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The $$60,000,000,000 Man[edit]

  • "What do we do?... Duh, we run away. That's what."
  • "You know, we didn't come out here to save your sorry butt!"
  • "Pretty pathetic hero if you ask me." (about Vash)
Vash: To the potty, sir."
Vash: Dangerous toys are fun, but you could get hurt! (In Japanese, "It's only fun until somebody gets hurt.")
Vash: Suicide? To tell you the truth, I disapprove of suicide more than anything.
Vash: So did I work off the doughnuts and the ten double dollars?

Truth of Mistake[edit]

Vash: And I'm known for my bullets never missing their mark. Espically if it's the heart of a beautiful lady. BANG!
Vash: Ooo scaaary. Later!

Love and Peace[edit]

Vash: This world is made of Love and Peace!

Hard Puncher[edit]

Vash: Maman, why does this keep on happening to me? I haven't done anything wrong but I'm always in trouble and everyone is always picking on me. What do I do, Maman?!...Why am I crying in French?" (Notices he's been crying on boxers) AHH!!!

Murder Machine[edit]

Vash: I am known as Valentinez Alkalinella Xifax Sicidabohertz Gombigobilla Blue Stradivari Talentrent Pierre Andri Charton-Haymoss Ivanovici Baldeus George Doitzel Kaiser III. Don't hesitate to call.


Vash: The sky is unbelievably blue... There I go again. Guess it's kinda stupid, huh? Still keep thinking how I'd like to show it to you, even though that's no longer possbile. I just can't help myself...
Vash: The Deadly Dodgeball Head! A simple technique to hold the ball in place with intense suction! Try this at home kids!!
Vash: They're dead. People are dead.
Vash: You killed all the people! You killed them all! And you were the one souly responsible for all their deaths! Now you are also going to die!!
Vash: I was dreaming, Rem. Everything... Everything was so horribly dry, even peoples' hearts. From far away, as I watched the people who lived there, I always found myself wondering how and why could they possbily keep on living? What motivation did they have that would get up everyday, no matter what, for the rest of their lives??
Vash: This is all I can do. If I... If I shot him now, you really would die. It would be wrong to shoot him, right??

Vash the Stampede[edit]

Vash: I'm not that trusting. I kept my finger on the trigger the whole time.

Little Arcadia[edit]

Vash: That makes us even now for your help on the sandsteamer. (Screen shrinkens). Hey! Is that all the time I get?!" (cuts to new scene)

Demons Eye[edit]

Vash: Are we there yet?... ARE WE THERE YET?!?!
Vash: You killed them. Even though they did terrible things, the decision of who should and who should not live was never and never will be yours to make!
Vash: Not to mention, during this conversation, I could have groped you at least five times... Ok, so let's say maybe four times.
Vash: What kind of freak are you lady?!
Vash: Instead of spending time cleaning up people, you should be cleaning your house for the man you love. Like me... For example. I am kidding you know...
Vash: It's your job or your life.
Vash: I can't explain now. If I did, you would be put in danger." *Perks up 200%* "So it's been a lot of fun, but... Well... I guess that's all!!"
Vash: Legato, this time it's my turn to hunt you. I'll find you, whatever it takes.
Vash: you realize that during this conversation I could have groped you five times...

Episode 16 - Fifth Moon[edit]

  • "AW MAN, I ACTUALLY HAVE TO FIGHT THIS GUY!! How can I possibly win such a battle or even have a chance to survive a fight with a guy who smiles with those evil eyes?! The answer is I can't, I'm gonna be slaughtered, that's all. It's not even funny. I should just back out! That's what I should do alright! Yeah, yeah! For once I'm right! Yeah, yeah!"
  • "My name is... VASH THE STAMPEDE!!"
  • "Are you telling me I have only two choices? To die or to let die?!"
  • "I haven't seen anything there at all... Except my own fear."
  • "Not... the light!"

Episode 17 - Rem Saverem[edit]

  • "You know, you have me. I won't leave you alone. I promise I won't. Because I really love you, Rem!"
  • "I didn't want to kill the spider. I wanted to save them both!"
  • "Don't worry, Rem. I will... Take care of him."

Episode 18 - Goodbye For Now[edit]

  • "It's not your right to decide whether they live or die. They deserve a chance!"
  • "I have fragmented visions. But more than anything, there's an ache in my heart that tells me I did it."
  • "Whenever I do anything, people die."
  • "Doesn't seem to matter how far I travel, my destiny is always followed by blood and gunsmoke. The result is always the same everytime, mountains of death and debris."
  • "'Thou shall not kill' remember?! What kind of church man are you anyway??"

Episode 19- Hang Fire[edit]

  • "Actually I'm dissing you, not your stupid, broken motorcycle!!"
  • Singing "Total slaughter. Total slaughter. I won't leave a single man alive. La di da de die. Genocide. La di da de dud. An ocean of blood. Let's begin. The killing time."

Meryl Stryfe[edit]

Episode 5- Hard Puncher[edit]

  • "It's actually him. He's for real, the legendary outlaw, Vash the Stampede."

Episode 11 - Escape from Pain[edit]

  • "All of life's journeys come with meetings, partings, and reunions."

Episode 12 - Diablo[edit]

  • "Who is he? That's not Vash. That is not the same man. He's walking away. If we let him leave now he'll probably never come back."

Episode 13 - Vash the Stampede[edit]

  • "What are you talking about? He wasn't funny, he was down right weird. Milly, no one in the right mind could tell that goofball was him!"
  • "And so he finally took his gun into his hand. He pulled the trigger for the first time to save the very people who had tried to kill him."
  • "Vash the Stampede. Everytime I observe his actions I can't help sense something hidden deep within him. Something we can't begin to understand. But this much is certain. Everyone who has become involved with him has somehow gained an emotion which was once lost."
  • "Who is that man? Can he possibly the real Vash the Stampede? The evil $$60 Billion outlaw with the fire of hell burning in his eyes?"
  • "There's so many sides to him. Which is the real side of Vash?"

Epiosde 14 - Little Arcadia[edit]

  • *Cough* "He's not my boyfriend!!... Stop it! I don't even like him!!" (about Vash... ;) )

Episode 16 - Fifth Moon[edit]

  • "How can you stand there and say such awful things about him?! I mean after all, you have no idea what kind of person he is. I think you're disgusting!" (about Vash)
  • "If necessary, we'll follow him to the ends of the earth! It's not only our job, it's become our mission to track him down!"

Episode 19 - Hang Fire[edit]

  • "But you know what, despite his frightening and awful reputation, Vash turned out to be more than a regular guy than you would have thought."
  • "Donuts are his favorite food..."

Milley Thompson[edit]

  • "You should never get between people and their pudding."

Nicholas D. Wolfwood[edit]

  • "Homma-ni tasuketaa! Oukini!" (Wolfwood's wastefully Kansai way of thanking Vash for saving him--Standard Japanese would be "Honto-ni tasuketaa! Arigato!")
  • "Don't tell me your dreams in a world like this."
  • "She does everything I can't, like its no big deal at all. It's really irritating."
    (referring to Milly)
  • "Lord, what the hell am I doing?"
  • "I had my suspisions you were no mere mortal, but I had no idea you were actually a cat...Wait a second, what the hell am I saying, where is that idiot?!?"
  • "When I look at you I'm reminded of everything I hate about myself. You know, it hurts."
  • "Man is born a mortal being and we all make mistakes; it's a part of the game. Just be more careful the next time."
  • [In Reference to his Cross Punisher being heavy] "That, my friend, is because it's so full of mercy."

Rem Saverem[edit]

  • "The ticket to the future is alway open."
  • "The choices we make in life have unlimited possibilites. All I can do is think about them."
  • "No one ever has the right to take the life of another."

Legato Bluesummers[edit]

  • "A fork, please."
  • "There's no reason for such an egocentric, incomplete life like mine to be allowed to continue, anyway."
  • "Humans are a total waste of life."
  • "I intend to eventually destroy all of mankind, right down to the very last speck of dust yet... Why is it that you insist on meeting your death sooner?"


  • "I'm just killing the spiders to save the butterflies."

Midvalley the Hornfreak[edit]

  • "It's time to play. Join me on a number, wont you Vash the Stampede?"
  • "I have to accept this as my fate... the destiny of the dying.."
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