The Irelanders' Adventures of Toy Story

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The Irelanders' Adventures of Toy Story is a 2018 American 3D computer-animated adventure film produced by DisneyToon Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures. The film is directed by John Lasseter, Ron Clements and John Musker, and co-directed by Don Hall and Chris Williams.

The Irelanders' Adventures of Toy Story was released theatrically in the United States on November 21, 2018.

Buzz Lightyear[edit]

  • To infinity and beyond!


  • Reach for the sky!
  • This town ain't big enough for the two of us!

Lewis Hamilton[edit]

  • Wait, what?


[first lines]
June: Well, time to go miniature.
Lewis Hamilton: Tell me again why we're using the Miniaturizer for this adventure, June?
June: Because, Lewis Hamilton, the characters we're visiting today aren't humans like you or me. They're toys. Which is why we are using it to shrink down to their size.
Mr. Krabs: What?
Aladdin: You heard him.
Gloria: That's stupid. Toys are playthings. They're not alive.
Celia: Ah, that's where you're wrong, Gloria. These ones are special. Whenever humans aren't around, they come to life.
June : That's right.
Patrick: You don't usually believe in weird things, Melman.
Melman: Not normally, but for once I actually agree to a weird thing.
June: Everyone! All together now!
The Irelanders: Miniaturize! [they shrink down to the size of toys]
June: Right, let's go! [they set off]

[Woody puts the lid on the bucket, muting Sarge's voice]
Potato Head: You couldn't handle Buzz cuttin' in on your playtime, could ya Woody? Didn't want to face the fact that Buzz just might be Andy's new favorite toy, so you got rid of him! Well, what if Andy starts playin' with me more, Woody, huh? You gonna knock me outta the window, too!?
Hamm: I don't think we should give him the chance. Or the Irelanders to interfered with that.
GoGo: He's right, guys.
Carl: But we have to.
Eve: Oooh.
[Then the lid opened and Sarge and his men jump out and jump onto Woody]
Sarge: There he is, men! Frag him!
Potato Head: Let's string him up by his pull string!
Hamm: I got dibs on his hat!
Bo: Would you boys stop it?!
Hamm: Tackle him!
Finn: Guys, stop this at once!
Captain: Yeah, you guys! Cut it out!
Woody: No, no, no, no! Wait! Wait I can explain everything --
Mrs Davis: Andy, c'mon!
Andy: Okay, Mom, be right down. I've got to get Buzz.
Sarge: Retreat!
Marty: Everyone, hide!
Eve: Come on!

[The claw reaches down and collects Buzz successfully]
Sid Phillips: Yes!
The Irelanders: [gasps]
Woody: [gasps] Buzz! No!
[He grab Buzz's feet and drags him to the repair door]
Sid Phillips: [banging his fist on the glass] HEY!!
[Woody tries to get Buzz to the door but the aliens push him back into the claw machine]
Aliens: He has been chosen. He must go.
Woody: [the Alien Toys all push Woody and June back through] Hey! What are you doing? Stop it! Stop it, you zealots!
June: We're trying to get away here!
Sid Phillips: [after having obtained both Buzz, Woody, June and the Irelanders] All right! Many new prizes! [takes out of the prize section and look at this new prizes]

[Woody slumps on the windowstill in defeat, he and the Irelanders heard some noises behind them. They turn to see the mutant toys converging around Buzz]
Woody, The Irelanders: BUZZ!
[They hurry off the table and over to the mutant toys]
Woody: Go away, you disgusting freaks! [Babyface turns over and grabs Buzz's arm with her erector-set pinchers to which Woody is shielding himself and have a tug-o-war over it] Alright back! Back, you cannibals! [he loses his grip and falls back, hitting the wall. Buzz is swarmed by the mutant toys. Woody and the Irelanders run over to them with anger] He is still alive, and you're not gonna get him, you monsters! [He and the Irelanders furiously throws the mutant toys aside. Then as Buzz is revealed, he have his arm reattached to him] Hey?! Hey, they fixed you!
Lewis Hamilton: Wait, what?
[Woody move Buzz's arm to see if what he saw is true]
Woody: But -- but they're cannibals. We saw them eat those other toys.
[The mutant toys step back to reveal Janie and the Pterodactyl who have been repaired as well with tape around their repaired necks and heads. The mutant toys look innocently at Woody and the Irelanders]
June: Guess we've jumped to the wrong conclusion, guys.
Gazelle: These guys aren't killers. They're fixers.
Violet: I can't believe we were too scared to even realize their true intentions.
Annie: They were trying to fix them and Buzz.
Woody: Uh...sorry. I...I thought that you were gonna... [laughs nervously] know, eat my friend.
[The mutant toys immediately retreat to the dark shadows of Sid's room]
Woody: Hey! No, no, wait! Hey! What's wrong?
Sid's Mom: Sid?
[Woody and the Irelanders look to the door where they heard Sid's voice]
Woody: SID!!!
Arnold: We might have known.
Runt of the Litter: We gonna hide before he sees us.
Nemo: Come on!
[Woody tries to pick up the still depressed Buzz, but he just went limp]
Woody: Buzz! C'mon, get up! Use your legs! [he tried dragging Buzz to the table but the progress is very slow] Fine. Let Sid trash you. But don't blame me.
[He and the Irelanders leave Buzz sitting alone in the middle of the floor and hides under a milk crate]

[Thunder rumbles as rain pours down outside Sid's house. Sid is asleep and Woody is struggling to get out from under the crate]
Woody: Ps-s-s-s-t! Psst! Hey, Buzz! [Buzz just sits there. Woody grab a stray washer and fling it at Buzz. It hits his helmet. Buzz looks up] Hey! Get over here and see if you can get this tool box off me.
[Buzz looks away again]
Remy: He's still feeling depressed about knowing the truth.
Pappy Polie: No kidding.
Woody: Oh, come on, Buzz. I...Buzz, we can't do this without you. We need your help.
Buzz: I can't help. I can't help anyone.
Woody: Why, sure you can, Buzz. You can get us out of here and then I'll get that rocket off you, and we'll make a break for Andy's house.
Buzz: Andy's house. Sid's house. What's the difference?
Brent: Well, Andy's house isn't as creepy as this one and he doesn't make mutant toys.
Woody: Oh, Buzz, you've had a big fall. You must not be thinking clearly.
Buzz: No, Woody, for the first time I am thinking clearly. [looking at himself] You were right all along. I'm not a Space Ranger. I'm just a toy. A stupid little insignificant toy.
Elsa: You're not stupid or insignificant, Buzz.
Woody: Elsa's right. Being a toy is a lot better than being a, a Space Ranger.
Buzz: Yeah, right.
Woody: No, it is. Look, over in that house is a kid who thinks you are the greatest, and it's not because you're a Space Ranger, pal, it's because you're a toy. You are his toy.
Buzz: But why would Andy want me?
Woody: Why would Andy want you?! Look at you! You're a Buzz Lightyear. Any other toy would give up his moving parts just to be you. You've got wings, you glow in the dark, you talk, your helmet does that -- that whoosh thing -- you are a COOL toy.
Mrs Polie: Woody's right. Every kid who would wants you would be lucky to have you.
June: Yeah. You are a very popular toy, Buzz.
Woody: [depressed] As a matter of fact you're too cool. I mean -- I mean what chance does a toy like me have against a Buzz Lightyear action figure? All I can do is... [He pull his pull-string] There's a snake in my boot. Why would Andy ever want to play with me, when he's got you? [Buzz look up at Woody in surprise] I'm the one that should be strapped to that rocket. [He slumps dejectedly against the crate, his back to Buzz. Buzz lifts his foot and look at Andy's name written on it. He understands what being a toy is all about; to being joy and happiness to a kid. He look at Woody with determination in his eyes. Kubo saw Annie looking at the sky with a sad look on her face]
Kubo: Annie? Are you okay, sweetheart?
Annie: (sighs) No.
Kubo: What's wrong?
Annie: I miss Hiro.
Kubo: Oh, sweetie. I miss him too. But just because you two are separated doesn't mean you won't see him again.
Annie: I know, Kubo. But I'm worried for one thing. What if he's forgotten all about me? [A small tear run down her eye]
Kubo: There, there, Annie. [brings out a tissue and wipes the tear away]
Roddy St James: Pardon me for asking but how special is Hiro to you, Annie?
Annie: I've known him for a long time ever since we met in New York which is close to my home in California. He's my WHTM.
[Olaf look confused]
Olaf: What does that mean?
Annie: What Hurts The Most!
Olaf: Oh.
Percy Polie: [to Olaf] I often miss my TIWC, Tonight I Wanna Cry, Annie, in Rolie Polie Olie when I move to Polieville but that doesn't stop me from focusing on what lies ahead.
Annie: I see.
Kubo: Before I met Kermit, Olie, June and the Irelanders, Hiro was the only one who I ever have by my side.
[The song What Hurts The Most starts playing]
[A flashback to when Annie is a little sister in Rocket Soup with the team. The teams finds ingredients]
Leo: Our friend little mouse lives in Washington D.C. [the song continues] Rocket, to the Good Knight's Castle!
[the song as the flashback continues]
[the flashback ends as Kubo places a comforting hand on Annie's shoulder]

Voice cast[edit]