Umberto Pettinicchio

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Umberto Pettinicchio

Umberto Pettinicchio (born 1943) is an Italian contemporary painter and sculptor.


  • I thought a lot about the beauty of Leonardo's Mona Lisa, we have two expressions that are composed on the same icon: usually to express an expression our whole body moves in that direction, to create another expression we need a different time. These two times, the sadness and the smile, which point out our duality are characterized at the same time. It creates a displacement. It's as if we could not grasp both things together. Hence the perception of that extraordinary beauty.
  • It is an intense blue, born after a certain period and has in turn a key to reading. When we spread it on the sculpture, the story is burned, because the color is so vivid that what is written in the sculpture goes into the background. So, there is a process of liberation and even if the work and the blue seem very different, they have a common denominator between them, the motive of poetics. We often allow ourselves to be conditioned by the scenic apparatus.

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