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Who posted: "An Unsatisfied Appetite for Knowledge Means Progress and is the state of a Normal Mind"? I contacted University of Utah, his alma mater, and have a copy of a speech he delivered at class exercises on June 8, the day previous to commencement. His oration is titled, "Ignorance of Ignorance", published in "The University Chronicle"; Vol V.; No. 31; Salt Lake City, Utah; June 11, 1897. It follows a theme very similar to the posted quote, but I have not yet found anywhere on the internet any valedictorian speech of that title, especially not for that year, and definitely not for the University of Utah. The archivists at the university were as stumped as I am. If the submitter reads this, please, please post your specific citation for this quote: I'ld love to read the speech.

Picture added of Pres. McKay[edit]

I added a picture of him to the article. The source of the picture is Wikimedia Commons. I also relocated the picture of the Salt Lake Temple. I don't know if I formatted it optimally so that it looks fairly decent. Question: Should the size of the Temple be smaller? After all, this article features him. I'm not implying that I think the SLC pic needs to go. Just maybe someone with a little formatting expertise could either give any feedback on what to do to make the article picture(s) presentable, or tackle this themselves. Thanks for your time. 22:34, 11 July 2011 (UTC)[reply]