Synecdoche, New York

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Synecdoche, New York is a 2008 film about an ailing theatre director, Caden Cotard.

Written and Directed by Charlie Kaufman.

Elke Putzkammer, professor of literature at Union College[edit]

  • If the year is a life, then September, the beginning of fall, is when the bloom is off the rose and things start to die. It's a melancholy month and maybe because of that, quite beautiful.

Rainer Maria Rilke[edit]

  • Whoever has no house now / Will never have one. // Whoever is alone / will stay alone ...


  • Harold Pinter died [...] No, wait. He won the Nobel Prize.
  • We're a hit. Reviews are great. Times said it was brilliant casting young people as Willy and Linda.


  • So I'm reading The Trial [...] I'm such an idiot for not knowing about this book. It's famous, as it turns out.


Olive: What's wrong with your face, Daddy?
Caden: It's pustules. It's called sycosis. Spelled differently than psychosis, but it sounds the same.
Olive: I don't know what that means.
Caden: Well, there's two different kinds of psychosis. They're spelled differently. P-s-y is like if you're crazy and s-y is like these things on my face.
Olive: You could have both though.
Caden: I could. But I don't.

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