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A not-so-good picture of me
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Best Baseball Team:
The Red Sox: Greatest baseball
team of all time. If they're playing
baseball in a parellel universe,
chances are the Red Sox are better.
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Hello! I'm currently in high school and thinking about becoming a journalist or writer some day. I listen to a lot of music and like to read books by Stephen King, Kurt Vonnegut, George Orwell, and Ray Bradbury. I'm especially a fan of Stephen King because he lives in the same state as I do!

Favorite Bands:[edit]

A list of my favorite bands (somewhat in order):

  1. Radiohead -- Best modern band, no competition
  2. The White Stripes -- The saviors of Rock!
  3. Weezer -- Simply excellent, they're the reason I started listening to music
  4. Led Zeppelin -- Classic, you can't not like them
  5. Nirvana -- Only grunge band I enjoy listening to
  6. U2 -- Great
  7. The Beatles -- Best band of all time. Don't bother trying to prove me wrong
  8. Beck -- Very creative, bizarre music
  9. Pink Floyd -- An earlier version of Radiohead (especially Dark Side of the Moon)
  10. R.E.M. -- Awesome
  11. The Strokes -- Don't listen to them much, but I like what I hear on the radio!
  12. Jet -- Best Australian band ever!
  13. Queen -- Everyone likes Queen
  14. Audioslave -- Pretty good

Bands I Hate:[edit]

  2. Nickleback
  3. Fall Out Boy
  4. System of a Down
  5. Any scream bands
  6. 50 Cent
  7. Country music of any kind
  8. Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Britney Spears, Kelly Clarkson, etc. (Stop the Pop!)