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ive followed ozzy for as long as i can remember. all the things he has done arent actually that bad its only the same as a bunch of guys going out getting drunk and doing something stupid. so why people make a big deal about it i will never know. all i know is that hes a great guy who has got what ever he wanted and worked very very hard for it.

letrell 17:02 22 oct 2004


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  • I'm not the greatest singer in the world, but I do give people entertainment.
    • 1986
  • I'm the guy kids love and parents hate. The guy mothers love to hate. When you've achieved that, you've achieved a goal.
  • My mother was an amateur singer, my father was an amateur drunk.
    • 1985
  • My mother said to me, 'Get a proper job. Quit this f--king around.' She still thinks it's a crazy f--king thing I'm doing.
    • 1985
  • To be honest, I am a little bit crazy. I accept that. I've always been outrageous. I've never been the every day you. I've always gone over the top with everything.
    • 1985
  • If I had to start it all over again, the only thing I would change is I'd learn to read a contract better.
    • 1992
  • I've come to the conclusion that people don't want to know the truth-that I'm a happily married man with three kids that I absolutely adore, and that what I do is entertain people. I am not fucking Dracula.
    • 1989
  • It's good fun and it's had great rewards. It's been such an eye opener for me. Everything that I have ever wanted to have has come from rock and roll. I've had happiness, I've had sadness. I've had everything. I've experienced life, death, birth, marriage, divorce, and it's been a whole bunch of fun. I wouldn't have it any different. I'd do it all again tomorrow.
    • 1986
  • I'm an absolute perfectionist. I'm never happy with a finished album. There's always something I don't like.
    • 1985
  • Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most.
  • (talking about the dove incident) Sharon gave me these two doves, told me to go into the conference room and throw them up in the air. I did that, but one of them didn't i picked it up, bit its head off and threw the body towards all the suits around the table...hoping they would, you know, see the funny side.
  • Well listen, how does a sparrow make an emergency landing? With a sparrowchute.
  • We've obviously got what the people want. It's aggressive music and I think America likes aggression.
  • I got rabies shots for biting the head off a bat but that's OK - the bat had to get Ozzy shots
  • Happiness to me is getting stoned.
  • I know I ain't going to fucking live to be an old man. I know that.
  • I didn't think anything we did was spectacular. I remember we thought, 'Let's just write some scary music.'
    • Ozzy Osbourne on Black Sabbath
Ozzy Osbourne's star at Hollywood, California
  • I don't know if I'm a medium for some outside source. Whatever it is, frankly, I hope it's not what I think - Satan.
  • He was the first person that came into my life and gave me hope.
    • Ozzy Osbourne about Randy Rhoads.
  • Had he lived, I truly believe he'd have been one of the greatest guitar players that ever walked the earth. He was when he was here.
    • Ozzy Osbourne about Randy Rhoads.
  • Do you know people, I've made many... errr... statements about being sober and, what I can really say is... sobriety fucking sucks!
    • Ozzy Osbourne on sobriety.
  • They say life sucks and then you die, that's pretty much it.
  • I fell in love with Randy as a player and a person the instant I saw him. He had the best smile in the world. Randy was the best guy in the world to work with. There is no comparison between him and Tony Iommi, and I can only compare the two because they were the only guitar players I had ever worked with. I was attracted to Randy's angelic attitude towards the whole business. I didn't have to teach him anything; all that he was lacking was guidance. He listened to every word I spoke to him, and we had a great rapport together.
    • Ozzy Osbourne about Randy Rhoads.
  • If I had done everything they said I've done, I'd be dead.
    • Ozzy Osbourne on his larger-than-life lifestyle.
  • Black Sabbath was a hippie band. We were into peace.
    • Ozzy Osbourne on Black Sabbath