The Fixies: Top Secret

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The Fixies: Top Secret



  • Super!
  • Verda, catch that!
  • And so, you can at least anywhere to go? (originally "fly anywhere?")
  • Well, what have I done!...


  • Did you call All-Freekazoid?
  • I'm not even Fire, I'm the FireWork!
  • Not wreckie, this fixie is the next generation, and want you something to fix, it is necessary first to wreck it! When fixing is so boring, I like wrecking!
  • Hello, your faults! I'm everywhere! (in the trailer "I'm just irresistible!")
  • This school is junk, and everything there is JUNK! We will make room for the laboratories! ZAPP!
  • Heyeyey! And why you don't wreck anything? All you FAILED and parents to school!
  • Oh! In that lightsphere I'm just irresistible.
  • Well, you clowns! Better than the circus! You forgot to say TIDEESH/TYIDYISHCH!
  • I need an outlet, at least one outleetie!


  • But I've got in mathematic sphere — I didn't not understand something... (freely not included in the movie!)
  • That's just Tom-Thomas' fathe remained the videos, and ALL of us — are on it!...


  • You can show yourself, that is Proffered Eugenius!


  • — 'Just a screw', you say? — Sorry employee guy, it's just a perfect secrecy!
  • — Why you scared Elisa again here?! What to do when fixie... — I know, I Know! Again, I want the screw to turn? First you — catch me up!
  • — The fire that changed his mind! Give bracelets! — To give shiny? They are MINE! Well, you don't even know what they can do with in practice! Learn it cause knowledge is light!
  • — Fire, don't dare this! — Ha-ha-ha! Such a big guy here, and you're all playing the toys here!
  • — Nolik? ...and this stupid outlet... What have you done here?! — I turned off the electricity...TIDEESH! — Nolik turned off the 'FireWorkCity'. — Nolik is back now!


Character USA
Fire Thomas Middleditch
Firework Jodi Eichelberger
Digit Bill Nye the Science Guy
Grandpus Danny DeVito
Proffered Eugenius Ed Helms


The screw[edit]


Eenie, meenie, whity know!

Got a fixie's on a row!

And no one of appliance works

Cause it seems to FireWorks!

If you think that fixie's nothing,---