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The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius is a show that ran on Nickelodeon from 2002–2006. The show follows the life of genius kid Jimmy Neutron and his friends and family. It is also based on the 2001 CGI film Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.

Attack of the Twonkies[edit]

Jimmy: Guys! This isn't the time for blame. If it were I'd be saying things like "I tried to tell you" and "Why didn't you jerks listen to me?" Now all your stories have a common theme.
Carl: Painful biting?
Butch: Massive blood loss?
Jimmy: No! Music! Harmonic patterns causes the Twonkies to morph into hostile beasts and attack the source of the sound! We've got to shut down all the music in town before the rest of the Twonkies hear.
Libby: You can't stop the music!
Jimmy: We've got to!

[Sheen volunteers for the school chorus]
Sheen: [singing badly] HOME, HOME ON THE RANGE--
Principal Willoughby: NEXT!!!
Sheen: Eh, pardon?
Principal Willoughby: Thank you. That's all I needed to hear.
Sheen: Well, I can't say I'm surprised. Now, let's talk rehearsal schedule, man. Tuesdays, I have my action figure support so that's no good for me. Mondays...
Principal Willoughby: Oh, dear. I better explain. Um, Sheen, amigo, I'm afraid you won't be joining the chorus.
Sheen: What?! You're rejecting me?!
Principal Willoughby: Now, now, now, don't take it personally. We needed an alto, and well, you're a... You're a...
Miss Fowl: You're a terrible singer!
Principal Willoughby: Miss Fowl! You see, Sheen, your voice... Um, how shall I put this?
Miss Fowl: Your voice scares small children!
Principal Willoughby: Miss Fowl, please! Look, Sheen, as chorus master, I know talent...
Miss Fowl: And that's what you have: no talent! [Principal Willougby is about to burst] I'm done.

[Sheen volunteers again disguised a with a mustache]
Sheen: [singing badly] HOME, HOME ON THE RANGE--
Principal Willoughby: NEXT!!!
Sheen: Please let me in the chorus! [Miss Fowl rips Sheen's fake mustache off his face] My voice grows on you!
Miss Fowl: So do liver spots, but they don't make you look at them! [cracks up laughing]
Principal Willoughby: Now, Miss Fowl, that's not funny. [begins laughing] Okay, that's a little funny, but you know...
Sheen: I've got half a mind to report you!
Principal Willoughby: Half a mind? No wonder you can't sing! [he and Miss Fowl burst out in laughter as Sheen storms out the auditorium] Oh, we are so fired. [Miss Fowl looks shocked]

Cindy: [in a sweet tone] Um, Jimmy? If you're done talking to yourself... [yelling] WE HAVE A SITUATION HERE!!!

Jimmy: This isn't over, people! If we don't blast that monster back to the comet in the next ten minutes, he's stuck here for another year!
Sam: That's bad.
Sheen: I'll just sing to him every time he wakes up.
Miss Fowl: That's worse!
Sam: Yeah!

Lights! Camera! Danger![edit]

[repeated line]
Quentin Smithee: And action!

Butch: Mr. Smithee, do I start this thing?
Quentin Smithee: I have no idea. Just keep pushing buttons until something happens. And...

Quentin Smithee: [found out that Hugh sung the Donut Boy theme song in the alley] No. This is the scene where you [throws the box of donuts to the ground] get lost!

The N Men[edit]

Sheen: Engines down! Losing power! Abandon ship!
Libby: You're enjoyin' that massage chair a little too much.
Sheen: Set boosters on "Lower back"! Engage!

Jimmy: I think I see what happened. You all got super powers based on what you were doing when the Van Patten rays hit.
Cindy: And you just turned orange?! How lame is that?!
Jimmy: It's not lame! Maybe my cells store massive amounts of vitamin C or something.
Carl: [sniffs] Mmm. He does have a pleasing, fruity aroma.
[Both laugh]
Sheen: Guys, get serious. We've all been endowed with incredible power. And I say we use that power to attack Tokyo! [Runs to Tokyo and back] Guys, come on, pick up the pace.
Jimmy: Sheen's right! Except for the part about Tokyo—we have been given incredible power. But we should use it to fight crime.
Sheen: Why didn't I think of that?
Libby: You mean... become superheroes?
Cindy: I hate to admit it, but that would be cool.
Carl: I can fight crime, but I have to be home by 5:30.
Sheen: Stack hands, everyone. We need to make a solemn vow.
[All stack hands.]
Sheen: Let those who do evil beware! From this day forth, we shall be known as: The Fantastic League of Justice-Bringing Avenging Men!
Libby: Excuse me?!
Sheen: And two girls.

[Neutron lab; 3 days later]
Jimmy: I know, Goddard, but I can’t stop working. I’m still missing one last ingredient for my superpower antidote. If only this mutant gene wasn’t so hard to crack. Maybe if I tried a submolecular scam. [Screen shows Fatal Gene countdown to six hours] No. It can’t be! Their powers are burning up their metabolisms! Their life forces will be drained in six hours! [bangs on his keypad] GOTTA WORK FASTER! [accidentally spills some Purple Flurp on the keyboard] No, no, NO! Now I'll never find a cure in time! [becomes extremely livid while throwing a fit] Why do I even care? All they did was mock me, especially Cindy. She makes me so angry! [furiously throws a binocular box off-screen, crashing it; scaring Goddard] If only I'd gotten a cool superpower too, then I'd make her pay. I'd make em ALL pay! (camera zooms in on his eye) [growls lividly] What's wrong with me? (eye color changes green) [voice deepens] Feeling strange. Thoughts, cloudy. Image of Cindy burning in my brain! [exterior of the clubhouse; bursts out through the door in his hulk-like muscular form, roaring] JIMMY DID GET SUPERPOWER! NOW JIMMY STRONG! NOW JIMMY SMASH!!!

Sam: [throwing an apple at Hulk Jimmy] Take that you misterable mistake of nature, yeah! [throws another apple at him]
Judy: No, don't! You're only making him angry!

Cindy: Carl, why haven't you tried to perfect your super belches?
Carl: I'm scared to, for my burps are way to dangerous.
Sheen: But Carl, your destructive potential is part of the reason we love you.
Carl: DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND?! No more spice food or carbonated beverages! I've got to guard against even the slightest hiccup!
Sheen: You mean no more chalupas? I feel your pain, dude.

Cindy: Guys, I think that orange-rampaging monster is Neutron!
Libby: Those rays must've had some kind of delayed reaction on him.
Carl: We gotta do something. The army might really hurt him!
Cindy: All I did was make fun of him and, he still promised to help us. We have to help him!

The Tomorrow Boys[edit]

Future Cindy: NERDTRON! Nerdtron, what are you doing?! You're supposed to be soaking my mother's feet! And if it's not done every hour on the hour, she experiences severe flaking!!
Future Jimmy: Cindy, can you not call me Nerdtron? [scoffs] Now that we're married?
[The word "married" repeats itself, slowing down each time.]
Jimmy: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...[commercial break, after which Jimmy is still screaming.]...OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
Carl: Wow. You just screamed for four minutes, Jim.
Sheen: I'm both impressed and disturbed.

Future Carl: Yeah. I remember the first time I saw Mrs. V's feet.


Baby Quackers: [repeated line] Gotta go potty! [puddle forms under her] Ooopsie!


Jimmy Goes to College[edit]

Butch: Big words: they hurt, they hurt!

Butch: Big molecules: they hurt, they hurt!

Who's Your Mommy?[edit]

Jimmy: Welcome to Planet Schmangy! ...Again.

Jimmy: The strange appetite, the mood swings, the glowing buldges... Carl, I don't know how to say this, so I'll whisper it in Sheen's ear and he'll blurt it out in astonishment. [whispers to Sheen]
Carl: [jumps in shock] What!?

Clash of the Cousins[edit]

Jimmy: Happy Birthday, great Aunt Amanda! You're looking more beautiful and less wrinkly every year.
Aunt Amanda: No thanks you, young man, your gadgets and gewgaws have taken ten years off my life!
Judy: But, Aunt Amanda, how can you say that? Jimmy's gadgets have saved the town dozens of times.
Aunt Kari: Sure. After he brought down a giant meteor to destroy us all.
Uncle Newt: Or those evil rotting aliens.
Cousin Annabelle: Or pants! Horrible walking pants!
Cousin Gomer: Which cousin are you again?
Hugh: Now, now, now, Newt, Kari, Cousin Gomer, Cousin Annabelle... and little Eddie, let's not fight. We're gathered together because we love our dear Aunt Amanda and not because her fabulous wealth controls our very destiny.
Jimmy: Yeah, can't we all just get along?
Aunt Amanda: No! Because of you, the Neutron name isn't respectable anymore. Why can you be nice like your two young friends?

Cousin Gomer: I got my hand caught in the pickle jar…

Aunt Amanda: This is the child you raised?! A vicious, rotten baby mauler?!
Jimmy: It's not what you think, Aunt Amanda! Eddie's an evil genius! He was trying to blow everyone up so he could get your fortune!
Baby Eddie: Goo.
Hugh: He takes after [points at Judy] her side of the family!
Judy: Hugh!
Hugh: He may be adopted. It looks nothing like me.

Baby Eddie: You broke my rattle! You dweeby, no-good, pointy-haired, weasel-face freak! Uh, I mean... Goo!
Aunt Amanda: That baby's a bad seed! [to Jimmy] It's Jimmy who's the good nephew!

Aunt Kari: I'm so sorry little Eddie tried to destroy us all.
Jimmy: If I were you Aunt Kari, I'd keep him on a baby leash.
Baby Eddie: Oh, no. Not the leash!

Crouching Jimmy, Hidden Sheen[edit]

Jimmy: [in trying to find a way to help Sheen defeat a zealous karate practioner who wants to ursurp Sheen's position as "The Chosen One"] There's only one way to help Sheen train.
Sheen: [in front of a dojo] A tutor?
Jimmy: We have no other choice!
Sheen: Why don't you just make me take piano lessons while I'm at it?
[The Dojo head, Master Hong, answers the door]
Master Hong: Yes?
Jimmy: Master Hong?
Sheen: Dude, aren't you a little old to teach kung-fu?
Master Hong: [calmly, holding out a pebble] Snatch this pebble from my hand.
Sheen: [sarcastically] Snatch the pebble... too easy! [gets slammed around by Master Hong] You're hired!

Lead Shangri-Llama Monk: [of Sheen] To the Chosen One! Long may he put his leg behind his head!

The Incredible Shrinking Town[edit]

Sheen: Aw, cheer up, Jimmy. Hey, after the game, you wanna come over to watch Wizard of Oz? I love those little monkeys. [Jimmy glares at him.] What? What'd I say? Man, you dinky guys are so touchy.
Jimmy: You guys have no idea what it's like to be the short guy. It's's like...
Sheen: Uh, you're not gonna sing, are you?

Sheen: [Reading a message about the Vomitorium] Do not go on this ride if you have a bad back, bad neck, or hate puking.

Cindy: Now listen Neutron, you'd better...
Carl: [imitating Cindy's mother] Cynthia Vortex! Come over here and help your mother clean up Humphrey's extremely large poopy poo-poo!
Cindy: Oh, just make us big Neutron!

[The space bandits have captured the citizens and are taking them on the McSpanky's ship.]
Cindy: Well, we can all thank our favorite boy genius for getting us into mortal danger -- again!
Libby: At least we can say we had an exciting childhood.
Carl: [sees the ship] Hey, look, it's the old McSpanky's burger joint that we used to work at till you shot it at the sun, Jimmy.
Jimmy: They've turned it into a spaceship.
Sheen: [opens a fake treasure chest] It's okay, our worries are over! We're rich!! [hugs it]
[Jimmy rolls his eyes.]

Cindy: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Time out! May I just remind everybody, this was ALL Neutron's fault?!

One of Us[edit]

Jimmy: (narrating) There we were, running for our lives from our best friends and family. How did this happen? It all began on a normal day at school.

Jimmy: Libby, did you just turn some music off?
Libby: [turns slowly to Jimmy; also smiling] Hello Jimmy, I'm happy to see you. Did you watch "The Happy Show Show" last night?

Jimmy: Grandma Taters, I presume!
Grandma Taters: Well, hello, honey, come on in. Would you like some hard candy?
Jimmy: I know what you're up to, lady.
Grandma Taters: [pinches Jimmy's cheek] Well, aren't you a smart little boy?

The Trouble with Clones[edit]

Evil Jimmy: I hate that little dweeb.

Jimmy: (as Evil Jimmy clogged his rocket's engine with a watermelon) I really hate that clone.

Hugh Neutron: Ah, goodbye mild backache. (the world returns to normal and tackles the ground) Hello, painful...backache.

[last lines]
Evil Jimmy: You're not gonna get away with this, wimpy dip! You can't keep that an evil clone down, I'll be back! [laughs evilly]

[DNA Productions logo]
Paul the Three-Eyed Monkey: Now what do you want me to say now?

Who Framed Jimmy Neutron?[edit]

El Magnifico[edit]

Best in Show[edit]

King of Mars[edit]

Cindy: Well it's your fault! [points to Jimmy]
Jimmy: What?!
Cindy: Oh, don't act dumb! At least Eustace treated me like an equal. You act like I don't even exist!
Jimmy: You are so clueless, Vortex! Of course I know you exist, that’s why I pretend to ignore you!

How to Sink a Sub[edit]

Jimmy: Spread the word, people! School's out!
[they throw a party]
Sheen: I'm the king of the world! [gets hit]
Jimmy: [flying around the hallway with a rocket board] Coming through, watch it! [his rocket board gets magnitized] Hey, what's wrong with my rocket board?! [screams as he's pulled by Judy; shocked] Mom?!
Judy: You are so grounded, mister!
Hugh: [pops out of a trash can] She's right, Jimbo. I'm afraid your senseless reign of carnage is over.
Carl: Hi, Jimmy. You said to spread the word, so I told our parents.

Judy: Children, please go to your classrooms. Until Miss Fowl and the others return, we parents will be filling in as substitute teachers.
[All the students groan in dismay]
Jimmy: [speechless] Substitute teachers?!
Mr. Wheezer: Good idea, Judy. The kids shouldn't miss one precious day of education.
Jimmy: Mom, Dad, you can't do this! It'll be totally embarrassing!
Hugh: Don't be silly, Jimbo. Your mother would never dream of embarrassing you.

Jimmy: I can't take it anymore! I actually wish we had our old teachers back!
Carl: Are you gonna finish your soy mulch?
Jimmy: Parents want to be substitute teachers, huh? Well, I say, it's time to sink some subs.

Lady Sings The News[edit]

[Everyone walks away, and Jimmy kisses Cindy.]
Carl: Hey, Guys! Okay, you're coming back right? Right? Guys! My scapula!

Butch: "Jimmy and Cindy sitting in a--"
[Cindy forcefully punches him squarely in the stomach.]
Butch: [panting on the floor] ".....tree."

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