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You Kicked My Dog[edit]

Welcome to Wikiquote! I see you created the page You Kicked My Dog yesterday, but it doesn't have any quote content. In fact, it looks like a template for creating Wiki pages. Were you just experimenting, or do you have some quotes to add under this title? When experimenting, the usual practice is to edit Wikiquote:Sandbox, a page reserved for experiments, so you won't accidentally create non-quote pages in the main article space, as you've done here. If you have some quotes for You Kicked My Dog, could you replace the current text as soon as possible with those quotes? (I'm not familiar with this topic. Is this about the web cartoon that features some irate phone calls about a girl kicking someone's dog?)

If you have any questions on how to edit, or any other aspects of work on Wikiquote, I'll be happy to assist. Just let me know by clicking on the (talk) link in my signature below and pressing the "+" tab at the top of the page to post your questions to me. Thank you for participating on Wikiquote! — Jeff Q (talk) 06:01, 29 Mar 2005 (UTC)