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The Garbage Can Man Show is computer-animated web series created by Preston Hazard in 2016.[1] [2]

Season 1[edit]

Super Weird [1.1][edit]

[First lines of the series]
Garbage Can Man: "Garbage Can Man!"
Mouth: "Garbage Can Man Knows Best."
Man #1: "Um, I'm sorry."
Garbage Can Man: "The Garbage Can light, someone's in danger!"
Garbage Can Man: "I'll save you little boy!"
Garbage Can Man: "You're Welcome!"
Father: "Thank you for saving my son, my head moves like a chicken ahh, It's growing again!"
Man #2: "That Was so weird!"

Bush Johnson [1.2][edit]

Dick Johnson: [Dick and Peter are sitting on a couch] "Don't you think you want a job"?
Peter Johnson: "No."
Peter Johnson: "I'm moving to the bush."
Peter Johnson: "Waite, how can I afford to fly a plane?"
Peter Johnson: "I miss you brother, I'm coming home!"
Dick Johnson: "Brother!"

Clown Scare [1.3][edit]

Man #1: "You Arn't quitting just because you saw a ghost clown!"
Clown #1: "No way, I'm out of here!"
Clown #2: "I quit!"
Snake Man: "I dare you to go in there and spend the night."
Man #2: "I will do it!"
Garbage Can Man: "The Garbage Can Light, Garbage Can Man away!"

Johnson Prank Calls [1.4][edit]

Peter Johnson: "I'm bored."
Dick Johnson: "How bout we prank call somebody!"
Peter Johnson: " Let me think of who we should prank call... Let's prank call 911!"
Jim Morrison: "This is the town of New Haven P.D., Jim Morrison speaking."
Peter Johnson: "Chocolate tastes gooooood!"
Cop: "Why did you guys call the hot line?"
Peter Johnson: "We're sorry, it was just a prank call."
Dick Johnson: "Well what do you guys want to do?
Peter Johnson: "Eat!"
Dick Johnson: "Other then our outfits. shouldn't something weird be happening?"

Halloween Special [1.5][edit]

Garbage Can Man: "I'm going to throw a super party"
Garbage Can Man: "The first step to a great party is writing well written invitations to all you friends!"

Season 2[edit]

Riders on the Storm [2.1][edit]

Dick Johnson: Hey peter, are you coming with the popcorn?
Peter Johnson: In a sec...
Peter Johnson: Popcorn is a served!
Dick Johnson: Common, you're going to miss the weather man!
Weather man: Storm warning!
Dick Johnson:We better batten down the hatches!
Peter Johnson: It looks okay to me.
Peter Johnson: Better call an exorcist.
Dick Johnson: The storm should be over soon.
Dick Johnson: Any minute!
Dick Johnson: Fellow space unit Peter, it stopped!

Creepy Super-villain Chaos [2.2[edit]

Garbage Can Man: I wonder who that could be?
Zombie man: Excuse me, can I have a place to stay?
Zombie man: I won't be a bother, you'll hardly know I'm around.
Garbage Can Man: And your not going to hurt me?
Zombie man: Now why would I do that?

Merry Cowsmas[edit]

Dick Johnson: Ahh Cowsmas, that special time of year when everybody opens up their dark hearts and believes in Santa cow claws!
Peter Johnson: Who the heck is that?
Dick Johnson: You don't know who cow claws is?
Dick Johnson: Why Peter, he's every thing good in the world!

Sir King Garbage[edit]

Man #1: It's finally finished!
Garbage Can Man: Ye old Garbage Can Man!
I want a stick to clean my ****!
Producer: Cut, no profanities!

Weiner Bros[edit]

Dick Johnson: I can't believe we're finally in Hawaii!
Peter Johnson: I can't believe how much you threw up on the plane!
Jenny: Harry go get the guys room.
Harry: Should we leave them alone?

Season 3[edit]

Guns N' Johnsons[edit]

Dick Johnson: Hey Peter, film me with my phone!
Peter Johnson: Okay Dick!
Dick Johnson: Home, home on the range...
Peter Johnson: Let's post it to Spewtube!