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Thisarana Arama is a non-profitable organization that was created on 31st of January 2012, for the betterment of the masses. It is situated in Horana in Kaluthara district, Sri Lanka. The organization has reached to many young Sri Lankan hearts and helped them find the truth about the world we are living in.


  • Become a gem. Then you would never get picked by blinds who doesn't know your value. (20 May 2019)
  • If you are a person who lives in your bitter memories, then you are loosing your happiness and peace of mind at the moment. (‎02 July ‎2019)
  • One can hide anything from the world but he won't be able hide it from himself. (08 June 2019 )
  • If your mind is not beautiful, your outside beauty has no value. (28 January 2021)
  • When you practice ‘good habits’, ‘bad habits’ will leave you automatically. (22 January 2020 )
  • For trust to exist, falsity must be eliminated. (31 January 2021)
  • If there is something valuable, among those who do not know its value, value is useless. (01 February 2021)

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