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Trust (1990) is a dry, bleak comedy starring Adrienne Shelly and Martin Donovan, and written and directed by Hal Hartley.


Matthew: I carry this with me at all times.
Maria: A hand grenade?
Matthew: Yeah.
Maria: Is it real?
Matthew: My dad brought it back from Korea.
Maria: What for?
Matthew: Souvenir, I guess.
Maria: No, I mean, why do you carry it around with you all the time?
Matthew: Just in case.
Maria: Just in case what?
Matthew: Just in case.
Maria: Are you emotionally disturbed?
Matthew: Look, I just showed it to you because of what you said.
Maria: Forget what I said. Put that thing away.
Matthew: Do you really think it's a good idea to drink soda for breakfast?
Maria: It keeps my skin clear.
Matthew: What?
Maria: It's true.
Matthew: In ten years your bones are gonna snap like twigs. You oughta have a glass of milk.
Maria: Milk gives me pimples.
Matthew: You probably get more pimples from all that makeup you're wearing.
Maria: Makeup hides my pimples.
Matthew: Sorry.

Peg: So, do you have a girlfriend?
Matthew: What's that got to do with anything?
Peg: Maybe that's your problem.
Matthew: Do I have a problem?
Peg: Of course you do.
Matthew: Oh yeah, and what do you think my problem is?
Peg: I don't think you laid enough.
Matthew: Is that so?
Peg: Well, what kind of relationship could a man as screwed up as you possibly have?
Matthew: I don't have relationships.
Peg: You love 'em and leave 'em, huh?
Matthew: I don't love anybody.
Peg: You mean, you just have a girl.
Matthew: I take what I can get. Now if you're through talking, do you want to go out back and fuck?

Jean: I'm never going to let you take Maria away from me.
Matthew: I never said I wanted to.
Jean: She's got to pay.
Matthew: Your husband died of a heart attack.
Jean: No one dies of a heart attack. They die of disgust, disappointment.
Matthew: You're not the first woman in the world who's had a hard time.
Jean: You're an outsider; you don't understand. A family's got to stick together, come hell or high water.
Matthew: A family's like a gun. You point it in the wrong direction, you're gonna kill somebody.
Jean: Exactly.

Maria: Did you mean it? Would you marry me?
Matthew: Yes.
Maria: Why?
Matthew: Because I want to.
Maria: Not because you love me or anything like that, huh?
Matthew: I respect and admire you.
Maria: Isn't that love?
Matthew: No, that's respect and admiration. I think that's better than love.
Maria: How?
Matthew: When people are in love they do all sorts of crazy things. They get jealous, they lie, they cheat. They kill themselves. They kill each other.
Maria: It doesn't have to be that way.
Matthew: Maybe.
Maria: You'd be the father of a child you know isn't yours.
Matthew: Kids are kids, what does it matter?
Maria: Do you trust me?
Matthew: Do you trust me first?
Maria: I trust you.
Matthew: You sure?
Maria: Yes.
Matthew: Then marry me.
Maria: I'll marry you if you admit that respect, admiration, and trust equals love.
Matthew: OK. They equal love.

Maria: Can you stop watching TV for a moment?
Matthew: No.
Maria: Why?
Matthew: I had a bad day. I had to subvert my principles and kowtow to an idiot. Television makes these daily sacrifices possible. It deadens the inner core of my being.
Maria: Let's move away, then.
Matthew: They have television everywhere. There's no escape. And besides, you won't leave your mother.

Matthew: I'm sorry. I lost my head.
Maria: It's OK.
Matthew: What do we do now?
Maria: We could run?
Matthew: We'd never make it.
Maria: I'll tell them it was my fault.
Matthew: They'll never believe you.
Maria: I don't care if they believe me or not.
Matthew: Why have you done this?
Maria: Done what?
Matthew: Why do you put up with me like this?
Maria: Somebody had to.
Matthew: But why you?
Maria: I just happened to be here.

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