Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

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Uncharted 4: A Thief's End is a 2016 action-adventure game developed by Naughty Dog for the PlayStation 4. The fourth and final game in the Uncharted series, it follows treasure hunter Nathan Drake as he embarks on his last adventure, finding the treasure of infamous pirate captain Henry Avery. Note that these quotes are arranged in chronological order.


  • There's your treasure. Was it worth it?
  • Well, let's see here– I ruined my marriage. Drove my best friend away. Got two psychos and their army after me. And now my brother's gone missing. But, on the bright side, there's no one around to tell me I'm an idiot.
  • I wasn't trying to protect you. It– It's just I– I made a promise that I was done with this life. [Elena: We both did.] Yeah, but I broke it. I didn't tell you because– I was afraid– [Elena: Afraid of what?] Of losing you. I guess I was, um– protecting myself. You know? [Elena: We have a lot of ground to cover.] Yeah. Should keep moving. [Elena: Yeah.]


  • [To Nate] If you're done lying to me, then you should stop lying to yourself.
  • [To Nate] You know, even if you think you’re protecting me, you don’t have a right to shut me out like that. No matter what it is, you’re supposed to come to me so we can work through it together, as a team.
  • [About Avery] He was hell-bent on keeping his treasure, no matter the cost to the others around him.
  • Same to you, cowboy.


  • You know what I love about a party with a bunch of crooks? Nobody cares if you smoke indoors.


  • We were meant for this, Nathan. You, me, together. We were destined for something great.


  • You want to hear insane? "Nathan Drake raced a madman and his entire army to the steps of Shambhala." "Nathan Drake found a lost city in the middle of the Rub' al Khali desert." "Nathan Drake discovered the fabled El Dorado"! "Nathan Drake is a legend". You know, I shot the man who told me that. You know, for all your "greatness", Nate, you have nothing. You are nothing. And I warned you to get out of my way.


  • Everyone obsessed with this treasure gets what they deserve.


Elena: Okay, you got it, there you go.
Nate: What is that thing, a fox?
Elena: A bandicoot.
Nate: Looks like a fox. It's like a fox in jeans.
Elena: Okay, smash the boxes.
Nate: Why is a fox smashing crates?
Elena: Bandicoot– and that's just– it's what he does.
Nate: It's a fox and it's not very realistic.

[Nate has finished telling Elena, who is wiping the wound on his forehead with a cloth, his past.]
Nate: And everything changed after that. You know, we became explorers. Adventurers. Mostly thieves. Ow.
Elena: Okay, just hold still.
Nate: You know, for a while, it felt like– if we weren't taking turns going to jail, it was because we were in jail together. And– after I lost him, I– Or, after I thought I lost him–
Elena: You didn't wanna bring him back up again.
Nate: Something like that. Well, that's it. Now you know everything.
Elena: With you, I doubt that that's everything. But– [Gives Nate the cloth. Nate takes it] –it's a lot.
Nate: Love to know what you're thinking.
Elena: I'm thinking that you're lucky that I found you when I did.
Nate: Yeah.
Elena: I'm glad you didn't lose a limb or anything. It would've been a royal pain getting you out of here. [Gets up]
Nate: How did you find me, anyway?
Elena: Oh, you know, easy. Just follow the sound of gunfire.
Nate: No, I mean, how did you– get here? [Sees Elena holding a walkie-talkie she took out of her belt and then looks up to see Sully's plane in the sky] Oh. Of course.
Elena: [On her walkie-talkie] Come on, Sully.
Sully: [Over Elena's walkie-talkie] Hey, darlin'. How's he doing?
[Nate gets up.]
Elena: [On her walkie-talkie] Oh, you know, he's banged up, but he's alive. Par for the course. Now we just need to rescue the other Drake.
Sully: [Over Elena's walkie-talkie] What do you mean?
Elena: [On her walkie-talkie] I'll let Nate tell you. [Throws Nate her walkie-talkie]
Nate: [Catches Elena's walkie-talkie and speaks into it] Hey, pal. Glad you could join us.
[In the plane.]
Sully: [On his walkie-talkie] Yeah, wouldn't miss it. So what happened to Sam?
[On the island.]
Nate: [On Elena's walkie-talkie] Rafe's got him.
Sully: [Over Elena's walkie-talkie] Shit. You know where they are?
Nate: [On Elena's walkie-talkie] Uh, yeah. They're headed to the northern side of the island. See if you can find a place to set down over there. Once we get Sam, we're gonna need to get outta here pretty quick.
Sully: [Over Elena's walkie-talkie] Copy that.
[In the plane.]
Sully: [On his walkie-talkie] Hey, what about the treasure?
[On the island.]
Nate: [On Elena's walkie-talkie] Forget it. We don't need it.
Sully: [Over Elena's walkie-talkie] But Alcázar–
Nate: [On Elena's walkie-talkie] No, there is no Alcázar.
[In the plane.]
Nate: [Over Sully's walkie-talkie] It's all bullshit.
Sully: [On his walkie-talkie] Wait, you mean– the debt, the–
[On the island.]
Sully: [Over Elena's walkie-talkie] The escape?
Nate: [On Elena's walkie-talkie] Yeah. Sam made it all up. What an asshole, right? Look, I'll fill you in on everything when I see you, okay?
Sully: [Over Elena's walkie-talkie] Yeah, I can't wait. Look, you two be safe down there.
Nate: [On Elena's walkie-talkie] You know us.
Elena: [Gives Nate a gun] Trade ya.
Nate: [Takes the gun from Elena and gives her her walkie-talkie back. Elena takes it back] Thanks.
Elena: Sure. [Starts to walk away, but Nate stops her]
Nate: No, I mean– Thanks for saving me, again.
Elena: I almost didn't this time.
Nate: Right.
Elena: Come on. I got us a ride.
[Elena runs across the stream, with Nate following her.]

[Nate and Elena are taking the elevator to the top.]
Elena: Wow. It's like a postcard.
Nate: Yeah, Libertalia. Come for the beautiful views. Stay for the life-or-death gunfights.
[Elena chuckles.]
Nate: So what made you change your mind?
Elena: Hm?
Nate: You said you– almost didn't come back.
Elena: Well, I couldn't leave when you were clearly in over your head. And you know, here's that whole "marriage vow" thing.
Nate: For better or worse.
Elena: Yeah. For better or worse.
[The elevator stops at the top.]
Elena: [Goes over to the gate and crouches down in front of it to lift it up] Here. Gimme a hand with this.
Nate: [Goes over to the gate and crouches down in front of it to lift it up] Alright.
Elena: Okay.
[Nate and Elena lift up the gate.]
Elena: You know, even if you think that you're protecting me, you don't have a right to shut me out like that. No matter what it is, you're supposed to come to me so that we can work through it together, as a team.
Nate: I know that. Really, I do. It's just– I– I– [Sighs]
Elena: You know what? We should stay focused. There'll be time for this later.
[Nate nods. He and Elena get into the jeep.]
Nate: Next stop: New Devon.
[Nate and Elena drive out of the elevator and onto an open area with a path.]

[Nate and Elena drive into a bridge.]
Nate: Okay. Should be on the other side of the bridge. Hang on tight.
[The bridge starts to crack.]
Elena: Nate?!
Nate: Hold on!
Elena: Floor it!
Nate: Oh, I hate bridges!
[The bridge collapses, sending Nate and Elena falling into the river. They are swept away by the water.]
Nate: Aw, hell!
Elena: Turn around, we're heading for the falls!
Nate: I can't! Current's too strong!
[Nate and Elena get close to the edge. Elena sees some rocks on the side.]
Elena: Nate, there! We can climb up those rocks!
Nate: On it!
[Nate steers the car towards the side. It stops when it hits a big log in the water.]
Nate: Alright, go, go!
Elena: [Jumps up and climbs up the rocks] I got it! Come on!
Nate: Okay!
[Nate tries to climb up the rocks, but the branch breaks, causing him to fall onto the jeep.]
Elena: Nate!
[The jeep keeps moving downstream. It moves towards the edge where the waterfall is.]
Nate: [Relieved] Ah, waterfall. [Horrified] Waterfall!
[Nate sees a tree sticking out of the cliff over him. He throws his rope at it. The rope latches onto the tree and he is pulled out of the jeep as it goes down the falls and explodes at the bottom.]
Elena: [Standing on the ledge while seeing Nate hanging onto the rope] Nate!
Nate: It's okay! I'm okay!
[The tree starts to crack and come loose.]
Elena: The tree! The tree is not okay!
Nate: [Angrily, seeing the tree about to crack and come loose] Oh, come on!
[Nate starts to swing to the ledge.]
Elena: Over here! Quick!
[Nate swings to the ledge. He grabs the ledge as the tree breaks and falls into the water.]
Elena: [Helps Nate up] Gotcha! [Looks down to see the jeep in the water] Well, so much for the car. Come on.
[Elena starts to walk away, but Nate stops her.]
Nate: I wasn't trying to protect you.
[Elena stops and turns to Nate.]
Nate: I– It's just, I– I made a promise that I was done with this life.
Elena: We both did.
Nate: Yeah, but I broke it. I didn't tell you because– I was afraid–
Elena: Afraid of what?
Nate: Of losing you. I guess I was, um– protecting myself. You know?
Elena: We have a lot of ground to cover.
Nate: Yeah. Should keep moving.
Elena: Yeah.
[Elena runs along the path leading to the jungle, with Nate following her.]

[Nate and Elena climb up the wall. Nate makes it to the top.]
Nate: Come on. [Helps Elena up] You alright?
Elena: Yeah.
[Nate and Elena look out at the view the wreckage of old big mansions that have fallen victim to a massive flooding.]
Nate: Wow. Welcome to Avery's neighborhood.
Elena: It's a nice place. If you don't mind some structural problems and water damage.
Nate: Cleary some drainage issues.
Elena: [Laughs] A real fixer-upper opportunity. [Takes out some binoculars and looks around past the houses] Okay, so– Looks like somebody blew that dam and then flooded the whole place.
Nate: [Smiles] You know, I forgot. Pretty good at this.
Elena: [Resumes looking through the binoculars] Alright, so which one of these do you think is Avery's?
Nate: Ah, my money's on– [Moves Elena's right hand with the binoculars to the right so she sees a mansion behind the others] –that one. One that's still intact.
Elena: Ohhh. You're not so bad at this either.
Nate: Yeah, well, you know, had a little practice, read a few books–
Elena: [Discovers what she sees on the binoculars] Shit. Shit.
Nate: What? What?
Elena: [Gives Nate the binoculars. Nate takes them] The front door.
Nate: [Looks through the binoculars to see Rafe pushing Sam towards the door with Nadine watching on] Sam.
Elena: He's still alive.
Nate: Yeah, for now. [Gives Elena the binoculars back. Elena takes them back] Come on.
[Nate and Elena stand up.]

[Nate pushes open the doors of a large dining room where several dead bodies are sitting around the table. He and Elena walk into the dining room.]
Elena: Good lord.
Nate: Looks like we found the party.
Elena: Looks like we're a little late. [Picks up a small wooden sigil with a symbol of a pegasus on it] Hey. Nate. [Blows on the sigil, wipes it, and holds it up] Check it out.
Nate: It's another sigil. [Looks at the table and sees that each seat has a plaque with a pirate captain sigil on it and that each skeleton is wearing fancy pirate captain clothes. He realizes] Oh, my God.
Elena: What?
Nate: It's them. Elena, these are the pirate captains that founded Libertalia. What the hell happened here?
Elena: [Notices some of the bodies have their hands on fancy chalices sitting on the table] Well, I'm no forensics expert, but I would say– [Picks up a goblet] –bad drinks? [Puts down the goblet]
Nate: Apparently.
Elena: So what was this? Some kind of– wealthy pirate suicide cult?
Nate: [Chuckles] Yeah, not likely. Not these guys. [Picks up another sigil, blows on it, and wipes it]
Elena: [Picks up a letter on one of the bodies and reads it out loud] "On behalf of Lord Avery, I invite you to my manor at sundown tomorrow. The time has come to abandon our animosities– and reunite under the banner of God– and liberty." Signed Thomas Tew.
Nate: [Notices that there's only ten bodies present and two of the twelve chairs on one end of the table are empty] What do you bet– [Goes over to the two empty chairs and picks up two sigils there. One is an arm and cutlass, the other is a skull and crossbones. He holds up one] Thomas Tew. [Holds up the other] Henry Avery. [Drops the two sigils on the table] Looks like our hosts didn't stick around to clean up heir mess.
Elena: Well, that wasn't very gracious of them.
Nate: Okay, so– So these guys sparked a full-scale revolt when they claimed the treasure for themselves. Now they took care of the colonists, but then they had to deal with each other. And I'm guessing things got pretty messy. So Avery and Tew invite them up here. To umm– Ah, what was it?
Elena: "Abandon our animosities."
Nate: "Abandon the animosities." [Picks up the goblet] Avery makes a grand toast. "For God and liberty," Argh, ahoy, mateys, all that. And they all take a swig. [Puts down the goblet] Except these two. And just like that. All the treasure of Libertalia becomes the sole possession of two men. These are– some of history's greatest pirates– and they all perished– in an instant. At this very table.
Elena: [Looks on sadly] It's incredible.
Nate: Yeah. I'm– I'm sorry. I, uh– I'm sorry.
Elena: [Smiles] It's okay. So since our missing hosts aren't here at Tew's manor–
Nate: We should head over to Avery's.
Elena: Yeah. Let's go.
[Nate and Elena leave the dining room.]

[After defeating Shoreline, Nate and Elena return to the doors.]
Nate: Okay, here we go. You ready?
[Nate and Elena shoulder charge against the doors, then back up, and shoulder charge right through the doors of a room. Nate slams against a couch with a skeleton on it.]
Nate: [Sees the skeleton on the couch] Oh. Hello there.
[Elena picks up a letter the skeleton is holding.]
Nate: What is it?
Elena: It's a letter. Signed by– Avery.
Nate: Really? Read it.
[Nate and Elena walk along the hallway.]
Elena: [Reads the letter] "My loyal subjects– As the sun sets on our glorious paradise, we must endeavor to preserve its riches– The traitorous Tew knows our secrets, so we must act quickly. Destroy the dam, cleanse New Devon–"
[Nate and Elena arrive at the doors.]
Nate: Here we go.
Elena: Uh-huh. "–and move my treasure through the passage to my ship."
Nate: Tew and Avery did eventually turn on each other.
Elena: Are you really surprised?
Nate: Well, I guess not.
Elena: [Holds out the letter] Here you go.
Nate: Thanks. [Takes the letter from Elena and puts it in his journal] Let's go find that passage.
[Elena pushes open the doors of a room and she and Nate walk into the room.]

Rafe: You wanna hear insane? Nathan Drake raced a madman and his entire army to the steps of Shambala!
Nate: Ah, Jesus!
Rafe: Nathan Drake found a lost city in the middle of the Rub' al Khali desert!
Nate: God damn it--! Come on, we can get out of here together!
Rafe: Nathan Drake discovered the fabled El Dorado...
Nate: Come on Rafe, stop!
Rafe: Nathan Drake is a legend! You know, I shot the man who told me that.

[While Elena and Sam are talking, Nate is packing his bag, with Sully watching on.]
Sully: So you got everything?
Nate: Yeah, think so. [Gets up] Eh, feel free to sell anything I left behind.
Sully: You sure I can't give you a lift home?
Nate: After the last few days, I think I'd like a plane with drink service and reclining seats. [Turns to see Elena and Sam talking] Plus, uh– she and I have a lot to talk about.
Sully: Yeah, you do. And no more late-night phone calls about "one last time," hm?
Nate: [Chuckles] Promise. Thanks, Sully.
[Nate and Sully hug. They pull away.]
Sully: Take care, kid. Don't be a stranger.
Nate: Next time you're in town– [Picks up his bag] –beers are on me. [Hangs his bag on his shoulder]
Sully: I'll hold you to that.
[Nate approaches Elena and Sam.]
Sam: And then the bunny escapes anyway and it leaves little bunny surprises all over the headmaster's bed. It was a dis–
Nate: Hey, hey, hey, hey, what are you telling her?
Elena: Just about your little "magic" phase.
Nate: [To Sam] Oh, I hate you.
Elena: What was your stage name?
Sam: Go on, tell her.
Nate: "Nate the great." [Sam laughs] It's not funny. It makes sense.
Sam: In his defense, he was actually– you were pretty good.
Nate: [Takes his bag off his shoulder] Uh-huh. [Puts down his bag]
Elena: Hey, look, Sam, it has been– [Holds out her hand] –an experience getting to meet you.
Sam: With a handshake?
Elena: Well–
Sam: Bring it in for the real thing, sister.
[Elena and Sam hug.]
Sam: Hey, take care of this numbskull, alright?
Elena: Yeah, I will. [Picks up her bag]
Nate: I'll join ya in a sec.
Elena: Yeah. [Walks away]
Sam: I like her. God help her, she sure seems to love you.
Nate: [Chuckles] I know, right?
[Sam uses his lighter to light a cigar in his mouth.]
Nate: Listen, the offer still stands.
Sam: I appreciate it, but I'm good.
Nate: I know, but if you feel you're imposing, you're not, we talked about it–
Sam: It's not about that. It's not about that. It's a little bit of that, okay, but– [Sighs] I just kind of– thought that after we found Avery's treasure I'd be– satisfied?
Nate: Ah.
Sam: Instead, I've, ah– kinda left with this strange feeling of–
Nate: Emptiness?
Sam: Yeah.
Nate: Yeah, well, you know, as thrilling as the next adventure might be, in the end– you're always left with that same thing. Sometimes you just gotta– choose what you're gonna keep and– and what you're gonna let go.
Sam: Well– I guess I'm just not there yet. And besides, you know, you've got a few ancient cities on me. And I can't let's that slide, so–
Nate: I left a couple out there.
Sam: Well, thank you. [Laughs]
[Nate turns to see a cab arrive and Elena wave to him.]
Nate: [Turns to Sam] Oh, that's– that's our ride.
Sam: Yeah.
Nate: Ah– Sam. We've come far.
Sam: We sure have, little brother. Come here.
[Nate and Sam hug. They pull away.]
Nate: Listen, you don't do anything I wouldn't do, alright? [Picks up his bag and hangs it on his shoulder]
Sam: Get outta here. Vamoose.
[Nate and Elena get into the cab. The cab drives off.]
Sully [Approaches Sam] Got a light?
Sam: Yeah. So– Victor– [Gives Sully his lighter. Sully takes it] What's next for you, hm?
Sully: [Uses Sam's lighter to light the cigar in his mouth, then gives it back to him. Sam takes it back] Well, before I got dragged into this, I was working on a business deal of sorts.
Sam: "Of sorts?" Hmm. Dangerous?
Sully: Ehh. With these people, yeah. It's up there.
Sam: Well, I just so happen to know a certain someone, recently out of prison, who might be perfect for this kind of work.
Sully: Ooh– I don't know. Is he trustworthy?
Sam: More or less.
Stan: How's his Portuguese?
Sam: Um– Quando o seu marido volta para casa?
Sully: What's that mean?
Sam: How long before your husband gets home?
Sully: [Laughs] That'll do. Come on.
[Sully and Sam walk towards the plane.]
Sam: Hey, you got any more of those cigars?
Sully: Don't push your luck.

[Nate is doing paperwork when Jameson comes in.]
Nate: Hey, good morning.
Jameson: Indeed it is. Indeed it is.
Nate: Alright, I'll bite. What's going on? Land a big contract or something?
Jameson: Oh, even better. I'm on the verge of selling Jameson Marine.
Nate: No kidding.
Jameson: Yeah.
Nate: Wow, that– Well, hey, I guess– congratulations are in order, huh?
Jameson: Well, not yet, but I'm confident it'll go through. They drove a hard bargain. But in the end, I think we came to a– mutually beneficial agreement.
Nate: Well, that's– that's great.
Jameson: Yeah.
Nate: Are you gonna stay on?
Jameson: No, no, no, no. I think I'd like to just relax, hang with the family– [Opens a drawer, takes out keys, and closes the drawer] –go fishing every chance I get.
Nate: Good for you. So who's the sap who's gonna buy this place?
Jameson: Oh, uh, you are. [Throws Nate the keys]
Nate: [Catches the keys] What? No, come on, seriously.
Jameson: Oh, yeah, seriously. [Goes out to the dock]
Nate: Wait, Jameson. [Gets up] Hey, wait! Wait up, man! [Follows Jameson out to the dock]
Elena: Hey. Morning, guys.
Nate: What are you doing here?
Elena: Just thought I'd take, you know, one final look.
Jameson: Already gave your husband the keys.
Nate: Okay, uh, is this–
Elena: Perfect.
Nate: Is this for real?
Jameson: Nate. All you need to know is that you'd be making a very wise investment. Do the right thing here. [Pats Nate on his shoulder] Call me when you're through?
Elena: You got it.
[Jameson walks away. Nate turns to Elena.]
Elena: Hi.
Nate: Hi. You're– you're buying Jameson Marine?
Elena: We are buying Jameson Marine.
Nate: Oh. Okay. How? Why?
Elena: Well, I heard this rumor about a salvage job off the coast of Malaysia and I thought it'd be right up our alley–
Nate: No, no. Honey, look, we barely got out of Libertalia alive.
Elena: Yeah.
Nate: Hey, taking an illegal job? You know what that leads to.
Elena: Who said it was illegal? [Takes out a folded paper and gives it to Nate] Look. This came in this morning.
Nate: [Takes the paper from Elena and unfolds it. He sees it's the approved permits to salvage the shipwreck in Malaysia] Is this legit?
Elena: Yeah. Some of my old contacts out there, they worked their magic with the Malaysian permit office. It was great. I didn't even have to bribe anyone.
Nate: Well, that's good, because I don't know how we could possibly even afford to do this.
Elena: Here. [Takes the paper back from Nate, folds it, and puts it in her pocket. She reaches into her pocket for something else] Hold out your hand.
Nate: What?
Elena: Hold out your hand. Come on.
[Nate holds out his hand. Elena takes out a gold coin with Avery's sigil on it and places it in Nate's hand.]
Nate: Holy crap.
Elena: Yeah.
Nate: Where did you get this?
Elena: It was in my jacket pocket. Along with a bunch more.
Nate: A bunch? [Realizes Sam put the gold coins in Elena's jacket pocket] Sam.
Elena: He's a sneaky one.
Nate: Yeah.
Elena: 'Course, most of them are gonna have to go into our venture here. Along with all the new camera gear.
Nate: Camera gear?
Elena: Yeah. You know, I figured as we're pulling all the cargo up from the dive, we could hire, you know, a small crew. We could film the whole thing and resurrect my old show.
Nate: What happened to just– living a normal life? [Sits on the bench]
Elena: I think, in our attempt to lead a "normal" life, we may have– over-steered. Look. [Sits next to Nate] When I was on that island, I missed the adventure. I missed us. And so now we have a chance to do what we love. But from here on out, we are gonna operate on a strictly legal basis, alright? And I will be doing all of the shooting– with my really expensive camera.
Nate: Wow. You've really thought all this through, haven't you?
Elena: More or less. But listen, just– say the word and I will call the whole thing off.
Nate: What? No, no, no, no, no, no. I don't wanna be that guy who ruins Jameson's early retirement like that. That'd be cruel.
Elena: Right.
Nate: It's not gonna be easy, you know.
Elena: Nothing worthwhile is. So– [Leans her head on Nate's shoulder] What do you say, Nathan Drake?
Nate: Sure, why not? As long as I don't have to do any paperwork.
Elena: [Laughs] Well, I can't do it. I'm gonna have my hands full with the camera.
Nate: Well, I'm gonna have my hands full with all the diving.
Elena: Okay. Fine. We'll take turns.
Nate: Yeah. Or– I could play you for it.
Elena: Seriously?
Nate: No, listen, I have been practicing. I'm getting good.
Elena: No.
Nate: My hand eye is way better than it used to be. Really.
Elena: No. I could– You– [Laughs] I cannot do that to you again.
Nate: Are you afraid to play me?
Elena: I am so not afraid to play you.
Nate: On a scale from one to ten, how scared are you to play me?
Elena: Like a three.
Nate: Yeah, well, jack that up to, like, eleven, alright?
Elena: Ele– [Chuckles]
Nate: Because I'm coming for you.
Elena: Oh, yeah?
Nate: Yeah. [Makes some chicken clucking noises]
Elena: Oh, my– that's– Okay. Fine. You're on.

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