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Similar templates at English sister projects
Wikimedia-logo.svg mta Meta-wiki Fabartus/tmp
Wikipedia-logo.png wpd Wikipedia Fabartus/tmp
Commons-logo.svg cms Commons Fabartus/tmp
Wikibooks-logo.svg wbk Wikibooks Fabartus/tmp
Wiktionary-logo-en.png wdy Wiktionary Fabartus/tmp
Wikinews-logo.svg wnw Wikinews Fabartus/tmp
Wikiversity-logo.svg wvy Wikiversity Fabartus/tmp
MediaWiki logo without tagline.svg mdw Mediawiki Fabartus/tmp
This project under construction ...
Pardon our appearance whist we remodel,
pull the engine, and change the tires.


This template can be used when more than one English language sister projects has a similar template. If the templates have different names on different projects you can use parameters to specify those names:

  • mta=template name at Meta-wiki
  • wpd=template name at English Wikipedia
  • cms=template name at Commons
  • wbk=template name at English Wikibooks
  • wqt=template name at English Wikiquote
  • wsr=template name at English Wikisource
  • wdy=template name at English Wikitionary
  • wnw=template name at English Wikinews
  • wsp=template name at English Wikispecies
  • wvr=template name at English Wikiversity
  • mdw=template name at Media-wiki
Passing an empty parameter will cause the item to be omitted from the list.



This produces a box with the Meta and Wikiquote rows ommitted, and the "Template:foo" linked to in the Wikinews row.

Individual tags[edit]

<---- ---->

Templates to use when only some small number of sister projects has a similar template
  1. template:Metatmp
  2. template:commonstmp
  3. template:WikiBookstmp
  4. template:Wikiquote
  5. template:Wikisourcetmp
  6. template:Wiktionarytmp
  7. template:WikiNewstmp
  8. template:WikiSpeciestmp
  9. template:WikiVersitytmp