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There are some quotes that aren't on here such as the Spy and Sniper domination quotes. I believe there are some others such as when Spy disguises as the Engineer. Could someone please add them here?


The heavy does not say a in between "outsmart" and "bullet" Lxerxer 01:25, 23 April 2010 (UTC)

Pyro is no girl[edit]

Whoever keeps editing this in, the Pyro is male, see the original concept art by Valve here:

Also i don't remember any reference anywhere to him being female (except maybe the one line in Meet the Pyro by the Scout "He's not here is (s)he" with the "(s)he" at the end being highly unintelligible

Mr. derp: Pyro is really a gay male, see Game theory and search for tf2!