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hoorah indeed... i think

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  • "You want me? fucking well come and find me." "Talk Show Host"
  • "I'll be waiting, with a gun and a pack of sandwiches" "Talk Show Host"
  • "I think we're entering a very dangerous time. The West has set itself up, decided it's in charge, not for good intentions, not for the benefit of mankind. The people in charge, globally, are maniacs. They are maniacs, and unless we do something about it these people are going to deprive us of a future. And I know I'm paranoid and neurotic, I've made a career out of it. Hoorah. Most people don't even have time to think about it. People who watch MTV don't think about it, I don't have time to think about it. Luckily, I'm paranoid and neurotic, so I make the time."
  • "You will never make friends unless you like everyone genuinely. Oh well, I'm fucked then aren't I?"
  • "The others (Radiohead) were all brought up to be polite. I wasn't."
  • "They didn´t let us play at the Grammy awards cause they thought we weren´t good for the ratings. We were so happy, man..."
  • "I'm not afraid of computers taking over the world. They're just sitting there. I can hit them with a two by four"
  • "I can be very drunk in a club in Oxford on a Monday night and some guy comes up to you and buys you a drink and says that the last record you made changed his life. That means something."
  • "It's why we play it towards the end of our sets. It drains me, and it shakes me, and hurts like hell everytime I play it, looking out at thousands of people cheering and smiling, oblivious to the tragedy of its meaning, like when you're going to have your dog put down and it's wagging its tail on the way there. That's what they all look like, and it breaks my heart. - on Street Spirit (Fade Out)
  • "I wish that song hadn't picked us as its catalysts, and so I don't claim it. It asks too much. (very long pause). I didn't write that song." - on Street Spirit (Fade Out)
  • "Radiohead run like the UN, and I'm America."
  • "They're a joke aren't they? It's just lots of middle class people applauding a bunch of guys who act stupid and write really primitive music. Then people say 'oh it's so honest" Couldn't have put it any better." - On the band Oasis.
  • "It's always confused the living shit out of me that people can shag to our music. But people do apparently. Paranoid Android. This girl comes up to me, she bangs to Paranoid Android. How?"
  • (When told that many new bands are making a name for themselves by just simply copying radioheads first three albums) "Good luck with Kid A!"