The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

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The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius was a show that ran on Nickelodeon from 2002–2006. The show follows the life of genius kid Jimmy Neutron and his friends and family.


Season 1[edit]

When Pants Attack[edit]

Judy: James Issac Neutron! How many times have I told you to pick up your pants?!
Jimmy: Well, I know just the dog who can answer that, mom. [Snaps fingers, Goddard comes out] Goddard, access maternal reprehend data, cross reference: pants.
[Goddard begins replaying the times Judy asked Jimmy to pick up his pants.]
Judy: [onscreen] Jimmy! Pick up your pants, please? -- Uh, Jimmy? Pick up your pants. -- Pick up your pants. -- Pants. -- Jimmy! -- Jimmy? -- Jimmy? -- Pick 'em up. -- Jimmy! -- Pick up... -- Pick up... -- Jimmy? -- ...Your pants!
[Screen says "54 times to date".]
Judy: I rest my case.

[Cindy presents her report with Jimmy unintentionally joining in.]
Cindy: Origami: the ancient art of Japanese paper folding. I will be making the most difficult of all origami structures; a snow monkey.
Jimmy: Actually, paper folding originated in China --
Cindy: Riding a flying dragon --
Jimmy: In the second century A.D. --
Cindy: While drinking tea --
Jimmy: And was brought to Japan --
Cindy: On a ladder --
Jimmy: In the sixth century --
Miss Fowl: Cindy, I didn't know you and Jimmy were doing this report together.
Cindy: We're not!

Carl: Hey, Jimmy! Can I go play with my pants?
Jimmy: No, no, Carl! Your pants may look playful now, but deep down in their pockets, they're pure evil.

Sheen: Oh, no, I left some gum in my pants pocket. Is it -- is it evil, too? I-If I chew it later, will I be evil?! If I blow a bubble, will it be an evil bubble?!?

[Hugh is interrogating his pants.]
Hugh: So! You and your little pantsy-wantsy friends thought you could take over the world, huh? Well, you didn't know you had to deal with Hugh Neutron, did ya? So, talk. Ha-ha! Ya can't talk, can ya? You know why? Because you're pants! So, zip it!

Carl: I missed you, pants. It's so good to be back inside.
Sheen: Can we go to the movies now, Jimmy?
Jimmy: Okay! Last one there buys the candy!
[They are about to leave when Hugh and Judy stop them.]
Judy: James Issac Neutron! You made this mess, and you are not going anywhere until you pick up these pants!
[Reveal the mess all over the town.]
Jimmy: Mooooom!!

Normal Boy[edit]

Sheen: [after Jimmy attempts to use a Brain Drain helmet on himself] Wow, look at him. He looks so... so similar.
Carl: Aw, don't worry, Jimmy. There's always next time.
Jimmy: [notices the shine on his inventions, speaking in a derpy-like voice] Shiny? Shiny! I like shiny!
Carl and Sheen: It worked!
Jimmy: Hey, have you guys seen my loopy dance? [singing] I'm loopy, I'm loopy, I'm loopy, loopy, loopy...
Carl: You know, this new Jimmy seems kinda stupid.
Sheen: Yeah, he's really messed up. [beat] I like him!
Carl: Me too!
Sheen: Can we keep him?

Sheen: I got your nose!
Carl: Give him his nose back, Sheen!

Miss Fowl: Okay, who can tell me the square root of 144? Bwaaak!
Jimmy: [raises hand] I know! Eleventy-six!
Miss Fowl: Well, no, I'm sorry, bwaak. That's wrong.
[All students gasp; Cindy raises her hand.]
Miss Fowl: Cindy?
Cindy: 12.
Miss Fowl: That's right, bwaak.
Cindy: YES!

Cindy: Come on, Neutron! Do one of your Brain Blast deals!
[Jimmy starts thinking, but all we see is a cymbal-clanging monkey.]
Jimmy: Ha ha! Funny monkey! Ha ha ha!

Cindy: Okay, Neutron. How does this work?
Jimmy: I don't know, Suzie.
Cindy: It's Cindy!
Jimmy: You're kinda cute...
[Cindy looks on, shocked.]
Cindy: [sigh] I'll wing it!

Birth Of A Salesman[edit]

[Jimmy is outside school, along with Carl, Sheen, Libby & Cindy.]

Jimmy: Ladies and gentlemen... and Cindy, I want to show you the greatest thing your eyes have ever beheld!
Carl: A llama?
Jimmy: No.
Carl: A baby llama?
Jimmy: [scoffs] No!
Carl: A baby llama with a little hat on?
Jimmy: [angerier] NO!
Cindy: An invention of yours that actually works? [She and Libby laugh.]
Jimmy: NO!!.. I mean...yes! I present to you... [Presents three pieces of miniature books] Book Gum, why read a book when you can just chew the book instead?
Sheen: Wow, Jimmy, chewing a book.
Jimmy: Sheen, you don't actually chew a book. See, I reduced the contents of different books to gum form. You chew it, and you know it.
[He gives some gum to Sheen, who chews it.]
Sheen: Tastes... fishy. [starts quoting from Moby-Dick] "Call me Ishmael. Starbuck, it's the great white whale. I'll get you, Moby Dick!"
Cindy: Give me a piece of that. [Takes a piece and chews] Hmm... It tastes like fried chicken. [starts quoting from Gone with the Wind] "Oh, Ashley, Oh, Rhett. I don't know nothin' about birthin' no babies."
[Carl is about to taste a handful of gum pieces.]
Jimmy: Careful, Carl. It would be very dangerous to eat more than one at a time.
[Carl selects a piece.]
Carl: Mmm... William Shakespeare.
Jimmy: That might just be a little strong for you, Carl.
Carl: [quotes Romeo's monologue from Romeo and Juliet, during which Cindy rolls her eyes in amazement] "But soft, what light through yonder window breaks? It is the east and Juliet is the sun. See how she leans her cheek upon her hand. Oh, that I were a glove upon that hand that I might touch that cheek."

Miss Fowl: Class, we're having a candy selling contest to raise money.
[all groaning and yawning]
Cindy: Boring.
Miss Fowl: The student who sells the most boxes will win a free VIP trip to Retroland!

Jimmy: Download candy and chocolate actualities and data...
Hugh: Oh, selling candy, eh, Jimbo? Well, you have come to the right dinner table. Welcome to the Hugh Neutron school of salesmanship. Class is in session. Pumpkin Pants, let's play traveling salesman.
Judy: Who should I be this time?
Hugh: You be the person who's not the traveling salesman. Knock, knock.
Judy: Who's there?
Hugh: It's me.
Judy: Well, come on in.
Hugh: Good evening, ma'am. Want to spice up your life?
Judy: Sure.
Hugh: Well, then what you need is this beautiful four-pronged eating implement.
Judy: But, sir, I already have one.
Hugh: But can yours talk? [with high-pitched voice] Hello. My name is Forky. You're pretty. Buy me! Buy me!
Judy: I'll take four.
Hugh: And that, Jimmy, is how where I got to be... where I am today. Bring on the pie.

Jimmy: The Willy Loman 3000—a super-selling machine programmed to make the sale at any cost. He will NOT take "NO!" for an answer.
[Gears whirring]

Jimmy: It's the good life, gentlemen. While the W.L. 3000 does all the work we're here enjoying a tall cold one.
Sheen: And plan our VIP trip to Retroland.
Sheen: What?
Carl: "Huzzah" some goofy way to say "COOL!"!
Man: What?!?
Willy: Goo-ood afternoon, sir. May I say you look absolutely f-f-fabulous? Ha-ha-ha, yes, I agree it is beautiful out, heh-heh-heh-heh-heh-heh-heh...
Man: I don't want to buy nothin'.
Willy: "Buy"? Who said "buy"? I-I-I'd like to give you a piece of c-candy, absolutely free with no strings attached.
Man: Forget it.
Willy: You can never have enough ca-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-andy, sir.
Man: I can. And I DO! Good-bye.
Willy: Y-yes, y-y-y-yes, this is a "g-good buy".
Man: What part of "NO!" do you not understand?
Willy: How about if I throw in this free-ee-ee-ee dog if you buy a box?
Man: Hmm... what kind of dog is he?
Willy: He's your kind of dog. C-congratulations.
Man: Hey, what does he ea-? Wha-? Wha-? Oh! OH! not on the carpet, yo-! Ooh... Are those lug nuts?

Willy: I have sold 1,000 boxes of c-c-candy.
Jimmy: Wow. Way to go, Willy! And now for some good old-fashioned gloating and I-told-you-so-ing. Oh, Miss Vortex!
Willy: Hey, hey, hey, hey, you look like a couple of intelligent young men.
Carl: Uh-uh. It's just the glasses.
Willy: Aa-aa-aa-aah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! And witty to boot. If you buy one measly box of ca-a-a-a-a-andy, you'll receive, as my gift to you, this handsome custom-made rocket.
Carl: But that's Jimmy's rocket.
Sheen: But it's free!


The Big Pinch[edit]

Jimmy: (sarcastic) Oh, I forgot about the ever popular mud-powered radio.
Cindy: And I forgot about your mud-powered brain!
Thomas Edison: Woo! That hovercar's a piece of work!
Jimmy: Thank you, Mr. Edison. You know, I achieved the upward thrust using strautium nitium-crusted fuel rods and titanium valuves.
Thomas Edison: Are you done? It's not that great, okay?

Jimmy (mimicking Edison): Hey, you mangy canine, get away from there.
Goddard: (barking)
Jimmy: Fooled you. It's just me, Goddard. See, I installed a voice transformer inside this walkie-talkie. Observe. (mimicking Edison) Whip-diddly-doo, everybody. (normal voice)
Goddard: (whines)
Jimmy: Aw, Goddard, this is going to help me break up Edison and Miss Fowl. Now, come on pretend it's a nice, crunchy lug nut.
Goddard: (belches)
Jimmy: Good boy. Good boy. Now here's the plan.

Sheen: (while stuck on a rollar coaster) Woo, yeah! Take it to the limit baby!

Jimmy: (in filtered voice over Goddard's PA system, Thomas Edison voice) "Roses are red, violets are blue. Miss Fowl's armpits stink like an old skunky."
Ms. Fowl: What?!

Jimmy: (Thomas Edison voice) I think you smell much more like an old cabbage.
Miss Fowl:(To Thomas Edison) I thought you were a gentleman!
Jimmy: (Thomas Edison voice) [ in filtered voice over Goddard's PA system: That's funny. I thought you were a gentleman the first time I saw you.] Can I call you "Man-Lady"?

Thomas Edison: What's he doing here? And what's this?
Jimmy: (chuckles nervously) It's a funny story, actually.
Thomas Edison (echoing): Hello. Hello. Who's in there? So, it was you saying all those things, eh?

Granny Baby[edit]

(Granny sits across from the Jimmy Dummy, trying to open a small bottle, as the real Jimmy enters with the Tonic behind his back.)

Granny: Good morning. (points to the dummy) I was just telling you over there about my deviated spatchum. On cold mornings it rattles like the Tin Man throwing up a hoagie full of wood screws
Jimmy: What’s in the bottle?
Granny: Tongue De-Furrer. Your tongue gets furry when you’re old. Sometimes I wake up it has chewing on it.
Jimmy: Let me open that for you. (Jimmy takes the bottle, turns his back - and when he turns back granny’s medicine is GLOWING and his flask is empty.) I think you’ll feel much better and quieter - after you drink this. (She up-ends it and smacks her lips distastefully.)
Granny: Tastes funny. Of course, what do I know – after sixty your sense of taste completely disapp- (Granny transform into a baby)
Jimmy: Granny?!

Granny Baby: Holy fiber cast I'm topless.
Jimmy: Oh man this isn't good Where'd you get the diaper?
Granny Baby: "I was already wearing one. (Poops in her diaper) Ooohh...I need my didie changed!
Jimmy: Problem Goddard change diaper (He refuses)
Granny Baby: Change me now!

Granny Baby: (poops her diaper)Oh clean my poopie!

Libby: What was your first clue?
Jimmy: So you’ll do it?
Cindy: As much as I detest helping smug pseudo-brainiacs, my nurturing female instincts will not let me leave a helpless infant in your care. Where’s the new diaper?
Jimmy: New diaper? What's wrong the one she's wearing?
Cindy: It's full of poo! I though you were a geinus.
Granny Baby: Hey he's a guy. ha ha ha ha
Libby: (Gasp) He she she talked.

Granny Baby: Could we hurry up? I'm getting dizzy from my own fumes here! Ooohh Dolly
Cindy: How long she gonna be a baby?

Cindy: Well, how many diapers do we need?
Granny Baby: (Poops purposely 3 times) Well, I'll err, on the side of hundreds.

(Jimmy picks up bottles of DANGEROUS CHEMICALS (labeled as such). Cindy looks at a shelf, carrying Granny, who holds a rattle.)

Granny Baby: I’m bored! make a funny face let me hit you with a waddle.
Cindy: No.
Granny Baby: (Crying)
Cindy: Okay. okay (Cindy doing a funny face and Granny Baby hit Cindy in a face)
Granny Baby: It's fun hitting you. Ha ha ha ha!
Jimmy: [Wispering] Granny Granny quiet.
Guy: Did that baby just talk?
Jimmy: No ha ha why everyone know babies can talk?
Granny Baby: (To People) That's right cos if we could the Videotubbies’d became the subway it’d make their head aerials spin. Ha ha ha ha!
All: (Gasp) (Jimmy and Cindy running from the clamoring mob.)

Crowd: We want the talking baby! We want the talking baby!
Jimmy: Goddard! Compare antidote completion with mother’s return time!

Jimmy: Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the amazing talking baby!
Crowd: Oooooh!
Jimmy: (Jimmy pulls a talking doll-type STRING rigged to Granny’s back. He WINDS IT UP with his hidden fingers.)
Baby Granny: Hey, give me a cuddle. And a diaper change while you’re at it. Ha ha ha
Crowd Member #1: Hey, hey there’s a string in her back.
Jimmy: Oh no I have been found out!
Crowd Member #1: Yes you have, son!

Time Is Money[edit]

Judy (about Sheen & Carl): And what are they doing here? The big one is odd and the thin one is a weirdo.
Carl: Hey, you can't insult us like that!
Hugh: (tosses Carl and Sheen a gold brick) Here you go, get yourself something nice.
Sheen: Sure they can! (turns to Carl) Let's go, odd guy!
Carl: (snorts) You got it, weirdo!
Sheen: I liked the part about the medulla oblongata. I don't know what it means, but I love the way it sounds! (waves his UltraLord action figure at Carl) Back or I shall slay thee with my medulla oblongata!

Raise the Oozy Scab[edit]

Cindy: What kind of dunderhead would want to talk to a bunch of stupid fish?
Carl: I wanna talk to fish! I wanna talk to fish!! (snatches the microphone out of Jimmy's hand and sees a fish) Oh, hey there, little fella! Do you like Fish Snack 'Ems? They're made from fish like you, only chopped up into little bite sized pieces and deep fried in burning oil! (the fish screams and swims away)
Sheen: Lost?! We can't be lost! We only brought enough food for two days! And I'm not eating Carl!
Carl: Well, I'm not eating you, either! OK, maybe a bite.
[Cindy and Sheen step away from Carl]
Cindy (about Jimmy): Throw him in the brig!
Jimmy: It'll take a lot more than ravenous hunger to turn my men against me! (puts fists on hips and stands proudly) Tell her, boys!
Sheen: I'll get some rope!
Carl: I'll hold him down!

I Dream of Jimmy[edit]

Jimmy: Carl, you're asleep. This is a dream.
Carl: Don't be silly. If this was a dream, could I do... [pulls a brain out from his head] this?
Jimmy: That's the only time you can do it! Carl, you're asleep, there are llamas in the classroom! Libby rowed to school with a plastic leg!!
Carl: Her paddle broke.

Jimmy: [trying to help Carl with his nightmare] You should do what I do during a nightmare. Simply prove on paper that the nightmare is a logical impossibility, and it vanishes.
Carl: Yeah, but my dreams aren't as logical as yours are. I married a turkey once.

Jimmy: [observing Carl's genius state in his dream] When Carl's asleep, he dreams he's a genius like me.
Cindy: Like you? Please, you can't even spell your own name!
[Jimmy looks down at his school desk, seeing apparently botched attempts at spelling "Jimmy"]
Carl: Now I need a dummy who will volunteer.
Jimmy: [as everyone stares towards him] But I'm not dumb. I'm a genius!
Cindy: If you're so smart, what's the square root of a flexnart?
Jimmy: That doesn't make any sense!
Carl: The square root of a flexnart is a cupful of boogers.
Libby: [dreamily] He did that all in his head!

Jimmy On Ice[edit]

Judy: J-j-j-James Isaac N-n-n-neutron! Haven't we warned you about tampering with the unstable structure of a chaotic system?
Judy (to Jimmy): Sweetie, eat your caribou before it gets hard and icy.

Battle of the Band[edit]

Sheen: Hey! Hey! What is this? I specifically requested dolphin-safe donuts! I refuse to perform until all of my ridiculous demands are satisfied!
Carl: I wrote a love song
Jimmy: Is it about llamas?
Carl: NO! (quietly) Yes.
[While Jimmy, Carl & Sheen are fighting with each other]
Jimmy: Wait a minute. Sheen, Carl! What are we doing?
Sheen: Well, I was about to strangle Carl.
Carl: Yeah, and I was about to slap Sheen on the back of the head.

See Jimmy Run[edit]

Ms. Fowl: "Well I....Who took my sandwich? so that's your game, is it? well, Mr. I'm Too Good For Acorns, how'd you like a nice detention?"

Trading Faces[edit]

Jimmy (as Cindy): Do you think I spent enough hours on my hair this morning? Hey, everybody, look at my ankles! When'll I ever get a pair of pants the right length? (laughs) Who knows?
Carl: (to Libby) Can Cindy whistle?
Libby: I don't know.
Sheen: We gave Jimmy rapturous enjoyment of mustard. Let's give Cindy whistling.
[After Jimmy is put back in his body]
Jimmy: (smiling) I can't see my ankles.
Carl: (screaming) Oh, no! He's blind!
Jimmy: Uh, no, Carl. I have my own pants back!

The Phantom of Retroland[edit]

Jimmy: Glad you could make it, Sheen. How did you sneak out?
Sheen: Oh, I just told my grandma that I had to go to a deserted theme park to be eaten by a maniac. She told me to wear clean underwear.
Carl: Sheen, the phantom of Retroland is gonna tear us limb from limb and eat us! Say something!
Sheen: You ever notice how Jimmy's hair is like one of those gum massager things? It's all swirly and... What?!
Phantom #3 (sniffs): What's that smell?
Sheen: You mean (points to Phantom #3) your salami leg, (points to Cindy and Libby) their salami leg, (points to Nick) his salami leg, (points to Carl's feet) or Carl's shoes?

My Son, the Hamster[edit]

Sheen: Jimmy! You're like a hamster! Or a gerbil! Or a dolphin or something!
Judy (to Hugh): Why don't you spend some quality time with Jimmy? It could be a special Father-Son day.
Hugh: That's a great idea! I used to have those with my Aunty all the time! Only we called them Aunty-Nephew days, but it's probably the same basic, uh, idea. We could go to the park, we could, uh... eat cheese! We could even go to Retroland! I love those zig-zaggy lines! They're so ... not ... straight.
Judy: (sighs) Oh, Hugh.

Hall Monster[edit]

Cindy (to Jimmy): Okay, Neutron, you're outta control! I'm making a citizen's arrest!
Sheen: I want a public defender!
Libby: I... I want my music!
Carl (cries): I want my mommy! (whimpers & then smiles) And some fudge!
Jimmy (to Carl): You've exceeded the number of llama stickers on your lunchbox!
Carl (nervously): I know...but I... I have a special permit.

Hypno Birthday to You[edit]

Sheen: [rolls dice] Seven! [chuckles] Your llama is sucked into a volcanic sinkhole, where flesh-eating bats will nip at his screaming face. [eats popcorn]
Carl: Sheen, there aren't any volcanic sinkholes in Llama's Day Out!
Sheen: Maybe that explains why I'm not having fun. [eats popcorn]
Jimmy: [Enters] Hi, Carl. I ran out of chemicals mid-experiment and I know you got a chemistry set for your birthday?
Sheen: [rolls dice] Eleven!
Carl: Hey, you can use my chemistry set, Jim. [He gets his Mama's Boy chemestry set down from a shelf.] Oh, the potato's not included.
Jimmy: Uh, that's okay. I assume it comes with a few cc's of ethyl mercaptin?
Carl: Uh... no.
Jimmy: Well, I can work around that. How about some, uh... dimercural sulfonative?
Carl: Uh... yeah...? No.
Jimmy: Tritium nitrate?
Carl: I've got salt.
Jimmy: Oh, Pukin' Pluto! How's a guy supposed to make a four-dimensional Hypercube molecule without access to the complete spectrum of inorganic chemicals?!
Sheen: Welcome to my nightmare. [eats popcorn]
[Jimmy rolls his eyes.]
Carl: [Walks over carrying a leaflet] Here you go, Jimmy. Check out this leaflet from inside the box.
Jimmy: [reading leaflet] "Also try our Ultra-Deluxe model. Contains every element from aluminum to zirconium." Now, that's what I'm talkin' about! [suddenly blue, sighs] Aw, who am I kidding? I don't have any money, and my birthday's three months away.
Sheen: [eats popcorn] Ah, quit procrastinating, Carl, for I'm not -- forget it! I'm rolling for you! [rolls one die and piece of popcorn] One! [chuckles] And Carl's llama falls down. Down into the sulfurous mud pit! How the snake god will be pleased!
Carl: Hey, how could you roll the one if there are two dice?
Sheen: Huh? Oh. Yeah... [Picks up the die and popcorn; suddenly grabs throat and chokes.] Someone get me the jaws of life!

Krunch Time[edit]

["The Wheels on the Bus" Instrumental]
Sheen: Do you want something gummy or crunchy?
Carl: Uh, I want sour. No! Salty. No! I don't know which one to choose!
Sam: Oh, this suspense is killing me. Pick a candy and let me get on with my life. Yeah, yeah.

Hugh: [as the crowd riots at Jimmy about destroying the leftover candy, yelling "Down with Jimmy!"] I can't believe I'm saying this to my own son - but that candy's just too dog-gone good.
Judy: Don't talk; chant!
Crowd: Down with Jimmy! Down with Jimmy!
Jimmy: People, listen to me! It's just candy!

Sam: [as Jimmy is hiding out in the Candy Bar to avoid the mob of people] Well, look who's here. Mr. "I'm-going-to-invent-the-best-candy-in-the-world-and-put-the-Candy-Bar-out-of-business".
Jimmy: I'm sorry, Sam. I didn't mean to. I didn't know my candy would be that popular.
Sam: That's what the guy who invented underpants said! Anyways, you better skedaddle. That angry mob's gonna be here any moment.
Jimmy: How do you know that?
Sam: I called them. What do you expect? I've gone broke here! [crowd starts chanting "Candy! Candy!" outside the Candy Bar] Uh-oh. Rhythmic chanting. That's a bad sign, yeah.

Substitute Creature[edit]

Jimmy: Well, it's not my fault my plant mutated a seed pod launcher for trans-species propagation! Nobody could've predicted that!
Sheen: Or pronounced it.
Libby: What's that supposed to be?
Sheen: The rare Punching Plant of Melbore 9, as seen in UltraLord epsiode 64, "Attack of the Salad Fixin's"!
Libby: Looks like a boxing glove glued to a fern, if you ask me.
Sheen: Well, nobody asked you! Anyway, what have you come up with that's so wonderful?
Libby: I researched plants' responses to musical stimuli. This one got two hours of classic R&B a day while this one got two hours of Yodelling to the Oldies.
Sheen (pointing to the one that got two hours of "Yodelling to the Oldies"): That one looks dead.
Libby (shakes her head sadly): It never had a chance.
Jimmy: I can fix him! I just need to get another toaster!
Cindy: Uh-huh.
Jimmy: And you guys need to... uh, get that DNA Ray out of Miss Fowl's stomach. Good luck, see ya, bye!
Libby: We have to what?
Sheen: You heard him. We have to make our teacher toss the lunch monkey. We need a bucket, an umbrella and whatever they were serving for lunch in the caferteria on Thursday! Goddard, hit it!
[Goddard plays town-saving music]

Safety First[edit]

Sheen: Hey, Jimmy, I've been meaning to ask you something.
Jimmy: I know, I know. Why am I carrying two lunches? Because of that bully Terry Finster! This way, after he steals mine, I still have something to eat!
Sheen: Actually, I was going to ask you who would win in a fight between Big Foot and a Komodo Dragon, but your question's good too.
Hugh (to Jimmy): Just got a phone call from Terry's mom! Did you two have a little spat-a-roo?
Judy: Hugh, the talk?
Hugh: (clears throat) Once upon on time, a boy sparrow said to a girl sparrow, "Hey, nice feathers! Can I buy you some millet?" Well, the girl sparrow...
Jimmy: You know what, dad? I would really love to hear the rest, but I'm having a small emergency, bye!
Hugh: And when he got to her nest, he was alarmed to find out that her mother was a cantankerous old crow!
Judy: Hugh!

Crime Sheen Investigation[edit]

Sheen: You've gotta help me, Jimmy! If you don't, I'll have to ask complete idiots to help me and you know how unreliable they are!
Sheen: Don't feel bad, Jimmy. You tried your best. It just wasn't anywhere near good enough.
Carl: Hey, Sheen. What's up?
Sheen: You can look at my shockingly empty hands and ask me that? I've been robbed!
Jimmy: Robbed of what?
Sheen: Only my oldest and most prized UltraLord! He was like the atomic-breath blasting brother I never had!

Journey to the Center of Carl[edit]

[The students call Jimmy after the Sick Patches dissolve into their skin.]
Cindy: Your sick patch dissolved into my skin, Nerdtron!
Sheen: Jimmy, my patch pulled a Houdini!
Libby: Cure me or face the consequences!
Jimmy: Okay, okay, settle down! I can fix it! Carl, Sheen, sneak out and meet me in the you-know-what.

Carl: [singing] I got people inside me! I got people inside me! And they're walking in my brain!

Jimmy: We've reached our destination... [sniffs] the stomach.
Sheen: [seeing toys in the stomach acid] Man. [sniffs] Carl eats a lot of junk, doesn't he? Hey, Carl! You're supposed to play with the toys in The Silly Meals, not eat 'em!
Carl: I know, but they always look so colorful and chewy!

Jimmy: Sheen! Start crying!
Sheen: How am I supposed to cry right now? I don't cry, I'm a man!
Jimmy: Pretend that Ultra Lord just got canceled!
Sheen: [sobs] WHY IS THE WORLD SO CRUEL?!?

Aaughh!! Wilderness!![edit]

Hugh: Don't forget I was an Acorn Lad! I remember everything I ever learned like the song we used to sing! (singing) We are the Acorn Lads, something, something, the Acorn Lads.

Party at Neutron's[edit]

Hugh: Whoo-hoo! I can't believe it, Sugar-Booger! We're finally gonna get to see Ducks, the greatest musical ever made!
When you're a duck,
You're a duck all the way,
From the first time you quack
To the last egg you lay!
[Jimmy uses his Time Accelerator on him, speeding him up.]
When you're a duck
You will live in a blind.
With a little or long orange,
It's a fresh melon rind!
The Musical.
[Jimmy winks at the camera.]

Hugh: Let's get a move on, puddin'. Don't wanna miss the overture! [Sings, to the tune of Beethoven's 5th Symphony] Da-da-da-duuuuuck! Da-da-da-duuuuuck! [Continues singing]
Judy: Oh, Hugh. [To Jimmy] We'll be home around 11:30.
Hugh: Eh, Jimbo, you want us to... wake ya up when we get home and reenact the show?
Jimmy: thanks.
[Hugh exits.]

Ultra Sheen[edit]

Broadcast Blues[edit]

Principal Willoughby: Jimmy, I'd like you to meet the new producer of Science with Jimmy!
[Cindy enters the room.]
Principal Willoughby: And... [Libby enters the room.] Your new co-host!
Jimmy: NOOOOOOOO!!!!!
Libby: Jimmy, calm down. We know that you want the show to educate people. We deeply and genuinely respect that.

Professor Calamitous, I Presume[edit]

The Egg-pire Strikes Back[edit]

Maximum Hugh[edit]

Jimmy: My dad's all thumbs and has two left feet.
Sheen: Cool! If your mom grows a beard, we could start a circus!
Mr. Wheezer: We won! And not a single injury! (drops the trophy)
Carl: Oh, my foot!
Mr. Wheezer: Oh, my back!
Carl & Mr. Wheezer (crash into each other): Ow! My head!
Mr. Wheezer: Oh, I think I got a bone spurt.
Carl: Ooh! Leg cramp!
Mr. Wheezer: My kidneys are on FIRE! (faints)
Hugh: Now, remember, son - there's no "I" in "team," you know what I mean?
Jimmy: You mean we should sublimate our differences for the good of our combined effort?
Hugh: What? No, no, I mean there's no letter "i" in the word "team." There's never a wrong time for a spelling lesson, son!

Sleepless in Retroville[edit]

Hugh: I remember my first sleepover. The games, the practical jokes, the crying for my mommy.
Judy: Hugh, that was our honeymoon.
Hugh: Yeah, I know.
Sheen: Who said anything about going to sleep? What are we, a bunch of babies? Come on, I'm gonna stay up all night! Party! Party! Par....(falls asleep)
[After the Pizza Monster wakes up from a nightmare screaming]
Pizza Monster's Wife: Honey, what is it?
Pizza Monster: Oh, I had the most horrible dream! There were 3 terrible children; a tubby one, a maniac one and one with a giant head!!
Pizza Monster's Wife: I told you, dear. There's no such thing as children, now go back to sleep.
[Both go back to sleep in their pizza box beds]

Make Room for Daddy-O[edit]

Jimmy: I have to bring back the old Dad, and I've gotta do it fast!
Sheen: I smell a Brain Blast!
Carl: Oh, is that what that is? [snorts] I thought it might be the cheese ball I've been carrying around since I was 3. [He shows a rotten cheese ball.] I call him Cheesy.
[Jimmy makes a face, then begins thinking.]
Jimmy: Think, think, think...!
[A memory of Hugh catching Jimmy is shown.]
Jimmy: Brain Blast!
Sheen: Told ya. [Eats Carl's cheese ball]

Beach Party Mummy[edit]

Carl: Guys, we can't leave school! It's ditching! It'll go on our permanent record!
Sheen: Carl, how many times to I have to tell you? Your permanent record is just a myth! Like the Loch Ness monster or North Dakota!
Cindy (to Libby): Do we have to refer to you as "Queen Libby" from now on?
Libby (giggles): Of course not! "Your Mighty Fine Royal Fabulousness" will do.
Sheen (to Jimmy): Where do you learn all this stuff?
Jimmy: That I learned at the library.
Sheen: Ohh. And the library is a...?

Season 2[edit]

A Beautiful Mine[edit]

Sorry, Wrong Era[edit]

Jimmy: Sorry, ladies, but I needed test subjects for my new Quantum Replay 9000.

Hugh Neutron: (low growling) (slurping) Oh, Sam. I could eat your ice cream all day long. So I think I will. (rewinding)
All: Ew! That's disgusting! Horrible! Gross!
Sam: You've been re-eating the same ice cream for hours! It's disgusting-- you're out of here!
Hugh: (gasp) You're right Sam. Mustn't overdo a good thing. Well, I'll just be going. Just let me finish my Purple Flurp. (belching) (belching repeating)
All: Gross. Stop.
Hugh: (belching) (belching repeating)
Sam: Sweet mercy. (Sam faint)

Jimmy: Watch out for its retractable claws... unless it spits venom, then watch out for having your eyes dissolved.
Sheen: Wha -- how can I watch if my eyes are dissolved?
Carl: No, watch before they're dissolved!
Sheen: Watch my eyes? That doesn't make any sense.
Jimmy: Guys, please!

Hugh: (crowd shouting) Hi, Puffmomma. Remember how I promised I'd never be brought home by an angry mob again?
Sam: He disgusted all my customers, yeah.
Libby: He gave us brain freeze.
Woman: He made me experience the miracle of birth again and again and again. [crying]
Sam: Yeah, yeah, birth. (mob yelling)
Judy: All right, everyone. I'll handle things from here.
Sam: Somebody give me a ride home now.
Hugh: Now, Sugarbooger, I know it looks like I may have misused the power to control time and space for my own advantage, but on the positive side...
Judy: Mm-hmm.
Hugh: Ow! Honey, that's my ear. I use it to listen with. Ow!

The Retroville 9[edit]

Ms. Fowl: Ball three!
Sheen: Ball!?! That was right down the middle! I've seen better calls at a square dance!
Ms. Fowl: Jimmy's throwing lollipops! The day he throws down Broadway is the day I dance on the moon!
Tremendous Jackson: Somewhere in the Rytridian Galaxy, Ultralord weeps.

Grumpy Young Men[edit]

Store Clerk: Doom Bringer II is for mature players only due to Violence, Exaggerated Mayhem, and Old Lady Kicking.
Sheen: (after being kicked out of the store): How dare he throw your father out of the store?!

(Jimmy screams in the mirror after seeing he's old)
(Goddard screams like a teen girl after seeing Jimmy old)
Old Carl: Jimmy, is that you way over there?
Old Jimmy: Guys! Something went horribly wrong!
Old Sheen: Oh, gee you think? And another thing: kids today wear their pants too low! They're down under their stomachs, for cryin' out loud!

Old Sheen: Hey! I know what you're doing! You're trying to take me to the nursing home! (pounds on the car's window) Let me out! Let me out!
Old Carl: Sheen, careful! This car's going an excess of 7 miles.
(Old Sheen pants, checks his pulse, and faints)
Old Sheen: You know, when I was a kid, the sky was bluer! And a quarter would buy you groceries for a week!
Old Jimmy: Gas planet. Does anyone remember what we drove down here to get?

Sam: Hey, Oldilocks, what's the big idea, you and your bingo buddy takin' all the rice pudding from the buffet?
Old Sheen: It says "Seniors Eat Dessert Free"!
Sam: You're supposed to buy an entree first!
Old Carl: We did. I had a hamburger in here yesterday.
(Carl and Sheen laughing)
Old Carl: Oh, my spleen.

Old Jimmy: Now, what was it I wanted? Something starting with a "T." Tostadas, turpentine?
Hugh: Well, hey, old-timer. I like the way you're wearing your pants. I've been thinking of wearing mine more like that, maybe growing out my nose hair a little bit. You look familiar.
Old Jimmy: Oh, no, I'm just a strange old man, not your son after screwing up an experiment.
Hugh: (chuckles) I know. You remind me of my father, except you're not always saying, "Huey, I told you, toothpaste isn't food."
Old Jimmy: Not possible. I don't have any family.
Hugh: What? Oh, well, that's terrible. Come on. Come with me, I'll get you a nice home-cooked meal.
Old Jimmy: B-but I can't.
Hugh: I have to buy something with a "T." I'll get you a nice cup of tea.
Old Jimmy: Let go!
Hugh: Come on.
Old Jimmy: I said, let me go!

Judy: Here's your dinner. I put it in the blender first so the chewing doesn't tire you out.
Hugh: So what did you do before you retired, old-timer?
Old Jimmy: I can't even remember what I'm supposed to be doing now, but I think it's real important.
Hugh: Well, you know, maybe if we guess, it'll jog your memory. Let's see. Did it involve swinging heavy things?
Old Jimmy: N-No, I don't think so.

Operation: Rescue Jet Fusion[edit]

Nightmare in Retroville[edit]

Monster Hunt[edit]

Jimmy for President[edit]

Ms. Fowl: It looks like some of our candidates have been found guilty of bribery, blackmail, and MURDER! [class screams] Sorry, not murder. I meant operating a zeppelin on school property. Anyway, they're all illegal campaign activities, which means Jimmy, SHEEN and Libby have been disquaaaalified!

Return of the Nanobots[edit]

Holly Jolly Jimmy[edit]

Love Potion 976/J[edit]

Carl: [singing] Oh, Judy, will you came and you make me some cookies? Will you- (sees Hugh is walking out.) (gasp) Let me have is beautiful you can't destroy it.
Hugh: Alrighty then.
(Carl dings the triangle 6 times.)

Britney & Libby: Ahh!
Jimmy: I can't talk, I can't think. Everywhere I go, you're there!
Cindy: What kind of sick joke is this?
Jimmy: Oh, you're gonna make me say it, aren't you? Alright then, I'll say it.....I love you Cindy Vortex! (echoing Vortex. (2x)
Cindy: (Gasp.)
Britney & Libby: (Gasp.)
All: (gasping and laughing.) (Cindy splats ice cream in Jimmy's face.)
All: (Laughs)
[Sam stops laughing and mad walks to Jimmy.]
Jimmy: Mmm... pecan ripple your favorite.
Sam: You messy little hooligan. I was clean that floor 8 months ago. You're out of here! Yeah, yeah.

Sheen's Brain[edit]

Maternotron Knows Best[edit]

Send in the Clones[edit]

Jimmy: Today is the single greatest day in the history of the universe. Pluto is aligning with Neptune causing space snow flurries to create galactic ice crystals which keep ice cream at the perfect eating temperature! Yes.
Goddard: [Barks]

[Jimmy is about to launch but Judy stops him.]
Judy: James Isaac Neutron!(inflates)
Jimmy: [Groans]
Judy: Where do you think you're going, young man? Here's your list of Saturday chores.
Jimmy: "Mail letter at post office. Sit with Grandma in the park. Pick up Dad's badmintion shoes. Drop off a pie at school" and "Take a book to Cindy Vortex's mother"?! But, Mom, I can't do that! I have to get into space now!
Judy: Chores first, space travel later.
Jimmy: Goddard, options. [First option appears:] "Hire Temporary Help to do Chores at $15.75/hour"? Too expensive. [Second option appears:] "Use Boyish Charm to outwit Parental Unit"? I don't have time. [Third option appears:] "Clone Thyself"? Yes! We'll have to do it mega-fast.

[One by one, the Jimmy clones emerge.]
Positive Jimmy: Hi, everybody! Isn't it a super, amazing, great day?
Negative Jimmy: [stifled grunt] You call this a great day? [sniffs] I should have stayed in bed!
Romantic Jimmy: Ah, but romance is in ze air, eh? It is a beautiful day to fall in love, n'est-ce pas?
Funny Jimmy: [Laughing] Hey, everybody! It's great to be here for Line-up Night! Hey, have you seen that Cindy Vortex? Talk about the Wicked Witch of the Elementary. [Laughs] Hey, but seriously, these are the jokes, folks, come on, laugh with me.
[Goddard plays a laugh track.]
Macho Jimmy: Hey! Who's up for some football, huh?
Evil Jimmy: Nice place, kid. You know, I could have some serious fun with this stuff... [snickers]

[All clones watch Jimmy blast off outside]
Evil Jimmy: Hey, you heard the man: do your chores, boys.
Negative Jimmy: But I've never mailed a letter! What if I get my hand stuck in the box?!
Positive Jimmy: Hey, turn that frown upside down, Mr. Gloomy Gus! Everything's gonna be terrific!
Romantic Jimmy: (chuckles) Mais oui! Love is all around us.
Macho Jimmy: 'Ey! Let's do it to it!
Funny Jimmy: And awaaay we go!

Positive Jimmy: Hello, Grandmother, dear.
Grandmother: Where have you been? This bench is too hard. These birds are getting too close. The sun hurts my eyes.
Positive Jimmy: Isn't it a beautiful day? Aren't these birds absolutely amazing? Isn't it great to be alive?!

Negative Jimmy: Ow...
Carl: Oh, hi, Jimmy. I have to do a report on snails or Napoleon. Can you help me?
Negative Jimmy: What's the point of doing homework? We do it and then what? Poof, We're gone. Nothingness, emptiness. We're all just dust in the wind.
Carl: Okay, I..I don't want to be dust in the wind.

Macho Jimmy: He shoots, he scores. Neutron is definitely on. Lookin' good. You the man, you the man. 'Ey, it's the Nicksta.
Nick: Neutron? What are you doing?!
Macho Jimmy: I'm walkin' here! You got a problem wit' dat, Skateboard Boy?
Nick: Uh, "Skateboard Boy"? [Gangster Jimmy skates on Nick's skate board] Whoa, check it out—Neutron has the moves.
[Crunching] [Skateboard breaks in two]
Macho Jimmy: Well, how 'bout next time you get a board that can handle the Neutron style? Later, Nick-O-Rama.

Sheen: "I am Ultra Lord, and I will swing my mighty bat of combat!" "You can't catch me!" "Yes, I can!" Hey, Jimmy, want to see my new action figure?
Funny Jimmy: Do I? Come on, does Robin Hood wear a pantyhose? Hey, why did Ultra Lord cover himself with mayonnaise? He wanted to make a hero sandwich! [laughs] Hello! [knocking on Sheen's head] Anybody in there? Paging Mr. Sheen. The village called. They want their idiot back.
Sheen: Are you okay, Jimmy? 'Cause you seem really weird.
Funny Jimmy: I'm weird?! [laughing] Come o-o-o-o-on! You should see Ultra Lord's uncle Morris!

Cindy: [sighs] Whad'ya want, Neutron?
Romantic Jimmy: To return a book and to drink in your beauty, Miss Vortex.
Cindy: Very funny.
Romantic Jimmy: I jest not. Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? Not even Shakespeare seems inadequate to describe your perfection!
Cindy: Cut it out, Neutron, before I barf!
Romantic Jimmy: Ah, ah, ah—but before zat, would you favor me wiz a kiss?
Cindy: Is he for real? And what's with the bad French accent?
Romantic Jimmy: [Guitar playing] [singing] Oh, Cindy, I love you, more than Albert Einstein's theory of relativity. Oh, Cindy, ma cherie, oh, my little Cindy. Would you please come and kiss me? [Cindy faints to French Jimmy's surprise] Wait, why are you sleeping?

Evil Jimmy: Hey, buddy, want a pie?
Man: Yeah!
Evil Jimmy: [Splats pie in the man's face] [snickers] You can't beat the classics!
Man: Mmm... I'll say.

[The citizens get mad at Hugh for what the clones did.]
Hugh: Calm down, folks. Now, just tell me, what did the Jimster do?
Nick: He busted my skateboard, dude!
Carl: He said I was gonna to be "dust in the wind"!
Grandmother: He made me smile and my dentures fell out!
Sheen: He mocked Ultra Lord's family!
Cindy: He made my heart sing and--- I mean, he said things to me so vile and despicable I cannot repeat them in mixed company!
Man: And... he threw a pie in my face!
Hugh: [Chuckles] You can't beat the classics.
Man: [Growling]
Hugh: I'm sure Jimmy had a good reason for doing all these admittedly strange, bizarre things, so...who wants pie?
[All growling]
Man: [Spits] I'm good.

Positive Jimmy: I had the most scrumptious day with my most wonderful Grandmama.
Romantic Jimmy: I fell in love with a beautiful mademoiselle.
Macho Jimmy: I did some cool moves on a dude's skateboard, but it couldn't take my awesome power, ya know what I'm sayin'?
Jimmy: There you are.
Jimmy's Clones: Hi, Jimmy.
Jimmy: Follow me back to my house so I can explain to everybody--- 1, 2, 3, 4, 5... We're short one clone. We've got to find him, now!
Funny Jimmy: It's that evil one. He's so bad he makes Attila The Hun look like Bambi!
Negative Jimmy: We'll never find him! We're doomed!
Macho Jimmy: 'Ey, I'll find 'im and take 'im down all by myself wit' my bare hands—look out!

[Jimmy uses the ice crystals on the clones, freezing them.]
Funny Jimmy: Thaaat's all, folks!
Romantic Jimmy: Adieu, mon ami! Parting is such sweet... Whoo, that is cold!
Macho Jimmy: Yo, give me your best shot, punk!
Negative Jimmy: Oh, this is how it ends... as ice cubes!
Positive Jimmy: I've always wanted to be frozen! This is a dream come true!

The Great Egg Heist[edit]

The Feud[edit]

Ebenezer Wheezer: Hey, Neutron. Just trimming the old hedges before they start throwing off pollens for us.
Hugh Neutron: Wheezer, I'm going to need my Lawnlopper back.
Ebenezer Wheezer: Well, Gee, Neutron. I gave that thing back weeks ago. You must have forgot.
Hugh Neutron: Forgot about my Lawnlopper 300 Pro-Deluxe as seen on TV?! I don't think so.
Ebenezer Wheezer: Well, It's probably in your garage. Why don't you check?
Hugh Neutron: It's probably in your garage. I'll just go get it.
Ebenezer Wheezer: Hey! I already told you, I gave it back, you wingding.
Hugh Neutron: And I'm telling you you didn't, toolhog.
Ebenezer Wheezer: Cheese-brain!
Hugh Neutron: Sneeze-jockey!
Ebenezer Wheezer: Noodlehead!
Hugh Neutron: Just because my lawn is lush and silky while yours is limp and hard to manage...
Ebenezer Wheezer: What?! There's nothing wrong with my lawn.
Hugh Neutron: Oh, please! Dandelions, gopher holes, and these tacky ceramic lawn kitties-- please!
Ebenezer Wheezer: Oh, yeah?! Well, what about your stupid lawn ducks? They're the laughing stock of the entire neighborhood.
Hugh Neutron: No, you put that down right now!
Ebenezer Wheezer: Hey, look at me-- quack, quack, quack. I'm a stupid lawn duck-- quack, quack... whoops.
Hugh Neutron: Sir Quacksalot! (smash) (screams)
Ebenezer Wheezer: Oopsy.

Out, Darn Spotlight[edit]

Nick (screams as he flies through the air) DUDE!! Oh, man, I broke my leg!
Sheen: All right! That's good luck! Way to go, Nick!
Carl: Uh, Jimmy, I thought we agreed that we didn't like girls.
Jimmy: We don't. Betty is a woman.
Sheen: Got it!
Carl: Hey, Jimmy, I just found out that the play Macbeth has a curse, and you're not supposed to say "Macbeth," 'cause if you say "Macbeth," bad things happen because you said "Macbeth," and we've been saying "Macbeth" a lot. And congratulations on getting the part of Macbeth! (gasps) I SAID "MACBETH"!!!
Mrs. Vortex: My daughter, Cynthia is the star of the show.
Hugh: She's Macbeth?
Mrs. Vortex: No, she's a witch.
Judy (rolls her eyes): So I hear.

The Junkman Cometh[edit]

Sheen: Hey, Jimmy, I've got something to ask you. How come whenever we're in outer space, we don't have to wear helmets?
Jimmy: Good question, Sheen, and the answer is quite interesting. You see --
[He starts explaining, but Carl's singing drowns it out.]
Carl: [singing over] Moon, moon, moon! Spoon, spoon, spoon! June, June, June! Spittoon, spittoon, spittoon!
Sheen: Uh, really?
Jimmy: Mm-hmm.
Sheen: And how come we don't need oxygen tanks and stuff?
Jimmy: Well --
Carl: [singing over] Star, star, star! You're so far, far, far! Can't go by car, car, car!
Sheen: Fascinating. Thanks.

Sheen: Uh, so, Jimmy, how come it takes astronauts days to go to and from the moon, but it only takes us a few minutes?
Jimmy: That's another good question. You see, it all has to do --
Carl: [singing over] Good-bye, Moon, I'll see you next June! Call the Milky for us soon, and --
Sheen: CARL! Enough with the song!

Foul Bull[edit]

The Science Fair Affair[edit]

Men At Work[edit]

Sheen: You mean this is all a crazy dream? All right! Bring on the dancing tubas!

Skeet: Picture of money... picture of money... Ha! Got you! Big McThankies from McSpanky's. Hey, dude, you missed a spot.

Skeet: You're quitting?! But dude, you're the first guy who fit in the costume.
Jimmy: I'm not quitting-- quite the opposite. I intend to show you all what I am capable of.

Carl: Hi, Mr. and Mrs. Neutron.
Judy: My goodness! You boys have turned this place into quite the hot spot.
Carl: Yup-- hope you enjoy it. Um... hold up, Mr. Neutron.
Hugh: What... I'm with her.
Carl: Whoa, whoa, whoa-- back it up, chief. Hmm... yeah... nope, sorry, not feeling it.
Hugh: What do you mean?
Carl: Don't make me spell it out, Mr. N., but your outfit just isn't saying McSpanky's to me.
Hugh: Oh, really? Well, maybe because it's too busy saying, "Step aside, Mr... Sassymouth before I tell your parents!"
Carl: Go ahead-- I turned them away two hours ago.
Hugh: That's just terrible. How could you... Hey, look, a famous movie star!
Carl: Where? Where?
Hugh: (snickers) Sucker.
Carl: What, I don't see anybody... Oh, I see him! Hi! No, that's not him.

The Mighty Wheezers[edit]

Sheen: Jimmy! I saw the whole thing! Carl and his folks have become Ultra-Wheezers! How cool is that?
Mrs. Wheezer: You boys sleep tight, now.
Jimmy: But it's only 7:30!
Mr. Wheezer: Now, Jimmy, early to bed, early to rise makes a man less prone to bronchial infection.
Mr. Wheezer: Come on, family! We're gonna climb Mt. Incredibly Unstable!
[Mrs. Wheezer and Carl look scared)
Carl: No one's ever climbed Mt. Incredibly Unstable and lived! I'm in!
Mrs. Wheezer: Me too.
[The Wheezers run off, shouting]

Billion Dollar Boy[edit]

[After Jimmy wins the kite-flying competition]

Hugh: Way to go, son! You made your ancestors proud.
Eustace: Yes, well done, Jimmy. Well done indeed. Listen, why don't you and your "people" pop over to the compound for a celebratory Flurp and ice cream banquet?
Jimmy: I think I'd rather gargle liquid Nitrogen!
Hugh: Jimbo, that was rude. Now your ancestors are ashamed again.
Eustace (to Jimmy): Make ready, Neutron: you're about to face the ultimate triumph in expensive robot technology. Blix, bring out the RA multi-unit!
[Blix lets a small, cat-like robot into the arena]
Carl: Aw, it's adorable!
Sheen: They just don't make crazed, berserk robots like they used to.

Win, Lose and Kaboom![edit]

Season 3[edit]

Attack of the Twonkies[edit]

Jimmy: Guys! This isn't the time for blame. If it were I'd be saying things like "I tried to tell you" and "Why didn't you jerks listen to me?"
Principal Willoughby: Look, Sheen, as chorus master, I know talent...
Miss Fowl: And that's what you have: no talent!
Cindy ( in a sweet tone) Um, Jimmy? If you're done talking to yourself.... (yelling) WE HAVE A SITUATION HERE!!!
Jimmy: This isn't over, people! If we don't blast that monster back to the comet in the next ten minutes, he's stuck here for another year!
Sam: That's bad.
Sheen: I'll just sing to him every time he wakes up.
Miss Fowl: That's worse!
Sam: Yeah!

Lights! Camera! Danger![edit]

The N Men[edit]

Sheen: Engines down! Losing power! Abandon ship!
Libby: You're enjoyin' that massage chair a little too much.
Sheen: Set boosters on "Lower back"! Engage!

Jimmy: I think I see what happened. You all got super powers based on what you were doing when the Van Patten rays hit.
Cindy: And you just turned orange?! How lame is that?!
Jimmy: It's not lame! Maybe my cells store massive amounts of vitamin C or something.
Carl: [Sniffs] Mmm. He does have a pleasing, fruity aroma.
[Both laugh]
Sheen: Guys, get serious. We've all been endowed with incredible power. And I say we use that power to attack Tokyo! [Runs to Tokyo and back] Guys, come on, pick up the pace.
Jimmy: Sheen's right! Except for the part about Tokyo—we have been given incredible power. But we should use it to fight crime.
Sheen: Why didn't I think of that?
Libby: You mean... become superheroes?
Cindy: I hate to admit it, but that would be cool.
Carl: I can fight crime, but I have to be home by 5:30.
Sheen: Stack hands, everyone. We need to make a solemn vow.
[All stack hands.]
Sheen: Let those who do evil beware! From this day forth, we shall be known as: The Fantastic League of Justice-Bringing Avenging Men!
Libby: Excuse me?!
Sheen: And two girls.

The Tomorrow Boys[edit]

Future Cindy: NERDTRON! Nerdtron, what are you doing?! You're supposed to be soaking my mother's feet! And if it's not done every hour on the hour, she experiences severe flaking!!
Future Jimmy: Cindy, can you not call me Nerdtron? [scoffs] Now that we're married?
[The word "married" repeats itself, slowing down each time.]
Jimmy: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...[commercial break, after which Jimmy is still screaming.]...OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
Carl: Wow. You just screamed for four minutes, Jim.
Sheen: I'm both impressed and disturbed.


[Repeated line]
Baby Quackers: Gotta go potty! [puddle forms under her] Ooopsie!


Jimmy Goes to College[edit]

The League of Villains[edit]

Who's Your Mommy?[edit]

Jimmy: Welcome to Planet Schmangy! ...Again.

Jimmy: The strange appetite, the mood swings, the glowing buldges... Carl, I don't know how to say this, so I'll whisper it in Sheen's ear and he'll blurt it out in astonishment. [Whispers to Sheen]

Clash of the Cousins[edit]

baby eddie "i'm baby eddie YEAH I"M A BABY, DEAL WITH IT!

Grandma tarters"ooh I could just eat you up and maybe I will Baby Eddie "say could you do me one favor? Grandma Tarters "i'm not changing you! Baby Eddie"come on!

Baby Eddie "Hey i'm a baby! Babies poop, What you didn't poop when you were a Baby!

Baby Eddie change this diaper or wear it rich boy! Eustage"Never!

Baby Eddie" you got something for me? well I got something for you, here five day old dirty Diaper!

My Big Fat Spy Wedding[edit]

Crouching Jimmy, Hidden Sheen[edit]

Jimmy: [in trying to find a way to help Sheen defeat a zealous karate practioner who wants to ursurp Sheen's position as "The Chosen One"] There's only one way to help Sheen train.
Sheen: [in front of a dojo] A tutor?
Jimmy: We have no other choice!
Sheen: Why don't you just make me take piano lessons while I'm at it?
[The Dojo head, Master Hong, answers the door]
Master Hong: Yes?
Jimmy: Master Hong?
Sheen: Dude, aren't you a little old to teach kung-fu?
Master Hong: [calmly, holding out a pebble] Snatch this pebble from my hand.
Sheen: [sarcastically] Snatch the pebble... too easy! [gets slammed around by Master Hong] You're hired!

Lead Shangri-Llama Monk: [of Sheen] To the Chosen One! Long may he put his leg behind his head!

The Incredible Shrinking Town[edit]

Sheen: Aw, cheer up, Jimmy. Hey, after the game, you wanna come over to watch Wizard of Oz? I love those little monkeys. [Jimmy glares at him.] What? What'd I say? Man, you dinky guys are so touchy.
Jimmy: You guys have no idea what it's like to be the short guy. It's's like...
Sheen: Uh, you're not gonna sing, are you?

Sheen: [Reading a message about the Vomitorium] Do not go on this ride if you have a bad back, bad neck, or hate puking.

[The space bandits have captured the citizens and are taking them on the McSpanky's ship.]
Cindy: Well, we can all thank our favorite boy genius for getting us into mortal danger -- again!
Libby: At least we can say we had an exciting childhood.
Carl: [sees the ship] Hey, look, it's the old McSpanky's burger joint that we used to work at till you shot it at the sun, Jimmy.
Jimmy: They've turned it into a spaceship.
Sheen: [opens a fake treasure chest] It's okay, our worries are over! We're rich!! [hugs it]
[Jimmy rolls his eyes.]

One of Us[edit]

Vanishing Act[edit]

The Trouble with Clones[edit]

The Evil Beneath[edit]

Carl Wheezer, Boy Genius[edit]

Who Framed Jimmy Neutron?[edit]


How to Sink a Sub[edit]

Lady Sings The News[edit]

(Everyone walks away, and Jimmy kisses Cindy)

Carl: Hey, Guys! Okay, you're coming back right? Guys! My scapula!

Butch: "Jimmy and Cindy sitting in a--" (Cindy forcefully punches him sqarely in the stomach) Butch (panting on the floor): ".....tree."

King of Mars[edit]

El Magnifico[edit]

Best in Show[edit]

Jimmy Timmy Power Hour Trilogy[edit]

Jimmy Timmy Power Hour[edit]

Timmy: [waiting for the Decimator software to download] 4%? C'MON, DOWNLOAD!! Be patient, Turner. You're a bulgy scientist now. Bulgy scientists require discipline, perseverence, and above all... I'm bored!

Timmy: [using Jimmy's Hypno Beam] You think you're- Mighty Mom!
Judy Neutron: [under hypnosis] Quickly spinning around, Judy Neutron transforms herself into...MIGHTY MOM!!! Super powered hero of domestic order! My hyper domestic senses detect dirt, danger, and dirt! Vacuum cleaner powered flight: activate! Hoosh![runs off, bumping into something and breaking it and she puffs up] I'll clean that up.

Goddard: [as Decimator; targeting the Purple Flurp Factory] New player; you dare to challenge Decimator? Your future is cancelled!

[Jimmy appears on Goddard's screen, shortly after his revival.]
Timmy: Hey, it's that kid!
Cindy: It's Neutron.
Sheen: [Looks back and forth between Jimmy and Timmy] But I thought that...
Carl: Then you're not...

Timmy: You bought Mr Crocker to Fairy world? What kind of genius are you?
Jimmy: You brought a girl into my lab? What kind of genius are you?
Cindy: Back off him, Nerd-tron! Timmy's already saved the day, and saved your dog, in half the time you would've.
Timmy: Listen, there might be a way to stop Crocker if-
Jimmy: Like I care what you think! As long as my dog's OK, we're done. {shuts off his wristwatch}

[Timmy wishes for himself and Jimmy to go home; they meet up with each other and shake hands.]
Jimmy: Jimmy Neutron, boy genius.
Timmy: Timmy Turner, uh...boy!
Jimmy: Thanks for saving my dog.
Timmy: Thanks for saving my... uh...
Jimmy: Fairy programs?
[Both change back to their usual 2D/3D forms.]
Timmy: Sure, fairy programs. Sorry I was such a jerk.
Jimmy: No problem. We geniuses have to stick together.
Timmy: Uh, between you and me, I'm not really all that smart.
Jimmy: I know, I kind of figured that out when I saw all the F's.
Cindy: [Sticks her head out the Retroville portal and gasps] I'll never forget you, Timmy Turner! Never! Wait for me! WAIT FOR ME!!!
Jimmy: Cindy, I know you've been through a lot the past few hours, but, um... GET OUT OF MY LAB!!!

[Last lines]
Principle Waxaplax: [gasps upon seeing Goddard] Timmy, what an astounding project! You get an "A", and first prize. You're clearly smarter than A.J. or his clones!
Timmy: Thanks, boy genius.
Jimmy: Ah, don't mention it, average kid who no one understands.
Cindy: Is that Timmy? Timmy! Hi! Tell him I said hi!

When Nerds Collide[edit]

Timmy: Oh man, Crocker's right! No girl in the universe would date me! [Stops in front of three girls]
Red-haired girl: Oh, my gosh, It's that boy who talks to inanimate objects! Just smile and back away slowly... [They slink away.]
Timmy: Wait a minute. Girl in this universe?
[He has a series of flashbacks of his time with Cindy.]
Cindy: [In Jimmy's lab] He's so smart! [Walking down a sidewalk] You're so funny! [Saying goodbye] I'll never forget you, Timmy Turner, never!
[End flashbacks.]
Timmy: Duh! I can't believe I forgot her!

Carl and Sheen: Small-headed Jimmy!
Jimmy: Guys, his name's Timmy!
Carl and Sheen: Small-headed Timmy!

Jimmy: Cindy would never go to a dance with a lunkhead like Timmy! Unless he fooled her into thinking he's really smart and really funny...
[He has the same flashbacks that Timmy had.]
Cindy: [In Jimmy's lab] He's so smart! [Walking down a sidewalk] You're so funny!
[End flashbacks.]

(In Dimsdale)

Sheen: Hey, look! I'm totally flat! (Falls on the ground)

(In Retroville)

Timmy: I wish I have a cool rocket like Neutron's

(Everyone stares at him)

Timmy: (hesitating) that I will now invent behind this tree.

Professor Calamitous: [combined with Jorgen, in Retroville] Oh joy! Having a magical collaberator has allowed my to accomplish every item on my new to-do list. I've terroized the inhabitants with prehistoric creatures, imprisoned Jimmy's loved ones in carbonite, and made this sandwich to nourish my strapping new body.
Jorgen: This sandwich is unacceptable! Sourdough is the lowest form of bread.
Professor Calamitous: [sternly] You'll eat it and you'll like it.
Jorgen: This- indignity- will be avenged! [eats sandwich] Mmm, spicy mustard.
Cindy: [thinking Jimmy and Timmy are dead] The two boys I love are gone, and now you'll probably do something to me!
Professor Calamitous: Ah, a gentleman would never harm a lady. Besides, I need you so you can witness this. [poofs up a giant bomb] I call it my Big Bang Bomb! It has an explosion so powerful, it will rip the very fabric of time! The Earth will revert to its original state, allowing me to remake it in my own glorious image. [laughs evilly]
Jorgen: You madman! [pause] Could you please pass the pickle relish?

(Chip Skylark's "My Shiny Teeth and Me" song plays in a multi-dimensinal Friday the 13th dance between Retroville and Dimsdale)

Cindy: I'm having a great time, Neutron.
Jimmy: Me too, Cindy. I'm glad you could spend the dance time with me.
Timmy: Mind if I cut in?

(Timmy pulls Cindy into Dimsdale)

Jimmy: Hey! The upbeat groovy dances were mine!
Dimsdale Libby: I can't belive we're jamming at the first ever multi-dimensinal dance party!
Sheen: (Switches between Retroville and Dimsdale) Yeah, look! I'm flat! I'm bulgy! I'm flat! I'm bulgy!

(Carl whispers in Retroville Wanda's ear. Wanda, shakingly, transforms professor calamitous into judy neutron)

Carl:(suavely) Hi, Mrs. Neutron!
Retroville Cosmo: Whoo, yeah!

The Jerkinators[edit]

Jimmy: You're goin' down, Turner!
Timmy: YOU'RE goin' down, Neutron!
Wanda: Actually, you're both goin' down.

Jimmy and Timmy: AHHH! Awesome! AHHH!
Cosmo and Wanda: AHHH! Not awesome! AHHH!

Jimmy: Adapting?
Timmy: Well it won't be easy. Every time we throw something he adapts.

Shirley: [captures Jimmy] You think you're so special; well, what if I took away what makes you so special, like your genius?
Jimmy: And how do you propose to do that?! {drains Jimmy's brainpower away while gripping him with his tentacles}
Shirley: Einstein's Theory of Relativity describes that energy equals mass times times the square root of the speed of light. The p in 'pneumonia' is silent, and all-day soccer rounds last about 22.3 hours. I AM a genius! {hurls Jimmy away}
Jimmy: Well, now you're in for it. I have my tools right here, so I can build something to- {notices a monster trucks ad} Monster Truck Rally! Oh no! My brainpower is almost gone. But who cares? The big trucks is gonna eat the little trucks!

Cindy: [to Shirley] What are going to do with them?
Shirley: Giving them a front row seat to the destruction of both of their universes! [casually] You have two days to live; enjoy yourselves and have a blast! Oh, and here's a portal in case you want to save yourselves and come hang with me. [poofs up a portal to his dimension]
Wanda: Oh no! He's going to destroy everything.
Cosmo: I wanna go home!
A.J.: I want to go back to the 21st Century; where I'll still have 200 years to live.
Sheen: I want to see the monster trucks! The big trucks is gonna eat the little trucks!
Chester: Sorry, dude. That's three days from now. The universe will be gone by then. [Sheen cries out in agony]
Shirley: Oops, almost forgot! [poofs the sign for Dimmsdale into his dimension, and laughs menacingly]

(In Shirley's universe)

Cindy: I got an idea. Carl turn around.
Carl: Why? (Cindy pulls up his underwear and writes on it)
Cindy: Alright we know he is big, we know he has superpowers and we know he has weapons.
Cosmo: And look! There's a smiling sun!
Cindy: All we have to do is get rid all three of those.

(A "Poof" cloud forms in Shirley's universe)

Mr. Turner:Hey, what's going on?
Hugh: I can't move!

(Shirley tips them over like dominoes, spelling "Villans Rulez")

Shirley: Well, that was anticlimatic. Of course I rule!
Cindy: I can't belive it!
Libby: Nethier do I! He spelled "rules" with a "Z"! What's up with that?

Timmy: [trying to think of a plan to stop Shirley] Can you think of any ideas?
Jimmy: Just two: monkeys make me laugh, and there's probably something in my lab to help us get out of this.
Timmy: Or we could look for something in your lab to get us out of this.
Jimmy: Why didn't I think of that?
Timmy: Because I'm smarter than you.


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