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Tom and Jerry: The Movie is a 1992 American animated musical comedy film in which cat and mouse duo Tom and Jerry reluctantly work together to save a young girl from her evil aunt.

Directed by Phil Roman. Written by Dennis Marks.
The world's most famous cat and mouse in their first motion picture.(taglines)

Tom Cat[edit]

  • Hey, you little pipsqueak, I oughta…! Hey! How come you've never spoken before?
  • [surprised by the news of the survival of Robyn's father by Jerry] Hey, she's not an orphan no more!

Jerry Mouse[edit]

  • Uh-oh! Don't look now, but here comes the dragon lady! [Tom and Robyn gape]
  • [Puggsy: What are you two talking about?] Her Aunt Figg caught us before we could tell her.

Robyn Starling[edit]

  • [repeated line] Tom! Jerry!
  • He's alive?! My daddy is alive?!

Michael Starling[edit]

  • Robyn, I'm coming! Hang on!
  • Robyn, I promise I'll never leave you again.

Pristine Figg[edit]

  • She's escaped again! I've gotta call Lickboot.
  • This is where they found her last time.
  • [singsongy] Yoohoo! Robyn Starling, it's your Aunt Figg, darling, who has come to take you home!
  • Didn't he go before we left home?
  • Robyn, come to your dear Aunt Figg, darling. Spread out, and don't let the brat get by you.
  • You fools, look what you've done! Lickboot, grab the girl, and let's get outta here!
  • [last words before their defeat] Gimme those keys! Look what you've done!


  • We've got to have money.
  • That's exactly what you're doing. [Figg: Shut up, you twit!]
  • [as Robyn kicks him] Ow! Why, you little…!
  • [last words before their defeat] But the girl!

Dr. Applecheek[edit]

  • [last words before his defeat] Sorry, boys! One good turn deserves another! [laughs evilly]


[The movie begins with a sign that reads "Coming Soon, High Rise Luxury Apartments". A green truck labeled "Pat & Mike Movers" sits parked outside as two men carry a drawer into it. The camera zooms in on a yellow house with a red roof. Inside, a blonde woman walks downstairs]
Woman: [first lines] Are you almost finished?
Man: [voiceover] It's just about.
Woman: Don't forget the love seat.
Man: We got it.
[Two men pick up a red love seat, revealing Tom, a gray cat with white hands and feet, laying down on a pillow, behind it]
Woman: Please, hurry. It's a long drive to our new house. Tom? Thomas? Hurry up, Tom, we're leaving.
[Tom sits up and jumps with excitement. He picks up his food bowl and races off. A door of a hole on the staircase opens as Jerry, a brown mouse, peeks out and collects a blanket and a bag. Outside, Tom runs to the car and hops into the back. Fluffing his pillow, he yawns and relaxes. Jerry hops down the steps and rushes to the back. Tom notices him. Jerry tosses up his bag and blanket on the open backdoor, then climbs up. Scowling, Tom looks around. He smiles as he picks up a pooltube, then scowls again at Jerry. Using the tip of the tube, he lifts him up to his face. Jerry smiles nervously as Tom glares at him. Tom bends the tip, but he and Jerry are flunged out of the car. Jerry lands on the ground. As he gapes and goes to run, Tom also lands on the ground. Jerry slides down his back and scurries on his head, before running off. Tom glares as he watches Jerry hops back up the steps. He gets to his feet, and chases him back inside the house. Jerry runs back into his hole and shuts the door. Tom races in and glares at the closed door. Jerry locks up his door with various locks. Tom hammers the door with wooden planks. He smiles as he walks outside. Looking shocked, he finds the car gone. Tom races up near the camera and looks around. He spots the truck driving away with the car in pursuit. Tom runs forward to catch up with it, but stops as he collides and comes face-to-face with a bulldog. From Tom's point of view, the canine bares its sharp teeth. Tom gulps nervously. He ties the bulldog's ears together on its eyes, and runs off. Fixing its ears, the bulldog growls as it chases Tom, who races back to the house and tries to open the door. He glances back at the bulldog, which approaches. Tom screams as he goes to the back of the house. He goes through a doggy door and peeks out. The bulldog barks wildly. Tom screams again and races to the front door, where the bulldog is on the front porch. He shuts it. He opens a window where the bulldog bounces. Tom shuts the window and glances around. As Tom tiptoes to another window, the bulldog, with its ears seen through a double window, follows in pursuit outside. Tom rises up to the window as the bulldog does the same. He hides behind a wall. Outside, day turns to night. Walking into the empty living room, Tom finds a cushion, then fluffs it like a pillow. He sets it on the floor and fluffs it again. He lays down on it and tries to sleep in different directions. As he finally lays down, a spring pokes out and holds his head. The next day, the bulldog sleeps on the front porch. A shadow looms over it. Terrified, the bulldog runs away. Inside, Tom sleeps peacefully. Suddenly, a wrecking ball breaks through the wall. As Tom looks through the hole, the wrecking ball leaves another hole in the wall. Outside, two construction vehicles, a demolition crane and a bulldozer, sit parked together. The crane swings the wrecking ball again. In the house, Tom opens the door and screams. He ducks down as the wrecking ball destroys it. Jerry looks up and runs. He unlocks the door and opens it, but the wooden planks blocked his exit. He knocks on them as if to say, "Get me outta here!" Outside, Tom starts to run, but stops. He looks back at the house and races back. Tom removes the planks. As the wrecking ball swings again, Tom grabs Jerry. The wrecking ball hits Tom, taking him and Jerry to a tree. As the cat grabs onto a branch, he and Jerry look shocked. The house collapses into pieces. Tom climbs down the tree. He and Jerry look at each other, then look to the now-wrecked house. As Tom stares sadly and walks off, Jerry wipes a tear from his eye. Tom walks down the sidewalk. Looking back at him, Jerry follows. As Jerry catches up to Tom, he smiles. Tom scowls at him and points as if to say, "Go away!" Jerry points at himself as if to say, "Who, me?" Tom points as if to say, "Yes, you!" Jerry obeys and Tom watches him. As Tom goes to cross the street, a blue truck drives past him. The startled cat continues to stroll down the sidewalk. Looking back, Jerry heads back the way he came. He hides behind a mailbox and door as if spying on Tom. A green car drives by. As the traffic light turns red, Tom walks across the road. A blue car stops, narrowly missing him. Jerry follows. Elsewhere, a sign reads "Bill and Joe's Steaks and Seafood". Tom looks at three pictures of spaghetti, meat, and fried fish. He licks his lips and enters the restaurant. Behind him, Jerry watches and runs off]
Man: [offscreen] Hey, beat it! No cats allowed!
[Tom is kicked out of the restaurant. Jerry laughs as Tom glares at him. The cat stands up and wipes himself. He glares at the mouse and points again. Jerry runs off as a green truck labeled "Slow Moving Vehicle" sprays water around the sidewalk and road. Tom is wet. He shakes himself off and continues walking, each time he shakes water off his foot. He spots an alley and hides behind a wall. The cat glances back and smiles as he walks down the alley. Jerry follows him. As Tom stops, Jerry bumps into him. The cat looks down his legs. From Tom's upside-down point of view, Jerry smiles. Form's Jerry own point of view, Tom angrily grits his teeth. He grabs a flower pot and traps him with it. Jerry pokes his head out of the hole on the bottom as he blows a raspberry at him. With his finger, Tom pushes him down]
Male voice: Well, well, well, look at the big brave cat.
[Jerry pokes his head out of the hole again. A brown dog sits in an abandoned car. The dog wears a cap, a shirt, a vest, and a scarf]
Male voice: Yeah, picking on a teensy-weensy mouse.
Dog: He'll feel guilty for this for the rest of his days. First time out in the cold, right?
[Tom and Jerry nod]
Dog: And instead of being pals, you're fighting like a cat and a mouse.
Male voice: They are a cat and a mouse, Puggsy.
[Tom and Jerry look around theirselves as they hear a voice]
Puggsy: That's true, Frankie, but they gotta learn to be pals or they aren't gonna make it out here. Is that true too?
[A green flea leaps onto Puggsy's snout]
Flea: All too true too. Frankie da Flea is my name, and I'm of French extraction.
Puggsy: Haha! That just means before he met me, he lived on a poodle. Haha! I've been on the streets for 2 years now. My owners left me behind when they moved. The name is Puggsy. What's yours?
Tom: I'm Tom.
Jerry: And I'm Jerry.
[They're shocked as they look at each other]
Both: You talked!
Tom: Well, sure, I talk. What do you think I am, a dummy?
Jerry: You said it, I didn't.
Tom: Hey, you little pipsqueak, I oughta…! Hey! How come you've never spoken before?
Jerry: There was nothing I wanted to say that I thought you'd understand, and there still isn't!
Tom: Alright, that does it, you little…! Oh, boy, you made me angry!

Robyn Starling: Who are you?
Tom: Nobody.
Jerry: Just us. He's Tom, and I'm Jerry.

[Tom, Jerry and their new friend, Robyn Starling, are sitting near a fire under a bridge]
Jerry: So, your name's Robyn, and you ran away from home.
Robyn: How did you know?
Jerry: Your name's on your locket.
[He points at Robyn's heart-shaped locket]
Robyn: Oh, yes. It's Robyn Starling. I'm afraid I don't have a home anymore. I'm an orphan. My mother died when I was a baby.
Jerry: What about your father? What happened to him?
Robyn: My father's on an expedition climbing a mountain, when the snow gave way in an-
Tom: Avalanche?
Robyn: [starts to cry] Uh-huh, and- he was the most wonderful father in the world.
[She opens the locket and shows the duo pictures of herself and her father]
Robyn: We had our own secret place just for the two of us, and-
Jerry: And that's where you were going?
[Robyn wipes a tear from her eye]
Robyn: Uh-huh, and to get away from… my Aunt Figg.
[Robyn stops crying, then scowls]
Robyn: She's not really my aunt, just my guardian. But she's taken over the house. She moved me into the attic and gave my room to her dog, Ferdinand.
Tom: Ferdinand?
Robyn: Aunt Figg was always calling me "orphan". She even stole my locket and threw it out the window, but I climbed down and found it, and–
Jerry: Kept on running.
Robyn: (Exactly.) As fast as I could, and I'm never going back.
Tom: Oh, smart, real smart, kid. You got a roof over your head, three sure meals a day, a warm bed. Who'd wanna leave that?
Jerry: I hate to admit it, Robyn, but Tom's right. You never know what you're missing till you don't have it.
Robyn: You don't know Aunt Figg. She seems sweet, but underneath, she's mean! Real mean! (I think.)
Jerry: Aw, come on. I'll bet she's frantic looking for you.
Tom: Oh, sure. She's crying her eyes out for you right this minute.

Lickboot: [discussing the truth about Robyn] Just pray the police find her, or we're doomed to return to the ranks of the peasantry. And you'd better hope this rumor that dashing Daddy Starling may have survived the avalanche is just a rumor, or we'll be worse than ordinary. We'll be...
Figg: Don't say it!
Lickboot: Poor.
Figg: Penniless!
Lickboot: Bankrupt!
Figg: No more money?
Lickboot: [in a sinister tone] We've got to have... money!

[Tom and Jerry have just told Robyn that her father had survived the avalanche in Tibet]
Robyn: He's alive?! My daddy is alive?! I've got to go find him. He might be hurt.
[She opens her drawer, then pulls out clothing and throws them aside]
Robyn: I’m sure he needs me. It’ll be cold in Tibet.
[As Robyn throws the clothing out of the drawer, a sock flies into Jerry's face. As Robyn puts on a raincoat, Jerry removes the sock. As a hat lands on Tom's head, Robyn takes it off his head and puts it on her own]
Robyn: I better wear a hat.
Jerry: Tibet?
[Robyn sits on the bed to pull up her sock]
Robyn: If that's where my daddy is, that's where I'm going.
[She gets up and goes to the edge of the bed]
Tom: Do you have any idea where Tibet is?
Robyn: No.
[Robyn pulls off the bedsheets from the bed]
Jerry: It's way, way, way out there.
Robyn: Put your finger here, please.
[Tom puts his finger on the knot, allowing Robyn to tie the line to the bedpost. Tom pulls out his finger]
Tom: It's across the river.
Jerry: Into the woods.
Tom: Over the hills.
Jerry: It's past Cleveland.
[Robyn picks up the bedsheets]
Robyn: Here, Tom.
[As she gives Tom the line of bedsheets, he catches them]
Robyn: Throw this end out the window.
[Tom makes his way over to the window. He opens it and drops the line of bedsheets down the front of the house. Robyn puts on her backpack. She looks down to the ground, then climbs down the line. Robyn lands on the ground. Tom and Jerry look down from the window]
Robyn: Tom, hurry!
[Tom starts to climb down the line. Jerry hops onto his hands]
Jerry: Down, please.
Tom: I'll give you down.
[As Tom grabs him, Jerry points down. Tom looks down and realizes he has let go of the line and gulps, looking wide-eyed as if saying, "Oh, no." Both he and Jerry fall to the ground. Figg wakes up, turns on the lamp, and removes her sleeping eye pieces. She sees the line of bedsheets hanging outside the window]
Figg: She's escaped again! I've gotta call Lickboot.
[She picks up the phone]

Robyn: What do we do?
Tom: I'll get us outta here. Come on!

Jerry: Push the red button. It's always red.
Tom: I know! I was just gonna push it!

[Michael Starling speaks into a radio while flying his helicopter]
Man on radio: Your daughter has run away, and no one knows where she is.
Michael: What? My daughter's run away? If Robyn's in trouble, there's only one place she'll go.
[He turns the helicopter around and flies back to find his daughter]

[After the cabin, Robyn's Nest, was collapsed by the fire, Tom surfaces and searches for Jerry]
Tom: Jerry! Jerry, where are you? Oh, don't leave me, little buddy. You just gotta be here!
[Jerry watches from a piece of debris from the house]
Tom: You're the best pal a guy could ever have! Please, be alive! I promise you. Uh, uh…
Jerry: [behind Tom] All the cheese I can eat?
Tom: Yeah, all the cheese you can eat. And, uh…
Jerry: No more traps?
Tom: No more traps.
Jerry: And no tricks?
Tom: No tricks.
Jerry: That's a promise?
Tom: That's a… Huh?
[He notices Jerry unharmed and gets angry. He then grabs him]
Tom: Ooh, I'm gonna…! Why, you little…!


  • The world's most famous cat and mouse in their first motion picture.
  • A Big Hit Movie. Coming Soon.
  • To Save the Life of a Young Girl, This Cat and Mouse will have to do the impossible. They'll Have to Get Along.
  • Welcome to the 90's. The Cold War is over. Western Europe is unified. The whole world is a kindler, gentler place to be. Well... almost.


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