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The Loud House (2016–present) is an American animated television series created by Chris Savino for Nickelodeon. The series revolves around the chaotic everyday life of an accident-prone boy named Lincoln Loud, who survives as the middle child and only son in a large family of 11 children.

Episode 1[edit]

Present Danger (1.1)[edit]

Lincoln: Well, today's a really big day. It's my 12th birthday. Feels like I've been 11 forever, so this year, I'm doing it in style. David Steele-style. I asked all my friends to come to Gus's dressed as their favorite Malice villains. You have Golden Toe, Blowfish, Odd Bob, and Patty Whack. So far, it's been great. One moment… Nothing but net. And now that we've finished playing Agents and Malice, it's time for…
Rita: Presents!

Stressed for the Part (1.2)[edit]

Luan: [practicing her moos] Moo! Moo! [falsetto] Moooo!
Mr. Coconuts: Nah, toots. That's too Holstein. Go lower into your Jersey range.
Luan: Oh, Mr. Coconuts, I can't wait to tell Mrs. Bernardo I got the part!
Mr. Coconuts: She'll be over the moooon, toots!
Luan: Aww.
[Suddenly Mrs. Bernardo walks in with her makeup running]

Episode 2[edit]

Don't Escar-go (2.1)[edit]

Lincoln: So, what's the occasion, Clyde?
Zach: Yeah, are you buttering us up for something?
Clyde: Ok, here goes. The reason I created this Célébration de Friendship Brunch is because, I've got some big news. It all started last night…
[Flashback to earlier, getting a phone call]
Howard: Clyde, can you get that? And please be careful. That phone is older than our 1930's Dust Bowl glasses.
Clyde: [picks up the phone and answers] Hello?
Nana Gayle: [calling on the other end from Sunset Canyon] Clyde, it's Nana Gayle. Ooh, I've got big news. My best friend, Fleur DuPont, just came to town for a surprise visit. She happens to be the dean of one of the finest cooking academies in the world.
Clyde: I know that academy! It's nearly impossible to get in. They wouldn't even let the Queen of England in. Granted, I've heard her sponge cake is dry-
Nana Gayle: Clyde, get your buns over here! And bring your baked goods, too! If Fleur tries them, oh, she's sure to let you in.
[Clyde hangs up happily; back to the present]
Zach: So, what happened?
Clyde: She loved everything I made! In fact, Dean DuPont said I just have to pass one last exam tonight. I have to cook her an entire dinner. If I nail it, I'll be into the academy!
Stella: Yeah!
Lincoln: Yeah!
Rusty: Yeah, alright! [Clyde starts sniffing] Clyde, what's wrong?
Clyde: [sniffs] There's only one drawback: The school's in… Paris.
Lincoln: [despaired] NOOOOOOOOO! [collapses]
Liam: Aww, it's happening again. Clyde's leaving us, just like when Lincoln done went to Canada.
Clyde: Let's not lose our heads here. I'm not 1,000% sure I'm going yet. They might not even pick me.
Rusty: Your food is divine. Of course you'll get in.
Clyde: I'll miss you guys like crazy, but this is an incredible opportunity. Where else could I learn to cook sole meunière, concombre a la menthe, escargot--
Lincoln: [brushes the imagination aside] Wait, Clyde. What if you could learn to cook all those things here in Royal Woods? I know someone who can teach you. Then we wouldn't lose you.
Rusty: Ooh, give it a try, Clyde. Please?
Stella: Yeah, we're your crew, table 10 at lunch, the Action News Team! We have to stick together.
Clyde: But who are you thinking could teach me?
Lincoln: I know just the guy.

[Royal Woods Middle School cafeteria; the gang talks to Chef Pat]
Stella: Chef Pat, do you know anything about French cooking?
Chef Pat: Pfft, I know everything. I used to be the head chef on a 60-foot yacht off the French Riviera. Here. [takes a buckwheat galette out of her hair net] Try a nutty buckwheat galette.
Zach: Nutty. Smooth. So why do you cook sloppy joes all the time?
Chef Pat: 'Cause that's what you kids like. [walks into the kitchen]
Lincoln: Chet Pat, you have to teach Clyde all about French cooking, or else he's moving to Paris. [slides on his knees; begging] Please!
Chef Pat: Hmm. That's a lot to ask, but I'll do it, on one condition. While I'm with Clyde, you guys gotta take care of my niece, Waffles. If she tries to bite you, give her waffles. They calm her down.

Double Trouble (2.2)[edit]

[The Loud twin sisters arrive at Auntie Pam's contest for all the twins of Royal Woods]
Lola: First rule of any contest: Know your enemy, and you can never lose. Who's gonna be our biggest threat?
Lana: Mr. Grouse and Flip?
Lola: [screeches her jeep to a stop] Um, what are you two trying to pull? You're not even related!
Mr. Grouse: What? You don't see the resemblance? [he and Flip both tug their mustaches]
Flip: Ooh, it's in the flavor savers. [they both walk away, chuckling]
Lola: Ugh.
Lana: And what's Liam doing here?
Liam: [to his twin goats] Okay, fellers, eye of the tiger.
Lola: His twins aren't even human!
Liam: Huh? They got every right to be here.
Scoots: [pulls up] Uh, anyone seen my twin sister Mopes? She looks just like me, except for she's on a moped. [drives off]
Lola: No way Scoots has a twin! The universe would never be so cruel.
Mopes: [pulls up] Anyone seen my twin sister Scoots? She looks just like me, except for she's on a scooter. [drives off]
Lola: Okay, Scoots' sister is obviously just her in a wig. This contest is going to be an ice cream cake walk.
Lana: Yeah, we're the only real twins here.
Cheryl: [showing up with Meryl] Stop the presses! 'Cause Cheryl…
Meryl: And Meryl…
Both: Have arrived!
Cheryl: Sorry for being tardy, y'all. We may have gotten sucked into an episode of our favorite soap opera, "Southern Hospitality."
Auntie Pam: [blowing her whistle] Alrighty, who's ready to twin it up? Let's get this competition started!

Auntie Pam: [sees Liam's twin goats fighting; blowing her whistle] Disqualified!
Liam: Disqualified? For what?
Auntie Pam: [pulls out a contract] Violation of Auntie Pam's Double Trouble Contract. I can't have my twins fighting. They need to be united.

[As the Double Trouble contest comes to an end at sunset…]
Auntie Pam: Our two final teams are Cheryl and Meryl, and Lola and Lana. And now for the big moment. Our Double Trouble twins and winners of a lifetime supply of ice cream are…lo and behold, Cheryl and Meryl!
[Cheryl and Meryl gasp and squeal in delight over winning; The Loud twins sigh in disappointment and drive back home]
Lola: It's no fair! That crown and ice cream should be ours! [gasps and screeches her jeep to a stop as she and Lana see Liam's twin goats fighting over his shirt]
Liam: [bursts out of a bush, going after them] Hey, wait up, fellers!
Lana: At least we didn't get disqualified for fighting, right?
Lola: [gets an idea] Fight clause. Lana, maybe there's a way we can still win! Cheryl and Meryl just need to start bickering, and Auntie Pam will make us the Double Trouble twins!
Lana: But how do we know they'll fight?
Lola: 'Cause you and I are going to make them.
[Next day at elementary school; Lana is walking with Cheryl on their snack break]
Lana: Thanks for the snack break, Cheryl.
Cheryl: My pleasure, sugar.
Lana: I've never heard a person talk as much as Cheryl. She said, like, a gazillion sentences, and they all started with "sugar."
Lola: Does that mean you got the scoop on how to split up her and Meryl?
Lana: It won't be easy. Those two are tight. They eat ice cream together every night. They watch all the same TV shows, like "Southern Hospitality." They even double-date with their boyfriends.
Lola: [thinking] Hmm, I can work with all that.

Cheryl: [screams as she slips in the melted ice cream and falls on her back; angrily] Meryl, did you spill the ice cream?! Now we got a dairy river the size of the Mississippi on our floor!
Meryl: [miffed] Don't blame me, I didn't do it!
[They growl angrily at each other]
Cheryl: Well, no use cryin' over spilled ice cream. We got plenty more in the backup freezer.
Lola: [disappointed] Ugh!

Meryl: [answers the telephone] Yello, Che-Meryl residence. You got Meryl.
Lola: [impersonating Cheryl] Hey, sugar, it's me, your sister.
Meryl: Hey, sugar.
Lola: I'm in a bit of a pickle here at school. Huggins has a bee in his office. Actually, a lot of bees.
Lana: [hold a jar of bees] Come home safe, my babies. [takes the jar lid off, releasing the bees]
Lola: I'm fixing to be here awhile. You should go ahead and watch the season finale of "Southern Hospitality" without me.
Meryl: What? Well, that don't sound like you at all! You serious about this?
Lola: As serious as a hoedown.
Meryl: Ooh, that is serious. And I am chompin' at the bit to find out this pie thief. Ooh, okay. I'll watch.
[The Loud twins high five as they hear Cheryl and Principal Huggins running away from the bees]
Cheryl: [screaming] Run, Huggins! They think my beehive is their beehive!
[Cheryl and Meryl's apartment, evening; Meryl is watching the season finale, sobbing while blowing her nose]
Cheryl: [enters the apartment, covered in bee stings] Ooh, boy, did I have a dickens of a day. [realizes] And are you watching the "Southern Hospitality" finale without me?
Meryl: Uh, you called and told me to.
Cheryl: That is a backhoe of lies! I think I would remember something like that!
Meryl: You calling me a fibber?!
Cheryl: If the kitten heel fits!
Meryl: How dare you?!
Cheryl: Hmph! [turns around]
Meryl: Oh and B-T-dubs, Wayland is the pie thief! [blows her nose as her sister gasps in horror at the spoilers, and they both go their separate ways]
[The Loud twins smirk at each other while watching as their plan worked successfully]

[Next day at Auntie Pam's parlor; Cheryl and Meryl are still angry with each other during the unveiling of the Double Trouble sundae]
Auntie Pam: Welcome all to the debut of our Double Trouble sundae. Exciting, isn't it, Double Trouble twins? [takes out the ceremonial scissors] Who wants to cut the ribbon?
Meryl: [takes the scissors] I'll do it.
Cheryl: I'm surprised you haven't already done it without me, you low-down pie thief spoiler!
Meryl: [spitefully cuts her sister's hair as the crowd gasps] Oops.
Auntie Pam: [gasps] Ok, ladies, settle down.

Lana: The sign-up line for our Unlimited Double Trouble ice cream party starts here!
Lola: And remember, it's VIPs only.
Cheryl: [over P.A.; upset] Morning… [sobbing] Roosters. Today's lunch will be two identical twin fish sticks! Sorry, Principal Huggins, it's just that Meryl is gone! [sobbing hysterically; the Loud twins rush over investigating as Principal Huggins comforts her] After our tussle at Auntie Pam's parlor, we was both madder than wet hens, so this morning, Meryl packed up her stuff and left for the bus station! [Lola and Lana look even more guilty for what they have both done as she continues sobbing]

Meryl: What is she doing here?
Lola: Look, Meryl, if you want to be mad someone, be mad at us.
Lana: Yeah, we wanted ice cream so bad, we tricked you two into fighting.
[Cheryl and Meryl gasp upon hearing this]
Lola: It was stupid, and we feel so terrible. If anyone knows how much twins need each other, it's us.
Lana: Yeah, you can't leave, Meryl. Twins gotta stick together.
Meryl: [looks down at her twin, smiles back] Well, I guess I could stay. After all, you are the soft serve to my waffle cone.
Cheryl: [squeals and hops into her twin's arms] We gotta celebrate our reunion!
[Auntie Pam's; the two pair of twins are all enjoying their ice cream]
Lola: You know, you should throw more twin soirees.
Scoots: [drives in] I heard about the twin party. Guess our invite got lost in the mail.
Lola: Spare us, Scoots. We know your "sister," Mopes, isn't real.
Mopes: [showing up in the flesh] What are you lookie-loos staring at?
Scoots: You never seen twins before?

Episode 3[edit]

Flip This Flip (3.1)[edit]

Lincoln: Welcome to Flip This Flip, where we take people that are complete disasters and make them shiny and new. Let's meet our panel of experts.
Lana: Lana: Hygiene.
Leni: Leni: Fashion.
Lola: Lola: Etiquette.
Lisa: Lisa: Interesting Conversation.
Lincoln: Lincoln: Transportation. What? You guys took all the good categories.

Flip: You did your best, Loudsters. I blew it with Tammy.
Lana: [gasps] Blew it. Yes! [inhales and blows the French horn, sending Flip flying in the air with his outfit coming off, and slides on the floor in front of Tammy]
Tammy: Oh, Phillip, are you okay? And where are your pants?
Flip: I gotta level with you, Tammy. Uh, I'm not a fancy tuxedo-wearing guy who oozes sophistication. The only thing I ooze is nacho cheese. Seriously, my sweat's orange. I was only trying to impress you 'cause you're so classy and glamorous. I'm not classy, I'm just gassy.

Lincoln: [to the viewers while peddling] Next time, I'm hiring a limo.

Haunted House Call (3.2)[edit]

Lucy: Okay, salespeople, normies love cheerfulness. Let's see those smiles. [The other Morticians make weird creepy smiles on their faces] Forget the smiles. [rings the doorbell as Mr. Grouse answers the door] Gloomy morning, Mr. Grouse. Would you be interested in buying some homemade eyeball pops?
Persephone: We're raising money to attend Casket Con this weekend.
Morpheus: They'll be unveiling the new Model C casket from Caskets R Us. It hovers, thereby totally removing the need for polders.
Boris: We're running a special. Four eyeball pops for the price of three.
Mr. Grouse: Not now, creepy Loud and you creepy friends. I've got my own problem. I can't catch my couch to take a nap!
[Inside the house, his furniture is floating]
Dante: Oh, yeah. That's a ghost problem.
Mr. Grouse: What was your first clue? When my loveseat walked itself into the kitchen?

Lucy: Good morrow. Are you haunted by a specter?
Lucy, Haiku, and Persephone: ♫ If a ghost is haunting you / And you have no clue what to do ♫
Dante: [dressed in a bedsheet while hanging] ♫ Don't just stand and scream ♫ [bumps into the camera]
Lucy, Haiku, and Persephone: ♫ Call the number on your screen ♫

Liam: [as Dolly's donkey ghost spirit reveals herself; gasps] It's Mee-Maw's prized donkey, Dolly.
Persephone: Do you know why Dolly is haunting you?
Liam: I do. I once broke our fence mud-wrestling with Virginia. And then, blamed it on Dolly. [Dolly brays angrily] I know. Ain't a moment I'm too proud of. Dolly, I'm gonna make this right. [walks into his house; off-screen] Brace yourself, Mee-Maw. You're about to be madder than a wet peacock.

[Cheryl and Meryl's apartment; The TV is changing the channel back and forth from "Southern Hospitality" to "Hipster Island"]
Cheryl: Somethin' keeps changing our channel. And we're missing the season finale of "Southern Hospitality!"
Lucy: This is definitely the work of a ghost. Spirit, show yourself.
[The ghostly spirit of a hipster appears, sitting next to the twins as they gasp]
Hipster Ghost: This used to be my pad, brahs. And I need to find out who rid "Hipster Island."
Cheryl: I use bra pads, too. But we gotta see if Sue Ellen chooses Brad or his evil twin, Chad.
Lucy: You could always record "Southern Hospitality", and watch it later.
Cheryl: Well, we'll have to delete some of our crime shows, but, it's a deal. Make yourself comfy, I'll be right back with three bowls of ice cream.

Lucy: Nice doing business with you. Let's get you back to the portal and--
Buzz: Change of plans: Turns out, haunting people is the bee's knees.
Persephone: But what about the afterlife?
Buzz: Overrating. Later! [flies away]
Persephone: Buzz is going to terrorize all of Royal Woods if we don't stop him.
Haiku: But Casket Con's only open for another hour. We're going to miss the unveiling of the Model C.
Lucy: Sigh. We created this mess, so we need to clean it up.

Laked! (Episode 4)[edit]

Mr. Nervous: ROYAL WOODS IS GONNA FLOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Episode 5[edit]

The Taunting Hour (5.1)[edit]

Rita: I've never seen Lynn freeze up like that. I hope she doesn't take it too hard. Oh, no. She's rage lifting again! And those sound like 50-pounders.
Lisa: [imitates buzzer as a 60-pounder crashes through the ceiling] Correction: 60-pounders.

Luan: Let's get him!
Lynn Sr.: Oh, he is in for it!
[The criticized Louds burst angrily through the front door]
Lola: There he is!
[Lincoln screams as the couch tips over and himself]
Luna: Why'd you have to tell us about our haters, dude?!
Lisa: Now we're all freezing up!
Lincoln: Look, I'm sorry I told you guys about your critics. I was just only trying to help Lynn.
Lynn: [irately punches a hole in the door] STINKOLN!
Lincoln: [nervously] I hope that's a happy "Stinkoln".
Lynn: Your dumb "cure" didn't cure me! Scoots heckled me some more and now I've got emu legs again! Wasn't even at a game. It was at the mall food court!
Lincoln: Lynn, why are you paying attention to Scoots? Why are any of you paying attention to those people? It doesn't matter what they say.
Mr. Coconuts: It's easy for you to say! You don't have to deal with it!
Lola: You just go around ruining lives!

Musical Chairs (5.2)[edit]

[Lincoln feels dejected after getting to change to another seat in Mr. Bolhofner's class at lunchtime]
Clyde: What's wrong, Lincoln? You've barely touched the cheesecake bites I made you. Is the cheese-to-cake ratio not to your liking?
Lincoln: No, Clyde. The ratio is perfect, per usual. It's just, I don't know what to do. Bolhofner won't change my seat.
Rusty: Three words, bro: "Butter him up."
Liam: Oh, he ain't wrong. [grabs a stick of butter] One time Virginia, she got her head stuck in a fence and we used a whole mess of margarine to get her out. The key is to rub it around the jowls like so. [rubs the butter on his cheeks]
Clyde: [disgusted] Ugh.
Rusty: I meant he's gotta charm the man.
Liam: [chuckles] I knew that. Just testing y'all. [eats the butter]
Rusty: A while back, I wanted to go skydiving with my cousin, Derek, but my dad wouldn't let me, so I spent the whole week doing nice things for him. And bam, check it! [plays a video of him skydiving with his cousin while screaming]
Lincoln: Hmm. Maybe I should try buttering up the Hof.

Lincoln: [after witnessing Mr. Bolhofner playing his bass drums] Mr. B, I didn't know you played the bass drum.
Mr. Bolhofner: Well, now you do. I like it 'cause I can pound the heck out of it! [pounds the drums again, bellowing as Clyde screams and bolts out of the music room]
Lincoln: Wow. Those were some… sick beats.
Mr. Bolhofner: Wow. You mean that? I've been practicing a lot. I'm even thinking about joining a band… if I could ever find one.
Lincoln: [gets an idea; gasps] What if I knew of a band you could join? Would you be interested?
Mr. Bolhofner: [delighted] Ooh! Golly gee, would I ever be! [realizes] I mean, I'd consider it.
Lincoln: Good, 'cause I have just the guys.

Episode 6[edit]

A Bug's Strife (6.1)[edit]

[The Louds are walking out of the house and into Vanzilla]
Rita: Oh! Double check, make sure I have my key. Mm. [her husband comes out, looking quite sick] Honey, you shouldn't be out here. Go back inside and get to bed.
Lynn Sr.: I just wanted to see you guys off. I'll miss you while you're at Aunt Ruth's today. It's a ding-dang shame I'm going to miss the slideshow of her bus tour of "the Malls of the Midwest." [sneezes]
Rita: Aw. Gesundheit. It's okay. Aunt Ruth will totally understand.
Lola: [walking out of the house; annoyed] It's not fair. Why does Daddy get to stay home? [Lynn Sr. sneezes again; disgusted] Ugh, question answered.
Rita: Get lots of rest. We'll see you tonight. [walks into Vanzilla and starts backing up]
Leni: Bye, Dad!
Lynn: Feel better, Pops.

[Aunt Ruth's house; In the living room, she is showing the Louds her Malls of the Midwest slideshow; Leni is the only one interested in watching]
Aunt Ruth: And here's a bathroom stall from a mall in Indianapolis. This one had auto-flushing like the ones at a fancy steakhouse.
Lynn: [bored out of her mind] Dad's so lucky to be home sleeping. Ugh.
Aunt Ruth: Shh! Lynn, you're gonna miss the massage chairs at the mall at Walnut Grove!

[Lynn Sr. rushes over to Mr. Grouse's house and knocks on the door]
Mr. Grouse: No one's home! Go away!
Lynn Sr.: Mr. Grouse, I need your help!
Mr. Grouse: [opens the door] Oh, lookie, it's a Loud. Shocker. What do you want, and how fast can I get rid of you?
Lynn Sr.: Remember the spare key I gave you for emergencies? Well, this is an emergency.
Mr. Grouse: Oh, yeah, sure. I keep it in a bowl right here. [shows a bowl that's filled with countless keys] Yeah, this might take a minute.

Rita: Oh, honey, you must've been so delirious you trashed the house! I had no idea you were this sick. You need to get to bed immediately. [the porch suddenly collapses, sending both her and her husband to the ground] But not here. Kids, come on. We have to go.
Lynn Sr.: Ah! Move to Canada. Smart. Chirpy won't find us there. [chuckles]
Rita: No. We'll stay with Aunt Ruth until the house is repaired. She'll be happy to help nurse you back to health. I should warn you, though, she'll want to show you her Malls of the Midwest slideshow.

All the Rage (6.2)[edit]

Zach: You mad 'cause your favorite contestant cheated?
Clyde: Zamir didn't cheat! He would never cheat!
Lincoln: Maybe you can root for a different contestant. What about Maneet?
Clyde: Maneet's cream puffs… [his eyes glow red, muscles bulge, and clenches his fist in fury] ARE DRY! [begins throwing dodgeballs in rage]
Stella: Guys, I think we just won.

Episode 7[edit]

Scoop Snoop (7.1)[edit]

[Sunset Canyon Retirement Home; Zach is recoding the footage of Rusty with an "old lady" at a table writing on a piece of paper in the background behind him]
Rusty: The Action News Team has received a tip that somebody famous is hiding out here disguised as an old lady. Prepare to have your minds blown.
Katherine: [pops out from under the table] I'm Katherine Mulligan exposing this "little old lady" as… [pulls the wig/mask off, revealing…] Mick Swagger in disguise. He's holed up here as he writes songs for his new album, "Mick or Treat."
Zach: [annoyed in anger] Hey, that was our scoop!
Scoots: [wheeling over and points to him] Nobody punks us, Brit boy! PUDDING HIM!

[The Action News Team are peddling their bikes to Gus' Games and Grub, only to see that Katherine Mulligan's already there first]
Lincoln: This is the story of the century.
Stella: It's cool of Gus to tip us off he's discontinuing spaghetti pizza.
Clyde: [sobbing] It's a dark day for the culinary world. [he and Lincoln bump into the back of Katherine's NEWS 3 van and fall off]
Action News Team: Oh, no!
Katherine: This is the last bite of the last slice of the last spaghetti pizza Gus will ever serve. [eats the last bite-sized piece] I'm Katherine Mulligan reporting that you'll never know just how delicious that was.
Stella: [annoyed] I don't get it! How does Katherine Mulligan keep scooping us?!
Rusty: Someone has to be leaking to her. My cousin Derek's studying to be a plumber. He says; "You have to find a leak and plug it, or it gets worse."
Lincoln: Rusty's right. If we don't do something, this could be the end of The Action News Team.
Clyde: Wait. Can we a moment of silence for… [sniffles sadly] spaghetti pizza?

Clyde: We're never gonna find the leak at this rate. There are too many people at school to investigate.
Rusty: [eating a bowl of grapes] We shouldn't be following the rat, we should wait at the nest.
Liam: Then what in the manure pile does that even mean?
Rusty: Katherine is the nest, dawgs! If we follow her, the "leaker", or "rat", is gonna come to her.
Lincoln: Then we'll have our culprit! Rusty, that's a brilliant idea! Looks like it's time for an Action News Team undercover investigation!
[The Action News Team poses; Next morning, Lincoln, Clyde, and Stella are outside in front of Katherine Mulligan's house, suspiciously watching her from a brush through the window drinking her mug of coffee, and eats a Danish that popped out from the toaster]
Lincoln: 8:02 A.M. Katherine takes a bite of Danish.
Stella: Roger that.
Rusty: [popping out] 'Sup, dudes?
Stella: Rusty, you're late! [sniffs with disgust] Ugh, what's that awful smell?
Rusty: I was helping my dad pick a cologne to wow his gal pal. We landed on Undersea Daydream.

[Katherine and one of her crew members are eating lunch at the Burpin' Burger; Liam and Rusty hide in the trash can as Liam pops his hand out out of the lid with his phone, recording the footage]
Liam: Rusty, ya got your knee square in my gizzard.
Rusty: Then stop moving around, dawg!
Liam: Shh.
Rusty: [as Katherine and her crew member empty their trays into the trash can] Augh! Horseradish in the eye! Ugh.
Katherine: Katherine Mulligan wants to know, did this garbage can just talk? [shrugs and walks off out of sight]

Lincoln: Okay, so Stella made a notebook of some "hot news leads", but they're all fake. We "accidentally" drop it here by Principal Ramirez's car. As the "rat," she "finds it" and takes it to "the nest." Any questions?
Clyde: Can you go over that one more time? I got lost in all the air quotes.
Lincoln: I'll explain as we hide.

[A week later, back at Tall Timbers Park, Principal Ramirez meets up with Katherine again]
Katherine: Oh. Principal Ramirez. Glad you could make it.
[The Action News Team peep from a bush]
Lincoln: Gotcha. Principal Ramirez! [running towards the two women along with the rest of his team] Action News Team!
Katherine: Excuse me.
Lincoln: Principal Ramirez, how much has Katherine Mulligan been paying you to steal out news stories?
Principal Ramirez: I don't know what you're talking about.
Clyde: [holds up his mic in front of her, making her trip into the lake] We're asking the questions here!
Rusty: The jig is up, Katherine "Shady Shader" Mulligan! The book Principal Ramirez was going to give you is a bunch of phony news stories we planted. Bam! [looks closely at the title on the book cover] "Passion under the Pompeii Moon?" Uh-oh.
Principal Ramirez: [angrily snatches the book from Rusty] You bet you're "uh-oh." Ms. Mulligan and I are in a book club together. Now someone get me out of here.
Katherine: That's the story. We've been meeting to swap novels we're reading.
Stella: So you weren't leaking our stories?
Principal Ramirez: [brushing the lake water off her skirt] Of course not! Is this what you spend your time on, making false accusations? I have half a mind to shut down the Action News Team.
Stella: Please, don't.
Rusty: No, dawg!
Lincoln: We're sorry.
Liam: Give us another chance.
Katherine: I'm Katherine Mulligan and…I agree with these children. Sure they got the story wrong, but they got real drive. It reminds me of me when I was thriving out. I say they deserve a second chance.
Principal Ramirez: [over her mind; annoyed] Fine. [The Action News Team high five each other in celebration as she gets out of the lake] But no more wild goose chases, or knocking principals in lakes.
Zach: Promise.
Lincoln: We swear.
Rusty: It was Zach.

Eye Can't (7.2)[edit]

Lisa: [entering the kitchen] Good morn… [bumps into Charles] When did we put the trash can here?
Rita: Honey, that's Charles.
Lisa: Ah, yes, of course. Hmm. Ah! Here's the orange juice I was looking for. [mistakes the flower vase and takes it off the table]
Rita: Have you noticed Lisa's been acting a little off this week?
[Flashback to Lisa bumping into the end table, and the stair railing]
Lisa: Pardon me, father. [flash to her petting a skunk, mistaking it for Cliff] Good boy, Cliff. Good boy.
Leni: [frightened] Uh, Lisa? That's not Cliff.
Lincoln: That's a skunk! RUN!!!!!!!!!
[Flashback ends as the skunk sprays on the siblings, screaming off-screen]
Lynn Sr.: Yeah. She needs new glasses.

Todd: [removing the cactus thorns] What is the problem? It's just the eye doctor.
Lisa: The problem, Todd, is that I have an irrational phobia of the ophthalmologist.
Todd: But that does not compute. You are a genius.
Lisa: I said it was irrational, Todd. And I've tried to train myself to move-past it, but, I can't!

Episode 8[edit]

Dine and Bash (8.1)[edit]

[Vanzilla pulls up at Lynn's table and the siblings get out and walk in]
Todd: Have a good afternoon, sweeties. Don't forget to do your homework. I'll be checking. [drives away]
Lisa: Note to self: Dial back Todd's maternal mode.
[As the Loud siblings enter, they're overwhelmed to see the place crowded in a rush]
Lynn Sr.: Oh, good, you're here! Before you jump into homework, I need your help with the afternoon rush.
Lincoln: No problem. Guys, fan out.

Lynn Sr.: Oh, you kids are a big help, especially with Mom off visiting Lori for Mother-Daughter Golf Day. [the phone rings and answers it] Lynn's Table. Come in if you're able. You've got Lynn.
Kotaro: Lynn, I have some exciting news. The Doo-Dads just booked a big gig tonight at Sunset Canyon!
Lynn Sr.: [gasps in excitement] No we "Dadn't!"
Kotaro: Yes we "Dad!" It's Bernie's third wedding! He's marrying his lady friend from Boca.
Lynn Sr.: [realizes in disappointment] Ohh! Ding, dang, darnit! I have to work the dinner shift. I gave Grant the night off to play "Orcs, Horks, Wizards, and Pork" with his friends.
Grant: [enters the kitchen wearing a wizard costume] Many thanks, Spirit Wizard Loud! May your harvest be fruitful this moon! [leaves]
Lynn Sr.: You guys should just do the gig without this Doo-Dad.
Kotaro: But a band with just one cowbell is no band at all.
Lincoln: Hey, Dad, what if we took over the restaurant tonight?
Lynn Sr.: [touched] Aw, that's sweet of you guys, but a night alone's a big responsibility.
Lola: [chuckles] We know this place like the back of our flawless hands. Ew! Time for a mani.

Sofa, So Good (8.2)[edit]

Lincoln: We did it! All we gotta do now, is bring the furniture back in. Uh, guys, where's the furniture?

Episode 9[edit]

The Last Laugh (9.1)[edit]

Driver's Dread (9.2)[edit]

Episode 10[edit]

Bummer Camp (10.1)[edit]

Sleepstakes (10.2)[edit]

Episode 11[edit]

Catastrophe (11.1)[edit]

Prize Fighter (11.2)[edit]

Time Trap! (Episode 12) [edit]

Stephen Stotch: What have you guys done?! You just broke your parents priceless wedding vase! Oh, you're all in big trouble now!

Episode 13[edit]

TBA (13.1)[edit]

TBA (13.2)[edit]

Episode 14[edit]

Lights, Camera, Nuclear Reaction (14.1)[edit]

Food Courting (14.2)[edit]

Episode 15[edit]

Save the Last Pants (15.1)[edit]

A Stella Performance (15.2)[edit]

Episode 16[edit]

A Major Hiccup (16.1)[edit]

The Loathe Boat (16.2)[edit]

Episode 17[edit]

Stroke of Luck (17.1)[edit]

My Cheer Lady (17.2)[edit]

Episode 18[edit]

Space Jammed (18.1)[edit]

Pageant Mom (18.2)[edit]