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Coretta Scott King[edit]

"Oh, the Inconvenience! Oh, the Humanity!

Someone brought up the possibility of a devastating consequence of the new security measures at our airports. Coretta Scott King may actually have to go through airport security at Hartsfield!

Many of you don't know it, but Atlanta taxpayers pay for almost 24-hour police "protection" for Coretta. When she flies out of town she gets a police escort to the airport – through the gate – out on the tarmac – and right to the airplane. When she gets on the airplane, her traveling aide informs the flight attendants that they are not permitted to speak directly to Mrs. King. They are to relay their instructions and their questions to the aide, who will then speak with Ms. King and respond on her behalf. I've talked to people who have been told to get off an elevator because Mrs. King wished to use it and didn't want anyone else on the elevator with her." [1]