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Thomas Jefferson[edit]

In the section on Thomas Jefferson, an editor asserts that abortion was legal prior to 20 weeks in Jefferson's time. I believe he has badly misread the two sources he uses. The first source, Blackstone's, states that abortion or killing a child in utero after 20 weeks is considered manslaughter homicide, but prior to 20 weeks it is a less serious infraction, perhaps a misdemeanor (still a crime). The second source makes no assertions whatsoever about the legality of abortion but rather reaffirms life. Both these sources are legal commentary, not law. I would like this parenthetical section removed if proper substantiation for its assertion cannot be found.

The reasons for the inclusion of this quotation on this page are rather dubious as it's not specifically about abortion, so it's been removed. Cheers. --Aphorist (talk) 18:39, 27 September 2013 (UTC)[reply]