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Attributed? He actually said that. Someone even recorded The Airplane Incident

All quotes on a person's page properly belong in an "Attributed" section until they are provided with a citable source. ~ Kalki 09:12, 28 December 2005 (UTC)

Here's your citable source

HereĀ“s an interview with Yngiwie talking about it


  • Anyone can learn to play fast, like anyone can learn to type quickly. But not everyone can write a book.
  • My middle name is "Where the Fuck is a Guitar Pick."

G3 Promo Video (With Steve Vai and Joe Satriani)[edit]

  • This is the nucleus of the... mmm (Steve Vai says "universe")... yeah, yeah, that is exactly what I was gonna say.

Guitar World: Play Fast[edit]

  • If it sounds good, it is good.