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The following is a list of quotes from the fifth and final season of the 3D CGI version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Unlike the previous 4 seasons (which had no titles), this one is titled Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and consists of 21 episodes instead of the usual 26. Its opening theme song has overhauled as well, with only instrumental themes.

Tales of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Episodes 104–125)[edit]

Scroll of the Demodragon[edit]

Note: This Season 5 premiere is the first of the Tales of the Beyond saga.
Note: All of April's strong psychic abilities are ineffective against Kavaxas, as he is not of the earthly plane.

Leo: Holly geek-out, Wingnut! This is so awesome! Mikey, pizza is on me tonight. Get whatever you want.
April: What are you fanboy-ING so hard over, Leo?
Leo: Mikey managed to track down all these V.H.S. tapes of Space Heroes: The Next Generation. The official sequel to the original Space Heroes.
Donnie: These are from the early 1990s. But most of the tapes we're put in a landfill because the show was deemed too disturbing for kids.

Leo: Yes! So awesome!
Mikey: It's no Crognard.
Donnie: This is just as lame as the first Space Heroes.
Leo: Lame? It's making my eyeballs melt with joy. I love this cartoon!

April: You think this is where they live?
Mikey: Ooh, if they're actually alive.

Splinter's Spirit: Do not be sad, my son.
Leo: Father.
Splinter's Spirit: Leonardo, I know you feel the weight of leading your family. But, remember: I am always with you.
Leo: Sensei, we;re facing something we never encountered before. And I can sense something really bad on the horizon. What can I do?
Splinter's Spirit: Find the light within. It is the only thing that can save you against these creatures of darkness. These beings are not what they appear to be.
Leo: Then what are they?
(Donnie suddenly appears)
Donnie: What are what? Who are you taking to, Leo?
Leo: It was...no one. Come on, let's head out.

Casey: Let us go, Tiger dude, or I'll knock all nine lives outta ya!
Tiger Claw: You will bear witness to the summoning of a greater being: Kavaxas, the most powerful of all the Demodragons! And his power will soon belong to me!
(Chants the ritual from an ancient scroll, which results in an explosion of green fire, to reveal Kavaxas himself)
Mikey: AHHHH!!
Tiger Claw: What?
Kavaxas: Mortal! You dare call upon Kavaxas, Lord of the Demodragons, ruler of the Netherworld?! I will burn you and the rest of these abominations to ash!
(Breathes green flames but Tiger Claw deflects them with the Seal's mystical energies]
Tiger Claw: You will do nothing but obey me!
Kavaxas: AAH! The Seal of the Ancients. You are wiser than I thought, creature. Very well, then. What would you have me do... master?
Tiger Claw: You will destroy the Turtles and their human allies as a sign of fidelity to the Foot! Make it slow, make it...painful.
Kavaxas: As you command.
Mikey: Uh, I have some spare pizza for ya. It's an inter-dimensional sign of love.
(Kavaxas uses her green fire-generating abilities to roast it into nothing)
Mikey: Man, dragon dude! You don't have to be such a hothead!

April: Duck!!
(Erects a shield out of telekinetic energy that protects Raph, Donnie and Casey from Kavaxas' fiery orb and collapses)
Kavaxas: The mortal has gifts. And when I eat her whole, I shall absorb her power and use it as I wish.
(April projects a transparent wave of psionic energy, but it has no effect on him; mentally or physically)

(Continues to struggle with her telekinetic abilities, which also proves to be completely ineffective against him)
April: Why can't I...move you!?
Kavaxas: Because I am not of this reality, Child.

Donnie: Man! Kavaxas is even tougher than Super Shredder.
Mikey: We could barely take down tree cultists. How are supposed to take down an army plus Tiger Claw and Hothead, too?
Raph: What now, Leo?
Leo: Well, at least we know where their lair is. We just need a new plan of attack. Donnie, we need an upgrade.
Casey: Can we get our hands on, like, say two or three dozen tanks?
Leo: April, is this Kavaxas the new leader of the Foot?
April: I don't think so. I did sense that Tiger Claw summoned him because he's crucial to his plans; whatever they are. That's all I could get.
Mikey: I wonder what they're really up to.

Kavaxas: By the spirits of demodragons past, you have my will.
Tiger Claw: It is true? Only you have the power to manifest my wish, do you not?
Kavaxas: Indeed, Master Tiger Claw. I do have that power and so much more.
Tiger Claw: Then you must do it, no matter what it takes! No matter who stands in your way! You will bring the Shredder back from the dead!

The Forgotten Swordsman[edit]

Note: Karai runs into her old teacher Hattori Tatsu.

Tiger Claw: Kavaxas, with this- the Seal of the Ancients- I command you: Raise Chris Bradford, our fallen comrade.
Kavasax: Very well, Master.

Leo: Tiger Claw is out there with a dragon, and all you can think about is Super Commando III!?
Mikey: Chillax, Leo. Hothead isn't going anywhere.
Leo: Oh, well then you have time to clean up all your comics and empty pizza boxes. In fact, clean up now or no TV for a week!
Mikey: A week!? Raph, back me up, bro!
Raph (sarcastically): Better listen to him, Mikey. Leo is the sensei now.

Raph: Why do I have to be on patrol duty?
Leo: Just do it, Raph!
Raph: Hey, why don't you get off my-!?
(Leo hits him in certain pressure points, causing him to fall down)
Casey: Whoa. Sensei Leo is kinda strict.
Raph: Fine! Patrol it is. Come on, Mikey.
Leo: Remember: Stealth and recon only.

Mikey: I don't know, Raph. Leo seemed really mad.
Raph: I know. He just misses Master Splinter. Being sensei is hard on him. I just wish...
Mikey: Fishface? Razar!? But wasn't he...?
Raph: Quiet down. Let's find out what they're after.

Raph: What does Hothead want with it anyway? A little small for him.
Fishface: Our new friend is going to help Shredder just as he did Wolfman...I mean Bradford.
Razar: With the Kuro Kabuto, the Shredder will walk the Earth once again.

(Is attacked by a shadowed figure)
Karai: What!?
Shinigami: Ha! Think you can play tricks with me!? Who is this akuma?
Karai: Something familiar about- No! Shinigami! Only one man can fight that well.
Tatsu: My old pupil.

Karai: If Tatsu has the Kabuto, we need it back! That's the key to controlling the Foot clan!
Shinigami: He is a cunning one, Karai. We will need help to defeat him.
Karai: You're right. We better visit some old friends.

Casey: I'm telling you! We go in, pucks blazing!
Donnie: And I'm telling you: Hothead is too powerful for that!
Leo: All right, enough! We wait till Raph and Mikey get back for our next move!

Karai: You always did like bossing people around.
Leo: Karai.
(He is glad yet surprised at seeing his sweetheart again)
Karai: I wish I could say this was a social visit. Someone new is trying to take over the Foot clan. He's after the Kuro Kabuto.
Casey: So what? Let the bad guys squabble over Shredder's stupid hat!
Raph: We might not have a choice. Guess who else is going after that Kabuto? And you're never gonna believe why.

Karai: What!? They're going to use the Kuro Kabuto to bring Shredder back from the dead!!? Is that even possible!?
Mikey: Totally possible! Didn't you see Evil Ninja 4: Ninja Resurrection?!
Donnie: Well, we are dealing with a dragon spirit from the underworld.
Leo: Do you think Tatsu is working with Tiger Claw?
Karai: Doubtful. Tatsu seems to think he's the new Shredder.
Shinigami: But if we keep him from getting the Kabuto, the Foot will side with its deserved leader.
April: After everything Shredder put you through, why just give up on the Foot?
Karai: It's not that simple, O'Neil. Tatsu will be coming after all of us. We have no choice but to take him down.

Tatsu: You couldn't defeat me yourself, so you employed your freaks to fight for you!
Leo: What's he talking about, Karai?
Tatsu: Did my old student not tell you the story of poor Hattori Tatsu? I was born blind but with an acute sense of hearing. They say it me gave a sixth sense.
Mikey: Plan blackout was definitely not the way to go, dudes.
Tatsu: Shredder recognized this as a rare ability when all others mocked me. I used that prejudice in my favor until I became Shredder's right-hand: the Blind Swordsman. When this brat recruited Foot soldiers of her own, they attempted to eliminate me.
Leo: You did what?
Karai: Tatsu, I was arrogant but they have nothing to do with that.
Tatsu: Do not insult me with you platitudes, girl! Your friends will share your fate.

Rahzar: The Kuro Kabuto is only worry of...
(A window breaks and Kavaxas appears)
Kavaxas: The Shredder!!
(Kavaxas holds the mutated Kuro Kabuto aloft as it glows with an ominously green aura)
Karai: No!! The Kabuto!
Tiger Claw: The power to resurrect Shredder is ours! Destroy the Turtles! Leave no one alive!
Kavaxas: As you command.

(April shields them all from the green fire via a telekinetic force-field)
Raph: Thanks, April. I thought we were toast.
(Donnie and Mikey examine a badly hurt Casey and Shinigami)
Donnie: We need to get them to a hospital.
Casey (weakly): Casey Jones isn't out of it yet.

(Tiger Claw and Kavaxas look down upon the coffin, where Oroku Saki is to "return to life")
Kavaxas: Only his heart remains.
Tiger Claw: My men are on it. Remember who who your master is Kavaxas!
Kavaxas: Indeed.

April: Shini and Casey will be all right. They just need to rest.
Karai: Guys, I'm so sorry. I was ashamed by what I did going after Tatsu. I didn't think it would come back to hurt us.
Leo: Splinter once taught me: "Underestimating your enemy is a deadly weakness, but trusting in your allies is a great strength." We're gonna need your help against Hothead.
Donnie: Whoa. I can't think of anything more frightening than Shredder coming back to life.
Raph: We can't let that happen! We have to stop Tiger Claw and Kavaxas once and for all!

Heart of Evil[edit]

Note: This episodes centers around Donnie and his bitter grudge against Don Vizioso since "Mutant Gangland".

Kavaxas: I do not have everything to revive your precious Shredder. I require his heart. I cannot resurrect Shredder without it!
Tiger Claw: My men are on it.

Donnie: This the last step to resurrecting Shredder. Let's go!
Leo: Not so fast! We're ninjas. There has to be a stealthier way.
Donnie: There's no time, Leo! And I wanna give Don Visiozo a little payback for when he tried to slice and dice me.
Leo: Donnie! Ugh.

Bebop: Whoa. Time for that Plan B!
(Rocksteady appears firing his trademark laser gun all over the place)
Rocksteady: Let us party time like it 1995!

(Leo and Donnie barge in)
Visiozo: More muties!? Waste 'em!
Donnie: Payback time, Vizioso!

Raph: I kinda like you ticked off, Donnie.
Leo: Being ticked off isn't gonna help anything! It's your fault we blew it, Donnie!
Donnie: My fault!?
Karai: Vizioso is a minor inconvenience compared to Kavaxas. How do we stop that monster!?
April: Tiger Claw has this seal that seems to control him. It's some kind of ancient magic. If we get it away from him...
Mikey: Maybe we could control Hothead. Then he could make us pizza, play video games with me, even clean my room!
(The other Turtles, Karai, and April glare at him)
Leo: All right, first things first.

Hammer: Hey you! I'm gonna kick this dragon man's tail!
Kavaxas: Do you think such worldly weapons can stop Kavaxas!?
(Drains the Hammer of his very life-force energy and spirit, thus killing him)
Kavaxas: These mortals are not worth my time.

Visiozo: What's goin' on out there?
Faluci Twin: A bunch of mutants and girls fighting some dragon breathing fire. It don't look good, boss.
Visiozo: Oh, this could be it. Mutant apocalypse. Oh, man. Someone bring me a calzone and antacid! Hurry!

(Throws the Seal of the Ancients to April)
Karai: Now would be a good time to make that thing work!
April: Come on! Come on! I command you...!
(Sees April attempting to use her mental abilities to activate the Seal's mystical powers)
Kavaxas: You have more power than these mutants. But you don't have the knowledge, Child. Brain with unique power, I will not merely destroy you: I'll swallow your soul!!
Raph: Swallow this!!

Tiger Claw: Enough of these games! Retrieve the Heart at once, Kavaxas! Now!
(Kavaxas and Tiger Claw fly off with the vial containing the mutated heart of the deceased Super Shredder)
Raph: No!!
Karai: That is not good.
April: Raph, Mikey just sent me a text. He's hurt pretty bad.

Donnie: This is the end for you, Vizioso!
Leo: Donnie, don't lose sight of who you are!
Donnie: It ends! Because...we're taking the heart and you're going to jail!
Leo: Good job, D.

Kavaxas: So much anger, power, strength.
Tiger Claw: You will give the Heart to me. We have what we came for. Let us go.
Leo (worried): The Heart!

Leo: Mikey! Are you OK?
Mikey: I made it out by the skin of my shell, Dude.
Donnie: We better get you back to the Lair, pronto. You'll be okay, Mikey.
Karai: What do we do? Can they really bring back Shredder!?
Leo: We don't stop fighting, Karai. We take all down. Tiger Claw, Kavaxas- all of them!

End Times[edit]

Note: This the final episode from the Tales of the Beyond saga, which marks the final appearance of Kavaxas the Demodragon.

(Oroku Saki rises from his tomb as a skeletal zombie)
Tiger Claw: Yes! The Master has arisen. Long live the Shredder!
Zombie Super Shredder: I am...cold. Is this truly the Earth or another illusion? I have been gone for eons.
Tiger Claw: No. Many months, but not eons, Shredder. You need to recover. Kavaxas, will he heal?
Kavaxas: In time.
Tiger claw: Huh!? Restore him! Now! I do not want an excuse to keep you here.
Zombie Super Shredder: Kavaxas stays with us, Tiger Claw. Soon this pitiful world will be ours.

Casey: You do realize Leo is gonna be stupid mad when he learns you watched Space Heroes without him.
Mikey: Uh, where is Leo, anyway?
(April looks up from sheathing her tanto sword)
April: Where else? He's in the Dojo. Meditating. I feel so bad for him. The weight of the world is always on his shoulders.

Leo (groans in self-frustration): I can't do this anymore. It's...too much.
Splinter's Spirit: I felt the same many times in life, my son, but we always endure.
Leo: Father, why can't you appear more often? Why do you have to leave?
Splinter's Spirit: I have come to tell you, Leonardo, you must be spiritually be prepared for what is to come.
Leo: We're getting ready, Sensei, but it's not the Foot I'm worried about: It's that dragon man. He's even more powerful than the Super Shredder.
Splinter's Spirit: Yes. And if he roams free, the Earth will forever be cast in shadow.
Leo: How can we stop him, Sensei?
Splinter's Spirit: My son, remember what I told you before: "When in darkness, look towards the light."
Leo: What does that even mean? How can we stop him, Father?
(The spirit/soul of Splinter has again disappeared)

April: Let's go!
(Leatherhead appears with Karai on his back)
Mikey: Leatherhead, yes! I Called for some back up, dudes.
Leo (slightly worried): Karai? I thought I told you to heal up. We'd take care of this.
Karai: Like I was really going to listen to your advice, Leo? Come on.

(Using her psychic power of lie detection)
April: Calm down. He means well. For once. I don't think it's a trick.
Leo: All right, Fishface, start talking.
Fishface: You want to know the truth behind the Shredder mutants, yes? Well, prepare yourself for a wild tale: Remember when Shredder fought Splinter? Some of Shredder's experimental mutagen fell into the sewers. A man who was roaming the sewers found the green glowing ooze. And for some reason, I do not wish to know why, he touched it and become the first of these monstrous creatures. He later found more people on the streets, creating a small army dedicated to the Shredder. These clones built an underground shrine to Shredder. All of them possessing random thoughts, memories of Shredder. And that was when Tiger Claw, hunting for you Turtles, found them. He used their strength and dedication to build a new Foot army.
April: So are you gonna help bring down Kavaxas?
Fishface: Heck no! Shredder is back, and he's all gross, and undead, and disgusting.
Leo (shocked): They already brought Shredder back?!!
Fishface: Yes. It's all beginning to be too much, even for a talking fish. I want to return to a simple life of crime; stealing stuff and romancing the ladies. Later, Turtlerugas.

(April psionically detects the presence of Tiger Claw, Rahzar, Bebop and Rocksteady)
April: They're here. They're close.
Kavaxas: Welcome, my enemies.
Zombie Shredder: For millennia have I waited. I will send you to the Netherworld to take my place. I shall my revenge!!
Leo (horrified): Shredder!

Tiger Claw: You will obey me- your master!
Donnie: I got the readings I need. Mikey, we need an exit.
Mikey: Booyaka-bunga!

Tiger Claw: How easily you turned on us. What is your game!?
Kavaxas: Only to severe the one who holds the Seal.
Tiger Claw: Shredder, what will you have me do? Banish the demodragon back to the Netherworld?
Zombie Shredder: No. Kavaxas is a powerful ally, Tiger Claw. He will remain on Earth with us as my second-in-command.
Tiger Claw (angry): What!?

(The mystic Seal of the Ancients is broken into three fragments by Zombie Shredder's foot)
Kavaxas: Yes! Finally! It is done!
Tiger Claw: What! What is done!?
Kavaxas: I had to achieve three deeds to end this world: First, destroy a great warrior- Tatsu. Next, resurrect an evil warrior- Shredder- and finally destroy the Seal that binds me! And now I can unleash the spirits' of the Netherworld onto the Earth and control both worlds!
Tiger Claw: Master Shredder, we must stop him!
Zombie Shredder: Don't you understand, Tiger Claw? You were right. Kavaxas is my master now.
(Kavaxas utilizes the mighty deathly powers of the staff he carries to call on the spirits of the dead)
Kavaxas: Watch as the world ends!

Splinter: Why don't you pick on someone your own size, Ho Chan!?
April (amazed): Splinter!
Donnie: Sensei?
Raph: Father.
Ho Chan: Hamato Yoshi!? This ticks me off to no end!
Splinter's Spirit: I will send you back to the Netherworld from whence you came, Demon!

Mikey: Okay, Hothead, attack Zombie Shredder!
Kavaxas: Cannot...disobey.
Mikey: It's just like a video game.

Splinter's Voice: "In darkness, look towards the light."
Leo: I get it now. Mikey, force Kavaxas to open a portal back to the Netherworld!
Mikey: Oh, yeah! You heard him, Hothead! Open up that portal!
Kavaxas: I do...as you..command, Master.

Splinter's Spirit: Goodbye, my family. I love you all.
(Returns to Heaven)
Raph: So long, Master Splinter.
Leo: We got the Seal. We're gonna smash it to into dust and spread it over the ocean. That power will never be used again.
Leatherhead: Tiger Claw helped us. He left declaring a truce.
Raph: Wow. Who'd thought?
Donnie: I guess, miracles really can happen.
April: Like that amazing sunset. I was pretty sure we'd never see one of those again.
Leo: Come on, team. Lets go home.
Karai: Hold on, Leo. I want to appreciate this moment for a little while longer.

When Worlds Collide, Part 1[edit]

Note: This two-part special is from the Alien Tales saga.

Leo: Whoa. Take it easy, Karai. That's why it's called "training."
Karai: Just because I like you doesn't mean I'll go easy on you, Leo.
(Leo is seen smiling eagerly and in satisfaction)
Raph (to himself): Yuck.

(Raph walks into Mikey's room and finds him drooling over a hologram of Renet)
Mikey: Thanks for the sweet future tech, Renet. Now we can chat through time and space. Does this mean we're in a long-distance relationship?

Raph: Mona!
(Runs to his Salamandrian girlfriend and the two loving embrace)
Mona Lisa: How I have missed you, Raphael.
Karai (in a whisper): Yikes. I can't believe Raph has the hots for a big newt.
Leo: I know, right? He's got weird taste.
Sal Commander: We need your help.
Mona Lisa: A criminal Salamandrian is off hunting Utrom between here and Dimension X.
Mikey: Those poor Utroms. Who would be bad enough to do that?
Leo: The Newtralizer.
Donnie: Yeah but we zapped him out of existence when we destroyed his teleportor.
Sal Commander: No. He lives.

Leo: What the heck? The tracker says Newtralizer is gone again.
Donnie: Here. Let the science take a look, please. He keeps teleporting.
April: Maybe he's going back and forth to and from and Dimension X?
Karai: Uh, guys. He's here.

(The Newtralizer begins absorbing huge amounts of electrical energy from the city's power plants)
Karai: Wow.
Donnie: Looks like he acquired some electricity-based power.
Leo: Great! Like being indestructible wasn't enough. Let's attack while he's charging up.

(The Newtralizer blasts Leo backward)
Karai (very shocked): Leo!!
The Newtralizer: Turtles! It's been a long time, Rokka, Rokka! I owe you for this new power you've given me! Here! Let me thank you!
(Attacks again)

Raph: So, Mona, what's been happening since we last...chilled?
Mona Lisa: Chilled? You mean the ice moon where we first met? So many things have transpired, Raphael. Lord Dregg invaded Salamandria. It was the biggest battle my people have ever fought. We managed to get away, but he vowed revenge on us.
Raph: Dregg survived both us Turtles and the Triceratons!? Man, it's hard to squash that space bug!

The Newtralizer: Bishop! I'm going to destroy you, and your precious Utrom Council is next!
(Blasts Bishop with his new-and-improved weaponry, but Mikey, Raphael, Mona Lisa and Sal arrive)
Mikey: Cowabunga!!
Raph: Give it up, Newt!

The Newtralier: I don't know who you are, girl, but I'll crush you like the rest of them!
(April protects herself with a bright yellow shield of telekinetic energy)
April: What are you gonna go now, Lizard!? Relax! Have a drink!
(Telekinetically opens the water pipes, dousing him)

Lord Dregg: Salamandrians, I shall have my vengeance on you, the Turtles, and this whole stupid world!
The Newtralizer: Dregg, my old ally.

When Worlds Collide, Part 2[edit]

Note: Raphael's Salamandrian crush and girlfriend, Mona Lisa, decides to remain on Earth and becomes a member of the Mighty Mutanimals.

Raph: First Mikey gets disintegrated and now Dregg invades!
Donnie: So...what do we do now?
(A Vreen grabs and captures Leo, taking him to Dregg's spaceship)
Karai: No! Leo!!

Dregg: My esteemed guests.
Leo: Neutralizer, your tail is mine!
Sal Commander: We'll do it together, Leonardo.

Lord Dregg: Bring me the Salamandrian female and the other Turtles, and be quick about it.
The Newtralizer: There are two left. I fried the little one into pulp.

Raph: Mikey, you're alive! And you got sweet powers!
Mikey: Being alive is good and all, but the electrical powers are awesome.
Bishop: you must be careful, Michelangelo. Eventually your powers will burn out and when they do, they'll destroy you as well.
Mikey: Whoa. Like destroy, destroy?

Mikey: I got this, Bros! Get outta here now!
Sal Commander: No, Michelangelo! It will destroy you!
Mikey: Hurry!

Karai: Come on, Michelangelo. Today was a win. This calls for a celebration!
Leo: Yes! Pizza's on me!

Raph: So, uh, Mona. We got some friends called the Mighty Mutanimals, always looking for new recruits.
Mona Lisa: If there are noble warriors such as you, Raphael, then I am honored to be one of them.


Note: April, Casey, and Karai do not appear in the Samurai Turtles saga.

Jei: The gods revealed their nature to me, as they do you.
Usagi: I tracked you down to bring you to justice!!
Jei: I see the evil in this realm, Ronin. I am the definition of justice! The gods impart this skill to me to cleanse the world of evil!
Usagi: You're the evil one!! Who are you!!?
Jei: I am Jei, the blade of the gods.

Kintaro: It's about time! I was in there for days! How dare you treat me so disrespectfully!!
Usagi: This is the holy child?
Akemi: Please humor him. Kintaro has been pampered because he is "the golden boy" destined to possess superhuman abilities, just not yet. My apologizes, Kintaro-sama. This is Myiamoto Usagi. He is a fierce swordsman and with his help, I will deliver you to the temple palace.
Kintaro: Bah! This sorry-looking long-eared? He looks like he couldn't deliver sushi to a banquet.

Kintaro: What kind of Ronin are you!? Can you carry me, you smelly rabbit? Hello? Can you hear me with those giant ears!?
Usagi: Be silent, Kintaro-sama. We must not be noticed on the road.
Kintaro: What!? You dare insult the golden boy by offering a bone!?
(Usagi pulls down his kasa, embarrassed by his childish master's babbling)

Jei: So, Ronin, the gods have brought you to me again. No one has escaped my blade before. I will bring great warriors to destroy you, Myiamoto Usagi. Powerful pawns to strike when the time is right.
(Chants a Japanese spell of summoning while holding ancient relics of four turtles)

(After being called upon by Jei's evil magic)
Leo: Where the heck are we?
Raph: Donnie, have you been messing with some portal experiment again!?
Donnie: Why do you always assume it's me!?

Kintaro: Kappa I sense you are under an evil enchantment. Stop! I sense they are not evil.
Mikey: We're the good guys. Rabbit here is.

Raph (about Kintaro): Saving this brat better be worth it!
(In the barrel rolling down the hill)
Kintaro: Hey! What's going on out there!? You stupid kappa! I'll get you for this! You are the worst bodyguard!

Osoroshi no Tabi[edit]

Note: The title is Japanese for "timelessly."

Leo: What were you thinking leading us off a cliff, Usagi!? We could've been killed! I should have been leading us!
Kintaro: Enough already! Take me to my temple this instant!
Raph: We don't need to take you anywhere, you little brat! Come on! I've had enough of these two jerks.

Mikey: Dudes, this isn't a good idea.
Donnie: Mikey's right. Usagi said the only way back to our home dimension is in Kintaro's temple.

Usagi: Across the Mother of Mountains.
Kintaro: The- the Mother of Mountains? But everyone knows that place is haunted.
Mikey: Haunted? Ghosts are cool, Kintaro. As long as they don't scare you or possess you or try to suck out your soul through your bellybutton...
Kintaro: Not helping, ugly frog! Yojimbo, I demand you take me around the forest! And carry me!
Raph: I'll carry you. Off another cliff!

Kintaro: I don't like spiders, Yojimbo. Especially the oversized ones.
Usagi: Be silent, Kintaro-sama.We must be prepared for anything.

Donnie: You know, Pugtaro wouldn't be so bad if he wasn't such an entitled little jerk.
Raph: Yeah. (yawns) The little loud-mouth just needs some discipline.
Kintaro: I can hear you, Turtle fool!
Raph: Whatever, Puggie. Roll over and get some sleep.
Mikey (yawning): I'm right there will you, bro. My shell is tired.

Leo: Usagi, I'm sorry I didn't listen to you sooner. I was arrogant. Thank you...for everything. I'll take the first watch. Get some sleep, Usagi.
Usagi: Thank you, Leonardo-san.

(Holds Donnie in his strong mental grip)
Jei: You cannot fathom the power of Jei.

(Seeing the lifeless forms of his younger brothers)
Leo: No. NOOO!!
(Weeping over Mikey's body)
Jei: I sense the evil inside of you, Leonardo. And I will purge it.

Leo: Raph? It was...all a dream?
Kintaro: No kidding, turtle dummy.
Usagi: You were controlled by Jei's magic.
Donnie: We all had the same dream. And when he destroyed us, we woke up.
Mikey: But why? Why's he messing with us like that? Not cool, yo.

Jei: You are nothing but puppets, the pawns of the gods.

Usagi: Be wary, Turtle ninja. We approach the Mother of Mountains. We are not out of danger yet.

Kagayake! Kintaro[edit]

Note: "Kagayake" is Japanese for "shine." This the last of the Samurai Turtles saga.

Kintaro: Why isn't anyone carrying me!? My feet hurt and I'm hungry! This is unacceptable! I hate walking! Long-eared, either carry me or give me a carrot! I demand it!
Usagi: You will never find your center by being self-centered, Kintaro-sama. Do not expect your true power to awaken for being a boastful brat.
Kintaro: You don't tell me what to do! I tell you! Now use your long ears and listen what I say: Be silent! One day I'll be strong enough to move an entire mountain!
Donnie: We could use that now. Looks like there was a landslide.

Donnie: It'll have to move. Well, here's your chance, small fry. Let's see you move "the mountain."
Kintaro: Ha! Stand aside, peasants.
(Pushes hard on the boulder, but it does not budge)
Raph: Did you see it move? 'Cause I sure didn't.
Kintaro: My paws are cold. I can't get a...good grip!
Raph: Hey, what happened to your "great strength", Golden Boy?
Kintaro: Your foul stench poisoned me!
Leo: Hey, lighten up, Raph. The kid tried. That's something.
(Usagi uses his katana to push the boulder away with ease which surprises the other Turtles and impresses Leo)
Usagi: Sometimes strength is not enough.

Usagi: I have heard tales that Jei is an immortal. Even if his body is destroyed, he can live on.
Kintaro: Don't be like those superstitious fools. They're just afraid.
Usagi: And yet their bravery has saved your life. Instead of judging them, you should have compassion towards them. When you understand others will their strength become yours.
Kintaro: I don't need anybody's strength. I'm plenty strong myself!
Usagi: If you are so strong perhaps you should stop being such a chicken.
Kintaro: Chicken!? I'm the greatest warrior in the land!

Jei: Yes. You have more than proven your worth.
Leo: Our worth?
Jei: Do you think I truly gave up my control over you? No. How do think I've been spying on you all this time? I have been watching through your eyes.
(Uses his dark spiritual powers to control the Turtles' minds yet again)
Jei: Yes. Destroy Myiamoto Usagi!
Kintaro: Usagi, nooo!
Jei: What!?

Kintaro: Jei! Release them from your power, evil one!
(Uses his newly tapped power of superhuman strength to best the possessed Ninja Turtles, thus releasing their minds and free will)
Kintaro: Are you all right, my friend?
Usagi: You did it.

Mikey: I was feeling really evil there for a minute.
Donnie: I think we got hit so hard by Kintaro's spiritual power...
Raph: He smacked the evil right out of us.
Leo: Yeah, but Jei doesn't know that. Put your evil eyes back on and follow my lead.

Bear Monk: Forgive me, friends. I, too, was enchanted by the wizard's evil. i am grateful. You freed my temple.
Donnie: Your temple?
Bear Monk: I am head monk of the Temple Palace of the Sky Buddha. Now that Jei is gone, I will send for the return of my fellow monks, so that we may attend and protect Kintaro, the Golden Boy.
Kintaro: I am thankful to you Turtles, too.
Mikey: See? I told you Pugtaro was a good dog.

Donnie: We got another problem, guys. How are we gonna get home?
Bear Monk: Spiritual power brought you here, so it is the key to your return. Kintaro, you can make the way. This doorway will not last long.
Raph: Time to go, guys. So long, Kintaro. You did good
Mikey: Catch you on the flip, awesome rabbit dude. Latter, Pugtaro, brah.
Leo: Goodbye, Usagi-san.
Usagi: Goodbye, my brother.

Kintaro: You don't have to go, Ronin. You could stay.
Usagi: I must go. There are others. Innocence in need of my sword. But if you ever need me, I shall return. Goodbye, Kintaro-sama.
Kintaro: Thank you, Yojimbo. Sayonara, Usagi-san.
(Usagi roams the snowly lands, holding the relic of the Turtles' tied to his katana)

Lone Rat and Cubs[edit]

Note: This is a flashback episode set fifteen years before "Rise of the Turtles, Part 1".

Splinter: Join me, my sons. For tonight I have something special to share with you.
Young Mikey: Ooh. Presents, Sensei?
Young Raph: Shh. Quiet, Mikey.
Young Donnie: Cool. I love story time.
Young Leo: I wanna know more about Japan, Master Splinter.
Splinter: Not tonight, Leonardo. I have told you before of how we all came to be together. But I have not told you everything. After finding you in a pet store one afternoon I bumped into a mysterious stranger. I followed him, only to have my curiosity...undermined. In the struggle that followed we were all exposed to a strange substance...changing us forever, turning us into very unique beings. Our journey together has not been an easy one. But it could not have happened without fate, courage, and great purpose. The world we live in is very dangerous. We have many enemies in the city above. My duty is to teach you all I know. One day, you will need to choose your own destiny. But tonight, I want to tell you the rest of our story.

Splinter (narrating): My sons, when you were very small- smaller than you are now- things were different. I had many different tasks back then: Finding food, staying in the shadows, hiding from people who would not understand us. While forging one night, I encountered the strangers responsible for our transformation. I did not know what they were at the time, but they were certainly not human. Our new enemy had technology I had never seen before.

Splinter: Yes. Hello, turtle creatures. I have brought you food.
(As the baby Turtles eat, he takes out the picture of his former human self with his late wife Tang Shen, and their infant daughter, Miwa, between them)
Splinter: What terrible deed did I do in a past life that such a curse has befallen me?
(Baby Leo crawls over and touches one of his sheathed katanas)
Splinter (narrating): As I watched you four continue to grow I wondered what you might become. And if there was a safe place for us in this world.

Kraangdroid: Mutant organism, come that which is known as "quietly." Resistance to Kraang is futile.
Splinter: We shall see.

Kraangdroid: Give that which is known as "up" and Kraang will reduce pain to miminum.
(Baby Donnie flashes a camera)

(Baby Donnie fixes a small light)
Splinter: Very good, smart one.
(Tries to meditate but is swarmed all over by his new adopted sons)
Splinter: It appears meditation is out of the question for now.
(Is presented with a piece of bark with pepperoni on its top by Baby Mikey)
Splinter (chuckles lightly): Thank you, young Turtle. I suppose you all need proper names. When I was a child, I wanted to be an artist. So it seems appropriate to name you after the masters of my favorite period in art: the Renaissance. Perhaps then you will grow up to be something great. I will name you Donatello, Michelangelo, Raphael, and Leonardo.
(The infant mutant-turtles coo in delight)
Splinter: Rest now, my turtles. For I fear we will not be able to elude our trackers for long.

Young Mikey: Awe. We were so cute back then. Especially me. Gotta love the freckles. Can you tell us more about the cool robots you fought, Sensei?
Young Leo: Stop interrupting, Mikey. I'm really into this story.
Young Raph: Yeah. Does baby Raph start kicking butt? Can't remember. I was so small.
Young Donnie: I actually remember plugging that lamp in. Man, I really was a baby genius.
Young Raph: Whatever.
Splinter: Pay attention, my sons. This story has a purpose. Now I will resume.

Splinter (narrating): Our days were spent sleeping while night I would hunt for food, and take care of you. When I would practice ninjitsu I noticed the four of you tried to imitate me. At first I was amused but then I considered...a possibility. (hugs them close) My turtles.

(After dismantling the Kraang's large security system with his sai)
Splinter: You are fine, little Raphael. Still full of fury I see.

Splinter: I wondered if I had the discipline to be a proper father. For any family.
(Has a vision of his former human self, and of his late wife Tang Shen holding little Miwa)
Splinter: But I wondered if I could have another chance to be both. I wanted to be both.

Kraangdroid: Kraang must exterminate mutant-rat but take little mutants for Kraang.
Another Kraangroid: Understood, Kraang.
Splinter: You want these mutants!? Then here! I will give them to you!!

Splinter (narrating): Finally, in this isolated secret chamber, we were safe. And that is how our first great adventure led us home. Now I have a gift for each of you, as we continue our journey. Although these are mostly from your own choosing, it is clear to me they chose you. The katana, a royal samurai weapon for those with courage and keen skill.
Young Leo: Hai, Sensei.
Splinter: The sai for a fierce and fearless warrior who will always fight the hardest for his family.
Young Raph: Thank you, Sensei.
Splinter: The bo staff for a thoughtful soul and a peaceful heart.
Young Donnie: Aw man. A stick? The nunchaku because...they are perfect for you. My sons, the next level of your training has begun. Are you ready?

The Curse of Savanti Romero[edit]

Note: April and Casey are again absent in this four-episode saga.

Mikey: How are we gonna beat 'em all!?

Savanti Romero: Meet my allies!

The Crypt of Dracula[edit]

Note: This episode features Count Dracula of the Vampires.

(Vampire Raph about to bite him)
Donnie: I don't wanna be a turtle-vampire. I hate blood!

The Frankenstein Experiment[edit]

Note: This episode features the fabled scientist Dr.Frankenstein.

(Sees Mikey, Leo and Renet)
Dr. Frankenstein: What in the name of science are you!?
Mikey: I'm known as super cute in many circles.

Monsters Among Us![edit]

Note: This the final episode of the saga, Monstrous Tales. And the final appearances of Renet and Savanti Romero.

Wanted: Bebop & Rocksteady[edit]

Note: This is the second crossover episode featuring the 1987 2D counterparts of the Ninja Turtles since "Trans-Dimensional Turtles". And the return of Bebop (Anton Zeck) and Rocksteady (Ivan Steranko).

The Foot Walks Again[edit]

Note: This episode features the 1987 2D counterpart of the Shredder. And the Turtles, their 1987 counterparts, April and Casey teaming up with Karai and Shinigami.

The Big Blowout[edit]

Note: This episode features the Mighty Mutanimals and their newest member, Mona Lisa.

The Wasteland Warrior[edit]

The Impossible Desert[edit]

Note: This is the penultimate episode of the show.

Carmageddon, Part One[edit]

Carmageddon, Part Two[edit]

Note: This is the series finale.





  • Hamato Yoshi/Splinter (as a disembodied spirit; 3 Episodes)
  • Tang Shen (pictures)
  • Dr.Kirby O'Neil
  • Kavaxas (4 Episodes)
  • Hattori Tatsu ("The Forgotten Swordsman")
  • Shinigami (5 Episodes)
  • Don Vizioso
  • The Hammer
  • Oroku Saki/The Shredder (as an undead zombie)
  • Sal Commander/Commander G'Throkka
  • Miyamoto Usagi (3 Episodes)
  • Akemi ("Yojimbo")
  • Kintaro (3 Episodes)
  • Jei (3 Episodes)
  • Renet (4 Episodes)
  • Savanti Romero (4 Episodes)
  • Count Dracula (3 Episodes)
  • Dr.Victor Frankenstein (2 Episodes)
  • Takeshi/Tiger Claw (4 Episodes)
  • Bebop and Rocksteady (5 Episodes)
  • Alopex
  • The Mighty Mutanimals ("The Big Blowout")
    • Slash ("The Big Blowout")
    • Leatherhead (2 Episodes)
    • Mona Lisa (5 Episodes)
    • Dr. Tyler Rockwell ("The Big Blowout")
    • Muckman
    • Mondo Gecko ("The Big Blowout")
  • The Utroms ("When Worlds Collide, Parts 1 & 2")
    • Bishop
    • Rook
    • Pawn
    • Queen

Turtle Tales[edit]

Tales from the Beyond[edit]

  • Scroll of the Demodragon
  • The Forgotten Swordsman
  • Heart of Evil
  • End Times

Alien Tales[edit]

  • When Worlds Collide, Part 1
  • When Worlds Collide, Part 2

Samurai Tales[edit]

  • Yojimbo
  • Osoroshi no Tabi
  • Kagayake! Kintaro

Tales from the Past[edit]

  • Lone Rat and Cubs

Monstrous Tales[edit]

  • The Curse of Savanti Romero
  • The Crypt of Dracula
  • The Frankenstein Experiment
  • Monsters Among Us

Crossover Tales[edit]

  • Wanted: Bebop & Rocksteady
  • The Foot Walks Again
  • The Big Blowout

Tales of the Bizarre[edit]

  • The Wasteland Warrior
  • The Impossible Desert
  • Carmageddon, Part 1
  • Carmageddon, Part 2