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The following is a list of quotes from the second season of the 2012 series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Episodes 27–52[edit]

The Mutation Situation[edit]

Leonardo: It seems like you been avoiding us lately, April.
April: It's not my fault. Dad's alien abduction nightmares are getting worse. He barely let's me out of the house.
Kirby O'Neil: I'm sorry, April. It's just... What if the Kraang are still out there? I'll do anything to protect you.

Donnie: Butt Cannons? IT HAS BUTT CANNONS?

Raph: Can this night get any worse?!
Leo: Guys, I think that mutant was Mr. O'Neil. (So you're right, Raph.)
Mikey: How could you tell?
Leo: You see many giant, red-bearded, middle-aged bats running lately?
Donnie: We gotta go after her!
Raph: But what about all that mutagen? We got canisters spread all over the city!
Leo: It's gonna have to wait, Raph. April's dad comes first.

Mikey: Time for Turflytle to take out his arch-nemesis, Wingnut!
Donnie: You are NOT giving Mr. O'Neil a monster name!

[Back in Shredder's lair]
Shredder: Where is my mutagen, creature?
Kraang: The complications became overly complicated. The ones known as the turtles stopped the shipment. Kraang will make amends.
Shredder: These creatures are useless. It is time to expand my army, On my own.

Splinter: This is all very grave news. Very grave, indeed.
Donnie: I can't believe this is happening. Poor April.
Splinter: Do not dwell on the past. (April can wait.) You must find every last canister of mutagen. You must search every street, every park and playground, every building and rooftop... before we have even more mutants on our hands.

Invasion of the Squirrelanoids[edit]

Mikey: Bros, brace for grossness!

Splinter: I do not want to say I was right, but... I was right.

Follow the Leader[edit]

Karai: You know, I bet I'd make a small fortune if I sold you to a science lab. Could you imagine the press? "Talking Ninja Turtle found in sewer."
Leonardo: Great. Captured and now totally humiliated. Awesome day, Leo. Awesome day.
Karai: You deserve everything you're getting, Leo! After you betrayed me last time!

[Karai snaps her fingers and Footbots sit in position around the cage.]

Karai: Don't you love it? My new robotic Foot Bots follow my orders to a "T." No arguing, no prodding. They do whatever I want. Cool, right?
Leonardo: Yeah, convenient. Nice.
Karai: I've been teaching the Foot Bots new skills, but now I'm turning the training over to someone new.

[Karai frees Leo and gives him his swords.]

Karai: Footbots, de-shell him!

Foot bots, de-shell him!

Leonardo: I'm sorry to bother you, Master Splinter. I need to ask you some questions- about Karai.
Splinter: It is late, Leonardo. These questions will have to wait for another time.
Leonardo: She said you took her mother away from her. I know it's not true, right?
Splinter: No. It is not true. But the truth is just as difficult.
Leonardo: Please, sensei, tell me. Trust me.
Splinter: Karai... is my daughter.

Mutagen Man Unleashed[edit]

[Mikey is watching a show on TV.]
Princess Zee: Oh, no! Super bad times for all!
Captain Coolstar: Does great danger arrive? Where?
Dr. Blip: Kill-beast-bots from planet seven are here with steely resolve! Captain Coolstar, what are we going to do? [gets smacked by Coolstar] Ow!
Coolstar: Get a hold of yourself, man!
[Squeakums whimpers.]
Lunk: Don't worry, Squeakums. We'll blast 'em with mighty super robo mecha!
Coolstar: Team! Combine in teamwork mode!
All: Super! Robo! Mecha! Force! Five! Team! Five! Go!
Raph: What the heck is this nonsense?! It's terrible!
Mikey: Terribly awesome! I found these old tapes in a dumpster.
Leo: Tapes?
Mikey: Check it out.
Leo: Dude, this is awful! And you guys complained about Space Heroes.
Raph: Their lips don't even match what they're saying! I could NEVER watch a show this bad!
[Later, all four turtles are addicted to the show.]
Zee: [On TV] There are too many of them, captain!
Raph: So she's the princess of an entire planet? Cool!
Lunk: [On TV]: Engage lasertron fury!
Mikey: Yep, and she also pilots the robot's left leg. She rules! But that scientist dude made the robot.
Donnie: The story has such an intricate, layered plot. Four stars!
Blip: [On TV] P-p-princess, I'd like to invite you for space dinner, if you please. Yes?
Zee: What?! I, date a weakling like you?! [walks away] Not for 10,000 Zarkon crystals!
[Leo, Raph, and Mikey laugh.]
Mikey: Donnie, that is so you and April, dude!
Donnie: IT IS NOT! This show is lame, anyway. The plot makes zero sense! [heads into his lab] I'll be in the lab.

Mikey: [after a stealth attack from Leo] What was that?
Leo: THAT, was a stealth attack. [eats pizza] And that is what we're gonna be doing in today's training session.
Mikey: No fair! I couldn't see you coming!
Raph: That's why it's called 'stealth', genius.
Donnie: Why would you eat a slice of pizza you found on the roof anyway?
Mikey: Roof pizza is like one of my top ten favorite types of pizza.

[In Donnie's lab, Donnie is working on a new voice box for Timothy while talking to him about April and Casey.]
Donnie: Ridiculous! And they were swinging together! SWINGING! And then she looked at him. Can you believe it? She gave him that look, like this. [makes cute eyes, deadpans, and sighs] Why was she even with him?! Because he's human, that's why! BIG DEAL! You know how many people are human?!

[In the dojo]
Splinter: Today, I will teach you to enjoy falling down.
Donnie: Why would I ever- [gets tripped by Splinter] Whoa!
Splinter: Did you enjoy that?
Donnie: No!
Splinter: Then let's keep trying. [knocks Donnie down a couple more times] Do you like it yet?
Donnie: No, sensei! Not at all!
Splinter: Hmm. Then perhaps one cannot make someone like something.
Donnie: Of course not! No one wants to be... Oh, I get it. You're talking about me and April.
Splinter: My son, for someone so intelligent, the obvious often eludes you.

April: [faced with Mutagen Man] Donnie's monster?! Can't I go a MONTH without some mutant attacking me? [Casey gets in front of her] What are you doing?
Casey: Whatever that thing is, it's pure evil, and completely cool looking!! I'll handle this, sweetheart.
April: "Sweetheart"?

Mikey Gets Shellacne[edit]

Mikey: [screams] WHAT THE-?! I'M A MUTANT!!!
Leo: He's just realizing that now?

Mikey: I kinda... I sprinkled a little... [pulls out a vial of mutagen] mutagen on my skin.
Mikey's brothers: [shocked and furious] WHAT?! ARE YOU KIDDING?! WHY?!
Mikey: To become better! Cooler, you know? You guys treat me like a big goofball all the time! So I found this vial in Donnie's lab. The label says it'll make you super cool.
Donnie: [turns the vial around, showing that "cool" is actually "cooled"] No, it says you're supposed to keep it super cooled, as in TEMPERATURE! This was a reject-batch of retro-mutagen, Mikey! It's DANGEROUS!
Mikey: Well, you could've made it a little more clear! [Donnie turns the vial around to show many warning labels] Still not that clear.

Mikey: Money is no object! [to Leo] Leo, can I borrow some cash?

Karai: Bradford, Xever. Enter.
Dogpound: I detest this clumsy body. What I wouldn't give to be human again!
Karai: Seriously, I don't have all night.
Fishface: Don't get too comfortable, Karai. Shredder is the only one worthy of that throne.

[Dogpound put a mutation leash on Baxter Stockman]
Baxter: Is this...mutagen!
Dogpound: I call it insurance. Double-cross us, and boom, we see what you turn into! Maybe some sort of bug.

Target: April O'Neil[edit]

[A hologram of Oroku Saki is seen]
Shredder: So, Daughter. You not only disobey my orders in my absence, your petty scheme failed miserably.
Karai: It was those stupid Footbots! They couldn't keep up with the Turtles! But here's the good news- the Kraang have been upgrading them.
Shredder: Hear me, Karai. You will not have anymore dealings with the Kraang until I return. Do not defy me again! The consequences would be...unfortunate.
Karai: Understood, Father.

Donnie: From what I could translate from the orb, it seems the Kraang are building some advanced heavy weaponry.
Leo: Any guess what it could be?
Mikey: [raises his hand] Ooh! Lasers disguised as burritos! Yes! It all makes sense now.
Raph: It DOES make sense... you have the brain of an AVOCADO!
Leo: Alright, guys, stay focused. We find the weapon and we destroy it, and then we get Mexican... pizza.

Splinter: It is very good to see you again, April.
April: I missed you, Master Splinter. I hope we can start training again soon.
Splinter: Of course. [bows down] Whenever you wish.
April: [to the Turtles] I never got a chance to tell you guys that I'm sorry, for everything.
Leo: You're sorry? But we were the ones that screwed up.
April: It was an accident. And most importantly, you're my friends. I don't ever want to hold a grudge ever again.

Slash and Destroy[edit]

Raphael: Why!? Why are you doing this!!?
Slash: The others hold you back. Limit your potential. You don't need 'em. Just like you said!!
[Slash drags a badly hurt Mikey to the edge of a skyscraper]
Raphael: You're wrong! I never wanted this!!

[A dejected Raph looks at his photograph of Spike]
Raphael: He's still out there somewhere.
Splinter: Raphael, do you know what I do when I miss my loved ones from the past?
Raphael: No.
Splinter: I focus on the friends I am surrounded in the present.

The Good, the Bad and Casey Jones[edit]

Raph: What are you doing Leo!? I was goin' for Mikey!
Leo: What part of "last Turtle standing" don't you understand!?

Casey: How do you know these freaks?
April: These are the... other friends I told you about.
Casey: So they're NOT the bad guys?
April: No way! [sighs] Casey Jones, meet Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo...
Mikey: What up? [gets smacked by Raph]
April: ...and the one and only Raphael.
Casey: So the Turtles are all... Italian?
Splinter: No. I named them after my favorite painters and sculptors of the Italian Renaissance.
Casey: He's a giant, t-talking rat?! [faints from shock]
April: Casey! Casey? This is Master Splinter, Casey. He's cool.
Splinter: You do not have to fear me, my friend. Rest assured, I do not bite.

The Kraang Conspiracy[edit]

  • April O'Neil's psychic and extrasensory abilities, which were hinted in "Monkey Brains", are fully proven.

April: Saved by Raph? I'm never gonna live this down.
Raph: We've all been there, April.

Donnie: This...doesn't seem possible.
April: What is it? What’s wrong?
Donnie: Based on all the evidence I’ve clued from the lab, your cellular makeup is actually a morph-genetic blend of human and Kraang DNA.
April: Wait. Are you saying...?
Donnie: You're not entirely human, April. That's why you have psychic powers. In fact, you are a half human, half alien-mutant.
Leo, Raph and April: A mutant!?
Mikey: Oh, yeah! Welcome to the family!

Leo: And don't let Mikey touch ANYTHING!!

Fungus Humungous[edit]

April: You know, Casey, it's awesome there's someone else who knows about the Turtles. I have, like, no one talk to. Especially after Dad turned into a mutant-bat.
Casey: I know. 4 mutant-turtles living a sewer with a talking rat? I mean, you couldn't make this stuff up.

Splinter: Leonardo?
Leo: [falls over in surprise] Sorry, Sensei. Can't seem to focus.
Splinter: I noticed. What is it that troubles you, my son?
Leo: I keep having the same nightmare, Sensei - every night! I let the team down. They're dragged off into darkness and I'm powerless to help.
Splinter: This is not uncommon. All leaders must face the fear of losing their team. I face this every time you and your brothers' leave the lair.

Casey: [runs into the lair, panting] Guys! April! Sewers! Hurry!
Raph: Casey, what's wrong?
Leo: Are the Foot bots back?
Casey: W-we were on our way here, and next thing I know April starts acting freaked out, then runs off! She's gone!
Donnie: Wait, wait… You just lost April!?
Mikey: Relax! I'm sure there's a logical explanation. Like she was eaten by a giant sewer snake, or something.
Donnie: Let's go!

Leo: What is going on here?
Donnie: Fungus!
Mikey: Language, please! There's a lady present.
Donnie: April and Raph have been exposed to toxins found in certain types of fungi. The mushroom must produce it as some kind of defense mechanism.
Leo: Defense against what, being stir-fried?
Raph: [hallucinating them as giant cockroaches] I'm freaking out, I'm freaking out, I'M FREAKING OUT!

Mikey: [stomping mushrooms] Check it out! Super Mikey Brothers!

Donnie: [coughing] April, we need to get out of here! Take my hand! (Paril?)
Hallucination-April: Don't touch me! Get away from me! You make me sick, mutant... weirdo!
Donnie: April… what's wrong with you?
Hallucination-April: You nerdy 3-fingered freak, I hate you! You mutated my father! I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN!
Donnie: She hates me. April hates me!

Leo: Everybody's gone… It's my fault! I failed them! It's all my fault!
Hallucination-Captain Ryan: [slaps Leo] It's your fault, Cadet Leonardo! You blew it! What kind of a leader are you? Are you a man, or a turtle or a 0?

Leo: Ugh… Where am I?
Hallucination-Mikey: You let us down, bro!
Hallucination-Donnie: You did this!
Hallucination-Raph: It's your fault, Leo!
Leo: NO! No! C'mon, fight your fear, Leo! Get your head straight… FIGHT IT!

Raph: [sees Mikey] Mikey. Oh, I'm so glad to see you. What the heck's happening to us, man?! [Mikey says nothing] Uh, you okay? [Mikey's head pops off and out comes cockroaches] I'LL BURY YOU, COCKROACH!
Hallucination-April: What's the matter, freak, scared?! Maybe I should put you out of your misery.

Metalhead Rewired[edit]

Leonardo: Donnie, you gotta turn off his A.I.
Donatello: Turn off his A.I.? That's like turning off his brain!
Leonardo: He's too dangerous.

Donatello: He has to keep it open for us.
Leonardo: But what about him?
Donatello: We don’t have a choice.

Of Rats and Men[edit]

Michelangelo: Can we keep her?
Donatello: You know, Master Splinter is a rat.
Casey: Yeah. What if that cat goes nuts and attacks him? She'll feed of his body for months.
Donatello: You know, there is something seriously wrong with you.

Splinter: You think you have the upper hand in a situation. You do not.
Mikey: Burn!
Raphael: How's that floor taste, Lame-nardo?
Splinter: It is not hard to sense loudmouths.

The Manhattan Project[edit]

Part 1 [2.13][edit]

Leo: "Karai, listen. There's something you should know. It's about your father! Your real father!! Your real name is Miwa!"
Karai: "I'm not interested in anything but you begging for your life!!"

Leo: Master Splinter, I tried to tell Karai that you're her father. I thought that if she knew, she would come over to our side.
Splinter: There is a saying: He who runs his mouth gets a face full of nintako.
Leo: They say that in Japan?
Splinter: They would if you were there. Still, your heart is in the right place. Perhaps it is time she knew the truth.
Leo: Maybe you should tell the other guys, sensei.

Splinter: This is difficult, but it is time you all knew the truth. The child I thought I had lost in the fire, Miwa is Karai - my daughter. Fury became flame, and flame darkened the world with smoke. And in that darkness, Shredder stole Miwa away. I thought she had perished, but she raised by Shredder as his daughter and trained as a deadly Foot assassin.
Don: Wait. This can't be.
Raph: Some kind of joke, right, sensei?
Mikey: Karai's our sister!?
Raph: Sensei, she's still our enemy. She was raised by Shredder.
Don: Yeah. How can ever trust her?
[Picks up the black-and-white photograph of his former human self and Tang Shen, with the infant Miwa between them]
Splinter: There is good in her. I know this. But truth must be told, and it too will be an earthquake.

Leo: Karai. Karai, don't do this. Splinter- He's your father. Your true father!"
Karai: "Liar! You'd say anything to save him!!"
Leo: "No, I swear it!! He's your father- Hamato Yoshi."
Karai: "If you won't be silent, I'll silence you."

Part 2 [2.14][edit]

Fishface: Nice work, Tiger Claw. You finally captured the great Splinter.
Razar: So is the poison going to finish him or not?
Tiger Claw: Most men would have expired, but it's only weakened him. He may be small, but he's tough as iron.
[Oroku Saki appears with Karai at his side]
Shredder: Bradford, Xever, leave us. Hamato Yoshi, so you have come to this- a wretched rat man waiting to be put out of his misery.
Splinter: At least I do not wear a mask, hiding what little humanity I have left.
Shredder: It is because of you that I wear this mask!
Splinter: All these years, you continue to deceive yourself and everyone around you.
Shredder: You fool!! Now it ends!!

Karai: No, Father!!
Shredder: You would stop me!!?"
Karai: You'd kill your greatest enemy while he's poisoned and chained? What about honor? Everything you taught me?
Tiger Claw: The girl is right, Master Shredder.
Shredder: Very well. Gather the Foot. I will offer Hamato Yoshi one last fight.

Mazes and Mutants[edit]

Splinter: A game? Don't you have mutagen to find?
Donnie: Sensei, we've beaten the Kraang and Shredder's top henchman. We could use one day to relax.

Leo: If we imagine our weapons are magical and all-powerful, we can defeat Leatherhead.
Mikey: Yes! That's the answer!
Raph: But that makes no sense!
Leo: Trust me. Believe! Focus! Use your imagination.

The Lonely Mutation of Baxter Stockman[edit]

Donnie: I'm sorry, Sensei. This is all the retro-mutagen I have left.
Splinter: I may not be human, but I am fortunate enough to have my humanity. Save Kirby.
[As Donnie leaves, he looks down at the black-and-white picture of his original human self and his late wife, Tang Shen, with their infant daughter Miwa between them.]

Mikey: Stockman-Fly is Turflytle's ultimate superhero enemy, buzz buzz. But if he's out there, buzz buzz, I'll find him, buzz bu-
Raph: Enough with the buzz buzz!
Mikey: [looks down] Okay.
Raph: Don't. [Mikey smirks at him] Don't.
Mikey: [puts his Turflytle antennas on Raph's head] Buzz buzz, dog! [runs off]
Raph: [aggravated] AAAAAAH! [chases Mikey]

Donnie: I'm sorry, Master Splinter. I wanted to change you back. But I swear, if it's the last thing I do...
Splinter: Do not fret, my son. I am content with what I have become. I have no place in the human world anymore. This is my home, and you four are my family.


[Leo and Mikey glare]
Raphael: What!? If he wants to act like a big baby, I don't want his help!
Michelangelo: Not cool, Raph. People have feelings, dude. Real squishy feelings.
Raphael: Well, I'm not people!

Newtralizer: We can destroy this whole stinkin' city.
Slash: And every innocent human with it. Are you crazy!? I'm here to take out Kraang! Not people!
Neutralizer: I don't care! I'm not people.
Michelangelo: Hmm. Sounds oddly familiar.

Pizza Face[edit]

Donnie: I've been trying to reach April for hours! Hope nothing's wrong.
Mikey: Something definitely is wrong, bro! There isn't a single pizza place in town that's pickin' up!
[His brothers groan]
Donnie: I'm serious, Mikey!
Mikey: You think I'd joke about the pizza? You know me a little better than that, Donnie, to joke about the pizza!

Raph: Just go wait for the pizza guy, Mikey! And don't eat it!
Mikey: Fine! I'm going! [walks away]
Raph: I repeat: DO! NOT! EAT IT!!

The Wrath of Tiger Claw[edit]

Karai: All my life I was raised to believe Shredder was my father, that Splinter was the enemy. So when Leo told me Splinter was my true father, I couldn't accept it. But then I began to have doubts about Shredder's honor.
April: Doubts about the evil villain of the Foot clan?
Karai: He's trying to use me to set a trap for the Turtles. But I can't. Even if it means betraying Shredder.

Splinter: I retained very little from my old life. But this I will never let go, my daughter.
[Karai is shocked to see the full picture of her late mother's arm around Hamato Yoshi, and the black-and-white one of herself as an infant between a human Splinter and Tang Shen]
Karai: I can't believe it. You're telling the truth. All these years the Shredder has been lying to me.
Leonardo: Wait. You don't believe it? I thought you did believe it. If you didn't believe it, why did you come down here?
Karai: Father, what have I done?

The Legend of the Kuro Kabuto[edit]

Leonardo: How can you guys fool around like this when Karai needs our help?
Raph: Not this again.
Leo: We have to rescue her.
Raph: Look, maybe she believes Splinter is her father. But she was still raised by Shredder. You think she's gonna turn on him just like that?
Leo: Yeah, I do. Now am I the leader of this team or not?
Raph: More or less.
Leo: More or less? So I'm only the leader until I tell you to do something you don't want to? Thanks, guys.

Shredder: Why does the fly walk into the spider's web?
Leo: Because all the spider's henchmen are out.
Shredder: Ah. You wish to make a trade?
Leo: The helmet for Karai!
Shredder: Very well. She'll have to be brought up from the dungeon.
Leo: You raised her from infancy and now you lock her in a cell? How can you do that?
Shredder: In any conflict, the winner is prepared to do what the loser is not.

Plan 10[edit]

Mikey: Wait a minute. How do we know it's the real Raph? What's the secret password?
Raph: I will pound you, Mikey!

Vengeance is Mine![edit]

Splinter: Not what you expected?
Karai: I admit it's a little weird being with...people I was told were my enemies. What really happened between you and Shredder and my mother?
Splinter: I'm afraid it goes much deeper than our rivalry over your mother. The bitter feud between the Hamato and Foot clans lasted centuries. Oroku Saki was the son of the enemy. But he was just a child, so my father gave him shelter. We were raised as brothers, and rivals in all things as brothers are. But that rivalry soon turned bitter when we met Tang Shen- your mother. Jealousy became hatred when Saki learned of his true heritage. He swore vengeance and rebuilt the Foot clan. One night, Oroku Saki struck. The blow that was meant for me struck your mother instead. Shredder blamed me and in his rage, he burned our home to the ground, leaving me to my fate. He took you away from me.
Karai (silently seething): After all this time haven't you wanted revenge?
Splinter: After all this time, I have learned that revenge only leads to more pain.
Karai: But I seen you fight, Father. You could take him out.
Splinter: We are safe here. And we are finally together again, my daughter. That is all that matters now. Not revenge.

Leo: Going after Shredder alone is a bad idea.
Karai: Don't try to stop me, Leo.
Leo: I want to go with you.
Karai: What?
Leo: You're right. Shredder will never stop hunting us. The only way for us to be safe is to take him down.
Karai: So much of my life has been about revenge. I can't ask you to risk your life, too.
Leo: Let me help.
(Karai leans closer as if she's going to kiss him. He looks a little shocked and nervously looks around)
Karai: Sorry, Leo.
(she punches him, then knocks him out with some blinding powder. Leo coughs as his eyes remain open as he falls. Karai quickly heads to the surface)
Karai: This ends tonight!!

A Chinatown Ghost Story[edit]

Ho Chan (to April): You have great power in you, power you have barely tapped. It will belong to Ho Chan.
(Turns to Irma) And you. You have power, too. Power I do not understand...yet. You will explain this power or suffer my-What!?
(April uses her Tessen fan)
April: Come on, Irma!

Ho Chan: It is said that the Great Turtle helped the god create the world. Fitting that these turtles should help Ho Chan rule it.

Into Dimension X![edit]

Leatherhead: Turtles, the Kraang have perfected the mutagen.

The Invasion[edit]

Part 1 [2.25][edit]

Shredder: Kraang Prime.
Kraang Prime: One called Shredder. Kraang must have your decision.
Shredder: If I help you will you uphold your end of the bargain?
Kraang Prime: Kraang will deliver the ones known as Splinter and the Turtles.
Shredder: And once I find Karai, you will mutate her back to normal?
Kraang Prime: Kraang agrees to this. But in return, Shredder must help Kraang conquer the city known as New York City and then the world!

April: I'm gonna fix this! I'm gonna find your brothers and Casey.
Kirby O'Neil: You can't go out there, April! You have to stay with me. I'm scared.

Raph: "Sensei, you in here?"
April: "He's not here. I don't sense him."

Part 2 [2.26][edit]

Raph: We gotta move. Kraang Prime is stomping this way.
Mikey: Raph!
Raph: Awe. I missed you, too, little brother.
April: Casey! I was scared I'd lost you forever.
Casey: No worries, Red. Your man is here.
Donnie: Not to break this up, but Leo is still out there.
Raph: What!?
Mikey: Long story, Bro. Basically-
(A gravely wounded Leo falls in through the living room window)
Raph: Leo!!
April: Oh, Leo.
Raph: He's still breathing.
Mikey: Dude, his shell is cracked.

Donnie: I'm sorry, Leo. You were right. If we just left the city when you said, the Kraang would never have found the lair and started the invasion. None of this would've happened.
April: I have a place we can go upstate- My old family home. We can stay as long as we want. No one's around for miles.
Casey: Upstate, huh? Sounds good to Casey Jones.
April: Did you find your dad and little sister?
Casey: No sigh of 'em. They probably got Kraang-atized.
Mikey: What's gonna happen now, Raph?
Raph: For the first time in my life, I have no idea, little brother.
Mikey: I miss Master Splinter.



  • Leonardo / Leo
  • Raphael / Raph
  • Donatello / Donnie
  • Michelangelo / Mikey
  • Hamato Yoshi/Splinter
  • April O'Neil
  • Casey Jones (debut)


  • Oroku Saki/Shredder
  • Hamato Miwa/Karai (11 Episodes)
  • Fishface
  • Dogpound/Razar
  • Baxter Stockman/Stockman Fly
  • Tiger Claw (debut; 7 Episodes)


  • Slash (debut; 2 Episodes)
  • Tang Shen (photographs/flashbacks; 8 Episodes)
  • Dr. Kirby O'Neil (7 Episodes)
  • Mrs. O'Neil (photograph; "The Kraang Conspiracy")
  • Timothy/the Pulverizer ("Mutagen Man Unleashed")
  • Dr. Falco/the Rat King ("Of Rats and Men")
  • Ivan Steranko
  • Anton Zeck

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  COMICS     Mirage comic series  (1984–2010) · Tales  (1987–2010) · Adventures  (1988–1995) · Mighty Mutanimals  (1991 spin-off) · Daily comic strip  (1990–1997) · Dreamwave comics
 (2003) · IDW comic series  (2011–present)
  TELEVISION     Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue  (1990) · Turtles Forever  (2009)  
  SERIES     1987–1996 series · Mutant Turtles: Superman Legend  (1996) · Next Mutation  (1997–1998) · 2003–2010 series · 2012–2017 series  
  FILMS     Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles  (1990) · Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze  (1991) · Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III  (1993) · TMNT  (2007) · Turtles
 (2009) · Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles  (2014) · Out of the Shadows  (2016)  
  FAN-MADE     Casey Jones  (2011)  
  DOCUMENTARY     Turtle Power: The Definitive History of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles  (2014)  
  VIDEO GAMES     Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Battle Nexus  (2004)  
  SEE ALSO     Leonardo da Vinci · Donatello · Michelangelo · Raphael