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Thomas Parnell (September 11, 1679October 24, 1718) was a poet, born in Dublin and educated at Trinity College, Dublin. He was a friend of both Alexander Pope and Jonathan Swift, participating in the Scriblerus Club, contributing to The Spectator, and aiding Pope in his translation of The Iliad. He was one of the so-called "Graveyard poets": his 'A Night-Piece on Death,' widely considered the first "Graveyard School" poem, was published posthumously in Poems on Several Occasions.


  • Still an angel appear to each lover beside,
    But still be a woman to you.
    • When thy Beauty appears.
  • Remote from man, with God he passed the days;
    Prayer all his business, all his pleasure praise.
    • The Hermit, line 5.
  • A fresh green the smelling leaves display
    And glittering as they tremble, cheer the day
    • from the poem The Hermit.
  • A sudden splendour seemed to kindle the day
    A breeze came breathing in;a sweet perfume
    Blown from eternal gardens,filled the room
    • from the poem Piety, or the vision.
  • We call it only pretty Fanny’s way.
    • An Elegy to an Old Beauty.
  • When Spring came on with fresh delight
    To cheer the soul, and charm the sight
    While every easy breezes, softer rain
    And warmer suns salute the plain
    • from Anacreontic.
  • Let those love now who never loved before;
    Let those who always loved, now love the more.
    • Translation of the Pervigilium Veneris, written in the time of Julius Caesar, and by some ascribed to Catullus: Cras amet qui numquam amavit; Quique amavit, cras amet.

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