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  • By the phrases "Epic of Evolution" or "Story of the Universe" or simply "New Story", I mean to indicate our contemporary account of how 15 billion years of Universe evolution, 5 billion years of Earth evolution and 3 million years of human evolution has led to our present condition of life within the Earth Community. This comprehensive narrative can be considered a single complex idea (…) We do not have a fixed Epic of evolution that we can announce with any final truth. We have rather a profound grasp of some central moments of the Epic
  • Epic of evolution like its synonymous terms, "cosmic evolution" and "the universe story," encompasses what Eric Chaisson has labeled "the broadest view of the biggest picture." This epic tells the sprawling story of the evolution of the cosmos, from the first moment of creation to the present state of the universe. It is the attempt to construct a unified and comprehensive narrative of systematic development throughout the history of the universe, including the origins and the diverse organization of matter, life and consciousness. The epic of evolution is premised on the insight that the universe as a whole is best understood as a single unfolding event, beginning with the big bang
    • Loyal Rue
  • If the evolutionary epic can reverse humanity’s war against Nature, we should judge it as the greatest of myths
    • John Davis
  • find the epic of evolution, from the "Hot Big Bang" to Homo sapiens, an illumination of how the Creator God is and has been creating.
  • the epic is a fantastic myth that happens to be true of the material Universe
  • The Epic is also very close to a set of scientific accounts that are based on careful research and which represent a consensus among many scientists [...] The Epic, after all, is a dynamic story not a static once-and-for-all narrative myths
    • Philip Hefner
  • The goal of the Epic of Evolution is to inspire grateful service to the enduring promise of life on the planet.
    • Loyal Rue
  • the problem with most of the Universal Story is that it is not metaphoric. It is literally true. It is history
    • Bill Bruehl
  • The scientific narrative is a fascinating understanding of how the universe, the earth, life, and humans work. The epic of evolution is the same facts but understood as Story – that is, as capable of providing a cultural and personal context in which we can live meaningfully (if we so choose).
    • Larry Edwards
  • The epic of evolution is science translated into meaningful story.
    • Connie Barlow, science writer
  • We do have something of a story here, a true story, that we can work with religiously should we elect to do so.
    • Ursula Goodenough