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Tinker "Tink" Sawyer is a fictional character from the film Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III (portrayed by Joe Unger) and its spin-off comic Leatherface. Tinker is a member of the cannibalistic Sawyer family and his most distinguishing characteristics are the hooks he has in place of a hand, his hippy-like mentality and obsession with machines.


Texas Chainsaw Massacre III[edit]

  • Technology is our friend.
  • I'll be in Hell for breakfast.
  • Goddammit boy!
  • Get the meat!

Leatherface #2 ("Blood 'n' Kin")[edit]

  • Peace brother! Shalom! Hail!
  • Salaam aleilem soul bro'. Jimi lives! We digitally purify and pre-serve and electro-sanctify the sacred strato-casted sounds!
  • An axe-eee-dent! I know that blood. Not to worry, not to fear. The Tink is here. He is I and I am he. And we are all watched over by machines of loving grace!
  • We have the means! We have the machines!

Leatherface #3 ("Reach Out of the Darkness")[edit]

  • You have to ass-ume re-sponsibility for your own life!
  • Might be erroneous in judgement, but I do fear serious damage to the structural integrity of this vee-hick-el. Have to admit it, America's lost its technological edge in automotive manufacturing.
  • Hippy days Juniour! Glory days and golden! The haight and the diggers and everything is beautiful in its own way, even ugly fuckin' shit!
  • And it was the ear, big fella, the ear, that lets all the cosmic, eternal, blissed-out, whacked-out, fucking holy sounds of rock into your head and all along the neural network straight into your soul!
  • It was one night I was on the beach. I did some 'ludes and hash and lush and the purest acid ever come from Hashbury. And Iwas dancing. I was dancing like Jesus come again on a Harley! And I had the music in me and the music was me and I looked up... And the stars were all chrome and gleaming and they knew me, and no one was lost, no one was alone in the universe, 'cause the cold and perfect stars of chrome knew me. And thats when the Great Chrome God Machine, the Grand Machine of Loving Grace, came to me, there on the beach, and he... He gave me a mission... The Great Chrome God Machine... He blessed me.


  • Tex: Whaddaya think to our little lady?
  • Tinker: ...Uncertain. Looks like she might get all screamy on us Eddie.
  • Tex: [Slams a meat cleaver on the table] I wish you'd call me Tex. I told you.
  • Tinker: Oh I'm sorry boy. Goddamit, I'm sorry... how'd you like to do us the honor of plugging that whore up?

  • Tex: [stripping Ryan down] "Hey, looky here: colored drawers."
  • Tex and Tinker: "California."

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