don't even have a cape!
  • Stop hitting me!
  • I'm not stupid!
  • [after accidentally decapitating Pantha] ...Oh no! ...I didn't mean to do that.
  • Why are you making me? Why?!
  • You're ruining everything! You're ruining ME!!
  • You're making me like you!
  • Cold? Cold is being the lone survivor of a dead universe! Cold is being imprisoned when you tried to make things better! Cold is what this universe has made me!
  • The Phantom Zone is for criminals! I'm a good guy! ...I'm the only good guy, I'm Superboy!
  • Where do you think you’re going? Where?! You can’t send me back into the Speed Force. You’re not fast enough. Oh. I see where you’ve brought me now. To the place this Krypton exploded. But this Kryptonite isn’t from my universe. It won’t hurt me. All you’re going to do is kill this Superman. I mean, did you think these rocks would stop me? Hahahahaha! Did you really? [eyes widen as he realizes they’re taking him into the red sun]
  • You can't get rid of me! When I grow up, I'm gonna be Superman! Don't any of you understand?!
  • [when Conner calls him a hypocrite] What does that word even mean? You probably think you're smart. You're not.
  • I'm bringing back Earth-Prime and no one will know what I did to do it! No one.
  • I am special! I'm the only one who can rescue this messed-up universe. I'm the only one who knows how to make it right. I will be its greatest hero! When you're gone... I will be Superman!
  • I've been in worse places than this... and I've gotten out.

Sinestro Corps War[edit]

  • [Sitting on the Moon] Heh. Stupid Earth.
  • Look, up in the sky! [Lands by the Justice Society) I'm baaaack. Jerks.
  • [In a graveyard] Don't know about you, but I'm getting to like the sight of all these dead folks lying around. Gives me a nice picture of things to come.
  • (To Ion] All you REALLY are is Superman-Lite, with a fancy ring. Big deal!
  • Girls, hang onto your boyfriends...

Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds[edit]

  • Oh, great. The robot. The buildings. Yeah. I'm in the stupid future.
  • (Arriving in the Superman Museum) You gotta be kidding me. This whole museum... is for that lame Superman?! (sees an exhibit of Jonathan and Martha Kent finding baby Kal-El) He was an ugly baby if you ask me.
  • (To a holographic Jimmy Olsen) If you were real, I'd rip that stupid grin off your face, one tooth at a time.
  • (Blasting a display of the Legion of Super-Heroes with heat vision) The Legion. The United Planets. I'll destroy them all. I'll destroy EVERYTHING Superman has ever INSPIRED!
  • (Attacking Superman) First, I scorched that hick town Smallville! Now, I'm gonna turn Metropolis and your stupid friends into ash! Then I'm gonna rip up your Fortress and turn the North Pole into the hugest fire EVER! And they'll be the three points of the "S" I'm going to burn into the Earth. The "S" is MY symbol NOW, "Superman"!
  • Oh, just watch this, okay? You're about to see Legionnaires die in ways you've never seen before.
  • Long live our Legion. Heh. That was a good one.
  • Supergirl really died? Not a hoax? Not a dream? Not an imaginary story?
  • (After Lightning Lass reminds Lightning Lad that the Legion's priority is to protect innocent people) There are no innocents, Lightning Lass! Not in the future! Everyone worships Superman! "Earth's first alien immigrant!" "The man who will unify the universe!" I'm gonna unify my fist with his face!
  • I TOLD YOU TO SHUT UP ABOUT HER! (Blasts through Superman's hand with heat vision)
  • (Being restrained by Superman, Reboot M'onel and Andromeda) I don't care what Legion you're from - I hate Legion!
  • (Desperately trying to stop Bart Allen's resurrection) He's just a stupid kid! He doesn't matter!
  • (About to blast Bart Allen and XS with heat vision) Dodge this, Impuke!
  • (Fighting Bart Allen) When I get my hands on you, you're toast!
  • It doesn't matter. My parents are dead.
  • (Killing Kinetix) Hocus Pocus. (Kinetix explodes) Ta-daaa! I made Lame-Lass disappear!
  • (suffering Kryptonite poisoning) Kryptonite's not supposed to hurt!
  • It took a thousand years to make the future! Big deal! I'll tear it down in one!
  • (Challenging Sodam Yat) You want to shine your light, Lantern? Let's see who can be brighter!
  • (Grabbing Polar Boy) On my Earth, I read all about you, Polar Boy. You were a substitute Legionnaire who was let into the clubhouse because people felt sorry for you. Y'know, I almost feel sorry for you. Almost. (Punches Polar Boy) Wannabe! It doesn't matter who's left. Legion Subs, Academy trainees, family and friends -- I'll kill all of them. And the Legion will finally DIE!
  • (fighting Kon-El) You're not Superboy! You're super annoying!
  • (punches Wildfire) Out of my way, Wildfart!
  • (to the Time Trapper) Nobody warns me. I do all the warning. So here's one: My fist is about to punch your dentures through the back of your skull.
  • (while trapped on Earth-Prime) They think I'm powerless. They think I can't do anything from here. They're wrong. (starts typing on a computer) They'll never get rid of me. I always survive.


  • I'll kill you! I'll kill you to DEATH!
  • I bet I look totally cool. Ha ha.
  • Bad move, Alex. I think I suddenly get it. I'm the star here. I'm the lead. And in this story--I'm the hero. IT'S PRIME TIME! I've been saving that one.
  • I do hate myself. I hate what I've become. They turned me into this monster. They turned me into a villain. But I was Superboy
  • I never wanted to be better than everybody! I just wanted to fit in! I wanted to be worth something! I wanted to matter!

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