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Works about Worldcat subject in libraries (WorldCat catalog)

Add the template to the "external links" section of the article to create a link to the WorldCat page associated with the article's title. To use this template, first do a worldcat identities lookup. Enter the subject's name This may result immediately in a useful page, or you may get worldcat's version of a "disambiguation page."

For a useful page (e.g., Australia) The "id" is the string after the URL, (e.g., "find?fullName=Australia"). Then, add the following to your article:

{{worldcat subject|id=lccn-n79-84784}}

For a "disambiguation page" (e.g., Jesus Christ), Select the correct link (e.g., Jesus Christ) in the worldcat disambiguation page and click on it. This will lead to the correct page on worldcat. The id is the string after the last slash in the URL, e.g., lccn-n79-84784. Now, fill in your template as follows:

{{worldcat subject|id=find?fullName=Australia}}
{{worldcat subject|id=lccn-n85-221132|name=Christ}}
to display a name other than the article name

If "Works about" does not make sense, then use a different worldcat template:

{{worldcat subject|name =Foo|id=lccn-n85-221132}} yields
Works by or about Foo in libraries (WorldCat catalog)
{{worldcat|description="The world's libraries have a strange definition of foo. Nevertheless, you can research foo"|name =Foo|id=lccn-n85-221132}} yields
The world's libraries have a strange definition of foo. Neverheless, you can research foo in libraries. (Worldcat catalog)