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Polyamory Weekly (startyear–endyear) followed by a brief explanation of the show's premise and notable facts about it. Don't go overboard, though; those wanting more information can always follow the Wikipedia link provided in the first sentence. In this and other commentary locations one can optionally provide pertinent links to other locations within Wikiquote, Wikipedia, or other Wikimedia projects.



20 September 2007, #124: New Things You Need to Know About Sex[edit]

Polyamory as extended family and new things you need to know about sex.

[On an aware and open poly relationship.]
Roxy Fox 5:00: New term: Polyobvious
[On Poly - mono relationships.]
Cunning Minx 6:30: If you're in a poly-mono relationship, the mono person still has to learn all the poly skills. Because the poly person is going to be bringing in new partners, new personalities, new dynamics, new sexuality. And the mono person is still going to have to deal with the idea of that influx of that new energy and new personality and still going to have to do some type of reaching out and communication with the new person.

14 September 2007, #123: All my ex's[edit]

My poly family goes camping; what to do when you and your ex are at the same social event!

6 September 2007, #122: Dragon*Con[edit]

Post-Dragon*Con review of polyamory, geeks, costumes, parties and podcasting.

28 August 2007, #121: Hot Poly Erotica![edit]

This week, we've got a treat: poly erotica! "Recent Reports of Progress Toward Fusion," by Bill Noble.

22 August 2007, #120: Discerning a Toxic Relationship[edit]

How can you tell if you're in a toxic relationship? Also, listener feedback and Poly in the Media.

12 August 2007, #119: Feedback--Negotiations, Fairness and Vibrators, oh my![edit]

Feedback on the interview with Tacit, introverts and extroverts, pay disparity for women, and the idea of fairness, plus My Poly Family and Poly in the Media!

6 August 2007, #118: Geeks in Love[edit]

Minx and Steve Eley discuss high-tech tools that poly geeks use to maintain their local and long-distance relationships.

1 August 2007, Podcast Awards Announcement[edit]

Polyamory Weekly has been nominated for a Podcast Award, so I'm pimpin' for votes! Vote once ever 24 hours (in the Mature category) at Thanks for your support!

24 July 2007, #117: Moving in the Direction of Greatest Courage[edit]

Tacit discusses dealing with jealousy, moving in direction of greatest courage, NRE and his upcoming book.

18 July 2007, #116: Tell Me What You Need[edit]

Earthwalker shares how to argue in a poly family with kids; Tacit talks about how love does NOT conquer all.

13 July 2007, #115: Being Jewish and Poly[edit]

Being poly and Jewish--what's the big deal?

9 July 2007, Announcement[edit]

Please submit Polyamory Weekly for a Podcast Awards! Go to, click "Click Here to Nominate", go to the Mature category and type in Polyamory Weekly with the website Thank you!

5 July 2007, Special Edition: Negotiations Roundtable[edit]

Negotiations, boundaries and limits, oh, my! From the Heartland Polyamory Conference.

1 July 2007, #114: Introverts vs. Extroverts[edit]

Introverts vs. extroverts--how to care for and support and introverts, and what introverts can do to get by in an extrovert's world; feedback on PepperMint's discussion on the double standard.

26 June 2007, Special Edition: Jealousy[edit]

This special edition of Poly Weekly is the interactive, no-holds-barred talk on jealousy--what is it, how to deal with it, who is and who isn't--from the Heartland Polyamory Conference.

20 June 2007, #113: Is There a Double Standard with Poly?[edit]

Is there a sexual double standard with regards to poly/mono, just as there is with sexual exploits? PepperMint and I get into it; listener Jenny comments.

8 June 2007, #112: Listener Mail Extravaganza![edit]

Listener mail extravaganza! Text chat, a lot more about meeting metamours, My Poly Family--poly and Mother's Day, poly finances, monogamists and frubble, brutal honesty under unusual circumstances, poly envy, a poly anthropology experiment, and "choosing" your "soulmate."

4 June 2007, #111: Dossie Easton Talks Jealousy[edit]

Dossie Easton shares her thoughts on being a lover to a couple, on jealousy and on Radical Ecstasy.

24 May 2007, #110: Dossie Easton Talks Ethical Slut 2[edit]

Dossie Easton talks the Ethical Slut movie, Ethical Slut Two, and how to meet poly people.

18 May 2007, #109: Meeting Metamours[edit]

To meet or not to meet?... your metamours, that is. Steve Eley of Escape Pod guest co-hosts the discussion.

9 May 2007, #108: Poly and the Prisoner's Dilemma[edit]

Lots of listener mail; a poly comic from LLC; moving in with your poly family; polyamory and the prisoner's dilemma.

3 May 2007, #107: Leather Leadership[edit]

Interviews with CARAS, PepperMint and Lisa of CineKink from Leather Leadership Conference.

1 May 2007, Bonus: Hot Tub Cast![edit]

First of May bonus episode! Recorded live from Steve Eley's hot tub in Atlanta, GA on April 29, 2007, with a crowd of hot poly people. Musical guest: Jonathan Coulton's song "First of May". Be sure to check out the Poly Southeast mailing list for more information on polyamory resources in the Southeastern U.S.

26 April 2007, #106: Mistress Matisse Gets Down & Dirty[edit]

Mistress Matisse gets down and dirty and talks poly SEX! :-)

24 April 2007, Special: LLC social media seminar[edit]

Citizen Kinkster: Building Communities with New Media, the seminar Graydancer and I gave at Leather Leadership Conference on Sunday. Show notes and handout will be posted at

24 April 2007, #105: Mistress Matisse Talks Poly[edit]

Mistress Matisse talks poly!

13 April 2007, #104 (for real): Poly and Single Redux[edit]

Being poly and single, redux; my poly family.

4 April 2007, #103: Being Poly and Single[edit]

On being poly and single; a poly story from a listener.

29 March 2007, #102:; How Many Polys... Lightbulb?[edit]

How many polys does it take to screw in a lightbulb?; Helen Fisher at TED on romantic love and attachment.

23 March 2007, Special: Sex Is Fun's Sex Ed Crash Course[edit]

This 25-minute audio explains some basics of sexuality in an information-driven, non-judgmental sex-positive light. Includes overviews of masterbation, oral sex and penetrative sex for men and women, covering both the pleasures of the activities as well as the dangers and responsibilities involved. Thanks to Kidder of Sex Is Fun! for taking the time to create this fun yet fact-filled introduction to sex for responsible adults.

23 March 2007, #101: What Does "Family" Mean to You?[edit]

Kidder from Sex Is Fun! produces a sex-positive, information-packed audio crash course for teens and young adults; minx asks, "What does family mean to you?"

15 March 2007, #100: PW ROCKS![edit]

Celebrating 100 episodes and two years of Polyamory Weekly! Reflections, orgasms, limericks, sex with goats, touching poetry--it's all here!

11 March 2007, #99: All about furries[edit]

Everything you wanted to know about the real life of furries!

2 March 2007, #98: Relationships AREN'T work![edit]

Robyn Trask of Loving More comments on the Studio 60 mention; Tacit talks about his belief that relationships aren't work (really? yes, really!)

24 February 2007, #97: Polyamory in Studio 60[edit]

This week's big story: among other poly in the media, we discuss the mention of polyamory and Loving More in Aaron Sorkin's Studio 60 mainstream TV show.

19 February 2007, #96: Poly Roundtable[edit]

Poly roundtable discussion from Conflation, with a lot of laughing. ;-)

11 February 2007, #95: Marriage as a Sacrament[edit]

Marriage as a sacrament vs a civil contract.

4 February 2007, #94: Emotional Intelligence[edit]

Emotional intelligence--how emotionally intelligent are you?

23 January 2007, #93: Michelle Belanger Talks Tolerance[edit]

Michelle Belanger talks tolerance of fringe groups, both by society at large and among other groups.

21 January 2007, #92: Three Legal Parents![edit]

A Canadian court rules that a child has three legal parents!

8 January 2007, #91: Poly Walk-In Closet[edit]

The poly walk-in closet and Canada declares three legal parents for one child.


28 December 2006, #90: Orgasms![edit]

Celebrating Global Orgasm Day, we share listeners' orgasms for peace!

21 December 2006, #89: Needs vs Wants[edit]

Needs vs wants--why should we expect to get them met?

13 December 2006, #88: Poly Misconceptions in the Media[edit]

Common misconceptions about poly in the media; more on is poly trendy?

7 December 2006, #87: Is poly trendy?[edit]

Global Orgasm Day and is polyamory trendy?

23 November 2006, #86: Home for the Holidays[edit]

Historical monogamy; home for the holidays; using up your ability to love.

15 November 2006, #85: Historical Monogamy[edit]

A brief and incomplete look at historical monogamy; polyamory in the British media.

8 November 2006, #84: Long-Distance Relationships[edit]

Dealing with NRE, long-distance relationships and the slippery slope argument.

1 November 2006, #83: How Come He's Better Than Me?[edit]

A hot poly story; how come he's better than me; a rant by minx.

25 October 2006, #82: Dealing with the Monkeys[edit]

A poly play; dealing with the monkeys; poly in the media.

18 October 2006, #81: Tantric Sex[edit]

Mistress Matisse tells it like it is; what conservatives are good for; an interview with the authors of a book on tantric sex.

12 October 2006, #80: Dealing with jealousy; Polly & Marie TV sitcom[edit]

Poly-mono resources; understanding jealousy; a poly play and Polly & Marie, a new poly TV sitcom.

7 October 2006, #79: October 7, 2006[edit]

Return to the original orgasm; interview with Anita Wagner.

5 October 2006, #78: October 5, 2006[edit]

Making choices when a partner is sick; masturbation and platonic love; along came polyamory controversy in the media.

29 September 2006, minicast[edit]

Minicast from Podcast Expo and post-Folsom

19 September 2006, #77: September 19, 2006[edit]

Our poly family; too much cake; how polygamy affects us.

14 September 2006, #75: September 5, 2006[edit]

Poly limericks; poly pride; save our poly family.

14 September 2006, #76: September 13, 2006[edit]

Anarchism and free love; on-again, off-again; Warren Buffet is poly?

14 September 2006, Special Edition: Poly Guys[edit]

Enjoy this special edition of Polyamory Weekly--Graydancer and Lqqkout talk about the life and times of poly guys.

29 August 2006, #74: August 29, 2006[edit]

The Lusty Lady addresses sex in marriage; advice from the Dalai Lama; a conversation about how to fuck up a poly relationship with Amy Gahran.

22 August 2006, #73: August 22, 2006[edit]

Are all feelings valid?; children of polygamists speak up; the final half of the interview with Raven Kaldera, author of Pagan Polyamory.

15 August 2006, #72: August 15, 2006[edit]

Homosexuality and genetics; is it all about the sex; an interview with Raven Kaldera, author of Pagan Polyamory.

8 August 2006, #71: August 8, 2006[edit]

Preparing for a loss; homosexuality and genetics; coming out as poly; poly activism.

6 August 2006, #69: August 5, 2006[edit]

Enduring NRE; a happy poly start; the New Scientist article on Love Unlimited; an interview with Goldy Decker, co-creator of the Midwest Alt Poly Con.

3 August 2006, #70: August 2, 2006[edit]

The Skypecast on living situations, in which participants discuss when and how they decided to move in or not, how they chose to split up chores and opinions on child-free zones in the home.

2 August 2006, PW in the Podcast Awards![edit]

OK, I'm officially shameless! You can vote once daily through August 11th for PW as Best Mature Podcast at the Podcast Awards. Yeah, yeah; I know there's no chance we'll win. Just want to make a decent showing!

26 July 2006, #68: July 27, 2006[edit]

The PW Skypecast; parent frubble; emotional intimacy; British poly.

19 July 2006, #67: July 18, 2006[edit]

Midwest Alternative Poly Con; Podcast Expo; frubble; emotional intimacy polyamory in the lexicon.

14 July 2006, #66: July 11, 2006[edit]

Polyamory in the dictionary; Loving More needs your help; who has affairs and why?

4 July 2006, #65: July 4, 2006[edit]

Masturbation Zen; lesbian laptops; amoebas and emotional intimacy; and poly families with children.

27 June 2006, #64: June 27, 2006[edit]

Poly songs; sperm wars and reproductive strategies; an interview with Omaha Sternberg about her poly family.

20 June 2006, #63: June 20, 2006[edit]

Poly as orchestra; poly and Buddhism; interview with Omaha Sternberg.

14 June 2006, #62: June 13, 2006[edit]

Poly songs; a kinky minister speaks on civil rights; Jon Stewart on poly and gay marriage rights; interview with Sheva.

11 June 2006, #61: June 10, 2006[edit]

Poly music; conservative-bashing; how much does your lover want to know?; an interview with Sheva about self and empowerment.

31 May 2006, #60: May 31, 2006[edit]

Shibaricon post-mortem; big gay love; poly-English translations; an interview with Twisted Monk.

27 May 2006, #59: May 23, 2006[edit]

Poly dating; why minx won't be living in Missouri any time soon; multidating.

17 May 2006, #58: May 16, 2006[edit]

Poly-friendly; sex as cake; bias against bisexuals and polyamorists on online dating sites.

9 May 2006, #57: May 9, 2006[edit]

How is your sex drive?; new poly research; polyandry.

3 May 2006, #56: May 2, 2006[edit]

Polyamory etiquette in the office; a poly comedienne; polyamory and Beltane; and poly in the media.

25 April 2006, #55: April 26, 2006[edit]

Polyamory in the Kinsey Institute; tokens; poly in the media.

18 April 2006, #54: April 18, 2006[edit]

Tokens; poly for pleasure; coming out to a potential vanilla mate; gay polys.

16 April 2006, Special: Jealousy Seminar, April 8, 2006[edit]

minx and Graydancer's seminar on jealousy at Galleria Domain ( in Chicago.

11 April 2006, #53: April 11, 2006[edit]

Brief comments on jealousy and "Difficult Conversations."

5 April 2006, #52: April 5 , 2006[edit]

Primary vs secondary; is polyamory sexy; DID; and polygamy as a zero sum game.

30 March 2006, #51: March 28, 2006[edit]

Boobiesexuals; stealing in a poly relationship; Heinlein; and Spike/Xander erotica.

21 March 2006, #50: March 21, 2006[edit]

A happy poly relationship; Big Love; the history of marriage and polygyny; and managed monogamy.

14 March 2006, #49: March 14, 2006[edit]

Happy birthday to PW; dealing with jealousy by getting out more; more about Mormons and the controversy surrounding Big Love.

8 March 2006, #48: March 7, 2006[edit]

Heinlein, polygyny and dildos, oh, my!

28 February 2006, #47: February 28, 2006[edit]

A vampire podcast; STDs and Asperger's syndrome; celebrating bisexuality; privatizing marriage and marrying goats.

24 February 2006, #46: February 24, 2006[edit]

Poly communication and jealousy; male bisexuals don't exist; the myth of monogamy.

22 February 2006, #45: February 14, 2006[edit]

The slippery slope argument against gay marriage; thoughts on long-distance relationships; the Mormons get pissy over Big Love.

22 February 2006, #45: February 14, 2006[edit]

The slippery slope argument against gay marriage; advice on long-distance relationships; the Mormons get pissed over Big Love.

7 February 2006, #44: February 7, 2006[edit]

Coming up on this week's show: polyamory as a fetish; bein' poly in Texas; and Polyamory Weekly in the media.

1 February 2006, #43: January 31, 2006[edit]

Coming up on this week's show: more on dealing with jealousy and time constraints; the Loving More conference; and poly in the media.

24 January 2006, #42: January 24, 2006[edit]

Coming up on this week's show: more on MMF erotica, a poly conference and a short story by Stephen Elliott.

18 January 2006, #41: January 17, 2006[edit]

Coming up on this week's show: gay and poly in NYC; jealousy; poly-mono marriage; and MMF erotica.

10 January 2006, #40: January 10, 2006[edit]

Coming up on this week's show: minx can die happy; she's in Penthouse!; Pagan Polyamory; threesomes; and swingers, soccer and Montel Williams.

3 January 2006, #39: January 3, 2006[edit]

Coming up on this week's show: a little more on jealousy; poly pet peeves; Penthouse Forum; and does being poly ruin your fantasy life?


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