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Thumbtanic is a thumb animation spoof of the movie Titanic. It is similar to Thumb Wars.


  • Shay! This isn't that bad! [Looks up and gasps; a piano falls off the ship and hits him]


Male Thumb 1: Look at this ship!
Female Thumb 1: This ship must go on for miles!
Male Thumb 2: Lovely ship.
Male Thumb 3: Lovely ship.
Big Thumb: IT'S A BIG SHIP.
One-Eyed Thumb: Woo-hoo!

Mr. Prickle: Captain, I demand we go faster.
Captain Smith: But Mr. Prickle, we're already going fast!
Mr. Prickle: Yes, but I want to go unreasonably fast. Faster than what's safe, do you hear me?
Captain Smith: [Into an intercom in the engine room] All hear this: increase speed beyond reason! [Turns to Mr. Prickle] There, happy?
Mr. Prickle: Yes, I believe I am.
[In the engine room]
Thumb Foreman: Okay! Let's get even hotter and sweatier!
[An exercise-video beat starts playing; the stokers all shovel coal very fast]
Thumb Stoker: Yeah! Yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! Love the heat! Love the heat! Love the heat!

[The Captain is dining with a group of rich thumbs when the lookouts spot an iceberg; one sticks his head in the bell and begins ringing it]
Rich Thumb 1: What is that annoying sound?
Captain Smith: [Visibly worried] Oh, that's a warning alarm from the lookout tower!
Rich Thumb 1: No wonder they're worried. They're not rich!
Rich Thumb 2: Say, what did one poor person say to the other?
Rich Thumb 1: What?
Rich Thumb 2: Who cares?!
[The rich thumbs all laugh]

Thumb Officer: Everyone please remain calm. We have a minor sinking problem.
Captain Smith: WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE! [thumb crowd panicks and runs away] WHERE IS MY LIFE JACKET I MUST HAVE MY LIFE JACKET-
Thumb Officer: You're wearing it, captain!
Captain Smith: I must have-
Thumb Officer: You're always wearing it! [walks away]
Captain Smith: Ohh.

Mr. Prickle: Captain, I demand we sink faster!
Captain Smith: What?!
Mr. Prickle: Surely we can submerge this beast at a faster clip! I shall die the fastest! If you'll please excuse me, I'm heading for the low end.

Another Thumb: IT'S A GIGANTIC SPIDER! [a huge spider is crawling near the front of the ship]
Geranium: That Spider, Jake, it's coming right for us!
Jake: Don't worry! [pulls out a ray gun and shoots the spider, causing it to retreat back into the ocean] That's right...go back to the hell from which you came.
Geranium: You can't blast away an ocean, Jake.
Jake: I know.
Thumb: Hooray! We're saved! [thumbs begin cheering until the ship begins sinking faster] WE'RE GOING TO DIE!