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The Adventures of Caillou (2017–2018) is an animated Plotagon series, similar to Joseph & Lindsey, made by TyWan Smith on YouTube. The sitcom follows a 12-year-old boy called Caillou Anderson and his regular life at the Anderson household. Rosie Anderson, Rosie's 9-year-old sister, is often getting into trouble around him and others. The series aired from November 21, 2017 to January 18, 2018. Although the series conclusion was meant to be The Kidnap Part 2, it ended up being The Kidnap Part 1 owing to TyWan Smith uninstalling the app. Caillou was 13 years old and Rosie was 10 years old when the program concluded. Boris Anderson

Season 1[edit]

Rosie annoys Caillou/punishment day/grounded [1.1][edit]

Rosie: Caillou, wanna hear my puns?
Caillou: Nope! [facepalms]
Rosie: What do you call when you kill an eagle? Ill-eagle! Hahahaha! Get it?
Caillou: You're just going to make some puns just to wore me out, Rosie.
Rosie: What do you--[Gets interrupted by Caillou]
Caillou: That's it! I'm telling mom on you for getting on my nerves!

Doris: Oh my god, Rosie, how dare you annoy Caillou! That's it, today's punishment day!

Caillou's Ghost Teacher [1.2][edit]

Caillou: Rosie, I don't like you sitting here.
Rosie: Please?
Caillou: Fine!

Ghost Mrs. Armstrong: Good morning, Caillou.
Caillou: Wait a second, why is my teacher a ghost?
Ghost Mrs. Armstrong: Good question, Caillou. Your teacher died a few days ago when it was the weekend. Now I'm the ghost of her.
[Caillou says 'no' a bunch of times]
Caillou: Not my teacher! Why did she die?!
Ghost Mrs. Armstrong: Heart attack.

The Kidnap [1.3][edit]

Caillou: Dad!
Boris: Yes son?
Caillou: My sister Rosie got kidnapped by a girl!
Boris: Probably go out there and save her from that kidnapper.
[Caillou slaps Boris]
Caillou: Dad, you can't make me go out there! I'm 13! I might get kidnapped to and probably I would be with her too!

Rosie: Mmmm! Sweet popcorn! But I guess I have to head home now. Nice meeting you, Ms. Lizzie.
Ms. Lizzie: Actually, you're going nowhere! [Laughs evilly] There is not a way!
[Rosie continues to eat popcorn]


  • Caillou Anderson
  • Rosie Anderson
  • Boris Anderson

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