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IF this page remains it should be a page of quotes about the Fox News Channel — NOT quotes from it — like any newspaper, news source or encyclopedia the scope of things that could be included on such a page is simply too large to be of any practical use, and would simply produce a cacophony of largely POV motivated postings, which frankly it is likely to become even if quotes about it, rather than from it are found. ~ Kalki 01:19, 27 October 2007 (UTC) & continual reversions bordering on vandalism.[edit]

These three quotes have been removed several times now and readded by the above two IPs. I will add my comments on why they were removed below each. However I will direct those two IPs to what is at the top of this talk page. Notably this phrase, "IF this page remains it should be a page of quotes about the Fox News Channel — NOT quotes from it".

From the page itself this key phrase, "This is a page for quotations about Fox News; any notable quotations which merely originated from some program which it has broadcast should be placed on a page for the person who made the statement, or on a particular theme page.".

Furthermore when editing the page the follow comment is in the edit box, "This reflects a long standing policy that with their broad subject matter, it is neither legally nor practically appropriate to gather quotes FROM a single newspaper, magazine or encyclopedia on a page, as if it were a singular work, and that quotes from any single such source should only be used incidentally, within pages on people, their works or actual themes. Quotes about Fox which were broadcast on Fox, as well as those made elsewhere would be appropriate."

  • Fox talk show host Melanie Morgan told Kathleen Willie she knew all about her two missing cats, that a private investigator had once "all but admitted to me that he killed the cats on Hillary [Clinton]‘s orders".
    • November 8, 2007 [1]

Checking the source reveals that it isn't about Fox News at all. The source of the quote is Melanie Morgan who is not an employee of Fox News. She is a frequent guest. I don't believe that anything a guest says on Fox News or especially off of Fox News qualifies as "about Fox News". She is an employee of KSFO 560 AM. I found all that out in 10 minutes of Googling. It would be more appropriate as "About KSFO" than here.

  • Brian Kilmeade: The June 25th memo from the FBI Denver offices which reported three days ago, excuse me, five days ago by the “Arizona Republic,” that was in the newspaper that carried this story and they continue to expand on it. Co-host: Brian, the plot they say, according to this detainee and they don‘t know if the detainee is telling the truth or if he is just lying. The plot was to set three or four wildfires but they don‘t mention California. They mention Colorado, Montana, Utah, and Wyoming.
    • misreporting an al Qaeda plot in terms of date (off by 4 years) and "expansion" (no longer being pursued; never verified), October 24, 2007 [2]

First off, this quote is malformed. Secondly, a check of the source shows that this is coming from a Video clip from Fox News. Now cast your eyes upward to the key phrases in bold above about this not being a page for items from Fox News. Finally a further check of the source reveals that this quote has been altered. The "Co-Host" is marked as "UNIDENTIFIED MALE" in the original on MSNBC's page.

  • Unidentified Fox Business News Reporter 1: "Let me just correct ourselves. It is not Apple. Apple Dubai?" Off camera: "Apple Dubai." Reporter 2: "Oh, oh, uh, the, uh, Arabs."
    • "correcting" themselves on their report that Apple had acquired 8% of AMD; actual purchaser: the Abu Dhabi government's investment branch; November 16, 2007 [3]

Again, another malformed quote. Again a check of the source reveals that this is a video clip from Fox News. Let me repeat that, from Fox News. Look up and remind yourself what has been expressly forbidden on this page. Oh, forgot to mention, it was cited as being on the Fox Business Network. Even so, not about Fox News.

  • ...half a point...
    • Constance Stellas, astrologer and author of "The Everything Sex Signs Book: Astrology Between the Sheets", incorrectly predicting the Fed's upcoming interest rate reduction, on Fox Business Channel; December 14, 2007 [4]

And here we have the trifecta. This is a guest on the Fox Business Network, a whole different channel, and it has absolutely nothing to say about Fox News.
Now, if anyone thinks that this is "scrubbing" and not a measured response to a couple of gung-ho MSNBC fans look at the lone quote that is left.

Imagine that, a quote about Fox News which isn't actually on Fox News and... it's still there. It is still there even though the source no longer resolves and cannot be verified.
So let's recap. 3 quotes not about Fox News on a page which is, in 3 locations, specifically stated to be only for quotes about Fox News, removed. The one dubious quote actually about Fox News is left behind. -- Greyed 07:53, 24 January 2008 (UTC)
It appears that the Fran Lebowitz quote I posted to her page in June 2007 has a page that no longer links. It can still be seen here online, however, by using the cache function on a Google search. - InvisibleSun 08:13, 24 January 2008 (UTC)