The Haunting Hour: The Series

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The Haunting Hour: The Series (2010–2014) is a Canadian-American original anthology horror-fantasy television series.

Season 1[edit]

Really You[edit]

Brandon Cauldwell: Maybe somebody's operating it by remote control.
Josh: The Chinese government!

A Creature Was Stirring[edit]

The Dead Body[edit]

Nightmare Inn[edit]

The Red Dress[edit]

Abigail: If you want something, you must pay for it.

Ghostly Stare[edit]


Jeffrey: I mean what do I get?
Sean: Don't you like livin' in a big house, having a nice car?
Jeffrey: That stuff's for you guys! I mean what do I get? I wonder how many people would be interested in hearing about the thing that lives in our walls?

Game Over[edit]

Alien Candy[edit]

Fear Never Knocks[edit]

Fear: Tell me exactly what you are afraid of my dear.
Jenny: I’m afraid of fear, of fear itself. I’m afraid of you!

Best Friend Forever[edit]

Black Mask[edit]

Afraid of Clowns[edit]

My Sister the Witch[edit]

Wrong Number[edit]

Stephani Howard: Everyone wants to matter in high school, but the truth? No one really does. And I know what you're thinking okay? "Don't be so melodramatic". But you wanna know what I'm thinking? Shove it! I'm Stephani Howard, the hot girl on the left, and I actually do matter. The slightly-less hot girl on the left s my BFF, Taylor Turner. She's such a follower! Watch this... In movies, the plain girl always gets the voiceover, which is SO anti-fair. You'd rather hear pretty girl thoughts. But, honestly? Hot girls like me don't waste our time thinking! We're much too busy...

Catching Cold[edit]

Jimmy Jeffries: The Truck is yours until someone else catches you, until then it's all you can eat.

Pool Shark[edit]

Lights Out[edit]

The Perfect Brother[edit]

Scary Mary[edit]

Season 2[edit]

Creature Feature[edit]

John Fade to black.

Swarmin' Norman[edit]

Mr. Dunwood: The bugs outnumber us by a factor of trillions, there's no way to stop them, if it ever comes down to us or them, we surely don't stand a chance.


Josh: See you later.
Reaper: Without a doubt.


Dave: But it'll still be light out! It's not trick-or-treating if it's not dark!
Scott: So? You're trick-or-treating in the school cafeteria. Whooo, scary MEATLOAF!

Brush with Madness[edit]



Bad Feng Shui[edit]

Jessica Chen: Do you think I stirred up a bunch bad chi?
Mr. Ming: When you invite guests to your house, expect him to eat what you serve.

The Hole[edit]


Bobby: Where do you come from?
Stranger: Do you know what that poem's about? The end of the world. I wonder why a lot of folks get so... edgy... about that. The end of the world, I mean... it'd be quiet. Nice and quiet.


Meg: No, no, no, I'm awake, I'm Awake!
Dream Catcher: If you were awake, I wouldn't be here!

The Most Evil Sorcerer[edit]

Stage Fright[edit]

Night of the Mummy[edit]


The Return of Lilly D.[edit]

Season 3[edit]


Shirley: Tell me, what year where you born?
Cristen: Please, just let me go. Please.
Shirley: Just answer the question.
Cristen: 1995.
Shirley: What a lovely year! Trust me folks, I had a small taste before we tied her up. It's a hearty red blood with a hint of licorice and a wonderful velvet finish. Let the games begin!

The Cast[edit]

The Weeping Woman[edit]



Red Eye[edit]

My Imaginary Friend[edit]

Poof De Fromage[edit]

The Golem[edit]

The Girl in the Painting[edit]

Checking Out[edit]

Terrible Love[edit]

Brendan Fletcher: You had me shot up with a love potion by an ancient god?
Maggie: Yes and I am so sorry.



Janitor: Look kid, some people never get out of this place, even after they leave, but I think you might make it.


Worry Dolls[edit]

Lovecraft's Woods[edit]

Coat Rack Cowboy[edit]

Long Live Rock and Roll[edit]

Dead Bodies[edit]

My Robot[edit]

Bad Egg[edit]

Toy Train[edit]

Uncle Howee[edit]

Jared: What do you want from me?
Loomis: The same thing Uncle Howee wants from all his little buddies! He want’s to be your friend!
Uncle Howee: That’s right Jared, just like the song says! Do you want to be my friend?
Loomis: I’d say yes if I were you!
Uncle Howee: Do you Jared, do you want to be my friend?
Jared: I guess.
Loomis: A guess is not a yes!

Season 4[edit]

I'm Not Martin[edit]

Sean Daly: Her cell phone number is...
Operator's voice: I'm sorry, sir, I don't know what a cell phone number is.
Sean Daly: But she only *has* a cell phone number. We got rid of the regular line when we go cable TV.
Operator's voice: What's cable TV?

Grandpa's Glasses[edit]

My Old House[edit]

Mrs. Worthington[edit]

Return of the Pumpkinheads[edit]

Near Mint Condition[edit]

Argh V[edit]

Lotsa Luck[edit]


Goodwill Toward Men[edit]


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