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Ali Sina edits[edit]

Whether one agrees with, or likes what Ali Sina says or not, this project is a place for the gathering of quotes. You have been deleting genuine quotes from the Ali Sina article, and placing the quote ABOUT him above the quotes BY him, which ignores the standard formating and editing procedures. Much of what he says may be very biased, mis-leading, bigoted, and repugnant, but it is not the policy here to exclude genuine quotes of anyone merely for those reasons. Much of what he says are things that I certainly cannot agree with, but someone found these quotes notable and placed them there, and I see no clear reason to remove them, nor to place criticism about him first in the article, against the formatting procedures on all other articles. Certainly one would not want to insist on a new format that would place Al Sina's and other criticisms of Muhammad above the quotations by him, or of the Qur'an above the quotations from it. ~ Achilles 23:22, 27 December 2005 (UTC)