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The Loud House Season 1

Episode 1[edit]

Left in the Dark (1.1)[edit]

Lincoln: [marks calendar] It's finally here: the live season finale of the GREATEST! SHOW! EVER! [to viewers] All right, I know you're probably saying to yourself: "Lincoln, with ten sisters, there's no way you're going to get to watch your favorite show." And you'd be right; every Sunday at eight it's the same thing. [flashback of his sisters fighting over the remote] But tonight, I have a plan.

Lucy: Sorry, Lincoln, I can't miss my vampires. Edwin is so cold and tormented and mysterious. Sigh. If only he wasn't from another century...
Lincoln: [gets an idea] Another century! That's okay, Lucy. You watch your show on the big color TV. I'll just go watch my show on Dad's crummy old black and white TV.
Lucy: Black and white are my favorite colors.
Lincoln: Yeah, it'll make watching my show a little bit more... spooky!
Lucy: Spooky is also my favorite color.

[Many of the Loud kids murmur in confusion about the power outage.]
Lori: All right! All right! Everybody just calm down!
Leni: Guys! I can't see anything! I think I've gone blind!
Lori: No, you didn't go blind. What the heck happened?
Lincoln: I was just plugging in the old TV for Lucy and it must've made the lights go out.
Lori: Of course it was your fault, Lincoln.
[All the other sisters complain about what their brother did.]
Lincoln: What? All I did was plug in some dumb old TV!
[The sisters still won't listen to their brother.]
Luan: Hey! I know why the lights went out! Cause they liked each other! [laughs as her siblings sigh] Get it? Get it?
Lisa: That one was so good, it deserves a cookie. [hands her one]
Luan: "Oh, thanks. [eats it] "So anyway, what did one light bulb say to the other? [suddenly starts glowing]

[Clyde enters the room]
Clyde: Cadet Clyde reporting for duty! [notices Lori] L-L-Lori? Red alert. Red alert. Does not compute. Circuit overload. Must abort mission. [leaves]
Lincoln: [to the viewers] I told you it gets awkward.

Get the Message (1.2)[edit]

Lana: No running in the hallway!
Lincoln: Huh? What are you talking about?
Lola: Lana, is this maggot giving you lip? [writes a ticket]
Lana: We're the new hall monitors at school, so we're practicing at home.
[They stick the ticket to Lincoln's head with gum]
Lola: If we catch you speeding again, you're going downtown! We already locked up Luan for telling bad jokes.
Luan: [in a cardboard jail cell] Hey! Did you hear the one about the thief who stole a calendar? He got twelve months! [laughs] Get it?
Lola: That's five more minutes, dirtbag!
Lincoln: Okay, okay. I'll walk within the speed limit. I swear."

Lincoln: Clyde, what have I done?! I called Lori a [a guitar riff is heard over his voice] when she's actually a [harp strings are heard]!

Lori: [plucking her nose, while talking to Bobby] If you want our couple name to be Lobby, you're going to have to show a little-- [notices Lincoln's letter on the floor] What's this? [picks it up and reads it] "Why Lori is the worst sister ever"?! Bobby, I gotta go. I'm gonna turn Lincoln into a human pretzel! [Lincoln is scratching his head and jumps in shocked as Lori burst out of the bathroom with the letter on her hand showing the letter to him] LINCOLN! WHAT IS THIS?!
Lincoln: Well, it's time to do the official dance of the Loud House: the Running Man! [puts on his new googles and starts to dance away from Lori's wrath]
Lori: WHEN I GET MY HANDS ON YOU, I'M GONNA-- [Luna emerges, censoring Lori's rant of rage with her rock music]

Episode 2[edit]

Heavy Meddle (2.1)[edit]

Lynn: [carrying a boy] I found him!
[the Loud sisters surround the boy Lynn is carrying]
Lori: How dare you bully our brother! Only we get to do that.

Making the Case (2.2)[edit]

[Outside the Loud House, Lincoln comes back depressed]
Lincoln: I sure hope that worked. [opens the door only to find out that his sisters are STILL furious] It didn't work.
Lori: [sternly] Lincoln...
Lincoln: [apologetically] I know I embarrassed you and I can't undo it, and I'm sorry, but the least I could do was embarrass myself right along with you, that way we'd all be even!
Lynn: Even? You think this makes us even?
Lincoln: Well, I was trying to-
Lynn: Yours was way worse!
Lori: [cheerfully] Yeah! That video was hysterical!
[The girls surround Lincoln and ensure him that they forgive him]
Lincoln: So, we're good?
Lucy: We're
Luan: Sorry you didn't win the trophy.
Lori: But we really appreciate what you did and thought you deserved something. [hands him a tiny trophy]
Lincoln: Wow. Thanks, guys.
[Lola and Lynn hug him and Luna pats him on the head; he runs to the case and places the trophy in his spot]
Lincoln: Most Improved Brother. [to the viewers] I did it. My sisters no longer despise me, Cristina's switching classes, and I finally made the case.
[Another flatulent sound occurs and the other girls look at Lori suspiciously]
Lori: It was my shoe!

Episode 3[edit]

Driving Miss Hazy (3.1)[edit]

Lincoln: Okay, first, fasten your seat belt.
[Lola puts her beauty pageant sashes on them to simulate the seat belts]
Leni: That was easy.
Lincoln: Next, check your mirrors.
Leni: Why?! Do I look bad?!
Lincoln: No no no! No! I meant-
Leni: Stop the car! I can't drive in this hideous condition! [comes back now wearing a helmet] That's better.
Lincoln: [sighs] Lesson 12: Avoiding road hazards. There's a squirrel in the road. What do you do?
[Lily, in a squirrel costume, speaks squirrel language]
Leni: Aahhhhhhhhh!

Lincoln: This is a brake pedal. What does the brake pedal do? [beat] White shoes after Labor Day!
Leni: Ew, stop!
Lincoln: Exactly. This is the gas pedal. What does the gas pedal do? [beat] Boots from the 60's.
Leni: Go-go!

No Guts, No Glori (3.2)[edit]

Lincoln: [drinking lemonade] Ah, Friday night. You survived another week of school. Now it's time to kick back, forget your troubles, and crack open a brand new video game. [gets out a copy of Super Mega Brawlers Turbo Fighter and smells it.] Love that new game smell. [Suddenly picks up another scent; one that worries him] Wait a minute. [sniffs again] Is that...Oh no!
[Soon, his sisters start picking up the scent as well]
Lucy: Sniff. Sniff.
Lincoln: Mom's expensive perfume. Which can only mean one thing. [checks the calendar and finds out what tonight is...] Date night! Which can only mean one other thing!
Rita: Lori's in charge, do what she says, bye! [leaves]
Lincoln: NOOOOOOOOO! She gets a sick thrill from bossing us around! In this house, we call her the Queen of-
Lori: [from upstairs] NO! [unplugs Luna's amplifiers] NO MUSIC! [tosses Lana's mud pie in the trash] NO MUD PIES! [approaches Leni who's talking on the phone] NO-
Leni: Way! That's totes cray cray.
Lori: [hangs up Leni's call] No phone calls. AND NO VIDEO GAMES! [takes away Lincoln's game]

Episode 4[edit]

The Sweet Spot (4.1)[edit]

Lincoln: The back row is so far away from Mom and Dad, that it turns into the wild, wild west.
[Flashback; Lola and Lana look at each other angrily while Lincoln is seen with a comic book and soda between them]
Lola: Stop looking at me.
Lana: You stop looking at me!
[Lola and Lana fight near Lincoln; The fight stops shortly with Lincoln looking messy]
Lincoln: Come on! We haven't even left the driveway yet!

Lynn Sr.: [crying over the destruction of Vanzilla caused by the siblings fighting over the best seat of Vanzilla] That was my first car, and my dad's first car, and his dad's first car!

A Tale of Two Tables (4.2)[edit]

Lana: Hey, Lincoln, do you like seafood? [sticks his tongue out to show chewed food See? Food. Bleh!
Lola: Hey, Lucy! [puts fries on outside of her mouth as if they were vampire fangs] I vant to suck your blood!

Lincoln: Can I have my dinner in peace?
Lana: Did you say "peas"?

Lincoln: Beans, beans, the musical fruit, the more you eat, the more you- [flatulence]
Lynn Sr.: Lincoln Loud, that is enough!

Episode 5[edit]

Project Loud House (5.1)[edit]

Lisa: [with a first aid ointment] Here's the antidote.
Lincoln: Thank you! [suspicious] Wait a second...
[He tests it on Walt the bird, who suddenly puffs up like a blimp]
Lincoln: [annoyed] The real antidote?
Lisa: Fine. Hairless apes: two, science: zero. [gives him the actual antidote and goes to the car]
Lincoln: [hands it to a relieved Leni] Here.
Lucy: [reads one of her poems] Failure. It's all your fault, this streak of bad luck. No escape from this cycle in which you are stuck.
Lincoln: Stop! I've got a poem for you now, it's called "Lucy"! Dark as night, hair like tar. Take your spooky self to the car.
Lucy: Sigh. Once again, your poetic brilliance has put me to shame.

In Tents Debate (5.2)[edit]

[the Loud sisters complain about their vacation campsite]
Lynn: That place is the worst! Bears always steal our food!
[Lily roars like a bear]
Leni: And we have to sleep on the hard ground!
Lola: And poop in the woods!
Lana: I like pooping in the woods.

[Lincoln runs out of his room screaming in pain from sunburn]
Lincoln: News flash: giving me a sunburn is NOT the way to win my vote!
Lori: Huh? [peels the label from the sunscreen bottle] "Sodium hydrochlorite: avoid contact with skin?" This has Lisa written all over it!
Leni: So, that's how you spell "Lisa"?

Episode 6[edit]

Sound of Silence (6.1)[edit]

[flashback: Lola tries to apply mascara when a frog croaks from behind her and makes her mess up]
Lana: Aw, you're a burpy-durpy today! Isn't he the cutest?
Lola: [chuckling menacingly under a wicked grin] So cute...
Lana: [about to feed the frog] Who's hungry? [notices he's missing] Seymour? Where'd you go? [sees Lola whistling and carrying a shovel] Nooo!! [end flashback]
Lana: I mean I can't prove she took out Seymour, but I never saw him again.

Lola: [comes into Lincoln's room] Lincoln, is this too much mascara? Be honest. It's super-super-super important!
Lincoln: [having muted Lola out] Ahh... I couldn't agree more!
Lola: [confused] Agree with what?
Lincoln: Right back at ya!
Lola: Okay, you're weird.

Space Invader (6.2)[edit]

[Lincoln goes up to Lynn and Lucy's room where the other girls are listening; Lynn and Lucy are having a fight]
Lynn: You're always Miss Gloom and Doom! Like, would it kill you to smile once in a while?!
Lucy: It would.
Lincoln: What's going on?
Lori: Lucy and Lynn are going at it. Again.
Luan: I'd make a joke about fighting, but I can't think of a good punchline. [laughs] Get it? Get it?
Lisa: [recording] Human subjects seem to be proving Charles Darwin correct.
Leni: I can't bare to watch! [puts cucumber slices over her facial mask] That's better.
[A jock strap comes flying out of the room and the others duck in time to avoid it]
Lori: I'd hate to get in the middle of this one.
Lincoln: I totally agree.

[Lynn and Lucy grab some spaghetti and start to fight with it]
Lincoln: Uh-oh.
[they start fighting for amusement and laughing, and Lincoln joins in]
Lori: Welp, I'm outskies.
Luan: Yeah, it's way pasta our bedtime.

Episode 7[edit]

Picture Perfect (7.1)[edit]

Lincoln: I've figured out the perfect present for Mom and Dad! [holds up camera] Ta-da!
Lana: You're giving them Dad's old camera?
Lola: Wow, you are cheap!
Lincoln: No, not the camera; a photograph of all of us!
Lori: Why use that old thing when you can just use a cellphone?
Lincoln: Because that would be like painting the Mona Lisa with a crayon.

[The girls are offended by Lincoln making them look normal]
Lori: So, that's what this is all about! You don't like us the way we are.
Lincoln: Well you see, that is to say--
Lori: Okay, guys, let's all put on perfect smiles for Lincoln's perfect picture, because heaven forbid we be our actual literal selves!

Undie Pressure (7.2)[edit]

[Luna is listening to the radio and listens to an announcement.]
Jay Rock: [over the radio] Hey, cats and kittens, this is Jay Rock here! I'm giving away Mick Swagger tickets to the caller with... the best British accent!
[Hearing this, Luna's eyes widen. She looks back and forth, slinks away to behind the curtains. and calls the radio station on her phone.]
Jay Rock: [on the phone] Hello, you're on the air! Let's hear your best British accent.
Luna: [whispering; in a British accent] Come on, love, hand over those tickets.
Jay Rock: Yeah, sorry, caller, I can't hear you!
Luna: [whispering, slightly louder] Come on, love, hand over those tickets!
Jay Rock: If you don't speak up, you can't win!
[Lincoln opens the curtains to reveal Luna to the other sisters.]
Luna: [sheepishly in a Swedish accent] Herdie-verdie?
[Buzzer noise]

Lola: [eyes beneath hair] You may have outlasted those amateurs, but now you've gotta deal with a real professional! [dramatic spotlight is cast on Lola, revealing that her face is messy]
Lincoln: I'M NOT GIVING UP! FOR THE SAKE OF ALL THINGS COMFORTABLE! [snaps the seat of his leggings, giving him pain] Ugh, gotta do something about these pants.

Episode 8[edit]

Linc or Swim (8.1)[edit]

[Lincoln finally jumps in, but the lifeguard blows her whistle and catches Lincoln with a skimmer]
Lifeguard: Loud family, out!
[the Loud kids leave the pool]
Lori: But we were just having fun.
Lily: Poo-poo.
Lifeguard: Fecal incidents are not fun.

[people in hazmat suits scrub the walls of the emptied pool to get rid of Lily's "poo-poo"]

[The girls are having a pool party right in their backyard while Lily is streaking]
Lincoln: [chasing her with her diaper] Lily! No skinny dipping! [gets splashed by Lynn and sees Lisa adding some kind of chemical] Lisa! No! What do you think you're doing?
Lisa: Testing sanitation levels. I've concocted a special serum that will detect and eliminate urine, AKA tinkle, in H2O.
Lincoln: I'm sure no one here would...
[Lisa adds the serum, which vaporizes the water into a pink smoke within seconds, revealing that her older sisters somehow tinkled in the pool]
Lisa: Hmm... unprecedented levels.
Luan: Marco!
Leni: Marco!
Luan: No, Leni. I'm Marco. You're Polo.
Leni: Then who's Leni?

Changing the Baby (8.2)[edit]

Lincoln: Hey, Lana, you wanna try half of my peanut butter and sauerkraut sandwich?
Lana: I eat some grody things, but that is disgusting. [sniffs it and retches; runs to the bathroom]

Leni: Help! [Lori and Lincoln rush to her rescue and see her in Lily's crib] Oh, thank goodness. I got in here to show Lily my fashion magazine, but now I can't get out of this baby prison! [bawls like a baby, so Lincoln and Lori help her out] Agoo.

Episode 9[edit]

Overnight Success (9.1)[edit]

Lola: [barges in with a makeup kit] Princess Makeover Time! [sees Lincoln's friend Liam] Ooh, a new toad! [she gives him a full makeover against his will, and Liam runs out the house]
Liam: Huh? Aah! I look like my MeeMaw!
Lola: Some people just don't appreciate beauty. I made your eyes pop, kid!

Lori: Okay, who wants pizza bites?
Clyde: Abort, abort, system shutting down.
Leni: Sheesh! Are there peanuts in everything?!

Ties That Bind (9.2)[edit]

Lori: [sees Leni with her tanktop] Is that my shirt?! Take it off!
Leni: I can't. [pointing to Mr. Coconuts] There are boys here!
[Mr. Coconuts raises his eyebrows and Luan covers his eyes]
Luan: Ah, coconuts!

[Lincoln overhears another conversation between his parents from the vent.]
Lynn Sr.: What do you mean we got a bun in the oven?!
Lincoln: [gasps] You guys! [runs off to tell his sisters]
Lynn Sr.: You know I'm gluten free!

Episode 10[edit]

Hand-Me-Downer (10.1)[edit]

Lincoln: Sometimes in life, you just gotta take chances. You know what they say: no risk, no re-wha!
Clyde: What's a "re-wah"?
Lincoln: [notices the bike is missing] My bike! It's gone!
Clyde: [to his mannequin] Manny! You were supposed to watch the bikes!

Lori: See, Lincoln? We all have to deal with hand-me-downs; we just learned to make the best of them.
Lincoln: You don't have to deal with them, you're the oldest!
Lori: Are you kidding me? This isn't really a tank top! It's literally the top of Mom's old girdle!
[the other Loud sisters are disgusted]
Lynn: Well, enough chit-chat. I gotta get to my competition. [takes Lori's hand-me-down bike.]
Lincoln: You're gonna ride that?!
Lynn: [annoyed] What choice do I have? [rides off]
Luan: [threateningly to Lincoln] You'd better not let Colonel Crackers get stolen!
[The rest of Lincoln's sisters go back inside, tired of Lincoln's behavior.]
Colonel Crackers: "Hey! You heard the lady!"
[Lincoln looks on in remorse and fear.]

Sleuth or Consequences (10.2)[edit]

[Lincoln shuffles deck of cards with pictures of his sisters on onto his desk]
Lincoln: One of you is the perp, but which one?
Lucy: [comes out of nowhere] Hey, Linc. [scares Lincoln] I might have a tip for you.
Lincoln: Really? Wait. Why do you wanna help?
Lucy: I don't care about being grounded. My life is just an endless mental prison, anyway. But it's not fair that you have to miss your thing.

Lynn: Woohoo! My team did it! We're number one! [diarrhea] Ooh! Time for Number 2! [hurries to the bathroom]
Lana: Dad! I think we're gonna need Big Bertha again!

Episode 11[edit]

Butterfly Effect (11.1)[edit]

Lincoln: [he and Charles see that Lisa's room is a mess] Yikes. I better go tell Lisa.
[Lincoln's imagination: Lisa observes the damage in a dark, stylized environment]
Lisa: [turning red with anger, with her teeth sharpened] You've... COMPLETELY DESTROYED MY LIFE'S WORK! I DESPISE YOU, AND YOU NO LONGER EXIST TO ME!

[a wall of fire burns in the background behind her, along with a cultist choir]

Lincoln: Boy, am I glad that nightmare's over. [hears a bicycle bell outside, looks out and sees Lori and Clyde riding a tandem bike dragging a string of cans and a sign reading "JUST MARRIED"] (Except that one.) Ahh!

The Green House (11.2)[edit]

Mrs. Johnson: What's that? You hate polar bears, you're a polar bear hater!?
Lincoln: [still muffled, his head above the ceiling] No! I love them! They're cool!
[kids boo at Lincoln]
Female Student 1: If you make us lose, Lincoln, you'll be an outcast!
Girl Jordan: You might as well throw your social life out the window.

[the Loud sisters unplug the TV, and are revealed to wear nothing but potato sacks for tops and bandages for shoes, stink, and begin scolding Lincoln furiously]
Lori: Game over, Lincoln!
Lincoln: It's not what it looks like!
Lori: We're up there making all these sacrifices, and you're down here playing some stupid computer game?!
Lincoln: OK, so maybe it is what it looks like.
Lynn: If you don't wanna give anything up, why should we?
Lincoln: But... but... [shows poster] Polar bear?
[The girls are starting to feel remorse again, but this time, they snap out of it.]
Lola: Aww... Wait a minute, you can't use that on us anymore!
Lori: Come on, girls. Let's go get our stuff back.
Leni: [holding up her glass of air] And a refill!

Episode 12[edit]

Along Came a Sister (12.1)[edit]

Mrs. Johnson: Frank needs to be fed twice a day, and under no circumstances should he be let out of his cage. [chuckling to herself] Unlike me this weekend...
[The kids glance awkwardly at each other]

Leni: Oh, I need milk.
[She opens the fridge, where Frank happens to be on the milk bottle]
Lisa: Wait! [slams fridge shut] You're lactose intolerant!
Leni: No, I'm not. I'm tolerant of everyone, whether they lack toes or not.

Leni: [Frank plops right onto her glass] Ha! Nice try, Luan, but I'm not falling for another one of your fake spiders, though this one looks pretty real. [Frank blinks] AAAAH! SPIDER! [busts out the bug spray]
non-Leni Loud kids: Nooo!
Leni: [unleashes a massive spray cloud and runs off] WORST SURPRISE PARTY EVER!

Lincoln: I'll miss you, Frank, but I'm glad things are gonna be back to normal around here.
Leni: [brushing her hair] 20. 21. 22. 23.
[it is revealed that Frances laid her egg sac in the vents; the babies hatch and scurry into Leni's room]

Chore and Peace (12.2)[edit]

Lincoln: "Can I get a little help here?"
Lori: [refuses to help him] Can't you see I'm doing the laundry? [laughs] LOL, Bobby!
Lincoln: [unable to hold the bag] WHOA! [gets crushed; finally gets the bag out to the curb only to find that the weight from it has torn a hole in it and the trash has been scattered everywhere] Dang it.

Luna: So, what'a ya think, Chunk?
Chunk: It stinks.
Luna: Way harsh, dude.
Chunk: Not the song, your room. Chunk's gotta blow. [leaves]

[The doorbell rings; Lincoln answers it]
Reporter: Hi, we're from the Miss Cute N' Mean pageant, here to do a behind the scenes interview with Miss Lola Loud.
Lola: [singing as she comes down in her trash-themed ensemble] Here she is! The next Cute N' Mean! [fart]
Reporter: Ew! More like Miss Gross N' Gnarly! Interview over! [the crew leaves]

Lincoln: Hang on, Lily! I'm coming! [dives into laundry flooding the basement, but starts to "drown"] So...much...underwear!
Lori: [pulling him out] Yeah, and that's just Dad's.

Episode 13[edit]

For Bros About to Rock (13.1)[edit]

Lincoln: Clyde! Line's moving!
[They try to get their spot back, but their place in line loses completely]
Sean Gantka: Hey! No cuts, kid!
Mollie Freilich: Back of the line, line cutter!
Lincoln: But that was our spot! [Two people ignores him. To Clyde, pushing him] Come on.

[A cop disguised as a scalper gives Lincoln and Clyde tickets]
Lincoln and Clyde: We're in! [they are handcuffed]
Cop: You're in alright: "in"-carcerated!
Clyde: Are those good seats?
Cop: Buying scalped tickets is illegal. Let's go, hooligans!

[Bobby, a mall cop, unknowingly sees through Luna's disguise]
Bobby: Hey Luna!
Captain: You know their mother?
Bobby: That's not their mother! That's his sister! Nice wig by the way.
Captain: "Wig"?!
[Luna giggles nervously]
Scoots: Oh, snap.

It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud, House (13.2)[edit]

[the Loud kids fight over a quarter Lincoln finds]
Rita: What are they fighting over this time? A nickel under the ottoman?
Lynn Sr.: Nope! A quarter down the sofa.
Rita: We better stop them before they start biting.
Lincoln: [Lola bites him] Ow, Lola!
Lynn Sr.: Too late!

[the parents see the kids cheering over the treasure]
Rita: I have to admit, it's nice to see them sharing money and not fighting over it.
Lynn Sr.: Yep. All part of Sharon's plan.
Rita: Was destroying the house part of Sharon's plan?
[overview of the damaged house interior]
Lynn Sr.: No. No, it was not.
Rita: Well, now she can Sharon DeCleanUp! [hands him a broom]

Episode 14[edit]

Toads and Tiaras (14.1)[edit]

Lana: Darn you, Lincoln! I am in... but wait, what if Lola finds out? You know what she's capable of.
[an image of Lola looking on wickedly with hellfire and an evil choir is shown, causing Lincoln and Lana to shudder with fear]

Lincoln: [sees a cameraman] I didn't know this was going to be on TV. Good thing we don't get the Princess Channel!
[Though, Lynn Sr does just that so that a recuperating Lola can watch the pageant]
Lola: Thanks for getting me the Princess Channel, daddy!
Lynn Sr.: No problem, sweetie. It was either that or the sports channel, and who needs that, huh? [crying]

Two Boys and a Baby (14.2)[edit]

[Luan and Lynn eating weird food]
Lori: Ew! When was this pudding made?!
Lisa: [examining the can] Seeing as this flag on the label only has 48 stars--

[Lily shoots her farts against Lincoln and Clyde, who run for the window and gasp for fresh air]
Clyde: It's practically radioactive!
Lincoln: Huh. Radioactive, you say?

Episode 15[edit]

Cover Girls (15.1)[edit]

Lisa: [from Lincoln's bedroom window] Approach at a 63 degree angle! :[Lincoln jumps but crashes into his wall, making a big hole. Luan covers the hole with a poster.]
Lisa: Correction: 62 degrees!
[Lincoln weakly gives a thumbs up.]

Rita: [coming upstairs] Lucy? Lynn? How's the cleaning coming?
Lincoln: [determined] This calls for...the Trunk! [opens up his trunk and takes out some items; now wearing a wig like Lucy's hair and imitating her melancholy demeanor] I scrub and scrub, yet the stain of human suffering remains.
Rita: [uneasy] Okay.
[Now Lincoln is disguised like Lynn.]
Lincoln: [imitating Lynn] Not me, Mom! I'm knocking these dust balls out of the park!
Rita: [carrying a bunch of towels] Good to hear. [Lincoln sighs with relief] Leni, how's your spring cleaning coming?
Lincoln: [lunges into Lori and Leni's doorway; imitating Leni] Good! As soon as I find those springs, I'll clean them!

Save the Date (15.2)[edit]

[Lincoln comes home after school]
Lori: You MONSTER! [throws a tissue box at Lincoln]
Lincoln: Ow! What was that for?
Lori: You made Ronnie Anne CRY!
Lincoln: Cry? I didn't mean to! Wait, how do you know?
[Lori throws a teddy bear at Lincoln, who jumps out of the way]
Lori: Bobby told me... [starts to cry] RIGHT BEFORE HE BROKE UP WITH ME!
Lincoln: What? Why does Bobby care? [Lori throws a couch cushion at Lincoln, prompting him to duck; she opens a photo album showing a picture of Bobby and Ronnie Anne together]
Lori: Because Bobby is literally Ronnie Anne's brother! He said he could never date someone related to someone who hurt someone he's related to! Or something like that!
Lincoln: Ronnie Anne has a brother?! I thought she was raised by trolls.
[Lori throws a bunch of CDs in rapid fire fashion; Lincoln shields himself with the cushion]
[Lori chases after Lincoln, who hides behind the chair; he trips, and Lori catches him and holds him up by his shirt]
Lori: You have to make things right with Ronnie Anne!
Lincoln: Okay! Okay! I'll call her right now and apologize! [picks up the phone]
Lori: NO! [hangs up the phone] Nuh-uh! Actions speak louder than words! Bobby has to see you being nice to her. That's the only way he'll get back together with me! Which is why we're going on a double date!
Lincoln: WHAT?!
Lori: It's all been arranged! We have a reservation at Jean Juan's French-Mex Buffet at six! AND YOU'LL! MAKE HER! FEEL! LIKE THE MOST SPECIAL GIRL! IN THE WORLD!
Lincoln: [gags] I'd rather lick the bathroom...
[Lori picks up the end table and threatens to crush him with it]
Lincoln: I'll go iron my khakis!
[Lincoln runs out of the scene]
[Joy Cunningham goes over to Lori and kicks the blonde in the crotch, making Lori drop the end table on her]
Lori: Ouch! Right in the round tables.
Joy Cunningham: Good for you! You deserve it! Lincoln didn't insult Ronnie Anne! Name Dropper and Green Trunko told him to!
Lori: I'll apologize for my bossiness!
Fear: NO! Nuh-uh! Expressions speak louder than actions and words! We literally have to see you being nice to Lincoln.
Anger: He's right! [sternly] What would you do if you're so smart, Lori?
Disgust: Take this you literal stupid blonde!
[Disgust punches Lori's eye, making it swell]
Sadness: You get another kick in the crotch!
[Sadness kicks Lori in the crotch; only this time, Sadness grabs out a knife and stabs her in the groin}
Fear: Let that be a lesson to you! Lori!

Episode 16[edit]

Attention Deficit (16.1)[edit]

[Lincoln and Clyde walk by Flip's juice cart]
Clyde: Oh, hang on, Lincoln. I'm gonna get volcano Lori a juice. Running from Bobby's tormented screams has made her thirsty.

Lynn: Hey, Lincoln! [examines him] You look different.
Lincoln: My sideburns are even.
Lynn: No, it's more than that. Your skin is glowing, you look taller, and you smell like... [smells him] Brussels sprouts? Okay, what gives?
Lincoln: I spent tonight at Clyde's. His dads helped me with my volcano and served me food with no foil and asked me about my day!
Lynn: Get out! That sounds amazing! [thinks for a second] Hey, do you think they could help me with my baseball swing?
Lincoln: Sure. I think Clyde said one of his dads played ball in college. Why don't you come over after school tomorrow?
Lynn: Oh, that would be awesome! [playfully punches his arm]
Lincoln: Ow! Lynn, do you mind? Clyde's dads just gave me my vaccinations.

Out on a Limo (16.2)[edit]

[Limo arrives at Burpin' Burger and takes the drive-thru]
Employee: [On audio box] Welcome to Burpin' Burger. May I take your order?
Luna: Eleven burgers and fries, love.
Lincoln: Don't forget one for Kirby.
Kirby: Thank you, sir. I mean, Lincoln.

Lincoln: [to the viewers while holding a burger] The only thing better than being a man in a limo is being a family in a limo.
[Everyone is enjoying their burgers when Tetherby's limo drives up to Lincoln's]
Tetherby: I say, Loud, it's good to see you back in a limo. What say you ditch the riffraff and come back to the club?
[Tetherby's invitation surprises Lincoln as he darts his eyes at his sisters and Kirby who are afraid he'll leave them]
Lincoln: You know what, Tetherby? How about some... [he and his sisters squirt Tetherby and his limo with mustard] ...mustard to go with that baloney!
[And with that, they drive off, singing the Burpin' Burger jingle]
Lincoln: ♫Hungry, y'all? Look no further!♫
Loud Kids: ♫Come on down to Burpin' Burger / Grade B Beef and special spice / When it comes back up, it's twice as nice!♫ [burp on cue]

Episode 17[edit]

House Music (17.1)[edit]

[Luna has a fantasy]
Mick Swagger: And now, I'd like to introduce the greatest musical discovery of my 40 year career: Luna Loud!
[Luna starts rocking out as the crowd chants "Luna"]

Leni: [singing] ♫Backup backup backup!♫
Luna: No no no no. Leni, you don't actually sing the words "Backup". You sing what's on the page.
Leni: Oh. Got it! [singing] ♫What's on the page! What's on the page! What's on the pa-haaaaaage!♫
Red Hemka: [sternly] Oh, I got an even better song! This one's called, Leni is a stupid blonde!

A Novel Idea (17.2)[edit]

Rita: Hey, come on. I know it's not as exciting as Dad's office, but you're Lincoln Loud. You can make anything fun.
Lincoln: Well, I guess that's true. Okay. I'm in.
Mr. Grouse: Nice dress, Loud!
Lincoln: [coughs] Right after I change.

Lincoln: Just another routine job for Agent-- [sees the girls] Oh, for crying out Loud!
[the girls and Dad are all having a suction cup dart fight]
Lincoln: [trips over the floss and the supplies from the cabinet of fun fall on top of him] Dang it!

Episode 18[edit]

April Fools Rules (18.1)[edit]

Lola: Arms up, Lincoln! Your turn for bubble-wrap.
Lincoln: [puts his hand in front of Lola] Not this year, Lola. I'm not getting pranked.
[Loud girls chatter]
Lola: It's never been done!
Lynn: Are you crazy?
Lincoln: Ladies! Ladies! I got a plan! I'm simply gonna lock myself in my room till the day's over. I've got snacks, video games and a hose to pee in, which I call the Tinkle Tube. Patent pending.
Lori, Leni, Luna, Lynn, Lucy, Lola and Lily: Ew!
Lana: Cool!
Lincoln: [points to his window] It goes out the window! The point is, I'll never have to leave my room so Luan will never get me.
[The siblings look frightened as they hear Luan coming up the stairs while holding a sausage]
Luan: Ooh! It's Pranksmas Eve...and I'm just bubbling with excitement. [pops a piece of Lola's bubble wrap and walks away]
Lola: I'm gonna need more bubble wrap! And a fresh pair of undies.

Cereal Offender (18.2)[edit]

Woman: Ahh! There's a child in the frozen peas! Ahh!
Lincoln: [finds that it's Lisa] Lisa! What are you doing?
Lisa: Research for my cryogenic freezer. The future needs my brain.
Lincoln: I don't believe this.

Episode 19[edit]

Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru (19.1)[edit]

Clyde: [he and Lincoln try to make balloon animals; one of them pops] Lincoln! Look professional! We've got a customer!
Liam: Uh, I'll take the, uh, cheeseburger?
Clyde: It's a bunny rabbit.

[Lincoln and Clyde both run down the hallway when Kat screams and an explosion is heard]
Zach: I was trying to impress you with my basic chemistry skills!
Kat: You burnt my braids, you doofus!
Zach: He told me to do it!
Kat: What?!

Come Sale Away (19.2)[edit]

Luna: [knocks on the door] Hello, ma'am!
Lola: [shoves Luna aside] Did you buy a blanket?
Luna: [shoves Lola aside] From a garage sale today?
Woman: I didn't buy a blanket, but I did buy this hunk of junk! [holds up a vacuum cleaner which explodes in her face] I want my money back!
Luna and Lola: Uh, [point at each other] she sold it to you!

Flip: [pouring chemicals into a washer fluid bottle] I'm lovin' these 2-for-1 chemicals, I'm gonna make a fortune selling them as windshield wiper fluid! Ha ha, suckers! [boom] Well, the lil' Psychic Girl was right. Business is booming.

Episode 20[edit]

Roughin' It (20.1)[edit]

[Lincoln is knitting headbands with Luna]
Luna: You got it bro! These accessories will make our outfits rockin!
Lincoln: Rocking!
Luna: And if you braid the strands real tight, they're strong enough to use as ropes. Right, Chunk?
Chunk: [pulling on a rope] Right as rain, love. [notices the piano is too big for the window] We're gon'a need a bigger window though.

The Waiting Game (20.2)[edit]

Lincoln: I don't get it. How could Chandler not invite us? I loaned him a pencil in math class and held the bathroom door open for him!
Clyde: And I made eye contact with him everyday like this! [takes off his glasses revealing his astigmatic eyes] Who wouldn't want this face at a party?

Lincoln: Hey, ready for your dance? You're not wearing that, are you?
[Lori wearing her employee uniform with her dance dress hung up on the door.]
Lori: I'm not going to the dance. My boss is making me work tonight to pay for all the free stuff I gave you. Instead of Romance Under the Sea, I'm gonna have mozzarella under the fingernails. Thanks a lot, Lincoln. [leaves for her overtime shift]

Episode 21[edit]

The Loudest Yard (21.1)[edit]

[two stinkers named Hank and Hawk confront Lynn and Lincoln]
Hank: What team are you on?
Lincoln: The Royal Woods Roosters!
Lincoln & Lynn: [waving their hands high up] Cock-a-doodle-doo!
Hawk: Nice cheer. When we play you, you're cock-a-doodle-doomed!
Hank: Yeah! I'm gonna pluck me a few feathers! [their laugh which irks Lynn]

[At Lincoln and Lynn's big game, the rest of the Loud family are at the big game; Lori is using binoculars to find Lincoln]
Lori: I literally don't see Lincoln anywhere. [spots him right in front of her face and shrieks in surprise]

Raw Deal (21.2)[edit]

Leni: I can't wait to see Pop-Pop! [her siblings look at her confused] The guidebook said there was an old geezer in the park.
Lincoln: Geyser, not geezer. See? Here it is. [shows her said geyser in the guidebook]

Lisa: Well, Lucy, I guess you'll be throwing out those silly cards now that you've been completely discredited.
Lucy: Wrong, I can prove fortune telling is real with one last prediction: [draws one more card] "The end is near!"
Lisa: Oh please, gimme a-
[end card in the style of Lucy's fortune telling cards with a dowl on it]
Lucy: Told ya, he cards don't lie.

Episode 22[edit]

Dance Dance Resolution (22.1)[edit]

[Lincoln's sisters scare him]

Leni: So did Ronnie Anne ask you to the Sadie Hawkins Dance?
Lincoln: [stammering] Uh, yee, uh, um...
Lori: I bet she was so excited. The Sadie Hawkins is literally the most important dance in a girl's life.

Lincoln: [acting melancholy] Hi, I'm Lincoln.
Haiku: Hi, Lincoln. Wanna hear my poem? "Empty, lonely, dark. The universe is weeping. I have no tissues." Okay, your turn.
Lincoln: Uh... "Jack and Jill went up a hill to fetch a pail of water..."
Haiku: Oh, yes. The futility of teamwork. Deep stuff.

[Lincoln's dates confront Lincoln]
Lincoln: You guys, I'm sorry. I can explain.
Tabby: Wait, let me go first. I'm sorry to say this, Lincoln, but would you mind if I hung out with somebody else for the rest of the night? I really hit it off with that guy, Liam.
Giggles: Yeah, and I'm having a really great time with Zach.
Haiku: Yes, and I enjoy Clyde. We share the same pain.
Polly: Same with me and Rusty; though, the pain is mostly his.
Lincoln: Sure. No problem. I'm glad you're all having fun.

A Fair to Remember (22.2)[edit]

Lori: What do I do? I'm sick of Lincoln crashing our dates, but it makes Bobby so happy. He says Lincoln's like the brother he never had.
Leni: I know; why don't you hang out with Bobby's little sister Ronnie Anne, she could be like the sister you never had! [Lori and Lucy just awkwardly stare at her for that statement]

[As he waits for his brother, he hears Lori crying]

Car Salesman: Miss, your vehicle is okay. He's in the service department fixing it.
Lori: He's not my vehicle. I literally don't think I have a vehicle anymore! [cries]

Episode 23[edit]

One of the Boys (23.1)[edit]

[Lisa presses the button on the watch and a portal opens up.]
Lincoln: Holy moly! Awesome! [proceeds to enter it, but stops] Wait, why are you doing this for me?
Lisa: I need beta testers. Now, are we doing this, or am I sending Lana to a dimension where she's a toad?
Lincoln: Oh, we're doing it!

[Gus' Games and Grub]
Loki: Five pies for ten guys!
Lane: I sure hope Mom and Dad gave us enough... dough! [laughs] Get it?!

ALT. Lynn Sr.: Hey, boys!
[Lynn Sr. screams as his sons pounce on him.]
Levi: We got you!
Lars: Say uncle.
Loni: [confused] I thought he was our dad.
ALT. Lynn Sr.: [begging for mercy] UNCLE!
[The boys run into the house, cheering and laughing.]
ALT. Lynn Sr.: [groans in pain] Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have daughters.

Lori: [livid] That was literally mine! You are so gonna pay!
Lincoln: [fearing] Please don't stick my head down the toilet!
Lori: What? I meant with money.
Lincoln: Oh, of course. That's more than fair.
Lola: [scoffs] Breaking Lori's watch? You sir, have no class! [storms off]
[The sisters all go back to bed.]
Lincoln: I'm so glad my sisters are nothing like my brothers.
Lynn: Hey, Lincoln, I almost forgot something. [pantses him and runs off laughing]
Lincoln: Except for Lynn.

A Tattler's Tale (23.2)[edit]

Lincoln: [to the viewers] What can I say? We're not angels. Sometimes, we mess up. But the great thing is, if you need to get something off your chest, you can always trust your siblings. [a knock at the door is heard] Well, not all of them.
[Lincoln walks up to the door and opens it, revealing to be Lola; She enters the room]
Lola: Whatcha guys talkin about?
Lisa: Quantum physics!
Lynn: Monster trucks!
Lori: Bobby!
Leni: Politics!
Lynn: Baseball!
Luan: Jokes!
Lana: Global warming!
Lola: You're telling secrets again, aren't you? It's not fair! I never get included!
Lincoln: That's because you're a tattle-tale, Lola.
Lola: [scoffs] I am NOT! [Lincoln and the others look at her with disbelief while a cricket chirps] Okay, I'll admit I used to be a tattle-tale, but I changed! [Everybody still doesn't believe her as they murmur to each other; Lola growls loudly, tosses her tiara aside in fury, and screams at the top of her lungs] MOM! THEY WON'T LET ME IN THEIR SECRET SECRETS CLUB!!!
[As Lola storms out of the room, Lincoln quickly shuts the door; Lisa checks her list of secrets]'
Lisa: Mmm. So where were we?
Lincoln: I broke Dad's disco ball, Lori scratched the car, Luna caused the blackout, and Lucy ruined Mom's wedding dress. Who's next?
Lana: [raising her hand] Ooh! Ooh! So you know how Dad was yelling at Charles for chewing up his boots? [giggles] That was me!
[The siblings begin laughing]
Luan: [with realization] Wait a second. Weren't those steel toe?

Episode 24[edit]

Funny Business (24.1)[edit]

Lincoln:​ Boy, we are killing it. But I've been thinking, maybe you should do a little less of the talky stuff and more of the pratfalls.
[Enraged, Luan drops all of her supplies and turns to Lincoln, he's shocked]
Luan:​ Are you kidding me?!
​Lincoln:​ What?
Luan:​ Look, Lincoln. Just because you got a few laughs does not make you an expert on clowning. There's a lot more to it than just falling on your butt.
Lincoln:​ Well, the audience sure seems to like my --
Luan:​ Lincoln, enough! No more pratfalls. I am the clown. YOU are the assistant. Now go refill these whoopee cushions.
Lincoln:​ But they're already inflated.
Luan:​ [deflates them at her brother's face] Not anymore!
[Luan walks to the house, opens the door, then slams it]
Lincoln:​ Oh, yeah?! Well, that would've been funnier if you'd fallen on your butt!

Snow Bored (24.2)[edit]

Lisa: This just in: there will not be a snow day tomorrow. Once I spray my super strength salt across the city roadways, we shall have no trouble accessing school.
Loud Kids: BOO! [they throw pillows at her]
Lisa: [clears her throat and pulls a chart down] For every school day you miss, your brain functionality decreases by approximately 0.006%.
Leni: But Lisa, snow days are F-O-N! Fun!!!
Lisa: [presses a button and the chart goes up] I rest my case. Besides, I fail to see how frolicking in frozen temperatures like a bunch of nincompoops is fun.
Lincoln: What if we could show you how fun snow days can be? Then would you call off the salt?
Leni: Yeah! [chanting] F-O-N! F-O-N!
Loud Kids: F-O-N! F-O-N!
Lisa: FINE! But only because I can't stand to hear you spell erroneously.
[The others walk away cheering]
Leni: Wait - I thought we were spelling "fun"?

Episode 25[edit]

The Price of Admission (25.1)[edit]

Old Man: I got hearts, kidneys, and ears-- [rises up a hoe and digs deep into something]
Lincoln: The Harvester! [runs away]
[it's actually just Mr. Grouse tending to his garden]
Mr. Grouse: Romaine lettuce, kidney beans and ears of corn. You never heard of a guy growing his own vegetables before?

Lincoln: Okay, Question 63: What does "going Dutch" mean, and does it have anything to do with Dutch ovens?
Lori: Hmm. [phone beep] Session's over, Lincoln. I have to talk to Bobby; he started his new pizza delivery job tonight.
Bobby: Check it, babe. I spelled your name with pepperonis. [the pizza, pepperoni spelling "Lory", slides right out of the box] That's coming out of my paycheck.

One Flu Over the Loud House (25.2)[edit]

Lisa: In case we're attacked, this concoction will slow down the infected. [blasts Lincoln]
Lincoln: [tasting the concoction] Tastes like chicken soup.
Lisa: That's because it is chicken soup. [hands gun to him]

Lincoln: Safe Haven, we're back in. What is this crisis you were talking about?
Clyde: I made a peanut sauce for the Sante Fe egg rolls. But then I realized someone might have a food allergy.
Lincoln: That's the crisis?! We're fighting for our lives, Clyde! No one has a food allergy!
Clyde: That's a relief, 'cause this sauce really ties the dish together. Safe Haven out.

Episode 26[edit]

Study Muffin (26.1)[edit]

[The doorbell rings and Lincoln answers it to find a good looking fellow at the door.]
Hugh: Um... I beg your pardon. Is this the Loud residence?
Lincoln: Yep. You must be my tutor. I'm Lincoln.
Hugh: [shakes Lincoln's hand] I'm Hugh. Quite chuffed to meet you.
Lincoln: Uh...the chuff is all mine. Come on in.
[They both head inside and begin their study session.]
Lincoln: I really appreciate this, Hugh. I have a big multi-subject test coming up, and I need to ace it.
[Enter Lori on her phone.]
Lori: So, I'm like, if you literally don't know the difference between dance team and color guard- [gasps at the sight of Hugh and drops her phone; now stammering.]
Lincoln: Lori, you okay?
Lori: [speechless] [picks up her phone] I was just going to get a...hunk of meat. I mean, of cereal. Er, tall drink of water?
[She turns and smacks into the wall, dropping her phone again.]
Hugh: Miss, you dropped your mobile.
[He picks it up and hands it to her. Lori fawns awkwardly and Lana enters with a net.]
Lana: I heard a goose! I call dibs! [sees Hugh and gets the same reaction as Lori; blushing]
[Enter Leni wearing a facial mask.]
Leni: I heard a sheep. [removes the cucumber slices on her eyes and sees Hugh] AAH! MY FACE! [runs off]
[The rest of Lincoln's sisters minus Lily show up with their things. They see Hugh and react like Lori and Lana]
Luna, Luan, Lynn, Lucy, Lola and Lisa: [blushing]
[Leni returns without her facial mask.]
Leni: Hey, guys. Lincoln, I didn't know you were entertaining. Hi. I'm- [sees Hugh up-close and reacts the same way]
Hugh: Um, hello. I'm Hugh, Lincoln's tutor. It's lovely to meet you all.
Sisters: [infatuated]

[Family meeting in the living room.]
Lincoln: You guys are unbelievable! The minute a good-looking guy with an accent shows up, you all go completely bonkers!
Leni: That is so not true! [she is revealed to be wearing a sweater decidated to Hugh] I've got these Hugh sweaters in small, medium and large.
Other sisters and Lynn Sr.: Ooh!
Lincoln: This has to end. I need to study, or I'm gonna flunk 5th grade! So from now on, Hugh is off-limits!
[The girls complain about this and walk away with disappointment.]
Lynn Sr.: [in a British accent] Now, girls. You heard Lincoln.
Lincoln: [agitated] Uh, that means you too, Dad.
Lynn Sr.: [disappointed] Oh! [walks away]

[The next day, Lincoln returns home from school with a disappointed look on his face.]
Lynn: How'd the test go, bro? You aced it?
Lincoln: [angrily] No! I got an F! [slumps on the floor]
Luan: [takes the test and looks at it] Oh, and a frowny face. That's cold! [pulls out a phone] I know just Hugh to call! [laughs] Get it?
[The girls start fighting over who should call him.]
Lana: I'm calling Hugh!
Lola: No, me!
Lori: I'm calling Hugh!
Lincoln: I don't get it. I thought I knew all the answers. [sighs] Ms. DiMartino is definitely gonna flunk me now.
[The girls stop fighting.]
Lynn: Wait. Ms. DiMartino?
Lincoln: Yeah. She's been our substitute teacher since Mrs. Johnson broke her leg riding a mechanical bull.
Luna: Dude, no wonder you're failing. Ms. D is so smokin', guys go completely bonkers around her.
Lori: Yeah. Even Bobby nearly flunked because of her. Of course, that was BL: Before Lori. [grimly] Or he never would have noticed her.
Lincoln: But that couldn't happen to me! [thinking] Could it?

Lincoln: [realizes] Holy shmoly! You guys are right! I do go completely bonkers around Ms. DiMartino, just like you guys did around Hugh!
[The girls are all wearing Hugh sweaters.]
Leni: I don't know why you keep saying that. By the way, if Hugh and I ever got married and had a baby, here's what it would look like. [shows an online baby picture she made]
Lisa: Oh, Leni, you're delusional. Because I'm gonna marry him, and our progeny is gonna look like this. [shows her online baby]
[The girls start fighting again, this time over who will marry Hugh.]
Lincoln: Guys, you gotta help me! I don't wanna flunk fifth grade! Clyde could end up as a tattooed litterbug!
James and Dexter: EVERYONE! SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[Again, the girls stop fighting, when James and Dexter yell at them. And puzzled by what Lincoln said.]
Lincoln: It made sense when he said it.
Luan: Maybe you can get Ms. DiMartino to let you retake the test.
Lincoln: But as long as she's anywhere near me, I'm still gonna blow it!
Lisa: Well then, the solution would be to remove her from your field of vision. Observe. [she takes Lori's phone with Hugh's pic] Lori, what is Bobby's full name?
Lori: Roberto Alejandro Martinez- [shown the pic and fawns] Roberto Alejandro- [shown the pic and fawns again] Roberto- [shown and fawning again]
Lisa: And now to delete.
Leni, Luna, Luan, Lynn, Lucy, Lana, and Lola: NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
[Lisa deletes the Hugh image which is now replaced with a picture of Lori taking a duckface selfie.]
Lori: [shakes her head and comes to her senses.] Roberto Alejandro Martinez-Millan Luis Santiago, Jr.
Lisa: Case closed.

Homespun (26.2)[edit]

[In the kitchen, Lincoln is taking out the trash when he hears Lori scream]
Lincoln: [to the viewers] Sounds like someone got trapped in the bathroom again.
[Inside the bathroom, Lori, wearing a bathrobe and towel on her head, is holding the doorknob to the bathroom door, which just broke off; She growls at this]
Lori: Somebody let me out! Bobby's coming over to study, and I only have three hours to get ready! [Lori struggles to open the bathroom door, when suddenly, she slips; She grabs hold of the shower curtain, but it rips off; The pole holding the curtain bonks Lori on the head; Lori growls even louder at this string of events] THIS HOUSE IS LITERALLY FALLING APART!!!
Lincoln: [to the viewers] Lori's right. With 11 kids, four pets... and two parents who insist on fixing everything themselves, our house is a bit of a, how do I put this nicely, disaster.

Lynn Sr.: All right, everyone, back inside.
[Lynn Sr. attempts to open the door, only for the door handle to break off]
Loud Family: Dang it!