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  • I do not know of any environmental group in any country that does not view its government as an adversary.
    • Time magazine
  • Akupunktur må ha noe for seg, det er jo veldig sjelden man ser syke pinnsvin.
    • Translation: Acupuncture must do some good, you rarely see a sick hedgehog.
  • Alt henger sammen med alt.
    • Translation: Everything is connected to everything.
  • Det finnes andre metoder.
    • Translation: There are other methodes.
    • After the no in the Norwegian popular vote over membership to the European Union in 1994, answering the question "what now?". See also Europe.
  • Det nytter ikke å være en skinnende stjerne på himmelen alene.
    • Translation: It's no use being a shining star in the sky if you're the only one.
  • Kvinner som lykkes, synes å ha utviklet tilstrekkelig selvsikkerhet, og overvunnet frykten for å bli oppfattet som suksessrik.
    • Translation: Women who succeed seem to develop adamant self confidence, as well as overcome the fear of being perceived as successful.
  • Martin, nå ser du ut som en loff i trynet.
    • Translation: Martin, at this point in time, your face looks like a loaf of white bread.
    • To the later Party Secretary in the Norwegian Labor Party, Martin Kolberg after Kolbergs decission to get the Prime Minister a veterinarian when she was sick, seeing they couldn't find any other doctor.
  • Tenk positivt - bruk Odda!
    • Translation: Think positive - use Odda.