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The Gifted is an American TV show, created for Fox by Matt Nix, based on the X-men comics. Reed and Caitlin Strucker are ordinary parents who take their family on the run after they discover their children's mutant abilities.

Season 1[edit]

eXposed [1.1][edit]

Andy Strucker: I snuck out. I thought I'd go with you.
Lauren Strucker: Didn't you tell Mom you were going to bed?
Andy: Yeah, that's why they call it sneaking.

Caitlin Strucker: I just can't believe there wasn't any warning.
Lauren: Mom, accept it. Andy is a mutant. That's how mutant abilities first appear - it's moments of stress or danger. Dad talks about this all the time.
Caitlin: Lauren, I... we-we all know about your father's work. I-I just don't see how that suddenly makes you an expert.
Lauren: Mom. I know because... How do you think we got out of that gym?
Caitlin: What are you saying?
Lauren: I got us out.
Caitlin: You, too?
Lauren: Remember when we were coming back from that concert at church? And the truck almost hit us? For weeks, you were saying it was a miracle we didn't die. Mom... it wasn't a miracle.
Caitlin: That was three years ago. Honey, why... why didn't you tell me?
Lauren: Don't you think I tried?
Caitlin: You can always talk to me. Always. Your-your dad, too. Whatever your issues.
Lauren: Are you serious? Dad puts people like us in jail.

Clarice Fong: I just wanted to say… thanks for, you know, saving me. Even though I threw a coffeepot at your head.
Marcos Diaz: And a mug.
Clarice: And a mug.

Clarice: You ever burn anyone with that?
Marcos: Uh-huh.
Clarice: What about your girlfriend? You ever burned her?
Marcos: Yeah. She doesn't care. That's why she's my girlfriend.
Clarice: Kinky.

Reed Strucker: Did you get any sleep?
Caitlin: Some. But I think you might be a mutant, too, with some sort of snoring ability.

rX [1.2][edit]

Caitlin: You and my husband had a deal to help our family.
Marcos: Yeah, we did.
Caitlin: I expect you to honor that deal. We need to get Reed back and we need to get out of the country.
Marcos: Do you know your husband was trying to send my girlfriend to prison, right?
Caitlin: He was following the law. Has he prosecuted mutants? Yes, but–
Marcos: But some of his best friends are mutants?
Caitlin: Try his children.
Marcos: That's exactly my point. Tell me this: if it wasn't your kids in that gym, would you be standing up for them? Would your husband?

Dr. Watkins: [after stitching up Marcos' arm] So, how exactly did this happen?
Caitlin: It was an accident.
Marcos: I was fixing stuff on the roof, and you know that sticker on the ladder that says "don't step above the step"? I stepped above the step.
Watkins: Well I guess we learned a lesson today.

Scar: Hey muti, muti, muti.
Lorna Dane: You have a problem?
Scar: We'll see. Mutis in here, they work for me. From now on, you're gonna do what you're told.
Lorna: Uh, and... what if I decline this exciting opportunity?
Scar: Oh believe me, you don't want to do that. You see, out there you got powers. But in here, I got powers.
Lorna: Well I bet you're pretty glad you met me in here.

Caitlin: Is it always that bad for mutants?
Marcos: You thought that was bad? That doc actually stitched me up before he called the cops. That's top-flight mutant healthcare right there.
Caitlin: I mean there are protections though. The Civil Rights Act.
Marcos: Uh yeah, mutant rights. They're a nice idea, but there's always an exception for public safety. All they have to do is call you dangerous and you know what happens to those so-called rights? Poof, they're gone.

Clarice: All this damage, was it me? Is everyone okay?
John Proudstar: You were a little hard on the trees and some furniture, but people survived.
Clarice: This place needed a remodeling anyway.

eXodus [1.3][edit]

Andy: Pick your piece.
Lauren: I'll be... nickel.
Andy: I think I'm gonna be the shoe.
Lauren: No, You can't be the shoe. Be the bottle cap.
Andy: What do you mean? I just called the shoe.
Lauren: I don't care! Put it back!
Andy: Hey, what's your problem, psycho?
Lauren: Dad's always the shoe, okay?

Clarice: Something changed after I got sick. I woke up with this new beauty mark here. [points at a scar over her right eye] And my powers... I don't know... they're broken.
John: Hey, abilities don't break. Most mutants first access their abilities from strong emotions: fear, anger, pain. But those are all unreliable. The challenge is to tap into something positive.
Clarice: Positive?
John: Mm hm.
Clarice: Like what? We do some hot yoga and find my spirit animal?
John: Umm.. no, thanks. I'm pretty sure your spirit animal would bite me.
Clarice: No, it'd rip your head off.
John: That's impossible, my head can't be ripped off.

Clarice: Literally I have the power to bail out of bad situations. So, being scared is just a big part of it.
John: It's not all of it. In the Marines, when you want to give up they train you to focus on what you care about most. To hold onto it like your life depended on it, because at some point it will.
Clarice: Okay, so what did you care about?
John: Back then I had a lot to prove, about being Apache, a mutant.
Clarice: But what if I don't have anything?

[Reed jumps out of the van]
Jace Turner: Was I unclear? Your job was to stay in the van.
Reed: You were clear enough.
Turner: You just made the biggest mistake of your life.
Reed: No, but I got pretty damn close.
Turner: We had a deal, Mr. Strucker.
Reed: And you can shove that deal up your ass.

Marcos: There's seven deep out front. Anything out back?
John: Yeah, there's four of them and then more outside the kitchen door. We're surrounded. Look, I can get us through a wall, but if they start shooting while we run, there's gonna be a fight.
Andy: Run? Why should we have to run?
Lauren: Didn't you hear them? There's an army out there.
Andy: Yeah, so what? We can take those guys.
John: Yeah, of course we can take them, but we do that people are gonna die.
Andy: Well maybe it's time these people learned.
Caitlin: Andy, you don't mean that.
Andy: Yes, I do. Listen to them mum, they hate us!


  • You can't escape what you are.
  • Family is the Ultimate Power


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