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Hannen Swaffer allegation of quoted manuscript[edit]

page 3 of the Daily Herald's 16 December 1942 edition contained a Swaffer article called "War's Worst Horror" is the following:

DELIBERATELY I omitted from my report if the Chief Rabbi's address last Sunday, the most sensational paragraphs. I could not hear them clearly enough. I wanted to see the manuscript and to know the source of his information. For, as Dr Hertz himself said, some of the stories sound "unbelievable." Yet so is all Nazidom! Babies As Footballs ! HERE, copied from the Chief Rabbi's manuscript, is a verbatim extract

This is followed by a quote which is attributed to Hertz by Swaffer. Would this be classified as a reliable source regarding what Hertz had said? I do not know how to evaluate Swaffer's reputation. If it was debunked then perhaps we could list it as a disproven quote? ScratchMarshall (talk) 01:07, 3 January 2018 (UTC)Reply[reply]