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Reborn This user rose from the ashes of a vandal and now actually contributes to Wikipedia.

Things I Do[edit]

Some Facts About Me[edit]

  • I work for as a Guide. That + the above websites pay for my life.
  • Born October 17, 1988.
  • I will like you if you have good grammar and a respectful disposition.
  • I'm a gamer. I'm pretty good at games, but I don't know if I'm dedicated enough to say I'm a hardcore gamer.
  • Drug user. I don't take drugs to get "fucked up", I take them to see things.
  • I like a lot of music, and I actually do. I pretty much like anything but country, hip hop, and anything that is very repetitive.
  • I'm a workaholic and I'm very comfortable with working myself to death.