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God quote[edit]

I am restoring a quotation that was deleted with the remark: "totally irrelevant to Abbie Hoffman character"

  • "If this guy is God, then this is the God that the United States of America deserves."

I do not accept the claim that anything anyone says or does is "totally irrelevant" to their character. This was a statement of Hoffman's opinion about someone he seems to have thought ridiculous and contemptible. People who think otherwise may not like it, but Abbie Hoffman insulted a lot of people and their notions, and if he said this, it is entirely appropriate for Wikiquote to have the quote. Achilles 05:56, 5 Oct 2004 (UTC)

Sacred cows quote[edit]

It's not by Hoffman, he only made it more populare. Here's some historical research and sources: [1] [2] --Jim