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Oh, you have been taught to take care of yourself by stumbling.

Umair Ahmad (Urdu, Sindhi:عمیر احمد) (april 16, 1997) is a Pakistani young businessman, film producer[1], author[2], and researcher[3]. He founded Youth Group Limited a media company that later owned several businesses as a sub-group of Youth Group Limited[4][5] & co-founder of Pakistan Times.


  • Traveling on new routes is not easy. But self-confidence makes them easier. Those who live on the support of the people lose their way to their destination. Kill your dreams and live for the dreams of others.
  • Competition reduces people's creativity. And the trend of copying is increasing. Ungratefulness comes from comparison, and comparison comes from competition.
    • Speaking to journalist Iftikhar Ahmad (December 2017) as quoted in Media Imperialism in India and Pakistan (2019) by Farooq Sulehria, p. 59
  • Arrogant, ungrateful and mean people are never kind to anyone else, they always become friends and do more harm than good. And you feel it after the water has passed through your head. Therefore, Paradise should recognize them as soon as possible and distance itself from them. Whether they are blood relatives or close friends.


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