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Thomas Yalden (2 January 167016 July 1736) was an English poet and translator.


  • Why like a tender girl dost thou complain!
    That strives to reach the mother's breast in vain;
    Mourns by her side, her knees embraces fast,
    Hangs on her robes, and interrupts her haste;
    Yet, when with fondness to her arms she's rais'd,
    Still mourns and weeps, and will not be appeas'd!
    • "Patroclus's Request to Achilles for his Arms; Imitated from the Beginning of the Sixteenth Iliad of Homer", in Tonson's The Annual Miscellany for the Year 1694.
  • For malice will with joy the lie receive,
    Report, and what it wishes true, believe.
    • The Second Book of Ovid's Art of Love, lines 706–707.
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