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The following is a list of quotes from the first fourteen episodes of the fourth season (referred to as the Space saga) of the 2012 series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

The evil Triceratons have invaded Earth. They brought with them, the invincible Black Hole Generator that swallowed the entire planet! My brothers and I escaped, saved by a mysterious robot called the Fugitoid. Now we're trying to stop the Triceratons any way we can!
(From "Beyond the Known Universe" to "Earth's Last Stand".)
  Leonardo narrating about the season 3 finale.

Episodes 79–104[edit]

Beyond the Known Universe[edit]

Casey: So, why do you care, alien robot dude? Why are you helping us?
Raphael: Yeah! Who are you anyway!?
Fugitoid: My name is Professor Zayton Honeycutt. I'm a friend of the Utroms. It was Bishop who sent me. and plus I've always wanted to see Earth.

Donatello: Fugitoid, start the ship!! Start the ship!!
Fugitoid: Oh, I can't believe you managed to tick off the most dangerous criminal the universe!

The Moons of Thalos 3[edit]

Raphael: So, um, Casey. You think, like a turtle can date a newt?
Casey: What!!? [Laughs]
Michelangelo: Dude, you really got a crush on that salamander hottie? She's probably faster, stronger and a better fighter than you.
Raphael: Exactly. What a woman.

April: Um, where's Raph?
Leonardo: Oh no. I bet he went to talk to his girlfriend.

The Weird World of Wyrm[edit]

April: I don't need to be psychic to get a bad feeling about this place.

Casey: I wish...we never found that stupid cube in the first place!!
Wrym: What!!? You can't!! If you wish that, then none of this ever happened!!
Casey: You said you'd grant me a wish!!

The Outlaw Armaggon![edit]

Fugitoid: Okay, April. In which of the spheres have I placed your Tessen?
April: That one.
Fugitoid: Ding, ding! Excellent. Your psychic abilities are marvels waiting to be unlocked.
April: Thanks, Professor. How do you know so much about the human brain?
Fugitoid: Since it's the only part of my original body left, I have extensive knowledge on brain stimulation.

Donatello: April, you gotta reach Fugitoid.
April: Let me see what I can do. [Utilizes her telepathic abilities to enter Fugitoid's subconscious mind via emitting a yellowish psionic wave] Professor Honeycutt, it's me- April- your friend! You have to fight Overmind.
Overmind: You will not take control.
April: You are Professor Zayton Honeycutt! You are a D-Hoonibian.
[Finally manages to reach Fugitoid's consciousness psionically]
Fugitoid: Yes. I am Professor Honeycutt! I am back!

Riddle of the Ancient Aeons[edit]

April: That world- it's radiating a strange power, like pure evil. We're flying into danger, Professor.
Fugitoid: Evil? Nonsense. This is Xaava-Dal, the most beautiful planet in the known cosmos. It is gorgeous down there.

Donnie: This energy is really screwing up my readings.
Casey: [shoves past Donnie] So fix it, genius! I thought you were supposed to be the smart one!
Donnie: That's right, I am. Which clearly makes you the STUPID one!
Mikey: Ha! That definitely makes Raph the angry one!
Raph: I'm clearly the handsome one. Here, check it out. I got something for you. [holds out his fist; Mikey hits Raph's fist with his own, only for him to smack his helmet] Ha! You're the gullible one!
Mikey: [shoves Raph] I'm tired of you picking on me! Ever since we were little, you've been giving me shell wedgies, wet willies, and reptile rug burns, and-
Leo: Mikey! Raph! Enough! We're on a serious mission here! So stop it!

Casey: [groans] We've been walking for miles, Donnie! That scanner's as useless as that gap in your teeth!
Donnie: Oh, let's not go back there, Casey. You know my gap is way more awesome than your gap.
Casey: My gap is way bigger than yours. You got a baby gap.
[Both growl at each other. Mikey gets between them.]
Mikey: Will you two cut it out?! You're more annoying than Raph!
Raph: [furious] That's it!
[Raph tackles Mikey to the ground. Casey hits Donnie with his hockey stick and jumps onto his shell. Leo grabs Raph to get him off Mikey.]
Leo: Get off of him!
[Raph gets out of Leo’s grip and dodges Mikey’s punch, causing Mikey to hit Leo instead. April runs over to Donnie and Casey to stop their fighting.]
April: What are you doing?! Professor, a little help?!
[Donnie, Raph, Mikey and Casey continue fighting. Fugitoid shoots lasers at them, making them stop.]
Fugitoid: You must all stop! [holds up his hand] Don't make me smack you! See this? This is my smacking hand! I'll use it!
Mikey: He's right, guys. What the heck is wrong with us?

April: What is it, Professor?
Fugitoid: It's the Sol Star, the symbol of the Aeons, containing the power of life itself.
April: So it was hidden away and the world turned evil. I get it now. "When the Sol Star reaches the mountain's peak, the light of the Aeons shall illuminate all."
Raphael: Great. So what does that mean?
April: It means we put it where it belongs.

Male Aeons: Thank you. You saved us from ourselves.
April: Yourselves?
Michelangelo: The demons were the Aeons all along?
Male Aeons: The Utrom entrusted us with the first fragment of the Black-Hole Generator for safekeeping. We Aeons had never allowed technology on our world before. Entranced by its immense power, we desired to know its secrets and hid away our beloved Sol Star, thus corrupting our world and us with it. Thank you, friends, for saving our world.
[Breaks off a piece of the mystical Sol Star and hands it to April]
Aeons: Take this. It is a tiny fragment of our Sol Star. It will bring you both luck and power.
April: It's beautiful.
Casey: Goodbye, glow-y dudes.

Raph: The Utrom made a big mistake when they trusted the fragment with those guys.
Donnie: Yeah. If ancient cosmic beings could be transformed like that, I guess that goes to show anyone can be corrupted by power.

Leo: Don't get me started on the leader thing, Raph! You've always been jealous of me!
Raph: Jealous?! Maybe that's because you were always Splinter's favorite!
[Leo embraces Raph, much to his surprise]
Leo: Raph, I love you, brother.
Raph: [calms down; guilty] Leo, I'm sorry.

Journey to the Center of Mikey's Mind[edit]

Fugitoid: I have a plan to save your brother, but it's going to require a little psychic help.

Raphael: Uh, I don't know about this, Professor.
Fugitoid: Well, the theory is sound. April will psychically project you into Michelangelo's mind.
Donatello: Trying to navigate Mikey's mind is like trying to watch every TV channel at once.

Leo: Ho...
Raph: ...ly...
Donnie: Chalupa!

The Arena of Carnage[edit]

[Drawing more strength from her mystical Sol Star necklace, April succeeds in using her newly developed telekinetic abilities to open the sealed door with relative ease]
Casey: When did you learn to do that?
April: The Professor's training. The crystal fragment I got from the Aeons helps me focus my powers.

April: Hold your breath, guys! [Uses her acquired extraordinarily strong psionic abilities to call forth the Fugitoid's spacecraft]

The War for Dimension X[edit]

Donatello: We managed to find the first one, but we need the others.
Queen: You found one of the pieces!?
Rook: No one should have such power. We Utroms took pains to hide the pieces in the safest parts of the galaxy.
Leonardo: Safest!? The first piece corrupted the entire race of Aeons!
Bishop: What!!?
Queen: Impossible!
Rook: No way!

Leonardo: I totally go for mutants, like Karai, but alien lizards?
Donatello: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, Leo.

The Cosmic Ocean[edit]

Hidrala: Who enters the realm seeking audience with Hidrala, supreme ruler of the Daagon?
Leonardo: Uh, greetings, Supreme Ruler. My name is Leonardo and these are my companions.
Michelangelo: What up? [Raphael hits him]
Fugitoid: We come bearing the sigil of the Utrom. We seek the fragment of the Back-Hole Generator that you have in your possession.
Hidrala: You may rise.
April: Thank you, Your Majesty.
Hidrala: The Utrom entrusted the fragment to me, giving Hidrala ultimate say over it. Are you truly worthy to claim a device of such devastating power? Who among you is leader? [Leonardo steps forward] You? You are a mere child. How are you worthy?
Leonardo: We may be young, but we have fought huge battles, saved whole planets! And on top of everything else, we saw the destruction of our world.
Donatello: We've been given a second chance to save Earth. We're gonna destroy the Black-Hole Generator.
Hidrala: Ha! It cannot be destroyed. Why do you think it was hidden away?
Leonardo: If you keep it, the Triceratons will find it. They'll tear your kingdom apart to get it.
Hidrala: If you desire the fragment, you must face Cthuga, an ancient beast that obeys only me. If you are indeed worthy, it will sense this and let you take it freely. If you are not, it will devour you whole.

Hidrala: How are you, Leonardo?
Leonardo: A little shell-shocked, but I'm okay. Are you hurt, ma'am?
Hidrala: I am unharmed, thanks to you. You all fought to protect our kingdom. For that you have our deepest gratitude. Especially mine. Leonardo, your actions validate the truth of your words. The second fragment of the Black-Hole Generator is yours.
Leonardo: Supreme ruler, I don't understand.
Hidrala: The guardian was only a test. I have kept the second fragment hidden in the palace vaults ever since the Utrom entrusted us with its safety. Now, I entrust it to you. If you claim you can destroy this infernal machine, then the Daagon honor you.
Leonardo: Thank you, supreme ruler.

Trans-Dimensional Turtles[edit]

Raph: The world is flat, I can't even see my own butt! Donnie, explanation!?
Donnie: We're possibly in some kind of... alternate dimension.

1987 Raphael: [points to 2012 Donnie] And you, Gappy, why do you sound so weird?
2012 Donnie: Me, sound weird?! Heard yourself lately?!

1987 Leonardo: Turtle Power!
2012 Leo: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold up with the Turtle Power for a second. You don’t give orders to my team, okay? I’m the order guy! This guy!

2012 Raph: [in sign language; to the 1987 Turtles] Would you fine gentlemen kindly wait here a moment, and please remain quiet, or I will strike you repeatedly in the face and bodily regions.

Splinter: Back so soon? You just left to patrol the city.
Turtles: Sensei! [hug Splinter]
Splinter: Is everything all right?
Leo: Definitely, Master Splinter. It's just so amazing to see you.

Revenge of the Triceratons[edit]

Fugitoid: You're quite...gifted. But you grew up on Earth, so naturally you're three thousand years behind in trans-dimensional physics.
Donnie: Three thousand years!? I'm a galactic idiot!

Fugitoid: Donatello, you should be very proud of yourself. You used my spare parts in ways I never would have thought of, and between you and me, I'd say it would take you 2,000 years to master trans-dimensional physics.

The Evil of Dregg[edit]

Mona Lisa: You promised you would not attack Salamandria if we brought... the Turtles.
Dregg: Well, you brought them, and I released your commander. But, no planetary invasion? I don't think so!
Mona Lisa: You fiend!! What have we done!!?

Mona Lisa: Turtles, go! Get to your ship!
Sal Commander: We’ll hold them off! Rokka Rokka!
Donnie: Are you crazy?! What about your planet? Your people?
Mona Lisa: Go! Save your world! And Raphael, I will always love you! Rokka Rokka!
Raph: You loves me? Huh, she loves me!
Mikey: Uh oh! I know that look!

The Ever-Burning Fire[edit]

Fugitoid: The planet itself is Magdomar, which translates as "planet of ever-burning fire."
Mikey: Couldn't we at least once go the planet of comfy pillows and endless free pizza?

Raph: I need some telekinesis.
[April telekinetically throws Dregg's own missile back at him]
April: Back at ya, Dregg!

Raphael: But what about Tokka? She was just trying to protect the fragment and Chompy.
Michelangelo: Then who's this hitching a ride on your shell?

Earth's Last Stand[edit]

Raphael: How are we gonna take down the black-hole generator if its invulnerable to everything?
Fugitoid: There is a way, but the entire Heart of Darkness must be destroyed. Not a single piece must remain.
April: What's wrong, Professor? I can sense you wanna tell us something.
Fugitoid: My friends, I must confess something to you. Something I couldn't reveal until you got to know we better as a humanoid, uh, android.
Casey: What are you talking about, Fugi-dude?
Fugitoid: You see, it was not the Kraang who invented the Black-Hole generator. It was...I who created it.
Raph, Mikey, Casey, and April: What!?
Leonardo: It can’t be!
Donatello: No way!
Michelangelo: It doesn't make sense!
Fugitoid: I originally developed the black-hole generator as an energy source. But when Kraang Sub-Prime offered a huge price to but it, I gave in. I was greedy. I didn't care what they wanted to use it for. It was all about money, all about funding my research. Then I realized what a terrible mistake I made. I mean, come on! They're the Kraang!

Donatello: I get it now. He said the only way to destroy the Black-hole generator is a combination of fusion and dark matter.
Casey: Which means?
Donatello: The ship runs on dark matter and the Fugitoid is powered by a fusion core.
Leonardo: That's why he wanted us off the ship. He didn't want to steal it. He's...sacrificing himself.
Michelangelo: NO! Fugitoid, don't do it!!
Fugitoid: It has to be this way, my friends. If you had known my intent, you would have tried to stop me. And for that, I thank you. Let it be known, that you are my friends. And I love you all.

City at War[edit]

Shinigami: Karai, I bring you the red-haired girl's tanto blade.
Karai: So, Splinter finally made April a kunoichi, eh? Kind of a shock.
Shinigami: Yes. She seems so frail and clumsy when you first look at her, like a silly red bird.
[April barges in]
April: Well, this kunoichi tracked your butt down, Karai! What are you doing anyway!!?
Karai: None of your business! Just go!

Leo: We'd like to know what's going on here, too.
Karai: Leo, calm down! The brain-worm that was controlling me is gone. I'm not your enemy.
Raph: Oh? So then why did your crazy friend attack us!?
Karai: It was only a test to see her skills. Shinigami's an old friend from Japan. She was never gonna hurt you.
Shinigami: At least not permanently.
April: [draws strength from her mystical Sol Star necklace] She's telling the truth. That brain-worm thing is gone. They're not after us. They're after...
Donnie: Shredder.
Raph: So, what's up with the head gear, Princess? Daddy issues?
Karai: I want to rebuild the Foot. Bring back honor to a clan that Shredder poisoned for almost two decades. And when I finish, I'll destroy Oroku Saki and his empire, once and for all.
Mikey: Life isn't about revenge, sis. Come back to the lair with us. Master Splinter would love to see you.
Karai: No. I have to carve out my own destiny.
Donatello: Fine. We're leaving.
April: First, I want my tanto back. Now!!
Karai: If you want it back, take it from her. I mean, shouldn't be hard for a kunoichi, right?
April: Fine by me. I wanted a rematch anyway.

Fishface: Is she still one of us, Tiger Claw?
Tiger Claw: No. The brain-worm is gone.
Fishface: The martial arts store? What, is she shopping for nunchucks?
Razhar: It's a front. We store a lot of illegal weapons in the back.
Tiger Claw: She's here to raid us. The little cub has claws.

Broken Foot[edit]

Leo: Miss me?
Karai: You always have to make a dramatic entrance.

Shinigami: Look at it all!
Leo: There's millions here.
Karai: Shredder should have kept it somewhere a little more safe.
Shinigami: So what are going to do with it? Do you know how much cool stuff we can buy?

Karai: I'm sorry, Father. I'm glad Donatello's alright.
Splinter: Now you see the kind of pain and suffering revenge causes.
Karai: I know. I thought I could end this by going after his operations. But it's too much of a risk to go after petty targets, just to spite him. I promise, I will no longer go after Shredder's operations. I'll go after Shredder himself.

The Insecta Trifecta[edit]

Shredder: It's taking too long, Stockman. I grow severely impatient.
Stockman-Fly: Sir, normal mutagen is unstable and can warp your mind. With this new mutagen serum, I can control the outcome but it will take time.
Shredder: Time is what I do not have. Every moment that passes, I lose more control over this city. My henchman have grown useless. Eh. It is ironic that my most loyal servant is nothing but a lowly housefly. After everything I must completely rely on you, Stockman.
Stockman-Fly: Thank you, Master. I will not let you down.

Donnie: Well, we're not gonna find 'em by G.P.S.
April: There's another way to track them.
Donnie: A telepathic scan?
April: Tracking mutants is way easier than tracking humans. I been practicing with my Aeon Crystal.
[Her eyes glow white as she puts her finger to her left temple, focusing her growing psionic abilities]

Mutant Gangland[edit]

Raph: I'm tired of training with kid gloves. No one's pulling punches out there. Why should we do it in here? (Pushes Leo away)
Leo: Raph!
Splinter: Teishi, because you are brothers and your goal here is to train.
Raph: (groans) Sensei, why do you always stick up for Leo? I'm the only one who takes training seriously. The rest of 'em are just goofing off all the time.
(Raph throws a ninja star at Donnie's juice container)
Donnie: (mimics) "No one appreciates me." Back on the "Everyone loves Leo" routine? Get some new material, you big baby.
Mikey: (Laughs)
Raph That's it! If you guys don't want to take this as seriously as I do, then I quit! I'm done! Through! Adios!
(Raph storms out of the lair)
Leo: How many times has he quit the team now?
Donnie: Twenty-seven times.
Splinter: You have a brilliant mind, Donatello. Yet you see a fire and try to put it out with gasoline. You are growing up, my sons, and you must become more mature. One day I will not be around to remind you of your fobou.
Michelangelo: Is fobou that dangly thing that hangs at the back of my throat?
Donatello: Fobou means "weakness of character," shell brain!
Leonardo: Master, you've made it through the worst of the worst. And we're never gonna let-
Splinter: Everything isn't permanent, Leonardo. You cannot expect anything to last forever, even...family.

Donnie: Hey, where's Pigeon Pete?
Slash: We don't talk about Pigeon Pete.
Leo: So what brings the mighty Mutanimals?
Slash: We need your help, Turtles.
Rockwell: We just learned that the Feluchi twins have been engineering mutant-hunting weapons. I telepathically discovered that Don Visioso wants to take control of the city now that Shredder has vanished. And that the only thing standing between him and his true goals...
Leo: Is us.

Bat in the Belfry[edit]

April: I've been having headaches and nightmares about space and other galaxies.
Donnie: I don't see anything physically wrong with you, April. You're probably just adjusting to life back on Earth.
Mikey: I don't know, Donnie. My seventh sense tell it's not that. It's that freaky crystal she never takes off!

Donatello: April when we get back to the lair I think I should do more tests on that crystal.
April: No, Donnie.
Donnie: [becoming concerned] April, are you alright?
April: It's my crystal. I'm never gonna take it off for anything or anyone- Ever again!

The Super Shredder[edit]

[Shock upon seeing Oroku Saki's mutated form]
Karai: You...you've become everything you loathe, everything you hate-a mutant!
Super Shredder: My daughter, please. I did this for you. To destroy our enemy,the monster who took your mother's life: Hamato Yoshi.
Karai: You're insane! You are the monster!! You lie to yourself so much, you've come to believe an entire dream!!
Super Shredder: Silence!! I was there! I saw what happened! The night he took your mother's life! I saw it. I...
Shinigami: Let's take this crazy akuma down!
Karai: Foot clan, attack!
Super Shredder: No!! They are mine!
Shinigami: I'll destroy you, monster!! For everything you have done to Karai!!
(Attacks but is overpowered and knocked unconscious. A furious Karai attacks in her full snake form)
Super Shredder I will let your friend go as a gesture of my love! But if you struggle, I will hunt her down and crush her into pulp! Understood!?

Karai: Father! It's a trap!!
Splinter: I will not leave you!
Karai: Behind you!
Splinter: [in shock] Saki? What have you done?
Super Shredder: I have molded myself into perfection, rat man! Look upon me and know fear!
Splinter: You must be proud. You are finally a monster both inside and out.
Super Shredder: I want to see you fall, then finally your brainwashing will disappear! And she will remember that it was I who raised her! It was I who made her who she is!! I sacrificed everything for her, out of absolute love!!
Karai: Father is right! Your transformation into a monster is complete!

Darkest Plight[edit]

Leo: He...He has to be alive, right?
April: I...I don't sense him at all. Maybe...maybe he's unconscious.
Donnie: That drop is at least a thousand feet down. Even he couldn't survive a fall like that.
Raph: So...what do we do!?
Karai: We take them all down! For Splinter!!

Casey: Everyone can relax. Casey Jones is here. So what's up? Why'd I get 127 emergency texts? The pizza delivery guy disappear?
April: No. Splinter disappeared. He fell down that huge chasm in the Undercity.
Casey: Whoa. That's deep, yo.
April: I definitely lost my mental connection with Splinter. But that doesn't mean he's gone. We can't give up hope.
Leo: We're going back there! We'll find Sensei, no matter who gets in our way!

The Power Inside Her[edit]

Leonardo: Are you sure this is a good idea, Donnie?
April: Yeah. Last time you hooked me up to this thing, it made me blind and mentally connected to a giant fish-bird-worm thing.
Donatello: Don't worry. I've upgraded it since then. It's perfectly safe. I promise. Your psychic powers have been advancing rapidly since you were given that Aeon crystal. It's imperative I test its limits. For your own sake.
April: I have it under control. Besides if it weren't for my powers, we never would have gotten away from Super Shredder. You saw what I did to that mutated freak.
Leo: That's what worries us.
Donnie: I just need to examine your Crystal.
April: [firmly] No! I'm not taking it off! Don't even ask again, Donnie! It's safe as long as I have it!
Donnie: If I can replicate how this crystal increases your powers, that could provide a frame of reference–
Leo: Increase her powers?
Donnie: Don't worry. Only slightly by maybe .3%. April, let me know if you feel anything. OK? Tingling, headache.
April: I told you! I'm fine! Just leave the Crystal– AGHH!!
[April is suddenly overflowing with mighty mystical power, which is causing her already powerful psionic abilities to go berserk and trashes Donnie's lab]

April: I'm so sorry. I guess I should have listened to you about the crystal. Especially you, Donnie. I'm sorry for...
Donnie: For what, reducing me to a quantum smear? Yeah. Still feel kind of whacked out of my head, but I'll be fine.
Splinter: I am impressed, April. You literally destroyed your demons.
Raph: She almost destroyed all of us.
Leo: What about your powers?
April: They were always part of me. I can't harness the great powers of the Aeons anymore, but I think I know how to control my powers better. [Thinking] So at least some good came out of this.

Tokka vs. the World[edit]

Casey: So, how's April doin'? I been worried about her.
Donnie: She's better. Still resting.
Leo: That crystal really messed her up. I'm worried there could be permanent damage.
Raph: So, you think she lost most of her psychic powers or what?
Donnie: Her powers have been greatly reduced, but she's still far more powerful than she was before acquiring the Crystal. It's hard to say until I test her again.

Mikey: Dada, Raph. Way to stare down a giant space monster, dude.
Raph: Don't call Chompy's mom a space monster!
Donnie: Hey, I'm just glad she's back in space.
Leo: No doubt. One wrong sneeze, and she would've wiped out all humanity.
Splinter: Raphael, have you thought of what will happen when Chompy grows to full size? The Earth may not be big enough to contain him.
Raphael: I think Chompy is destined to return to the stars one day. But it's gonna be a long time before that happens.

Tale of Tiger Claw[edit]

[Is lifted off the ground by April's telekinetic hold]
Alopex: What is going on?
April: That's what we wanna know! Talk!
Alopex: I'm on a mission to destroy the one mutant who ruined my life: Tiger Claw, my brother!
Casey: Oh snap!
Mikey: Brother?
Alopex: It is his fault we were mutated and then he turned us to a life of crime! He made me do terrible things to people.
Leo: Alopex, our sensei once told us: "Revenge just leads to more pain."
Alopex: I want my brother to feel that plain! With these blades, I'll take more than his tail!
Casey: We're not your enemy, Alopex. Please. Help me lift the curse.
Alopex: The only way is to use the blades against me or destroy the steel! But until I have my revenge on my brother, that will not happen!!

Alopex: Takeshi.
Tiger Claw: Sister, before you attack, let us talk.
Alopex: No, Takeshi! The twin swords work. A worthy curse for a monster such as you!
Tiger Claw: I know how you fight, Alopex! I taught you how, remember!?
Alopex: I know the truth about our parents! You were the one responsible! You took everyone away from me!
[Is met up with several traps and is encased in a M.O.U.S.E.R cage]
Alopex: NO!! Let me go!!
Tiger Claw: Sister, all I ever tried to do was protect you from a world that would never accept us. You leave me no choice except to destroy you!


Leo: Master Splinter, you've been kind of distant the past few days. You've been meditating nonstop, and you're barely sleeping. Are you OK?
Splinter: Leonardo, please. Let us not talk about me. Let us talk about you. Do you know why you are the leader of this team?
Leo: Um, yeah. Because I asked to be. You said it wasn't because of my skills.
Splinter: I said that only to temper your ego at the time. I knew even when you were a small boy, that you would one day grow up to the leader of this team. And when I pass on, to be like a father as well.
Leo: "Pass on"? What are you talking about, Sensei?
Splinter: Leonardo, if I can only impart one piece of wisdom that will remain with you forever: Remember, giving guidance to your brothers' and friends does not come here. It comes from here.
Leo: I don't get it. You're fine, Father. Is there something you're not telling me?
[The others arrive outside the dojo]
Mikey: Hey, Leo, wanna go visit Karai? Party at the Mutanimals crib, yo.
Raph: And you can come, too, Sensei.
Splinter: Hmm. Perhaps I do need to get out of the sewers for a time.

[after Splinter believes that Super Shredder is dead]
Raph: Yes! You did it, Sensei. (You ended the Shredder!)
Splinter: (last words before his death; to April and Raph) My family. (I couldn't have done it without you.)
Leo: (screams in horror) AGHHH!!!
[April still psionically detects Super Shredder's presence]
April: Oh, no. Splinter!
[she and Raph are horrified as Splinter is stabbed through with Super Shredder's blades]
Raph: FATHER!!
Super Shredder: And now... Hamato Yoshi DIES!!
[Super Shredder throws Splinter from the Wolf Hotel rooftop, to the horror of everyone]
Leo: NOOOO!! Father. Father.
Super Shredder: (after killing Splinter) I have claimed my victory. No more will you haunt me, rat.


Splinter's Spirit: Leonardo. Do not fear me, my son.
Leo: Sensei, is it really you or am I... dreaming this?
Splinter's Spirit: You are not dreaming. I have attained a higher spiritual plane of existence. Passing into death, we merge with the whole of life. We become one with nature, in all of the universe. Even with you.
Leo: I can't go on without you, Father.
Splinter's Spirit: You must, Leonardo. You are the sensei now. Your brothers need you. Karai needs you. Shredder is still alive.
Leo: What!?
Splinter's Spirit: You must end this, Leonardo.
Leo: I don't know if we're strong enough, Sensei. Sensei?

Leo: [after killing Super Shredder] Shredder... is finished.

[On the rooftops of Stockman Industries]
Leo: Karai, I'm so sorry.
Karai: There's nothing to be sorry about, Leo. I just want to thank you for finishing what no one else could.
Raph: You did it, brother! You ended the Shredder!
Leo: Whoa, Raph. Don't squeeze me so hard, Raph. I'm still recovering.
Donnie: So, what are gonna do next?
April: Oh, I'm sure they'll be plenty of enemies to take Shredder's place.
Casey: Tiger Claw is still out there. The Foot clan isn't out of the game yet, dudes.
Mikey: Whatever evil emerges, we'll be ready... 'casue we're awesome.
Leo: That's right, Mikey, and we'll do it together. Right, Sensei?



  • Leonardo/Leo
  • Raphael/Raph
  • Donatello/Donnie
  • Michelangelo/Mikey/Michael
  • April O'Neil (24 Episodes)
  • Casey Jones (23 Episodes)
  • Professor Honeycutt/the Fugitoid (14 Episodes)



  • Tang Shen (photographs; 4 Episodes)
  • Oroku Saki/Super Shredder (9 Episodes)
  • Bebop
  • Rocksteady
  • Fishface (6 Episodes)
  • Rahzar
  • Tiger Claw (8 Episodes)
  • Baxter Stockman/Stockman Fly (4 Episodes)
  • Shinigami (5 Episodes)
  • The Mighty Mutanimals
    • Slash
    • Leatherhead
    • Muckman
    • Dr. Tyler Rockwell
    • Pigeon Pete
    • Mondo Gecko
  • Dr. Kirby O'Neil ("Owari"; cameo)
  • Lord Dregg (5 Episodes)
  • Armaggon (2 Episodes)
  • Mona Lisa (4 Episodes)
  • Sal Commander (3 Episodes)
  • Za-Naron ("The Power Inside Her")
  • Alopex ("Tale of Tiger Claw")

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