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There's a great new astrobiology blog, run by newspaper editor Rob Bignell, at It includes roundups of the latest news from the various scientific fields that form astrobiology and information about SETI.

Perhaps someone should add Dennis Kucinich's quote regarding his sighting of a UFO, including his sass regarding Bush's approval rating. This is extrememly important, especially with the 08 presidental campaign.

The Reagan quote is misleading; the quote is valid, but it is snipped out of context. Just after the portion cited: "And yet, I ask you, is not an alien threat already among us ? What could be more alien to universal aspirations of our peoples than war and the threat of war?" -- that's not quite the same thing as saying there is an alien threat; he was using aliens as an allegory for international conflict. see --Teledyn 04:29, 13 December 2008 (UTC)